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  3. People Are Freaked By This Teen Who Met One Doppelgänger And Then Several Others Online
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This is because these measurements are larger and thus have a larger range which means there is less chance for people to match each other. So, the more measurements you consider, the less likely it is that anyone's going to percent stack up against another person in true doppelganger fashion. Despite these odds, many of us have had the experience of being approached by a stranger and asked if you were someone you weren't, or related to someone they could not possibly be.

So it's tempting to believe in the potential for doppelgangers.

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Michael Sheehan , a neurobiologist at Cornell University. You know your mom really well. If someone looks similar you can appreciate it," he says, adding that you'd nonetheless be likelier to quickly spot the differences, as opposed to someone you don't know as well.

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Just because doppelgangers aren't really a thing doesn't mean that researchers will stop their investigation into body characteristics any time soon. In fact, the subtle differences in human features are becoming more important in criminal investigations, as found by Lucas and co-researchers in the International Journal of Legal Medicine study.

16 Doppelgangers Spotted In Real Life (PHOTO) | HuffPost

Even if you do run across someone who looks eerily similar, it's likely that time, hairstyle and other factors will distort any doppelganger potential. But time has done a number on that. There's a 1 in a Trillion Chance" 23 April Getting a Grip on Lyme Disease. It's a plane? No, I'm really asking.

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People Are Freaked By This Teen Who Met One Doppelgänger And Then Several Others Online

Fidel Castro look-alike sighting turns heads on social media," 6 June In the photo, Maisie is in total zen mode while getting her face touched up by the Kit doppelganger. Explore the year a word first appeared.


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