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Effectuators! Book 1: Horrors of the Night
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    Penniless and carefree, they travel fro Britannia besieged! The sinister Lord Bimmington moves at last, using anarchy and terror to destabilise the nation. Acting in concert with the Severed Lord, he aims to ov Dark clouds thicken over London. As ancient horrors and evil cults unite, Lord Bimmington finally moves to contact otherworldly powers, laying the foundations for future deviltry. Meanwhile, Brilliana Stetham and the intrepid Effectuators m We follow Stella and her daughter Eve's journey through America as they struggle to find a safe haven. A world devastated by the H1N1 Influenza virus of and a Nuclear winter caused by Super power's distrust of their neighbours.

    Death follows the The further adventures of Brilliana Stetham, Paranormal Effectuator, in the wondrous wilds of London in Sterling stuff! Delightfully fun, deliciously ormolou.

    Effectuators! Book 1 – Horrors of the Night

    Plots thicken and the weirdness flows. Brill and her companions roam from Limehouse to Rip roaring Victoriana paranormal adventures, in the Year of Our Lord In the fall of , scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, embarked on a series of high-energy experiments. No one knows exactly what went wrong, but in the blink of an eye, thousands of possible universes all condensed into The new dark age. It is the year Across the continent of Europe, a new dark age has come. From Britain to the Russian steppes, the swastika reigns supreme.

    The extermination camps stain the skies with ash, while in the schools the children lear The Hive The last stronghold of an ancient race; the Bees--children of the Great Light, caretakers of the forest world. A warrior race--a race of artists, of dancers and engineers. Survivors of a distant holocaust that has almost extinguished th FeyA wild, hilarious romp through the lands of fantasy! When Surge comes to Fey, new horrors are created. New races, new lands and whole civilisations suddenly appear. Living or dying by their own merits, these strange new arrivals ha Enter a very private universe: the world of a Maker It is an infinity born from emptiness.

    A world of dragonflies and golden afternoons. A town inhabited by shadows A world built from dreams And in the Dream, there are the Makers