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  1. New Edinburgh History of Scotland Series by James E. Fraser
  2. Legal History of Scotland: Vol 5 Eighteenth Century
  3. The History of the Kirk of Scotland (Volume 5 of 8) by David Calderwood
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Using many hitherto untapped sources, the author unfolds the story of the Skye railway in a detail not seen before.

New Edinburgh History of Scotland Series by James E. Fraser

The History of the Railways of the Scottish Highlands comprises five independent volumes, of which this is one. On 22 September only 2 copies of the paperback edition are left in stock. When sold, hardback will be supplied instead.

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If important, call to check. Railways of the Scottish Highlands Series. The five books which follow tell the unique stories of the railways that penetrated some of Europe's most difficult terrain and opened up scenery as dramatic as may be seen from any train, anywhere. Brown Paper, Stephen W.

Legal History of Scotland: Vol 5 Eighteenth Century

Sher Ireland, Stephen W. Simpson Private Libraries, Murray C. Simpson Subscription and Circulating Libraries, K.

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  • New Edinburgh History of Scotland Series.
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Manley Newspapers and Magazines, Stephen W. About the Author Stephen W.

A History of Scotland (2008) Season 1 Episode 5

His Edinburgh Ph. He is secretary of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society. Reviews This is cultural and intellectual history of the most precise kind: the books and pamphlets that were written, who produced, read, collected and absorbed them and the impact these publications had on the inner and outer life of eighteenth century Scotland. Whether it is the subject of the Union of , the Enlightenment, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, David Hume, James Boswell, Adam Smith, Robert Burns or any of numerous other topics and figures, the reader will find in this volume the fast beating pulse of the most exciting century in Scottish literary and cultural history.

All who work in eighteenth century Scottish Studies will need to test their ideas and conclusions against the findings of this magnificent volume. Amongst the national histories of the book, the Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland already occupies a prominent position.

The History of the Kirk of Scotland (Volume 5 of 8) by David Calderwood

The publication of Volume 2: Enlightenment and Expansion, will add to the acclaim given to the earlier published volumes volumes 3 and 4. The editors Stephen W. Brown and Warren McDougal and their distinguished contributors have written an essential book for the study of Scottish culture and its history: it belongs in all major public and research libraries, and in many personal libraries. It certainly provides much stimulation and food for thought about some neglected aspects of material and literary culture in the period.

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And for anyone with a professional interest in book culture in Scotland in the century after the Union and in the cultural and economic infrastructure which underpinned the era of the Scottish Enlightenment, this is likely long to remain essential reading. This is an exceptional contribution to the now well-established genre of the national history of the book, which will be of great value to a wide range of scholars and interested readers. Bill Bell. David Finkelstein , Alistair McCleery. This website uses cookies to provide all of its features.

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