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I liked the suspense but at the same time it made me impatient and irritable. Second half of the book captures all the speed magically possible. You that feeling you get when your plane taxiing on the runway and suddenly accelerate fully to take off. It made first half worth reading. Actions, magic, fight, stories, all was there. It was exciting. End- Expected yet interesting. Why 3. Okay first half as I told was too stretched. Too whiny for my liking. She was getting on my nerves throughout the book.

First, she made her life miserable because of mark, she was exaggerating most of the time. Why baggy clothes and hoodies! Okay, got it she was afraid, but she could hide it by wearing scarf or with her hair. She was really beautiful but her behavior shadowed it. She was weak and lacked confidence. All the time she was having panic attack and totally dependent on Ry and then Ilyan. I hope it will be there in the next books of the series.

Overall, it was good and interesting book. Who should read it? If you are looking for different magical books this is the one. Author: Rebecca Ethington. Know more about author HERE. What do you think about the book and my review? Have you read this book? Share you thoughts inn comment-box below. I'm mother of cute little girl, living in India. Avid and eclectic reader who loves to read with a cup of tea. I could see your problems with the heroine. Anyway, what an amazing, honest review. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The cover would not pass my "Would I pick it up from the shelf to learn more about it" test. So I guess at this moment in time you are probably saying well "Why did you agree to read the book? As for the plot of the book and how it is written The book tells the story of Joclyn, who has a scar below her ear, that has what looks like a dragon shape within it.

Of course Joclyn is shy and hides behind her overly large hoodies, she doesn't make friend easily at all, in fact she is soemwhat of a loner. Other than her one best friend in the wole world, Ryland. Ryland just seems to understand her, she can relax with Ryland. The problem is that Ryland's father doesn't like the close friendship and uses the excuse that Joclyn's mother is his employee to try and keep the two friends apart. Rylands father Edmund, is a strong, but strange man, he has to control all those around him.

Edmund is an evil, cruel man who seems to care only for business.

As Ryland and Joclyn become closer their feelings for each other change from just friendship to something much stronger and deeper. As they come together for their first kiss, Ryland notices the scar on Joclyn's neck and everything changes, drastically. Ryland knows what the scar is and knows it means danger for Joclyn, people will hunt her down for the rest of her life until they manage to kill her.

Kiss of Fire (Imdalind, #1) by Rebecca Ethington – Books Teacup and Reviews

Ryland vows to protect Joclyn, but can he really protect from his evil father? Joclyn meets others like her who have "powers" and "magic" that are hunted because of it. They try to help her, she meet Wyn whom she becomes friends with, and the guy she thinks is Wyn's brother Ilyan. Ilyan seems drawn to her and she feels their is something really familiar about him, but what can it be? Everyone and everything is not necesarily what or who they seem to be.

The book is so well written by Rebecca, the plot grabs you, slowly reels you in and holds you on the edge of your seat right until the very end of the book. In fact speaking of the end of the book What a Cliffhanger! I am seriously looking forward to the next book as soon as it's available So did I enjoy the book?

Yes, Loved it! Would I recommend the book? Yes I have recommended to my daughter to read it already! Would I read Bk 2 in the Imdalind Series? Yes please as soon as possible! Would I read more books written by Rebecca Ethington? Definitely yes! On to Eyes of Ember! I need this refresher course so I can read Burnt Devotion. I'm dying here! Can't read fast enough! That was NOT supposed to happen!! I can't be left hanging like this!! So NOT fair!! Joclyn and Ryland quickly moved their way to the top of my most cutest and amazing couples list!! They were best friends from the start After reading Kiss of Fire she too has moved to the top of one of my lists I can't wait to see what's in store for Joclyn and Ryland in Eyes of Ember!

At the age of five Joclyn was bitten by something that sent her into a coma after experiencing tremendous pain. After almost six months she woke with only one side effect of the bite. A small raised red scar like a brand with a black mark in the middle. Since then she has wanted to do nothing but to disappear. Instead she did the best she could to hide the mark behind her ear on her neck by wearing baggy clothes and long hair hanging over it. She blames the mark for her fathers disappearance. He At the age of five Joclyn was bitten by something that sent her into a coma after experiencing tremendous pain.

Her parents argued about the significance of the mark. Then one night the arguements stopped and Joclyn woke to find her father had left. Now she's almost sixteen and her mom works for the scrooge from hell. Fortunately the Devil's son is little piece of heaven named Ryland. He's her best friend but in 3 months he's supposed to leave for college. With time running out their hearts start feel the pressure. But their love and friendship is forbidden by Ryland's father. Ryland realizes what he wants most is to love Jos. Then he discovers her mark. Joclyn biggest fears become a reality as she loses Ryland because of the mark.

She feels like everything leaves her because it. But the mystery of the Mark is now revealed. Her absent father returns, friends from school aren't who they appear to be, and Ryland's father is a bigger threat than she ever imagined. She's a Chosen Child, marked by the Kiss of a creature that resembles a small, winged dinasaur with a human like face. My heart breaks reading about the torture Ryland has had to endure at the hands of his father. I loved this story.

I wanted a different ending which means my heart is totally invested in the characters and reading the next book. You will love the mix of magic and romance and action. Your heart will swell and break as you read Kiss of Fire. Kiss of Fire is the first in the Imalind triology. I liked our main characters Jocelyn, Ryland, Ilyan and Wyn. I thought the book was well written and flowed pretty well, for the most part.

I liked the beginning and Kiss of Fire is the first in the Imalind triology. I liked the beginning and was excited when towards the middle things started to pick up. The last half went back and forth for me, at times I got a tad bored. The end was good though and left me wanting to read the next book.

I think it will be a fun series. Oh, I also liked that it was clean! I just have to say it. I am not a fan of love triangles. I just think it is WAY over done. It seems like every YA series out there has a love triangle now, maybe that is why I have been avoiding the genre. Content: Clean! It took so long to pick up the pace and get interesting, but once it did it was actually pretty good. I'm strangely hooked now and I think I might need to read the next book. I'm glad I gave it a second chance. I couldn't take the cliche romance and plot anymore. Maybe I'll try to finish it at a time I'm less irritated.

Jun 27, Yesha rated it really liked it Shelves: r2r , fantasy , ya , paranormal. Note: Downloaded free copy via Smashwords. Just love him. Talon- loyal and good. Ryland Ry - second main character- Good, protective, perfect friend and boyfriend. Ovailia- mean, insolent, but love her sibling. But in this book surely unlikable. What I liked? First of all the story and concept was really good.

Their Forbidden love kept me glued to book. Czech words in the book were interesting, it gave book a different touch. First half of the book was little slow, it made book suspenseful, I was looking for all the secrets to unrevealed, wanted to know what that magic and mark is all about. Only hints. All interesting thing came in the second half. I have mixed feeling for this first part because of this reason. I liked the suspense but at the same time it made me impatient and irritable. Second half of the book captures all the speed magically possible. You that feeling you get when your plane taxiing on the runway and suddenly accelerate fully to take off.

It made first half worth reading. Actions, magic, fight, stories, all was there. It was exciting. End- Expected yet interesting. Read full review on my blog Wow, this book was a whirlwind of emotions for me. It went from being a big cliche, predictable, yet intriguing anyway, to the point where I couldn't put it down and one plot twist after the next. The ending was totally unexpected, but you won't be hearing what it was from me. Nope, this is a spoiler free zone, peeps. Well, I'm about to tell you. So it was realistic. There was no love triangle, even though there could have been.

Even though she knew they both were safe and meant her no harm, she was only loyal to the one she's loved since forever. She felt guilty anytime the other touched her totally appropriate, get your mind out of the gutter, thank you. Sure, I felt bad for her, and I wanted her to succeed, but I just wasn't connecting with her.

There are pros and cons to this book. Minor swearing, alluding to teens in inappropriate situations, though barely described. A described kiss, but not to a gross point. This book is free on Kindle, so I say try it and see if you like it. It wasn't bad at all.

It wasn't my favorite and I kind of am curious about what happens next, but not enough to buy it right now. Maybe soon. Maybe later. But, I do think I will be revisiting what happens next at some point. View all 6 comments.

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Jul 31, Bittersweet rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. After reading all these 4 and 5 star reviews I was expecting this book to be good since so many people said it was EPIC! Maybe it's just me but I couldn't find anything "epic" about this book. It all seemed convoluted and sloppy. Nothing really happened. Definitely nothing epic worthy. Anyways I'll start with what I did like: no insta love! The author actually had a solid foundation in which the two MCs grew into loving each other.

Joclyn and Ryland new each other since they were childr After reading all these 4 and 5 star reviews I was expecting this book to be good since so many people said it was EPIC! Joclyn and Ryland new each other since they were children and had been best friends since they were 5. I liked how they went from best friends to more than that. In a way it was very cute but after while it sort of became annoyingly sweet. Or just annoying.

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It was just too much repetition. One thing that's always bothered me is when guys call girls they like sweetheart. It just sounds really weird to me. It just seems like such an elderly word for some reason. I've never once heard any of my guy friends call a girl sweetheart. After a while Ryland started to get whiny and almost too perfect he didn't seem real which is why I just never attached to him as a love interest. I got to the point where I didn't care about their relationship anymore and wanted to get more of the actual plot.

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Speaking of which was very thin layered. A lot of words were in Czech with no explanation so I had no idea what they were trying to convey. A glossary would do this book good. What were they exactly? I have no idea. Nothing was solidly explained. Once again we get the "we can't tell you yet" or "we don't trust you with our super special secrets" even though the MC is supposed to be some super special "something" Silny which they can't even tell her what that means even though she is IT!

She came into her powers extremely easily of course she only had to think about lover boy and bam! Magical powers. Things happened and were solved all with just a little bit of thought usually on Ilyans part it was too easy. Problem with a magic necklace that's weakening her powers?

Give her a magic bath. Need to center her powers without affecting Ryland? Hey a magic bath will work! All of the secondary characters all seemed so one dimensional. Wyn doesn't seem like a very good friend. She was the cutout bubbly friend that instantly becomes the MCs bff with a secret. Wyn should have been there for her more than she was. Ilyan was supposed to be a king of I don't know.. I'm going to go with fairies. Him and his close friends didn't take him being king seriously, they joked about all the formalities and how it was a stupid out dated tradition.

He told Jocelyn to call him My Lord in front of other But that he didn't care if they weren't in public. If he's not serious about being a King how am I supposed to take him or anything about the world building seriously If they say it's a joke? It just all seemed too wispy. Like eh I'm a king but whatever. Also if he's a king can't he summon all those under him to fight in the battle to get Ryland back if he's that important?

Rebecca Ethington

But nope only like 20 fairies went. The final battle was lackluster I skimmed most of it just trying to get to the end which I saw coming and when Ryland got his memory wiped it all just seemed like a horrible messy nightmare. One second he's Ryland saying he loves her always which was very cheesy then next he's possessed by his father saying "villainous" lines then the next he's Ryland then he's Edmund.

God it was just too much. Don't know if I'm going to read the rest. This book seriously needs a good editor and some serious coherent thought. Sorry just not for me. May 08, Tracey Life and Literature rated it it was amazing. Once again, the mark had destroyed everything, everything I needed and wanted within my life. Just wow!!! What an amazing start to the Imdalind series. Kiss of Fire was a book that contained everything. Bursting with suspense, action, romance, passion, heartbreak and excitement.

This was a book that I had a really hard time putting down because I was desperate to find out where the story was going to take me. Joclyn Despain has had a mark on her neck since the age of five. Sensing that t Once again, the mark had destroyed everything, everything I needed and wanted within my life. Sensing that the mark has something to do with her father leaving she hides it from everyone by hiding under her hair and big, baggy hoodies.

Even her best friend Ryland knows nothing of the mark. Constantly taunted and bullied at school, Jocyln appears quite timid and lonely and she really only has Ryland to lean on. And he is there for her. Always making her feel better and calming and supporting her. But things are changing with Ryland. Despite him telling her that they can only be friends he keeps trying to kiss her, and she really wants to kiss him, but she has promised her mum that they will be nothing more than friends.

Then for her sixteenth birthday her father sends her a weird letter and a crazy colour changing stone, she finally has a friend at school when the new girl Wyn takes a liking to her, she has a strange blonde man stalking her and just as she is about to get that kiss from Ryland he sees her mark and her whole world explodes around her. Could the weird things her father talked about in the letter actually be true? Did I want him, Ryland LaRue, my best friend, to kiss me? I pictured myself kissing him, his hands against my face, his soft lips pressed against mine.

I slid to the floor as my legs forgot how to support me. Obviously, I did; I really, really did. This was bad. Joclyn and Ryland were amazing characters. Ryland has my heart!!! The things that he is put through throughout the book broke my heart. He does it all with such love and strength and determination. And he fights so hard!!!

He is the one that is always there for Joclyn, always trying to keep her safe, but as the story progresses we get to see Joclyn grow and begin to change into this amazing and strong girl. And by the end of the book I don't think we've even seen a portion of the girl that she will become.

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  • A good chunk of the book was spent in a build up to seeing if their relationship would progress beyond the beautiful friendship that they have and then even longer until we actually got the first kiss. And can I say what a kiss it was. Talk about fireworks!!! Boy oh boy!!! Two other charcters that I really liked were Wyn and Ilian.

    I loved that Joclyn found friendship with Wyn. I loved Wyn's vibrancy and zest. Ilian left me with a lot of questions. I loved his caring nature towards Joclyn. I loved that he wanted to comfort her but I'm also really intrigued about what his intentions are where Jos in concerned. I have some suspicions about his feelings but I'm really interested to see where they've come from. And there are plenty of evil baddies we get to meet throughout the story and that allows for some really epic battle scenes. Some real edge of your seat stuff. And then that heartbreaking ending.

    As the direction of the story progressed with Ryland my heart got heavier and heavier. That ending pretty much broke it. I have lots of questions still needing answers and am in desperate need to start book two to see if I get the outcome that I want and then ready myself for the release of book three later this month. If you're looking for something original and wonderfully written, then you definitely need to pick yourself up a copy of Kiss of Fire. Mar 18, Farrah rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Loved it!

    Kiss of Fire was such a brilliant book-just perfect. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book. I liked the idea, but I felt it could easily have ended up being a dull, predictable book. Turns out I didn't have to worry because this book was amazing. The twists, the turns, the surprises-they had me on the edge of my seat. Joclyn was a wonderful heroine. She deals with everything thrown at her with remarkable strength. And I thought her devotion to Ryland was very sweet and admirable. There was nothing she would do to save her best friend turned boyfriend which, is my favorite romance story arc.

    She is very powerful, though she doesn't find out until later in the book. But, when she did, she definitely proved her power and took up the mantle it entailed with grace. Honestly, there wasn't anything less than lovely about her. She was a lovely lead. Ryland was so amazing! I swear, it only took a couple of chapters in before I totally fell for him. He was so sweet!

    His strength in the face of all the horrible things he endured was way beyond remarkable. And his devotion to Joclyn and determination to ensure her safety was so sweet. He was so perfect. I loved how much depth Joclyn and Ryland's relationship had. Honestly, they didn't even kiss until the last few chapters and it was only that once. But their relationship didn't need that. It was clear, whenever they were together, how in love they were-even if they refused to admit it for quite a while.

    However, from what happens in this book, it appears there may be a rival for Joclyn's affections. We'll have to see how that goes. The plot was steadily paced. It was about halfway through before the magic was actually introduced. But it never felt like the plot was dragging. It felt like realistic world building. That first half got me invested in the characters on an emotional level. And once things really started up, I was absolutely hooked and kept of the edge of my seat. The twists and secrets and surprises kept Kiss of Fire from being predictable in any way.

    And the ending was epic-I almost cried. So much happened-part of it absolutely devastating. I'm so glad that I have an ARC of the next book or else I might have had an anxiety attack from the need to find out what happens next. Kiss of Fire is a brilliant YA paranormal romance. Lovers of the genre, you need to read this book! I think I found a new author to squee over. I think there are about 5 books in this series and I will read every single one.

    This book was very steadily paced. It had a really good flow. She comes of a bit as whiny to me, a bit too insecure for my tastes. I like to have a strong heroine in a book, which she is not very strong at all. I expect that to change, you know, world building, character growth and whatnot. He only sees Joclyn and the things he sees in her are things I do not see. I had no idea honestly. The ending is kinda of a cliffy. I expect that with a long series like this. Sidenote: Bonus points for the Firefly reference. Still, somehow, her attitude ruined it and turned some of her striking elegance to rubbish.

    May 08, Marsha rated it it was ok. Before I get started, let me say that I did not finish this book. After reading all of the 4 and 5 star reviews, I was really looking forward to reading "Kiss of Fire. First and foremost, I quickly grew tired of all of the Czech words and sentences without any translations. Then, the dialogue became quite repetitive until at one point, I went back to the previous page to make sure that I was actually reading the s Before I get started, let me say that I did not finish this book. Then, the dialogue became quite repetitive until at one point, I went back to the previous page to make sure that I was actually reading the same sentences for a second time.

    Then after the main character repeatedly stating that she and her "friend" could only be friends, and after she turned away from him numerous times, I had a problem with the sappy proclamations of love between them. I just did not buy it. I don't know, maybe the problem is I just did not feel the chemistry between them. Most importantly, the main reason I could not finish this book is that the plot was convoluted and I never saw the true reasoning behind all of the murderous attacks.

    The explanation just did not sit well with me. Let me say, I seem to be in the minority in terms of people who did not especially enjoy this book. With that said, I always tell people to read a book for yourself and discover if this is something you would like. This author has a wonderful writing style; but, I just did not care too much for this story.

    Sorry, Ms. Oh, where to begin with this book? The writing and storytelling was superb, as were the characters. It definitely had me thinking about the story even when I wasn't reading. It's just a fun YA read with a very lovable romance. The story revolves around the introverted Joclyn, who hides her face from even her best friend due to a gruesome mark she receives as a child. She eventually discovers that the mark makes her rather special, but also the target of a villain.

    I'm really edging around this s Oh, where to begin with this book? I'm really edging around this so as not to give away any spoilers, and those are just the bare bones. There is much, much more to the story and it really is an entertaining read. The characters are very vivid and fun to follow, all with secrets of their own. My one issue was with the background of one character, which seemed a stark difference to his personality due to how grave his background was versus his carefree nature.

    Still, I guess it's possible. I admire people who keep up a good attitude despite their troubles and certainly know a few.