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When the weather allows, the outdoor Pavilion can also be rented.

The Hamlet of Gasport

For more information,. Contact us at either of the phone numbers listed below. The Recycle pickup schedule for Village residents to download and use for future reference. Thanks to all who have helped make this program successful.

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Modern will not empty them if there is garbage. Lunch is served through the Niagara County Nutrition Program and is served at noon. To reserve your lunch, call Bonnie at after 3. Nasal -- who taught at Roy-Hart during my parent's era the 's and early 's -- passed away a week and a half ago His memorial Mass will be held on a future date. He married Margaret Herg in in Louisiana before being sent to the European war front.

His th division followed General Patton's Third Army above the troops, where he was a top turret gunner in a B and flew most of his 42 missions in the "Little Lady".

IMG 0345 - Odyssey Of The Mind - Royalton Hartland team from Middleport, NY

He was promoted to Technical Sergeant with five stripes and returned home from Europe in July of Email This BlogThis! The Lockport paper reports in today's edition The manager of the Yellow Goose store at Rochester Road reported Thursday morning that several propane tanks were taken from a storage cage. Every day the Lockport paper features Glimpses Into the Past, a look back at what happened 10, 20, 35, and 50 years ago.

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This was in today's installment for what happened this day in "Gasport Elementary School secretary Betty Munson retires after 31 years of service to the district. That's a blast from the past! If the new Smart Phone or iPad you got for Christmas is overwhelming you, relax.

Open Access refers to time on a computer with a trainer, and you can take advantage of the upcoming session at the library at 9 Vernon Street in Middleport, to learn how to use just about any of the new devices out today. Residents are invited to come to meet with an e-mobile trainer from the NIOGA Library System, who will be at the library to answer questions and show how to use just about any electronic device on an individual, walk-in basis. Come with your Kindle, Nook, iPad, flash drive or other computer equipment including your charging cords and ask questions about them or about Overdrive and Freegal.

You will be able to download items right at the session so you will know how to do it on your own. Department of Commerce National Telecommunication and Information Administration in order to expand computer access in public libraries across New York. Readers interested in sharing their love for reading are invited to join the members of the Royalton Hartland Book Club at their Monday, January 14 meeting at 7 p. The adult members of the Royalton Hartland Book Club meet monthly to discuss a wide variety of literary selections and a variety of opinions and new members are always welcome.


This is a story told from many different viewpoints that highlights the joys and sorrows of family life and tradition. Santo has her characters present their view of events and each has a unique way of describing love, secrets, disappointments and the forgiveness that bind families together through time.

Please call the library at with any questions or for more information. The Buffalo News has a great story in today's paper about 90 year-old Gasport resident Jack McQueen, who, at an age when people need meals delivered to them, is actually one of the people who deliver meals. As the article states As a volunteer for the Home Delivered Meals Program, McQueen, 90, has been delivering hot meals and kinds words three times a week to homebound residents of Wilson and Ransomville for 27 years. Today's Lockport paper is reporting of a very special homecoming that took place in Gasport. Army Sgt.

Timothy Marciniak, made a surprise appearance there after having served a year in the Middle East. The average county tax rate will increase by 1. What does that mean for Gasport? According to city-data. There were households out of which The average household size was 2. In the village, the population was spread out with The median age was 36 years.

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For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Images of America: Royalton, Middleport, and Hartland by Frederick G. Fierch (2010, Paperback)

Village in New York, United States. Location in Niagara County and the state of New York. Retrieved June 9, National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. United States Census Bureau. Retrieved