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1. Introduction

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The brothers then fly off and Eliza is sent away.

She follows her swan brothers and is eventually reunited with them. They fly her away to an island, she prays to God to find a way to help them, and is told what to do in a dream. In this dream, Eliza discovers that she must gather stinging nettle, crush it with her hands and feet, and weave it into jackets for her brothers to break their spell. Not to mention that nettles have thorns and blister up her hands and feet excruciatingly.

He marries her, she keeps trying to weave the jackets for her brothers. She has to gather more nettle growing on top of graves at the nearby cemetery. So many questions. For one, why did Eliza have to lose her voice? The only significant role it played in the story was that it made her totally helpless in refusing to marry the King, standing up for herself, or describing her own wants and needs in any way. Also, why does Eliza have to break up the nettle with her bare hands and feet?

Especially when we use them to describe strong, ambitious women. In this story, the Snow White is already in possession of the throne rather than fated to receive it as a reward for her virtue. In Mirror Mirror, a movie ran in as well, the Snow White is smart. She kills the monster and saves her father. Another live-action is Snow White and Huntsman. The huntsman, who should have killed the Snow White in the forest, plays a major role in the movie. He trains the Snow White to become a fighter.

With the help of the huntsman, the dwarfs and the prince, Snow White fights with the queen.

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Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale written by Charles Perrault. The vision collected by Brother Grimm was an orally transmitted version of the originally literacy tale published by Charles Perrault in The earliest known version of the story is Perceforest first printed in , but it became famous since Brother Grimm rewrote the fairy tale.

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In the ancient tale, the queen Leah had no lines in Sleeping Beauty. In the story, the author demonstrated that the princess is the daughter of the king rather than the daughter of the king and queen. When the princess was a little kid, three fairies wish her beauty, voice and saving her life. The prince fell in love with Aurora at the first sight.

Submissive Fairy Tales by Kitty Thomas, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

The witch was evil. She cursed Aurora. The prince and the princess lived together happily. In the animated movie: the dawn of Aurora, the portrayal of the princess does not change comparing with the ancient tale.

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In , a new live action movie called Maleficent adapted from the Sleeping Beauty. The plots of this movie are deeply changed. Maleficent decides to avenged knowing Stephan and her queen give birth to a daughter, Aurora Princess. However, Maleficent takes after Aurora and protect her secretly. As time goes by, Maleficent finds that she loves Aurora so much and she regrets for cursing Aurora. She tries anything she can do to remove the curse, but fails. At the end of the story, Maleficent cleans the brambles between human kingdom and Moors, and Aurora becomes the queen of human kingdom.

In this new story, Maleficent is not evil as she is in the ancient tale at all. In the ancient version of the three fairy tale, the natural mothers have no sense of presence; princes are always right and wins in the end; ambitious women are portrayed as evil and ugly, and good women are beautiful, submissive, eager to marry and without ambition. However, in the recent live action movies, their roles are changed.

I will illustrate the reasons why women are beautiful and submissive in the ancient tales and why their roles are changed. The original version of these fairy tales were born before 20 th century. They have been usually confined to domestic chores. Grauerholz, L, Normative control guarantees to those women who comply with its demands safe passage in the world and that women who do not comply are somewhat punished.

Fairy tales are beginning to recognize the change in societal values, being evolved and morphed to mirror the current society and their present day values. Nevertheless, women get higher social status comparing with it in the last century. For His word is not a fairy tale, His word is truth and it is life.

I love you and pray that His love will be the mighty undercurrent that drives your relationships. And that with every passing day the excuses we lay out for not playing our part in obeying Him, will decrease and pass away altogether. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Willful Women in Fairy Tales

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