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He prepares to throw her overboard, but when she pleads for his mercy, he realizes he cannot do it. He rows frantically for shore, and when the boat reaches land, the Wife flees. She boards a trolley, and he follows, begging her not to be afraid of him.

Two Wells Sunrise / Sunset Times, SA - WillyWeather

The trolley brings them to the city. Her fear and disappointment are overwhelming. He plies her with flowers and cakes and finally she stops crying and accepts his gifts. Emerging back on the street, they are touched to see a bride enter a church for her processional, and follow her inside to watch the wedding. The Man breaks down and asks her to forgive him. After a tearful reconciliation, they continue their adventure in the city, having their photograph taken together and visiting a funfair.

As darkness falls, they board the trolley for home. Soon they are drifting back across the lake under the moonlight. A sudden storm causes their boat to begin sinking. The Man remembers the two bundles of reeds he placed in the boat earlier and ties the bundles around the Wife.

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  8. The boat capsizes, and the Man awakes on a rocky shore. He gathers the townspeople to search the lake, but all they find is a broken bundle of reeds floating in the water.

    Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

    Convinced the Wife has drowned, the grief-stricken Man stumbles home. The Woman From the City goes to his house, assuming their plan has succeeded. The Man begins to choke her. Then the Maid calls to him that his wife is alive, so he releases the Woman and runs to the Wife, who survived by clinging to one last bundle of reeds.

    The Man kneels by the Wife's bed as she slowly opens her eyes.

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    The Man and the Wife kiss, while the Woman From the City's carriage rolls down the hill toward the lake, and the film dissolves to the sunrise. Sunrise was made by F. Murnau , a German director who was one of the leading figures in German Expressionism , a style that uses distorted art design for symbolic effect. Murnau was invited by William Fox to make an Expressionist film in Hollywood. Full of cinematic innovations, the groundbreaking cinematography by Charles Rosher and Karl Struss features particularly praised tracking shots.

    Titles appear sparingly, with long sequences of pure action and the bulk of the story told in Murnau's signature style. The extensive use of forced perspective is striking, particularly in a shot of the City with normal-sized people and sets in the foreground and smaller figures in the background by much smaller sets.

    The characters go unnamed, lending them a universality conducive to symbolism. Academy Award wins [12]. The DVD includes commentary, a copy of the film's trailer, details about Murnau's lost film Four Devils , outtakes , and many more features. Both Movietone and European silent versions of Sunrise are included.

    A documentary of the three individuals is also part of the collection.

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    The film was released simultaneously on Blu-ray Disc , [14] with both versions of the feature rendered in p High-definition video , and both the stereo and the mono soundtracks rendered in Dolby TrueHD lossless audio. This UK release was the first occasion of a silent film being released on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray disk is apparently not region-encoded, and thus should be viewable on any Blu-ray disk player. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the same reason, the north pole has hour night and the south pole has hour daylight at this time of year. I would have commented but I don't have enough reputation.

    Sunrise and sunset times may depend on a lot of factors. For example if your city had a big mountain in the west, the sunset would be earlier than what it would have been with the sea instead of the mountain. These things may depends on a lot of factors and you should know the morphology of the zone where the cities are to answer properly. For example there may be mountains in the east of Tehran and that would explain the late sunrise.

    I don't know the details but I think morphology of the earth is the answer. On a big scale you can say it's a sphere, locally it's everything but smooth. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Difference of sunset and sunrise of two cities are different Ask Question. Farhadix Farhadix 2 2 bronze badges. Those factors combine to give the results above.

    Mike G Mike G 7, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Run like hell Run like hell 5 5 bronze badges. I mean why is that? Why giving a precise time for sunrise and sunset if it is not accurate?