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More Books in History See All. Mutiny on the Bounty. Will your daily deeds and secret thoughts support your ascent…? See, above is your Kohar [a part of the soul], call upon it for help, for therein you may have stored a reserve of spiritual strength. Or… it may be barren and empty, only you know…. It is on guard, safeguarding the precious gem of spiritual powers… To rouse this serpent… causes a fire to mount into the heart, which may destroy the brain with delusions and madness.

Only the Twice Born can really obtain the gem. These will bring you to the twelve first portals leading to the Land of Shadows. Here I will recite for you the twenty-two deeds of wickedness you have not done. You will then pass through the Land of Shadows as if it were your hour, and, beyond it, come to the Great Portal where it must be established, before the Great Guardian, that you have ever done all within your power to live according to the twelve virtues.

Then you pass through the portal to the Hall of Judgement. Here… is made known whether your tongue has spoken in accordance with the things within your heart… If the words of the tongue are… a true copy, then cross to the Place of Assessment where your true form and likeness will be displayed for all to see. The aching body reclines within the tomb of stone. The questing pilgrim has returned to his homehaven. He has learned truths he could never learn on Earth and now knows the Grand Secret. Faith is replaced with certainty and he is now an Initiated One. The Kolbrin says:.

They die and take it with them, but there is no power in their words, and who but we, the Enlightened Ones, know the hidden meanings? If so, then the Kolbrin is saying that the book was deliberately constructed to contain a secret meaning which would be incomprehensible to anyone who was not an Enlightened One. Those who wrote the Book of the Dead did their work well, for many thousands of years later we are as baffled by what it means as most ancient Egyptians would have been.

The whole was surrounded by a courtyard and gardens, and beneath the main temple were the three Caverns of Initiation. Though previously the shrines of the Twice Born had been concealed in the smaller temples, when Ramsis [Ramses—but which Ramses?

The Soul in Ancient Egypt

Also there were Caverns of Initiation underneath. A detailed description of the Temple of the Shrine of the Hidden Places follows, but many of the identification points given are ceiling and wall symbols which would have been destroyed or worn away long ago, making it impossible to follow the clues.

The function of this curious building has never been understood.

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Could the Edifice be the remains of the Caverns of Initiation? The final underground room of the Edifice. The stones lining the back floor mark the edge of the pit. Photo: YW. Intriguingly, the Edifice of Taharqa stands precisely at the centre of Karnak; if diametric lines are drawn from the four corners of the complex, they intersect over the building. Is this mere coincidence, or could the Edifice once have been the beating heart of Karnak? Redford, Vol. It is built to last forever and stands up strongly towards Heaven, high above the heads of men.

It is covered with white stones, the white stone of Rehakom was cut for it, and above it is topped with copper. It is not the copper of men, but the copper of God. Men enter its portals to die and come out restored to life, reborn as gods. Beside it stands the Temple of the Radiant Ones, many-pillared and walled about. Behold, we found you in bondage to mortal bodies and bestowed upon you the gift of everlasting life.

It is tempting to interpret this as a description of the Great Pyramid, but the text suggests otherwise. Valley Temple showing its columns and surrounding wall. Robert Temple has explored and written about the Sphinx and Valley Temples more thoroughly than anyone else.

The Soul in Ancient Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia

He notes:. On the right is the empty niche in the upper portion of the granite north entrance hall. Alternatively, there could have been a counter-weight on the end of one cable… I have found two more granite cable grooves in the Valley Temple itself… which could have been used for raising and lowering any number of heavy objects into the subterranean depths immediately to the west of the temple.

Only further excavation beneath the two temples can answer these questions. Because of those who have devoted their lives to the discovery of Truth, there is progress in the sphere of the spirit. Nothing has been lost, nothing has been in vain; the Great Gates are still closed, but they are no longer bolted. Now they will open at a knock.

The road is better marked and the way more clearly indicated. With no chronology provided in the Egyptian books, we do not know when this was written, so the mystery deepens. The Book of the Sons of Fire says that. But increasingly, through the years, men have declined to undergo the austerities and trials essential to bring them into the clear light of Truth. Therefore, the places of initiation decay and their secrets are lost, men grope in the dark and try to open a door to which they have no key.

Where did the Hibsathy spread to? Did the Celtic prophet Elidor undergo his ordeal in Britain? A ritual of this nature was certainly practised in Eleusis, in Greece.

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  • A Reflection of Strength.

Could it have been the Hibsathy? Another thought: is it possible that the Hibsathy has been retained, if only symbolically, by the Freemasons in their rituals of fire and water? All over Egypt, great sarcophagi have been found lying empty. Could any of them have been used at some time for the Hibsathy? As ever, there are more questions than answers. Nevertheless, it is comforting, if somewhat chastening, to reflect that the Kolbrin records an astonishing gift once offered to humanity:.

Hill, Ancient Egypt Online There was, however, a heat about the region of the brain… The servant then recommenced bathing him with hot water… Runjeet Singh taking his right and I his left leg, to aid by friction… during which time the servant placed a hot wheaten cake… on the top of the head… He then pulled out of his nostrils and ears the wax and cotton with which they were stopped; and after great exertion opened his mouth by inserting the point of a knife between his teeth, and, while holding his jaws open with his left hand, drew the tongue forward with his right — in the course of which the tongue flew back several times to its curved position upwards, in which it had originally been, so as to close the gullet.

Its psychoactive properties were probably caused by the fungus Ergot on the barley. According to the inscription on the El-Arish Stone found in the area, Arish is known to date back to at least BC. Conway, Llewellyn Publications; 2 edition Marsham Adams c. The Edifice of Taharqa is thought to have had some ritual rebirth purpose.

Another major contribution from Yvonne Whiteman!!! Her studies are so unique and unexpected but again showing that the Kolbrin is a compilation of books of maximum historical significance. I love it.

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There is a lot to unpack here, and one thing that pops out to me is the notion to distribute the knowledge to the masses. This would probably have been unwise at the time, but done with consideration of the future, as the cycles were known, and the chance for the knowledge to survive what they knew was coming, was to mass distribute. This may have worked. Another angle to this, is that it is not only likely that the knowledge of the 20 days, was known in Egypt and the day calendar together with the 36 decans of the solar year, provide the tool to assess the longer cycles.

One aspect of the snake eating its tail. Another excellent article. I have many questions pertaining to different things mentioned and now will be looking into seeking the answers. Your work, and your tenacity for seeking and spreading truth, are undaunting. I feel infinite gratitude toward you, and the handful of renegades, also spreading the truth. I trust your word, Graham Hancock. Thank you. I did a buddhist retreat last year in Kopan monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, and they explained that inside the goompa many features could be used for every monk, but that some of them could be understood only by a few who had been taught.