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Great things in every single article! I wonder how much it takes to write such article… Congratulations! Yes the handy rule of three — always a winner when picture-making. Triangulation too.. Brian, great as usual. Probably more useful in training young PR account execs, its a good way to ensure the presenter has a clear point to make! Great post Brian. An extensive study on somem popular fairy tales did conclude that number 3 has been repeatedly used. It has Spiritual as well as sexual connotation. Good to see how this number can be effective in writing.

An insightful post indeed. Hi Brian, I really like your site. Its very informative. Just one question — How does one actually start a blog? Is there software or something? I think that any idiocy on my part before 9am and three cups of coffee should be completely overlooked and erased from the tomes of history. This is a great article because if you print it out and cut out each line and line them up and do a 45 degree angle at each point that expresses a double possitive, it creates a triangle.

It would be interesting to compare which is most effective. The way in which the rule of three impacts sticky ideas is very intriguing. I am going to try to incorporate more of this into my writing. Great post…. Write a post but leave them with a cliffhanger. Make it a 3 part series!

Excellent article, Brian. Very simple, yet incredibly effective. I probably already employ this in my writing, without even realizing it. I went out and start hunting on things that obeyed the rule of 3. Some of the things that came to my mind: new picture frames with 3 photos, hotel decor arrangements, movie trilogies LOTR, Matrix! I also find step process more appealing and friendly. In line with the Rule of 3 , here is one more … odd numbers work better than even.

This applies to bulleted phrases, lists, etc. The number three is truly fascinating! Kinda funny. I was checking out many magazine headlines and behold there were tons that use the rule of 3. Here are a few examples. This is a great post. Thank you. I knew bits and pieces from experience regarding the use of 3 throughout time, but you did a great job of pulling it all together. I felt kind of good because I am just finishing up a 3-part post.

It works and I think that the 3 is a good basis for adding more depth and layers in writing.

Charmed 6x04 - The Power Of Three Blondes

We teach the children when telling a story: start at the beginning, then there is the middle and finally the ending. How soon we forget. You are so right. Keeping it simple is the way forward. These simple to remember rules remind you how long you can survive in life-threatening situations:. A lot! Sadly there is a downside to this rule of three. Sure it is comfortable. And it might even sound memorable… but the only thing memorable about it is that there are three words, not what those three words stand for. This makes total sense.

There is a rule in proposal development that works without fail. In reading a detailed proposal, the brain naturally picks up the first line of a list, then jumps to the last, so classically, put the most important point in the 1 position, the 2nd most important point last. Then, it seems, the eye jumps to the 2 position, then next to last, then back up to the 3rd position.

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A pattern, until the eye and brain give up. So to make a more solid proposal, make only 3 points, that way, the reader can more effectively scan, reading point 1, 3, and 2, and then free to move to the next subject. Guaranteed to expedite the review, and probably increase success in marketing. We juggle three balls. The waltz most graceful for couples is written in three beats per measure. I Ching is composed of trigrams. Japanese gardens use three rocks not four.

The triangle is a sound structure, like a roof. Catholics have their holy trinity. Great post — thank you! Thanks for this concise, educational, and interesting explanation. Great observation. I find it an efficient way of writing. The number 3 is also used in Boy Scouts, many eastern religions as well as the trinity and I think there is merit in it. Any numerology people want to comment? Just ask any binary number. Excellent post.

Triad Soul by 'Nathan Burgoine | Bold Strokes Books

I like how you hit home with the memorable patterns from the childhood stories that were read to us. You are basically a moron with no understanding of anything. Who ties your shoes for you? Mommy still does it? Is it just me or has this conversation turned out to be an infantile and egotistical smack down. Language is the currency of thought. If there is no wisdom, civility or human respect in the thought process, the currency only amounts to play money. The thread of the original topic has been going on for a few years now.

Every so often I get an email with a new entry. Some more interesting than others. But, adult civility was kept intact. Come on folks. Give it a rest or exchange email addresses. Take this to the back alley where it belongs. This was the first time I have read your blog WOW, you got me. I shall be a regular visitor from now on. Well, Lionel said she was three times a lady. GMC talked about the Rule of Three in their commercials. I like this. A beautiful development between 3 people. Even though Soreya had plenty of challenges in her life, she never loses sight of who she is and she is never too broken to not see a bright future.

It's refreshing to read about a woman who is not full of selfpity and drama all the time. It's nice to read about two men in a loving "normal" relationship with all its ups and downs. KP yet once again achieved a wonderful story. Explicit but not overbearing. Raunchy but not extreme. Plenty emotions but not cheesy. The story moved along beautifully, never felt rushed even with several big time jumps in the beginning, and I would definitely enjoy a book 2 or 3 Sep 20, Debi Ruddy ropp rated it it was amazing.

Another Kate Pearce hit! Even if you are a fan of Science Fiction, I believe that you can enjoy the heated, sexual tension and hot sex scenes she provides in this book. She has great character development. It was hard to put this down and makes you want for more to read. Jan 26, Edna rated it liked it.

Aug 17, Katrina rated it liked it.

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It had a potential to be much better with more in-depth world building, but then, this is erotica so storyline most often is relinquished to the secondary position. For this book it is a shame, because of the nice balance between the characters. The ending was very abrupt and particulally disappointing. Aug 02, Twinsie Talk Angie J rated it it was amazing. Check out this review and others at www. I then started to scroll through her library of books annnnnnd this book called to me. I would classify this book Check out this review and others at www.

The Power of Three - The Triad Series #1

I would classify this book as a Sci Fi story. Oh so this book starts off with hot head soldier Esca being told that even though he is a hot shot military guy he is gonna be the Beta or Second Male to Senator Ash. Uhm Ash is not pleased but will do his duty to the family. Fast forward 8 years and Esca is ready to go all in with Ash. The two have grown closer and Esca realizes he has feelings for this man.

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When Ash teaches Esca about what this relationship will be, Esca is excite about the future in buuuut he still would like the 3rd party to be a female. Fast Forward to a year later and we meet Private Lang. She and Esca are on an assignment when they are both left for dead. OMG the relationship of Lang and Ash is a riot. They are both soooo similar and it takes a hot head soldier to get them to figure stuff out. When they do finally figure out they want to be together Lang freaks plus finds out some personal stuff about her DNA AND what happened to her as a child.

I loved this story and cannot wait to read more in the series. Oct 26, Sophia rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi-romance. The concept of higher status and matehood being determined on psychic compatibility in one race while another race looks down on those with psychic ability was an interesting take.

I was also curious about the whole triad thing and enjoyed the sample I read. As I got into the plot, I wasn't disappointed by the overall world building and plot development. There was good action and I really liked each character. Ash and Esca's relationship seemed choppy to me in places as did some of the character development. Ash and Esca are strangers and Esca feels hostile toward Ash and then flip a few pages that indicate several years have gone by and their like an old crotchety married pair who still have some issues, but are in love and now ready to add Soreya to the mix.

I wanted to see what happened that brought them from the arranged mating to love and compatibility. I wanted to get to know the characters a bit better so their behaviors would make better sense. When the three came together, it was fun seeing how they affected each other and how the dynamics changed. Soreya was a bit willful, but she was in a strange place and didn't know what the future would bring so it made sense.

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Esca just let it all hang out so there was no secret of what he wanted. Ash was something of an enigma who is afraid to open up and accept all of what he felt for Soreya. They were one hot triad and this is the first book in the series so maybe other books will develop some of these things more. Sep 21, Stephanie rated it really liked it. First off, I love Kate Pearce. I have enjoyed every book I have read of hers. I didn't know what to expect from this book, but she didn't disappoint. Although it had a slow start, I couldn't put it down. The male on male scenes are hot. The male on female scenes are hot.

The menage scenes are hotter. It really picked up once two of the main characters get stranded on a hostile planet. The Power of Three leaves you with a want to read more. I'm kinda hoping there is a book about two of the suppor First off, I love Kate Pearce. I'm kinda hoping there is a book about two of the supporting characters coming. If you haven't read from Kate Pearce, I definitely recommended you start.

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  7. Hope the author continue the series. This book was a bit of a trip!!! May 29, Claudia rated it liked it Shelves: menage , science-fiction , m-m , romance. Absolutely Enthralling Honestly I was expecting another mediocre fluff book or a story template I've seen a million times-I don't even know actually. If you read this genre often, you know how exciting it is to find an awesome new series or author pop up in the sea of thousands while dodging bad writing.

    Sleeping with the Enemy

    It's often a toss-up with crappy odds it won't end up as another "3 star". I was really surprised at the amount of Absolutely Enthralling Honestly I was expecting another mediocre fluff book or a story template I've seen a million times-I don't even know actually. I was really surprised at the amount of detail the author provided in such a short book. It's crazy. The characters are absolutely amazing and everything about it was really well staged and extremely developed for the length.

    There's a lot going on in the plot, but it all flows quite naturally given the writing style. The timeline spans years so we get a ton of detail in the evolution of each character and their relationships with one another. The only issue with this is fitting so much into pages causes some scenes to seem abrupt.

    Honestly I'd be sooo happy if it were a lot longer by even a couple hundred pages I was so immersed in it that I was actually confused at first when it ended. I was waiting for more as some of the end scenes and situations easily set it up to continue and I feel like there wasn't a solid ending. It felt a little condensed as a whole but was so good I can't be mad.

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    5. I really hope the vein of the story continues into the next one. Jul 26, Mike rated it liked it Shelves: kobo , smut , mm , romantic-erotica , menage , fluff , mmf , aliens , science-fiction , polyamory. Decently heated full-on threeway Alien MMF smut This steamy story has a nice combination of a basic but interesting alien setting and story framing repeated scenes of mm, mf, and mmf heat.

      A spicy treat for reader show like a little science fiction flavor with heated, threeway alien eyes scenes. Writing quality - 3. Merely meh: - There was not enough world building for me. So there are aliens from two different planets and neither one is Earth. But they both seem physically and physiologically identical to humans.

      And they speak the same language as each other, even though they have differing attitudes toward telepaths. Not sure if they share a governmental structure since The ending was a bit abrupt. There were issues and problems before the ending and then more introduced, but it was like Merely meh: - There was not enough world building for me. There were issues and problems before the ending and then more introduced, but it was like gone in half a page.

      But there was an HEA. Oct 13, Sarah rated it really liked it. It's like pow you got hit with a lot of info and so many questions then pow A different world Triad High heat index and rather romantic on top of set in an interesting abnormal society. May 26, Katerina rated it it was ok Shelves: ebook-kindle , my-harem-of-alphas , nice-world-universe , menage , smooth-like-a-tv-series , not-sexy , too-small , mm.

      I couldn't get over the "frek" and "freking". It's like some PG censoring happened :p Could have been more. In the end, I think it fell short. I will read the next one, see if it'll improve. Jun 18, Laura rated it it was amazing. Great book! Oct 01, Kristi rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , science-fiction-romance , aliens , paranormal-romance , would-read-again.

      The ending is a bit abrupt but otherwise an excellent read. Mar 11, Theresa marked it as not-interested. Aug 10, Daria rated it it was amazing Shelves: menage , favorites , series-sets , mm , kindle-books-i-have , sci-fi , starred-rating. A new to me author and she made the grade! Loved it! Three people different personalities but all three had their life mapped out for them.

      The young Senator Ash the youngest ever calm and focused Telepath. The young soldier Esca brash, brawn and a Telepath. Soreya a young women that has Telepathic abilities that hasn't been tapped yet. All on a path toward destiny. Two planets One telepathic abilities is run of the mill, having more than one mate is the no A new to me author and she made the grade!