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Shocktoberfest is celebrating its 27th Year with Eight Killer Experiences!
  1. Are You Brave Enough?
  2. 11 Best New England Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions
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  4. Saratoga Ghost Tours – learn about, discover and possibly meet ghosts of Saratoga

From sprawling screamparks to trails through ghoul-infested woods, New England is your destination for spine-tingling fun each Halloween season. Scare yourself silly in at one of these 11 popular New England haunted houses, haunted hayrides or spooky attractions. Voted one of the top haunted attractions in the country, Haunted Overload can't be overlooked on a Halloween jaunt up north. There are three levels of fear at DeMeritt Hill Farm: a Day Haunt for the oh-so-nervous, where you can explore haunted trails in the light of day and see all of the spooky creations without any surprises.

Are You Brave Enough?

A couple of nights each season, Fright Night Lite events feature lighting and sound effects after dark, but the creepy characters won't chase you. Most nights, though, Haunted Overload's an all-out frightening experience not recommended for children , complete with award-winning sets, handmade props and ghoulish actors in costume. Devil's Night is the ultimate in interactive horror. You can get out if you're too scared to go on Plus, back for the sixth year in Zombie Paintball!

Buy tickets to board a military transport vehicle, take command of a bolted-down paintball gun and work with your team to repel approaching zombies. No video game compares. This giant Halloween theme park, the largest haunted attraction in New England, is situated on the banks of the Merrimack River in Litchfield, New Hampshire.

11 Best New England Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions

General admission grants you access to five haunted attractions including a haunted hayride in the dark woods; Bingham Manor, a house said to be genuinely haunted by the Bishop family; the 3D Festival of Fear, complete with tormented carnival misfits; and Carnage and The Colony, suitable for adults only. More grown-up enticements include everything from Tarot card readings to beer and wine gardens. In addition, the island was used in the early 20th century as an insane asylum. Ghost hunters claim this spot is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Two hundred miles from Delhi, this abandoned fortress sticks out in the middle of the desert.

Legend has it that a sorcerer cast a curse on the area after being rejected by a local princess. This 12th-century inn is one of the oldest in the western world. It is believed to have once been a pagan burial ground, and boasts that it is haunted by more than 20 spirits, including ghost children, a pagan high priestess, and an incubus not the band.

There are many ghost tours around Port Arthur to satisfy worldly ghost hunters. The Tasmanian town was an 18th-century convict settlement, and a hotbed of paranormal activity. This beautiful ocean liner spent 30 years at sea before permanently docking in Long Beach.

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During her tenure, she logged more than 50 deaths, which makes her a truly haunted ship. The woman is rumored to be the ghost of Klara von Helfenstein who was reportedly murdered by her jealous husband. This allegedly haunted bed and breakfast is the sight of a gruesome and highly publicized murder that occurred in Although she was acquitted, Lizzie Borden was suspected of killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet in the unassuming home.

Since then, guests have reported all manner of strange sightings in the house. Completed in , this Gothic Revival style house is filled with corridors and and secret passageways. Tales of ghosts have been whispered about the property for decades and now the house is fully decked out for Halloween for visitors as a haunted mansion to tour.

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This towering building is famously known as the place where Charlotte of France was murdered. According to the legend, Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, was killed by her husband, after discovering her affair. Ever since it was completed in , this hotel has been associated with paranormal activity. One of the most famous legends is of the Ghost Bride, a woman who reportedly awaits people in the hotel ballroom.

This lighthouse became infamous during the Civil War when the light was removed to disrupt Union shipping — also to many tragic results. However, visitors have reported to have seen a friendly ghost of a lighthouse keeper there.

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This West Village establishment is a New York City treasure, but some of the guests who frequent there may not be totally of this plane. The restaurant was once the carriage house of Aaron Burr, and it is rumored that his ghost still haunts the place. Our Tours Haunted Saratoga. Book Now. Old smoke who it's said haunts old Canfield Casino.

Saratoga Ghost Tours – learn about, discover and possibly meet ghosts of Saratoga

Angeline, known as witch of Saratoga. Devil's Chair. Green Man.

Questions and answers Frequently Asked Questions. What is a Ghost Tour? Saratoga is the home of many fascinating spirits who have appeared numerous times since their earthly forms have departed over the past several hundred years. They have been the subject of books and TV shows like Ghost Hunters.

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  4. We tell their stories. When are tours held? Tours are held rain or shine—except on the stormiest nights. Please bring an umbrella or rainwear if appropriate.

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