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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Almost a Remembrance by Jack McCarthy Oh, those Jacob Lawrence images! How amazing that they're plus years old. For those of you curious about The Ghosts of Nagasaki , I asked the author, Daniel Clausen , about the possibility of an audio book. His response was, "Unfortunately, I don't have the time to record an audio book version of 'Ghosts' at the moment. Once I save a little bit of money, my next goal will be to pay my good friend to do some art work for an illustrated version of the book.

This is a long term goal, however. I will say this, though: there are plenty of reviewer copies available for anyone on librarything who would like to review the book. Anyone who thinks they are the right audience for this book and is willing to write a review can request a free reviewer copy. All I ask is that they email me directly at: ghostsofnagasaki gmail.

So if you're interested in a free reviewer copy, that's how you get it. He's very appreciative of the LT interest in the book. I know, hard to believe they were created that long ago. First arriver reward today is pecan pie muffins we tried to make them as good as yours:. You betcha. Oh excellent. Fingers crossed you don't want to electronically heave it.

They're writing on a chalkboard with chalk, Morphy. But they also remind me of stars, as in reaching for. I've got the Clausen on my Kindle too Joe. Your review was excellent. I hope to get to it sooner rather than later. Nice new thread, Joe! I also have the Clausen on my Kindle, and it's up next! I love Jacob Lawrence. I used one of his pictures for a Kindergarten art lesson I did last year.

It was so fun. The kids related to his work and loved making their own versions. I believe he and his wife lived in Seattle at the end of their lives. A great treasure for the community. I was going to say I think "wafting" is used as in - the odor of the lilacs wafted on the warm summer breeze. Would that work? My image is of breezes and things wafting in the breeze. Maybe curtains wafting in the open window.

Not today, not here. We've got another rainy gray day, but it certainly keeps the greenery green! I'm fighting with the academics today! Joe, It is interesting that you note a painting that appealed to you and that during the Philadelphia, PA meet up, the book the Warmth of Other Suns was recommended by Darryl. I've added the book to my tbr pile, and I appreciate the art work. Thanks for sharing. Let's make this underground hit an overground hit, Roberta. I'd think it will be your cuppa. Ah, that's great news on the Clausen. He seems like a good guy, too.

He was completely new to us, and we were quite moved by that exhibit. I've seen other young kids' work now based on this series. Very cool that you did that. Yes, that works for me with "wafting"; I'm used to thinking of things wafting in the breeze, too. What I meant in my probably too hasty comments was "wafture" does not seem as susceptible to easy, graceful use as "wafting".

Yes, we follow Seattle weather more closely now that Jesse doesn't have us around to tell him to put a jacket on not that he listened to us before on that kind of stuff. I saw you've got a fair amount of rain in the forecast. We apparently had hail last night - my flight made it back well before anything hit, but around 11 pm in the city the heavens stormed and pelted. Good luck with the academics! Are you fighting them as in, got to take care of class work, or as in, those professors are annoying me again?

Or maybe both? That Darryl is influential, isn't he? I'm reading the enjoyable Wizard of the Crow on his rec right now. I keep looking at The Warmth of Other Suns.

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I know it's been widely acclaimed. I need to get to that one. I'm glad you liked the artwork. He's done something special here, hasn't he? Lovely bright paintings up there! My favourite is the second one. The Warmth of Other Suns would have been a great accompaniment to the exhibition you went to- but its never too late! The migration of African Americans from south-northern cities is something I had never heard of until that book. Joe, unfortunately the issues with the instructor sucked the motivation out of me.

I know it is rather lacking in self discipline that I am; I could just do my best regardless of what kind of a dingbat she is, or is not. But me, I would rather move on to my next project did any one say monkey brain? Future tripping. I'm most partial to that first one for some reason - I sense a double meaning in their reaching and learning.

The Hampton Institute's Society & Culture Department

When we first saw it, I thought they were reaching for stars. But I do love that second one, too, and the third. The fourth probably the least, but I wanted one that gave some sense of the movement of migration. And its colors are cool. Good to get another nudge on The Warmth of Other Suns. It's a chunkster, and I tend to alternate a bit, as reading one chunkster after another for me isn't as enjoyable as having a shorter one or two in between.

To me what's a shame is your story of your using a Jacob Lawrence painting to inspire the kindergarten kids in an art lesson. She's had a treasure in you in the class, but it sure sounds like she's too busy protecting her view of herself to risk listening to, and benefiting from, someone with your experience. Too bad. The class ends up losing out, too. I think your futuristic plan with the retirement community is most excellent. We've loved our Seattle time, as you can tell. In fact, my problem is moving on to too many projects at a rapid speed and managing to goof up in numerous ways.

I mentioned to Mark that we're moving our offices this holiday weekend, so everything's up for grabs at work, plus the usual biz isn't going to wait for sorting. Monkey brain midwest. What a wonderful video, Ellie! Hermit crab? Are you kidding me? I know what you mean about Moore, OK.

I can't imagine. They had a photo in the paper of a woman sitting in her driveway, with her house in rubble around her. And all the kids, and others, who didn't survive. A 36 minute warning - what can you do in such a short time? I am cheered when I hear stories of teachers who lay down on top of kids and took injuries but saved the kids.

I am so happy to see the video of the older woman who "lost" her dog, and then there the pup is, right behind her while the TV cameras are rolling. Hard to stand up to, but we must. Good for you, Karen. We'll do the same kind of thing with the Red Cross. We're seeing an awful lot of natural disasters, aren't we?

Wonderful looking pecan tarts to kick off another round in the cafe Joe. Doesn't quite take one's mind off Oklahoma but it helps some.

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Hi Joe- Love the new thread. Love the Lawrence series! I have not heard of him, until now. LT is like going to school, isn't it? But the fun kind, with minimal homework. It was nice, Mr. Clausen addressed your question so eloquently. I sure hope his books get a wider audience. He deserves it. Hi Joe, great new thread. And I've got to give a big shout out to Ellie for giving us the link to "Dog Wants Kitten", what a great video. Hard times in Moore, OK. We're thinking of them. Glad you like the Lawrence series. Yeah, he was new to us, too.

You probably saw that Karen used a Lawrence painting in teaching an art lesson to kindergarten kids. It's great how much we get to learn in LT world, isn't it? Woo, no tests, no homework - that's the way to go. Your review made the home page, yay! We may get some more Clausen converts. He does deserve it. And he's an LTer! Thanks re the thread. She wants more from this genius dog. I loved that part, Ellie. What a great video. What should we start the day with?

How about pecan pancakes? I'm in a pecan mood these days. Makes me think of Mamie-ville, among other things. Joe I have put myself in the library queue for Deeply Odd when it comes out. From the blurb it doesn't look like he is back in Pico Mundo but I hope he does end up there. I'm not a huge Koontz fan but this series did start out so delightful. It hasn't stayed that way.

It is hot and humid out. I'll take a watermelon lemonade please. It's the only Koontz I read. It started out so well; I know both you and I found the last one a bit disappointing. I hope he gets back to the delightful. It's cool and humid here, which is a weird combination. There's been a lot of rain, and the weather's heading for the 50s tomorrow, supposedly. I'm surrounded by orange crates which I've filled with stuff for our biz move. Oof, I'm ready for one of those watermelon lemonades, too. That sounds really good.

Here you go:. Joe thank you for my watermelon lemonade. It hit the spot. I hope this work move of yours goes quick and painless. Joe- I ended up really liking When She Woke. I also really enjoyed Saga, Volume One. Let me know if and when you see volume 2 being released. If not, please put it there, preferably at the very top. The guy coordinating it has done a great job. Can't wait to be in our new digs.

We're losing our lake view for the most part, but we get lots of cool views of the Chicago River and downtown. Lots of light, good feel to the space. We'll be there next Tuesday. It's in my future. I'll let you know about v2 of Saga - intriguing story, isn't it? I'll move it up. I am downloading Looking for Alaska as I type. How about those apples? How about those I hope you enjoy your new locale. A good view is worth a great deal, IMHO. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The New York Four has his kind of real life storytelling that I like best. Having natural light and some kind of interesting view makes a big difference for me. I'd be lousy at working underground. Amazing pictures; so simple and so evocative. The postures are perfect. Love that dog! Nicely put together video. The weather here is rainy and the thermometer is heading downwards. Could I get an Irish coffee, please? Here is another nudge regarding A Monster Calls.. It is wonderful! Glad you're liking the Jacob Lawrence pictures and Ellie's hilarious video. Irish coffee?

What a good idea. I'll join you. It's actually like that here today. We're back down in the 50s and rainy. Resistance and I don't even have any is futile. I'll read the darn wonderful book, okay? Morning Joe- I am surprised to see you up and moving on LT so early. There is a Two Brothers beer called Resistance. I know, I'm not usually on this early, Mark. Breakfast meeting, so no breakfast at home. Maybe some Resistance beer later in the day?

Here's that coffee:. Oh man, yes to the coffee, and pretty please for the pecan pancakes featured yesterday. Happy Thursday, Joe! I am getting ready to start on the Clausen book and so looking forward to it after your and Mark's review. Ignore the incorrect grammar in that sentence, please. I have not yet had my coffee. Hopefully it will still be there next month. I'm glad that you're enjoying Wizard of the Crow. Any pecan pancakes left? Over 30 books in fewer than three days have arrived on my doorstep.

I have listed their shame on my thread. LOL at the Axis of Evil!! And thanks for the pancakes! I do want to try those pecan pie muffins - do you have the recipe handy? You got it, Mamie. Looking forward to your reaction to The Ghosts of Nagasaki. In thinking about Wizard of the Crow , so far what I particularly like is how believable he make what the WOTC does, and how he does it.

RD is coming through with pecan pancakes in grand style below. The kitchen staff is a happy bunch. Good to hear, actually, although we need it to tour to Knoxpatch for Ellie. We are in happy chaotic disarray, right now. Weird to take care of biz while packing to move. And thank you for introducing us to pecan pie muffins, which were not part of reality as I understood it until you came along.

I will visit your thread to see their virtual Walk of Shame for railroading you into helpless pawn bibliobibulism. Woo, remind me not to imbibe before trying to say bibliobibulism. Luckily, you can snack your way through 30 books in no time flat, as far as I can tell. I picture him in his comfortable chair with Stella nearby, surrounded by the thirty books. Please send pictures of the recipe results!

Stella here. My puppydaddy can't type. He makes funny noises from under all those heavy things he has. Some books are perfect marriages of form and content. This is one. It's simply lovely and quite a luxe little item all by itself. Hi Joe- Hope the day went well. I loved A Monster Calls. If you get to it, keep the tissue box handy. It can wring you out. I am also enjoying the New York Four.

Thanks for letting us know, Judy. I was disappointed when I checked MoMA's web site and didn't see Jacob Lawrence's work amongst the current exhibitions. I agree with you about the believability of the Wizard of the Crow , Joe. That book is a real treasure. Figures you'd be smart enough to type on a computer. Hope that guy gives you an extra treat for this one. He makes that review sound interesting, doesn't he? I'll have to take a look. And the move starts taking care of itself at noon tomorrow, as all the packing crates start migrating to the new place. I'll have to get to AMC sooner rather than later.

You don't get this enthusiastic over second-raters. Glad you're liking TNYF. It's more like Local , don't you think? Glad you're going to get to see it at some point, Darryl. It was the standout for us on that trip. I'm in about the last 5th of WOTC. Some of the satire has made me think, believe it or not, of Dr. So many functionaries enthusiastically pursuing disastrous goals. I'd like some dessert tonight, and virtual's all I'm going to get.

Argh, Stop, stop with the pancakes and the coffee. Its pm already and I have yet to reward myself with a coffee On the way to the Zoo well, Orana Wildlife Park with the kids. I hope my coffee tastes as good as yours look here, Joe! Had a hard workout at the gym this morning so would love a caffeine hit and a healthy salad - avocado and orange would be good. WotC is on my Mt tbr so look forward to your comments.

Very nice thread toppers.

Department Chair

Since I'm going to sit over in that corner and force myself to read some of Kavalier and Clay I wonder if you happen to have any apple fritters around the cafe? I remember the days. I've been encouraging a young co-worker and her husband that easier days eventually come. You'll be glad you read it.

Glad you like them thread toppers. Since we're members, I'd be surprised, but it might've coincided with a crazy time. You're probably not alone on that one. Stella is sticking up for him, though. A combo of desperation and chipperdee-ness, hmm. Good idea for Memorial Day! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, Richard.

I've already spent You should, too! It's books! What's not to love? Your propensity for book acquisition seems to have little to do with their presence or absence. Pointing your finger takes on a different meaning when you're looking in the mirror, don't you think? Seems like a cool beans business. And it's in Seattle? We may have to track this warehouse down on our next journey there. I know it's not for everyone, but my goodness would I like some Chicago-style deep dish pizza right about now. The calorie police are requiring that I only eat it in the cafe, darn it:.

Hi Joe- That Chicago-style deep dish pizza is absolutely drool-inducing! We are having Chicago-style hot-dogs for dinner. That will have to do. Wow, those fritters looks wonderful too! This place is dangerous. Hiya, Mark. I'm going to have to live on virtual dreams of that pizza, as we sure aren't having it in RL either. Hope your holiday weekend is starting off well. Are you off tomorrow? Nope, working tomorrow. We are planning on going to Tap House Grill for dinner tomorrow night. Stone Levitation is still on special.

Work around the house Sunday and part of Monday. What are your plans? I'm still trying to find that Stone Levitation beer in some store near us, darn it. White Sox game tomorrow night for us, and celebrating Becca's b-day with her on Monday she's entertaining pals at our place. This also should give me a chance to finish the excellent Wizard of the Crow. Grilled me a steak on my itty bitty George Foreman. Great grill. But who names all his sons with one name? George Foreman, that's who!

I am looking at a four day weekend with lots of reading. I am so jazzed. Joe, Re post I'm happy to contribute to Richard's book buying sprees. Oh dear, I haven't had true Chicago style pizza in years!!! Might need to wrap that into the mini-meetup on June My years in Champaign were years of excellent pizza. Papa Del's. One of the amazing parts to me is he seemed like a dim bulb boxer when he was fighting Ali.

This transformation into a quipster and successful entrepreneur for me was totally unexpected. He seemed to have zero personality when he was fighting as a young guy, but I guess it was just hidden away. Yay for four day weekends! I hope you have a great time taking it easy and, of course, getting in some good reading. As I said somewhere, Richard eats them up like snacks anyway, so it's not like they'll be piled up on the dining room table for a long time like some cafe proprietors I know.

Hmm, the way I said that sounds like maybe the proprietor is piled up on the table for long periods. I think not. I'm thinking huevos rancheros to start the day:. Joe, you might have missed it on Facebook. I reposted an actual recipe for mamacado eggs! I was amazed someone else thought of it:. Nice, RD! No, I'm not connected to you on FB. I couldn't find you for some reason, and meant to send a pm. That looks quite delish.

Avo and eggs is hard to beat in any form, but I particularly like the provenance of your mamacados. Here I am. Friend request on its way. Small world - I was just over on your thread. We can rassle up those pecan banana brownies you were craving:. The deep dish pizza looks splendid Joe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

RD, not content with having his abstemiousness put right by my lovely ladies and I, now expects us to pay to have him interred when in fact all those books will surely bury him. With a smile on his face, I imagine, Paul. Maybe after drifting off while reading? Of course, staying here and reading them would be even better. Nice use of "abstemiousness"! I feel more elevated just hearing that word. Hope you have a great weekend, too, mate. We can look for the North Pole, or we can play 'Here we go gathering Nuts and May' with the end part of an ants' nest.

It's all the same to me. There is always so much good food and conversation going on over here at the cafe, Joe. I had never thought of a banana brownie. Sounds moist and delicious I'm going to look for a recipe or maybe just throw a couple mashed bananas in the old familiar recipe and see how the family reacts.

Joe's Book Cafe 10

Maybe they won't like them and I can have more. It's a plan! I hope you are having a relaxing week end. Banana pecan brownies. Morning Joe! Just stopping in on my way out to the deck to read to wish you a lovely Sunday - hope it is full of fabulous! Okay, I obviously didn't get out of here fast enough! I NEED those brownies!

Morning Joe- Java please! I hope you had a good time at the Sox game and kept warm. Good to see the Blackhawks win big. They have quite a hole to dig out of. Hope you have a great Sunday planned. We've got a lot of nuts in May here in the cafe, if you know what I mean. Feel free to hang out with this troupe. Yes, I can remember my mom being after me for letting the screen door slam. Hope you're having a grand one, with a chance to get out to hear some birdsong and see some feathered friends.

Sure feels that way to me. Bananas in brownies is new to me, too, so let us know how it goes. My favorite new one is pecan pie muffins - never knew they existed, but somewhere inside the hope that they did must have always been there. Thanks, Richard. Thanks, Mamie. Hope you're having a fabulous one, too. We've got plenty of those brownies, so help yourself. Plus RD is much less snappish about sharing these days. We stayed warm and had a good time. They kept us posted on the Blackhawks score early on with that foghorn sound that blows when they score. Nice win for the Hawks, but they've got to do two more like that.

We started ours with an hour long walk, and breakfast out chilaquiles, can't resist! I've got to work for a bit, but eventually we get Becca and her furry friend Sherlock on a pretty day that will keep warming up. And Monday off! And a cool new office on Tuesday! BTW, I'll mention it again, but Tues afternoon I travel to Atlanta on biz no free time this time, sorry, Darryl , and I'm tied up to the max on Wednesday, so it's likely radio silence that day.

Anyway, for now I'm focused on enjoying the weekend! I forgot to mention, we loved the new Star Trek movie and recommend it. So great to see these ideas and characters rejuvenated. Nice turn as the villain by Mr. We're thinking we'll try to go to the Star Trek movie sometime this week I'b godt a touch of 'flu, and am presently sloshing with hot tea around the plimsoll line, so nothing for me right now, thanks. Just lurking around LT, generally. I always come here wanting to say something witty or charming or intelligent, then I get here and see the food photos and turn into a drooling idiot.

Literallay drooling! So, never mind. My husband is a die hard Star Trek fan and refuses to go see the new movie. He hates the reboot. So I'll have to wait until it comes out in DVD. Poor Morphy! The reboot is pretty darn terrific, IMO. Ellie snagged my brownies! The ultimate vote of confidence. Happy Monday! Thank you to our vets! And we remember today those who served our country and are no longer with us. It's going to be circuitous, with a stopover in Toledo first. No time for bookshopping this time, darn it, but I'll keep Charis Books in mind for next time.

Way to go on increasing the length of your walk! I know you love it. I can imagine you enjoying those birdsongs. They're sounding in plenitude in our neighborhood, mostly the chirp chirp of sparrows, but also the cheer, cheer, cheer, perty, perty, perty of cardinals my fave and the occasional onk-eer-ee of a red-winged blackbird. Oh, and the ooo-wah-hoo, hoo, hoo of the mourning dove, also my fave.

Maybe my favest fave. Good job sneaking that brownie. We've had far fewer incidents near RD's plate recently. Be hard not to. What a good job they've done revitalizing it all. Thanks for dropping in and lifting that cloak of invisibility. Sorry about that touch of flu. Take it easy - we can bring you hot drinks whenever. I was going to say it's a good place to drool, Kath, but that gave me a vision of Monty Python and their drool buckets, so.

I'm just dropping that whole idea, thank you very much. Hope you're having a great weekend and holiday. Even libraries are closed on Memorial Day, right? Please take it easy, and if you'd like us to bring you any of those virtual cafe specials, just let us know. I'm sure it's hard for some purists. We have a sister-in-law who couldn't stand the Dresden tv series because it wasn't faithful to the books. My MBH and I are much looser about that kind of thing, although when an adapter botches one it can be really irritating.

We're getting a kick out of it and looking forward to more. Excellent job of casting, for one thing. Kudos to you for learning to share your food with others. My pre-K teaching daughter would be very impressed. Hmm, what should we start the day with? How about some pecan waffles: For those who know seasonoflove, it's her birthday today.

She's here with furry Sherlock, and her pals are showing up later for a gabfest. This is the man who can see one or two seconds of one of the original Star Trek episodes and tell you the name of the episode and the entire plot plus all the special guest actors, etc. REAL Trekkie here and an absolute purist, indeed. Me, not so much.

I enjoy them for what they are. I haven't gotten around to watching the Dresden tv shows. Any good? I don't mind if they don't match the books as long as they are enjoyable. Hi Joe! Just getting caught up as much as I can after being an LT ghost for much of the year. I had forgotten how hungry your thread makes me. Lots of pecans -- funny enough, I had been craving something pecan-y. I did make a childhood favorite that I had not made in probably 30 years: Potato Chip Cookies with pecans, of course.

They have to be the world's worst thing to eat health-wise, buy oh my, are they good! Did he like Galaxy Quest? Is it okay as long as it doesn't have a direct connection to his beloved Star Trek? We loved the Dresden series, and were sorely disappointed when it was canceled. Liberties galore, but also tons o' fun. The casting for Dresden, Murphy and Bob was inspired as far as we were concerned.

Good to see you back in the cafe. Yes, we've been on a pecan binge here for a while. I sure do love just about anything made with them. Skip the pecan beet cabbage ice cream though. You've got me intrigued with those Potato Chip pecan cookies. Of course Americans would think of that. Take what you like a lot and put it into a baked good. Here we go:. I finished New York Four. Liked it and requested "Five". Do you own Local? If you ever see a sweet deal on that one, let me know! Hi Joe, just dropping by to wish you a lovely holiday Monday, sounds like you are having a great day with your family.

I am now wandering off to Becca's thread to leave Birthday wishes. May is a very good time to have birthdays. My father, my best friend and my sister all have birthdays in this month. Seasonoflove chose a good time to be born oh, I guess it had something to do with her parents as well, didn't it? Happy Birthday to her. No pecans for me, please. They and other nuts have a tendency to leave me at death's door, so you all can have all the pecans in the world. Ebooks

That mamacado, on the other hand, looks wonderful - also the huevos rancheros. My kind of yummy. There's been a lot of stuff in the NYTimes lately on nutrients in food - or not, as the case may be. I'm glad I like food with strong tastes and colors, as they seem to have survived our quest for mild, sweet and pretty varieties of food. With a greenmarket next door four days a week, and both a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's in the neighborhood, you'd think I'd have the kitchen stocked with nutritional stuff.

Actually, the cupboard is quite bare, except for frozen fruit pops in the freezer, some juice, and some yogurt. Must get my domestic act together one of these days. If I ever do, I'll send some samples cafe-ward for my buddies. A number of Becca's friends we've known since they were wee ones, so it's been fun to catch up. Some stuffed pizza didn't hurt, either. Glad to hear Bree and Reese made it over. She was a sweetheart to bring him over to meet us at the LT meetup. Ah, great. I thought you'd like New York Four , and if you liked that, you'll like Five. Yes, I do own Local. Had to have it.

Gave one to a niece of ours, too. I'll keep an eye out for good prices and let you know if I see one. I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, too. Becca will love that you stopped by. I can hear her hearty laugh in her party as we speak. I can't remember whether you read or liked the Gail Carriger Parasol Protectorate series, but Becca loved it, and was quite excited to get the graphic novel of Soulless as a present.

Becca did pick a good month for her birthday. Her ma and I did have something to do with it, but it seems like she and her bro had their own ideas, too, about when to show up. Growing up, everybody in my immediate family had their birthday in April, except me - mine's way off in July. So every year birthday month would come around with great excitement for everyone except the poor guy in the corner cleaning ashes out of the hearth, and pushing coals around because he had no birthday toys.

Brings tears to your eyes, don't it? Needless to say, I was very proud of our kids for choosing to be born in March and May. Green market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's - you are definitely set up for healthy, fresh vittles. Yes, please share some of your bounty in the cafe when the meager supplies run out and you load up. I may get on LT once more today, we'll see. Tomorrow will probably be goofy for me, as I've got to get accustomed to all new tech at the new office and unpack from the old one and get things into sensible places in the new.