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We were just enjoying connecting with nature, hiking the way that best suited us and our schedule. Had we gone the 'wrong' way? At least, not for us. Since we didn't follow the typical route, we were never sure where we would end up. Most people book overnight accommodations in advance.

Why Choose The Road Less Traveled | Road Less Traveled

If they don't make their destination on time, they take a bus or taxi and skip some of the route. We walked till we got tired, then found a place to stay. We did everything day by day. We couldn't plan if we wanted to, as there are no guidebooks on doing it backwards. We had no expectations, just fun, connecting with nature and respecting our bodies telling us to stop for the day.

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We did not realize that May was high season for this particular trail. One night, our journey brought us to a town where the only accommodation available was a hostel.

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I wanted a private room, but there were none left. Between the snoring, the cold room and no blankets, I hardly slept.

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I decided to make the best of it and find the humour in the situation. If you can laugh at it, you can live it! This journey taught us how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable pain of travelling with all our belongings and how to make the best of every situation that came our way. This is a great tool to help you move forward in life. It's only by trying new things, pushing your limits, doing things differently that you can truly change your life and get rid of what is blocking you or no longer working for you.

Doing things differently makes you stronger. In my life and business , as in my travels, I like to enjoy the journey. My journey is mine.

The purpose of the road less traveled - Greg Cant - TEDxFargo

I will not let people tell me which way to go or how to do it. Even if a path has proven successful to others. To some, I might be going the "wrong way". I might be going backwards. I might even be crazy. I do what feels right for me. I connect with my inner voice and let it guide me. I ensure that every thing I do, every step I take, is aligned with my big picture vision, values and heart.

My mission is to help as many people as possible do the same. It's the only way to live a life where you feel good from the inside out. Sometimes, you start off doing things the way that feels right to you, and end up caving to pressure when everyone else is doing it another way. I decided to stick to the path I chose. In the end, we had an amazing experience. Choosing the 'wrong' path was right for me. When your gut, your inner voice, tells you something is right or wrong , listen to that voice. It's your instinct. It's speaking to you for a reason and it knows, better than anyone, what's best for you.

Question if what everyone else is doing feels truly right for you. Do things your way - backwards or not.

When you do what feels right for you, you feel amazing and inspire others to do what is best for them. The person traveling the narrow road will feel compelled to address the employee or go to a supervisor. There are many decisions to be made in life, all of them placed at our feet so we may learn to develop a strong moral character.

We are constantly being asked to choose between the broad road and the narrow road, and can stray off of either path quite easily. Knowing the Difference For some people, knowing the difference between the broad road and the narrow road can be a challenge.

Take the Road Less Traveled

A simple way to decide which path you are on is to ask yourself if the actions you are taking provide any benefit to others. This is particularly important when it comes to decisions regarding family, and the person who is serious about personal development will make the choice that benefits the family. Another simple way to realize the difference between the broad road and the narrow road is to ask yourself whether you are being asked to do something hard.

If you can honestly say you have a difficult task or a tough decision to make, you can bet you are being asked to choose which path to take. The most important aspect of personal development with regard to the narrow road is wanting to make the difficult decision. When this happens, you realize the value in traveling the narrow road and are open to the wondrous experiences traveling this little inhabited path might provide.

You realize that life cycles through prosperity and challenge, and you are open to fully experiencing both. Dumb Little Man. Share on Facebook.

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