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The most crowded season of all time is now the fourth deadliest
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  2. Indian cyclone death toll rises, anger grows
  3. Death toll from Sri Lanka bombing attacks rises to 359: police
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  5. Shanghai building collapse: Death toll rises to 10 | China News | Al Jazeera

Trump signs executive order to transform kidney care.

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Attorney blames cruise line in child's fatal fall. Emmy-Award winning actor Rip Torn dead at Federal judge: DOJ can't swap out legal team in census case. NFL player fights police officer after being tased. Booker speechless over McConnell slaveholder comment. Toddler dies after falling from Royal Caribbean ship. Trump weighs in on equal pay for female athletes.

Son begs dad not to call police on a black man. Trump praises labor secretary amid calls for resignation. American lawyer Christopher Kulish died while climbing Mount Everest, making him the 11th death on the mountain in While descending, he was strong and safely reached the South Col situated at an altitude of around 7, meters, or 25, feet late Monday evening before he suddenly passed away, she said. In a statement, the family of the Colorado man said they were "heartbroken" at the news. At that instant, he became a member of the '7 Summit Club' having scaled the highest peak on each continent," the statement continued.

His family said he died doing what he loved and that he is survived by his mother and younger siblings. Also on Monday, an Austrian family confirmed the death of one of their relatives.

Indian cyclone death toll rises, anger grows

Sixty-four-year-old Ernst Landgraf died on Thursday, hours after fulfilling his dream of scaling Everest, according to his obituary and funeral announcement placed by his family. Landgraf lived for his family and climbing, and died fulfilling his dream, the obituary read in part. He is survived by his wife and children. His memorial service will be Wednesday in Ubelbach, Austria. The human impact on Everest Mountaineers have suggested difficult weather conditions, a lack of experience and the growing commercialization of expeditions as contributing factors to the backlog.

British climber Robin Haynes Fisher was one of those who had warned of the dangers of overcrowding. Unless of course everyone else plays the same waiting game," he wrote in a captioned Instagram post on May He died after suffering from what appeared to be altitude sickness at 8, meters 28, feet , while returning from the summit on Saturday.

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View this post on Instagram. During the week beginning May 20, crowds of climbers became stuck in a queue to the summit, above the mountain's highest camp at 8, meters 26, feet. The summit of Mount Everest is 8, meters 29, feet high. Most people can only spend a matter of minutes at the summit without extra oxygen supplies, and the area where mountaineers have been delayed is known to many as the "death zone.

Climbers wait to reach the summit of Everest in this image taken May Mountain guide Adrian Ballinger told CNN many see Everest as the "ultimate challenge" but the problem he has seen is the "lower level of experience of the climbers trying to come here and also of the companies that are trying to offer services on the mountain.

He continued, "That lack of experience, both with the commercial operators and the climbers themselves, is causing these images we see where people make bad decisions, get themselves in trouble up high and end up having unnecessary fatalities. Ballinger explained that seasoned climbers call any part of the mountain above 26, feet "the death zone," adding that "humans just really aren't meant to exist there.

So that means if you get caught in a traffic jam above 26, feet He had just descended after getting around meters from the summit for a research project.

The biggest myths about Mount Everest that feeds into its mystique. Morton said he had gone up the mountain from the Tibetan side, where the government has put limitations on numbers.

Death toll from Sri Lanka bombing attacks rises to 359: police

I wrote the following in response to another review of this book. The book is well written and the main character is repulsive. Good story. The person writing it is conflating the author with the main character. The author is a real human being and the main character is a fictional character with his own beliefs and issues completely separate from the writer.

I can never understand how someone can confuse the beliefs of that author with those of the main character especially when in the same book other characters have opposing views. Not only that the beliefs of the main character are repeatedly referred to as wrong and his actions as evil. With this line of reasoning anyone who writes a book with a serial killer main character is a hidden serial killer.

Please remember the dividing line between reality and fiction before writing a review. Is the main character in this book scum?

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Is the author the main character? Was the book well written? Too far for me. All women and female species are terminated. And the MC gay bashes??? This is third story of this Author where he does something like this. I could not wrap my mind of this world. Love this Author's stories Jim Morrison is not a nice man but he is the right man in the right place and time to do what needed to be done and saving Planet Earth from her enemies both outer and inner.

On duty at a military base in Scotland, Morrison and his unit are drilling when a female soldier collapses. Thinking it was due to the heat soldiers go to check her and realize she is dead. Then another female collapses, dead also. Next the soldiers hear a crash and discover a car driven by a woman crashed at the gate of the base. Before too long every female on the planet is dead.

Shanghai building collapse: Death toll rises to 10 | China News | Al Jazeera

Scientists discover that every female of any species capable of self-defense has been exterminated. After eliminating the possibility that this was done by humans, it is determined that Earth is under attack by aliens. What happens? I'm not telling but you will spellbound by this story. I disagree with the synopsis of this book.

I am a woman and I found it fascinating and read it straight through to the end and am ready for more! Death Rises is an interesting read, and Jim Morrison is a great character. I enjoyed this book very much. I can't wait to start the next book. Great Book, heartily recommend. Excellent romp as usual, lots of action and sex, would recommend it to men of action who enjoy a good take.

More like a porno with a little sifi mixed in,but a good read different. One of the best "rising from the ashes" story I've read. No holds bared writing!

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