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Guess this TShirt! Recent Comments. But not me. I am the coolest and wisest of all. If you can't understand, then I'll just have to show you. Come on and fight me! Dynamo: You look well.

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You are so persistent. Before I was protected by Sigma, but now I will take control of my own life by making use of the Nightmare! Dynamo: You're also persistent Now that Sigma finished, I must survive by myself Dynamo: I came here for the Nightmares.

I'm attuned to the fashions of the time, you know Dynamo: You look very busy all the time. I'm interested in the Nightmare and its investigation. I want to power-up with it. So I will take the Souls you collected! I want that power!

Dynamo Metalfest on Spotify

Dynamo: Very clever, but I am here for the Nightmares. I've been gathering them, thinking that I might be able to enhance my powers So, will you do me a favor? Give me all the DNA Souls you have gathered! Dynamo: Shut up! I may be a coward, but I'm here for the Nightmares. Dynamo: Don't be cruel.


By the way Nightmare Souls I want them all! I will get the Souls that you collected! Dynamo: I'm sorry, if I made you worry. But you know what they say, "Discretion is the better part of valor. Dynamo: Why don't we talk a little longer? Let's see who has obtained more Nightmare Souls! Dynamo: It takes hours for me to get here.

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I won't go back empty-handed. I've been gathering Nightmare Souls at the risk of my life. I've been dying to become stronger Do you want to challenge me? Dynamo: You know, it takes hours for me to come this far. Sign In Don't have an account?