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Eating & Drinking Roses

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Let stand 8 to 10 days, stirring 2 or 3 times daily. Drain and put in a jug, lightly corked, until through working. Strain and pour into sterilized bottles and cork. Place the red rose petals in a large jar in alternating layers of petals and sugar until all the petals are used. Press and pack tight. Using a different jar, repeat this process with the white rose petals.

Set aside the remaining sugar for later use. Let stand for 3 days. Strain the juice from the jar of white petals; discard the petals. Take the remaining sugar and add enough water to dissolve it; boil in an enamel saucepan to make a heavy syrup. Add the juice and petals from the red-petal jar and the juice of the white-petal jar. Bring to a boil and simmer until the mixture reaches the consistency of honey. Add the lemon juice and stir. Cool the jam and ladle into screw-top jars. Every country has a slightly different way of preparing this treat.

In Greece, 1 pound of rose petals are kneaded with 1 pound of sugar. This mixture is left to stand for a day. There is also a way of making an uncooked rose petal preserve or conserve which seems very appealing to me. In India, a similar concoction is called Goolakund. Crush the rose petals. Close the jar tightly and leave in the hot sunshine several days until all the sugar is melted.

Before Christmas

Serve as a jam. Since it may be hard to obtain a pound of rose petals, you can reduce the quantities and use a cup instead. You can also use brown sugar instead of white. This was called Rose Tobacco in Colonial days. I love old recipes, both for the language and the technique.

This one is over a hundred years old. Wash rose petals and put them in a stone jar, sprinkling them with fine salt. Next day gather some more and repeat until the jar is almost filled. Keep the jar well covered at all times with a lid and also wrapped in a coarse cloth. When you plan to make rice pudding or cake, weight the butter you intend using and put it in the jar on top of the rose petals overnight. By the time you take it out, it will have absorbed a very fine rose flavor, superior to that of rose water. Rose petals may be kept in this way for a year, until they bloom again.

Take Roses at your plesure, put them to boyle in faire water, having regard to the quantity; for if you have many Roses you may take more water; if fewere, the lesse water will serve: the which you shall boyle at the least three or foure houres, even as you would boile a piece of meate, untill in the eating they be very tender, at which time the Roses will lose their colour, that you would thinke your labour lost, and the thing spoiled. But proceed, for though the Roses have lost their colour, the water hath gotten the tincture thereof; then shall you adde unto one pound of Roses, foure pound of fine sugar in pure pouder, and so according to the rest of the Roses.

Thus shall you let them boyule gently after the sugar is put therto, continually stirring it with a wooden Spatula untill it be raw conserve, as well for the vertues and goodnesse in taste, as also for the beautifull colour. Lay a paper-thin sheet of phyllo dough on a buttered cake or pie tin and spread with melted butter, using a brush. Add five or six additional sheets, buttering each, then spread a mixture of the sugar, mace and nuts on top. Add 5 or 6 more layers and repeat. Do this until the baklava is about 2 inches high. Bake in a oven for about 1 hour. After you have taken it out of the oven, sprinkle it with rose water or Baklava Rose Syrup.

Serve it with black coffee. Mix together the water, sugar, orange juice and rind. Boil for 3 minutes, then add the rose water. Boil the sugar in 2 cups of water until the syrup spins a thread. Set on ice to cool. When the syrup starts to crystallize, dip the petals in with wire tongs or tweezers, a few at a time. Then take out and spread on waxed paper. When they begin to dry, dust with powdered sugar on one side and then on the other. Store in airtight containers. Beat the white of one egg to a foam.

Dip a small pastry brush or use your fingers in egg white and brush well over the sides of the rose petals. Be certain that no surplus egg white remains on the petal but that both sides are moist. Shake granulated sugar on both sides and place on a tray to dry in the refrigerator. Bury a small fragrant rose in a screw-top glass jar full of sugar. Set on a windowsill that gets sun for several weeks.

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The scent of the rose will permeate the sugar. This is an excerpt from the Rose section of my Celebrating Summer Solstice book which is available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon or as a downloadable PDF file from the store on my website. Venus Verticorida by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. As I write this page, I am swimming in the sweet, spicy scent of the ruffled pink rose sitting in a vase of water on my desk.. Having recently been introduced to the serious art of wine tasting, I am educating my scent palate to register smells like tar and tobacco in wines.

And I find the same acuity extends to flowers. Roses no longer just smell like roses; some are black cherry and others have the spiciness of carnations. This pink rose, however, is all rose: but on the peppery edge of rose.

Seasons and Holidays by Walt Disney Company

The Persian word for rose is gul , which also means flower, and is close to ghul , the word for spirit. I have found more confusion in flower lore than anywhere else in my research. But that seems hardly likely for roses. Still of the twelve books about flowers on my desk, every one tells a different unattributed story about the early references to roses.

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What is clear is that the rose was cultivated by the Greeks. One source says Venus pricked herself on a thorn of a white rose and stained it red. Or that Cupid spilled red wine on it. The Romans adored roses and used them liberally in festivities, so liberally it is said that at one party, the guests were actually smothered by rose petals falling from the ceiling. This is not the origin of the term sub rosa. That comes from the Roman practice of hanging a rose over a conference table, which was supposed to indicate that everything spoken there would be held in confidence.

For many centuries, roses were carved or painted on the ceilings of dining chambers to indicate that the diners could talk freely. To the Arabs, roses signify masculine beauty. It is said that the white rose sprang from the sweat of Mohammed on his journey to heaven.

In a reversal on this motif, other legends tell of people who were enchanted and turned into animals who regained their human form by eating a rose, for instance, Apuleius in the Golden Ass and St. Denis, the patron of France. For many centuries in Greece, Rome and China, the rose was a funeral flower.

In Switzerland, the cemetery is sometimes called the Rosengarten. In England it is customary to plant a rosebush on the grave of a lover who dies before the marriage, thus combining the themes of love and death. Seeing the petals of a rose fall is a sign of death for the Germans although it can be counteracted by burning some of the petals. An Indian legend tells about a quarrel between Vishnu and Brhama about the most beautiful flower.

Brahma insisted upon the lotus the flower of July until Vishnu showed him a rose. Rosa canina.

Piggyback Songs - Seasons & Holidays Resource Book Grade Toddler-K eBook

Roses have been cultivated in Greece and China for over 3, years. The earliest rose is the dog rose Rosa canina. Fossils of this species from 35 million years ago were found in Montana. I just smelt a dog rose as I strolled home in the midsummer sunshine and it has the most intense fragrance of any rose. Rosa Gallica by Pieree Joseph Redoute. It has a rich cherry color and flowers the size of a field poppy. This was the rose used as a symbol of Lancaster during the War of the Roses. It is also known as the apothecary rose because it was used by herbal healers. It has loose petals, voluptuous and scented, and was known as the damask rose in England, supposedly because it came from Damascus.

Because of its wonderful scent, it was used primarily used to make rose water. Rosa damascena by Pierre Joseph Redoute. Another early rose is the sweet briar or eglantine rosa rubiginosa , which is mentioned by Chaucer and also appears in The Song of Roland:. On white carpets those knights have sat them down, At the game-boards to pass an idle hour— Checkers the old, for wisdom most renowned, While fence the young and lusty bachelors Beneath a pine in eglantine embowered.

I believe this is the rose in the rose hedge observed by Richard Jefferies, a naturalist, near a farm at Wick in Wiltshire:. Some of [the] briars stretch forth into the meadow, and then, bent down by their own weight, form an arch crowned with flowers. There is an old superstition about these arches of briar hung out along the hedge-row: magical cures of whooping-cough and some other disease of childhood can, it is believed, be effected by passing the child at sunrise under the briar facing the rising sun. Chinese roses first arrived in Europe near the end of the 18th century.

These were the tea-roses, possibly so-called because they were imported along with tea. When crossed with hybrid perpetuals, these roses produced most modern roses. The rose is a member of the Rosacae which also includes strawberries and raspberries, apples and almonds, plums and apricots. There are many holidays associated with roses, many of them in June. And in fact, June is national Rose Month so declared in America in Rose Monday is celebrated in Germany on the Monday before Lent begins, with parades, masked balls, parties, satirical speeches and other Carnival events. Several saints with feast days in June are associated with roses.

The yellow rose is the symbol of St. Nicomede whose feast day is June 1 st. And the three-leaved rose is associated with St. Boniface on June 5. And on St. Red roses are associated with St. George, whose feast day is April Ginzburg citing studies by Nilsson and Ranke says that the Christian festival of Pentecost derives from the Rosalia a Roman ceremony honoring the dead, celebrated on May 10 and May According to posts at several web sites that study ancient Roman religion, the standards of military units were brought out on these days and decorated with a garland of roses, presumably to honor soldiers from the unit who had died in combat.

The day before Pentecost is a day when many Christians visit and decorate the graves of their loved ones and it may be the precursor of Memorial Day. And on Pentecost in Messina, according to Urlin, great quantities of roses wee dripped from the ceiling of the church during the singing of the famous Come Holy Spirit. The Armenians have a festival called Vartavar or Flaming of the Rose.

Originally a Midsummer festival, it is now celebrated at the same time as the Transfiguration, 98 days after Easter, but still involves the pagan customs inherited from the older holiday: decorating churches with roses, spraying each other with water and releasing doves. Martin, Laura C. Ward, Bobby J. Ascension Thursday is one of the oldest festivals in the Catholic Church, having been celebrated since 68 AD. Water is the primary element of this holy day, celebrated on May 29 in In Armenia, girls tell their fortunes from tokens thrown into a bowl of water drawn from seven springs.

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All brooks and springs are said to be filled with healing power at midnight. In a somewhat related vein, in Sweden, a person who fishes from dawn until night on the Ascension will learn the hour when the fish bite best and be lucky in her angling all year. In Greece, Ascension Day is considered the start of the swimming season. In Venice, the Doge used to wed the sea on this day by throwing in a wedding ring and some holy water.

In Tissington, Derbyshire, wells are decorated on this day. In Nantwich, they bless the Brine, a very old pit, which is visited and hung with garlands. These customs seem to hark back to an old rite propitiating the spirit of the well or the ocean. The local people met at the holy well on the hillside at Rorrington Green and decorated with well with green boughs, flowers and rushes.

A maypole was erected. While a fife, drum and fiddle played, the people danced and frolicked around the hill, followed by feasting, drinking and more dancing. People spend the day outdoors, reclining under the shade of trees, feasting on picnic and BBQ foods. Kids look for crickets, true symbols of spring, poking a piece of grass into their holes to lure them into cages already prepared with a piece of lettuce at the bottom. Nowadays the crickets are sold in pretty painted cages. According to Toor, the Etruscans called the cricket scarabeus and honored it.

The Greeks and Romans connected its chirping to the muses and music. The Greeks and Etruscans believed that the longer the confined grillo lived, the longer the life of its owner. The murals of Pompei depict tiny grillo cages made of reed. In Florence, they say that a singing grillo brings good luck. Freeing them also brings good luck. Children sing a song to their caged grillos which reminds me of the American lady bug song :. In the autumn and wintertime, the hawthorn tree with her gnarled bark covered in grey green lichens and her gangly branches reminds me of an old woman.

She is a small tree that can usually be found on older homesteads. But in the spring and early summertime she boasts vibrant green leaves that surround many small bouquets of white blooms, often tinged with pink. She becomes a queen! This tree is like the matriarch gatekeeper of the nature spirits in my mind.

Here we will find a wealth of folklore and older uses that have been recorded throughout history. There are around known Cratagus species and they apparently cross easily. The Latin Cratagus comes from the Greek kratos meaning hardness, referring to the strength of the wood. The common European species is Cratagus monogyna and C. The Northwest has a native species, C. The genus is native to all temperate zones; Europe, North America and Asia. The ship the Mayflower from England was named after Hawthorn.

The planting of hawthorn to provide fencing for pastures, or hedgerows, began in Roman times. Currently in North America, Hawthorn is planted for ornamental purposes and also as a tree that provides both food and shelter to birdlife.

The flowers are gorgeous but smell somewhat stinky and acrid. Hamanasu, the flower of northland, blooms on the coast of severe environment. It is certified as the flower of Hokkaido due to its rustic and wild dynamism and its vivid color of the flowers. Primeval flower garden is where flowers flourish naturally without any human treatment.

Hokkaido is exactly the paradise of primeval flower garden. A typical example is "Koshimizu primeval flower garden" in Doto area. About 40 kinds of wild flowers grow in its grassland, which is a part of the quasi-national park. Rugosa roses appearing from June to August are very beautiful, and they captivate those who see the flowers with the blue sky above the Sea of Okhotsk at the back. Do you know that many trees in Hokkaido are supermodels? Especially, isolated trees standing in the hilly zones in Biei and Furano have been often selected as subjects of shooting in many TV programs and photographs.

While wild flowers fascinatingly grow as they naturally are, there are tourist gardens in Hokkaido that are artistically well maintained. Each one of them makes the best use of the vast land of Hokkaido. Pedersen rated it liked it Aug 01, Jefferson Holbrook rated it liked it Jan 22, Katherine rated it liked it Dec 25, Donnie The Fu rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Patrick rated it liked it Aug 04, Michele rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Anabelle rated it really liked it Feb 05, Clare rated it liked it Jun 06, Dee rated it liked it Sep 10, Brandi Aker-garlick rated it liked it Jul 04, Abbie rated it really liked it Feb 22, Becky Thomas rated it liked it Jul 27, Jordan rated it really liked it Jun 30, Rose Dernoncourt rated it liked it Mar 02, Haleigh Lariviere rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Shanellangel rated it really liked it Apr 26, Clancy Williams rated it it was ok Feb 02, Amara Tanith rated it liked it Oct 04, Claire rated it really liked it Jan 04, Cami rated it really liked it Mar 29, Tammy rated it it was amazing Feb 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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