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And there is a scientific basis behind FOMO. He asked students whether they would like a cookie from a jar with 10 cookies, or a jar with 2 cookies. Nearly everyone took from the 2-cookie jar. You can see its use in all kinds of advertising. Pair that idea with the image of the women enjoying a great vacation and you have the ingredients for the ultimate FOMO.

Banana Republic also uses scarcity to drive sales, not only of its clothes, but also to get people to sign up to its store card:. Non-cardmembers are missing out on missing out. Double FOMO. This concept can go even deeper. Here Shopify uses it to make you think about missing out on a whole new life:. Because an image may instantly catch a persons eye, but the few words you use are what will ultimately win over a new customer.

You have to get them right. Copyblogger Gregory Ciotti has picked out the 5 most powerful words in the English language. They may not seem that powerful, but they are, simply because they are so efficient. Why is you so powerful. Because it makes you think of you. If every ad could be hyper-personalized that would be even better, but in lieu of that, the word you will suffice. Our brain is activated specifically by hearing or thinking of our own name and ourselves. Including you in an ad, as Outbrain have, is as good as naming your customer:.

Free is the ultimate word for any viewer of an ad. We are always on the lookout for free. We value free highly. Dan Ariely, of Predictably Irrational, tested the power of free. He offered people one of two chocolates. Almost everyone took the Lindt. Then he reduced both prices by 1 cent. The Lindt became 14 cents, and the Kiss became free.

This completely flipped the result. Just because of free. This is one of the reasons free trials, like the Kindle one here, succeed so well:. We want answers. Humans are inquisitive souls. We are constantly questioning why? And because of that the word because means a lot to us. May I use the Xerox machine? May I use the Xerox machine, because I am in a rush? They may not look too different, but they get very different responses. We love now. We discount things drastically into the future, so instantly nearly always seems like the better option. This has been backed up by brain scans , showing that if you offer something instantly, our brains go crazy.

Instantly is the whole point of Amazon Echo :. Be first to know when the next one comes out Count Me In! This is because our brains respond better to well-known brands than anything new on the market. We are novelty-seeking animals , always sniffing out new experiences, places, foods. New seasonal arrivals, as advertised here for West Elm , make your customers see you afresh every few months:. I loved the first and third point. I strongly agree that attaching a face with emotions can do wonders as it gets attached with emotions of the viewers!

With point 1 you have to be careful. Faces may draw to the ad, but if you are selling a product and the product relies on its image to sell, then eyes distract from what you want people to look at. This is a very good article. I have applied some of these, namely images of celebrities smiling, with great success.

I will have to try to apply the power words, as I think many people including myself underestimate the power of good copy. Love the article. As simple as these might be they are easily overlooked everyday-Want to make your responses more positive-then use these techniques-and best of all they are FREE! Get them into your notes app NOW before they are gone! On point Derek! Sometimes the simple ideas are the best, and the ones that are the most natural are the ones that are going to work the best because they speak straight to us!

Awesome sharing, gonna change my ads now based on the recommendation. Works not only for Facebook, but all advertising channels. Yep, always be looking for new ways to make your ads more appealing, and test, test, test new ideas! Very insightful post, Jory! I am starting to see a bunch of flaws with my existing set of Facebook Ads, and will tune some to your suggestions and see how well it does!

By the way — what are your thoughts on including customer testimonials on Facebook Ads? You should absolutely include customer testimonials. Great article — thanks!

Sales Techniques - How to convince a customer to buy from you

Awesome Paolo! Check out more from the blog — there is great advice for FB advertisers everywhere! Create a connection and hit them with a clear CTA. I am starting out on Facebook advertising so I am trying to gain as much knowledge as I can. I want to try and get it right the first time and not waste time and money fumbling about.

So thank you for the useful information in this article and the other articles on this site. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They only need to have enough information to create an idea or hypothesis about how they can help the customer solve a current or emerging problem. They need to play the part of the sleuth. Play a hunch and make the call! Julie fell into a common trap.

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She let the cold calls intimidate her, causing her to do too much homework instead of taking action. This time, she was getting the "when" wrong by calling too late. Your target customers endure a nonstop flood of calls from salespeople just like you. Customers are busy, and they often feel as if they are doing just fine. They cannot keep up with so many salespeople asking for their time.

52 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Fast in 12222

They may be thinking, I am constantly getting calls from salespeople wanting to sell me something. Why should I spend time with another sales rep right now? For me, one call changed everything. I can still remember the VP's voice on the phone. He sounded interested.

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He was intrigued and wanted to learn more. He was not just appeasing me; his interest in meeting me was genuine.

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But why? What had I said differently this time? After careful analysis, I understood. I knew something new and different about what he cared about. I had almost dared him to meet me by making a more provocative call. That was it! What worked in this case was to entice the customer, challenge him, and intrigue him by having something different to say based on something that I knew about his situation. This discovery put me on an all-new path. From that point on, I actually enjoyed making calls.

I made them with purpose and confidence, knowing that I had something meaningful to say. Cold calls are more effective if you identify a problem or a way to improve the customer's business and take it further by alerting someone who will care. If you get the right person curious, he or she will want to know more. Thus, I advised my sales team to call with the goal of "alert the relevant executive about a current or emerging problem that will stimulate curiosity and motivate them to meet you.

2. Emotions Always Win

How did Julie take this theory and actually put it into practice? How did she create intrigue and entice the customer to meet her? It all began with her focus. Instead of concentrating her efforts on knowing everything about facts and figures, her new focus was all about doing research that would enable her to form a hypothesis about how a particular executive will deal with a looming situation.

Her new goal was to pique the customer's curiosity by sharing her helpful ideas that would impact him or her personally. It required her to become a sleuth—the first of the Four Faces of Sales—to uncover ideas that would intrigue the customer. This shift in focus makes for an initial branded experience that sounds good and feels right to the customer. As a result, you will begin to create personal value currency and get an appointment for a first meeting. However, if you're not careful, you may waste your time looking for information that the customer doesn't care about. ICE enables you to find the right quality and quantity of information needed to stimulate the customer's curiosity and get you a meeting.

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ICE stands for the things you focus your research on:. The objective of your ICE research is to uncover information about a problem or situation that the person responsible might not even know. You will use this information to create an impact statement that identifies a problem or makes a suggestion for how to improve his or her situation. A call that makes the customer curious about an idea that you have to share will get you in the door.

I'll go into the impact statement and the initial call later. For now, let's stay focused on the three components of ICE research. Your ICE research begins with industry trends. When I say industry , I'm talking about large segments of the economy, such as automotive, finance, health care, consumer staples, and so on. However, it can also mean a grouping of people with similar interests—such as project managers, operations managers, and HR executives—that can represent a sort of mini-industry.

Complete Guide To Understanding Customer Psychology

Keep an open mind. Industry needn't be telecommunications. It could be CIOs from companies of all types.

Listening skills

By learning about the customer's industry, you'll gain invaluable knowledge that will feed into your company research C and executive research E later on. Your sleuth research may begin with reading industry trade publications and attending events. However, it shouldn't end there. To succeed, you'll need to go a lot further by being a center of industry activity. By creating industry activities I , you'll hear about what companies are out there doing C.

You will also develop goodwill with industry contacts that may help you with conducting executive research E. When you create industry activities, you brand yourself as a center of gravity. You become a point person who makes things happen and brings peers together on industry-related topics. How can you do this? Create ways for executives to hear what others in their position are thinking about topics of interest and give them opportunities to make connections.

By making yourself a channel for this type of contact, you build your personal value currency. Two ways to do this are creating an industry LinkedIn group and hosting industry events. Executives within an industry are curious to know what others in their position are thinking about a particular topic. Satisfy their interest by creating a special industry group in LinkedIn www. Encourage members to post their own ideas and questions about trends, challenges, and successes. Ask group members to adhere to the rules of learning and sharing views on industry challenges, and creating new industry peer relationships.

As the owner of this group, your name will be known to everyone. It's simple to replicate your efforts to target multiple industries. For instance, if you sell software to all industries, you can start by creating LinkedIn groups for media, finance, telecommunications, and insurance. This is a lightweight way to bring people together on common topics.

Blogging would be an ideal way to establish credibility, but you likely don't have the time or expertise to do this.