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A Climbing Vine for Monarch Butterflies

  1. Story: Bringing "Flying Flowers" to Life
  2. The Butterfly and the Vine Cross | Eclectic Treasures | Vines, Old, new testament, Wall crosses
  3. Light Needs
  4. 5 Climbing Plants for Vertical Butterfly Gardens

To be designated a Texas Superstar, a plant must not only be beautiful but perform well for consumers and growers throughout the state. Texas Superstars must be easy to propagate, which should ensure the plants are not only widely available but also reasonably priced, said David Rodriguez, AgriLife Extension horticulturist, Bexar County.

Yellow butterfly vine gets its name from the seed pods which resemble butterflies. Notice the green, immature seed pods and browned, mature butterfly shaped seed pods. Jerry Parsons. Rodriguez said the clusters of dainty flowers on butterfly vine are a brilliant yellow in the summer sun. The papery pods turn tan to brown as they mature. The vine will retain its glossy green foliage in mild winters, he said. Plants can be pruned and trained coming out of winter, but cold winters can nip the plants back. Rodriguez said the plant will climb fences, trellises, and arbors or can spill over walls and out of large containers.

Yellow butterfly typically grows feet in height and spread. Hi Kay, if you take a vine cutting and dip it in rooting hormone powder you can plant it directly in soil. Otherwise, you can also get it to root in water. It roots pretty easily. I know the MFV will be an annual if I put it in the ground, but I can take cuttings in the fall Or will the honeyvine totally overrun it?

Otherwise, both plants grow pretty quickly. Mexican Sunflower. My MFV seeds took months to sprout. I had almost given up on them, but now they are healthy fast growing vines in mostly full sun, climbing up a tall wrought iron fence. They have not produced a single flower, yet.

Story: Bringing "Flying Flowers" to Life

Any suggestions about how to encourage flowers? Hi Claudia, our plant has taken an unusually long time to bloom this season, but I added a bloom boost fertilizer with more phosphate and there are lots of buds forming on it now…in our northern region Minnesota it seems to be happiest in September when it starts cooling down…strange! Tony, how do you treat your Mexican flame vine over winter? Do you keep it under lights, in a window or let it go completely dormant? Tony I live in Houston Texas. Do you think the MFV would do well here?

Our winters are not very cold like yours. Do you have any pointers for me? It grows well up north as a container plant, but you have the option to plant directly too. Hi Mary, there are vendor links at the bottom of the page who will ship…it is not an easy plant to find locally in most regions:.

The Butterfly and the Vine Cross | Eclectic Treasures | Vines, Old, new testament, Wall crosses

Mexican Flame Vine. Hi Mary, almostedenplants. I have ordered passiflora from them and the plants were very healthy and larger than normal mail-order. Mary, I ordered mine from Select Seeds and plan to take cuttings in fall for next year. We have a mountainside in our backyard with part of it excavated with a winding walkway up to a large landing.

Do we plant in the garden bed to grow up the wall to landing or do we grow from the edge of the landing above and have plant hang or grow down to the ground of our backyard? We probably need to put up some structures to help it grow up th wall.

Light Needs

How fast does it grow in one season typically? Hi Patty, MFV is a climber, but it might work trailing from above too. A good trailing butterfly plant is:. Trailing Grape Lantana. Do the deer and rabbits seem to be attracted to the Mexican flame vine? I want to try it this year, but the only place I have available is in an unprotected area. Good luck and keep us posted on your vine! I had the same problem with it last year, put it outside over the summer and it did terrific. I tried rooting it in water, and ended up with the same orange bugs on that too.

I tried neem oil on it last year, without any success. Thanks, Annne. Hi Anne, I would cut back affected sections of the plant and try spot treating remaining bugs with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. I am based in Los Angeles and ever since last spring my flame vines have been battling aphids. Any advise? I am really struggling with this and have tried non-toxic remedies as well as straight up poison. Have you encountered this before and also do you have recommendations for a fertilizer? To get rid of them, I cut back the affected areas and threw them out and did spot treatment with isopropyl alcohol using cotton swabs.

Over the seasons, we have attracted more aphid predators to the garden so I let nature take its course outdoors. Stop Aphids in the Butterfly Garden. Hi Tony I am so glad I found you and am so excited to be able to find such great infor for my Monarchs. I learned that when you plant for butterflies your garden is for not just your Butterflies but all the birds and bees of all varieties. Monarchs just showed up two yrs ago and even tho they had also the bamboo milkweed I ha no eggs etc.

With the drought I have lost many plants and bought the silky gold milkweed this yr and have experienced cats-tried to bring in on leaves-had nine died right away-some molted and one cocooned-now that I have your invaluable infor I am sure I need to freeze the crysallid sorry as it has been 14 days. I ordered your suggested Orange Flame. Thank you for all your help and look forward to following along with everyone and to try and raise Beautiful Monarchs and planting more milkweed as hosts. If your chrysalis is green and looks healthy, I would give it a chance.

Good luck and enjoy your Mexican flame vine! When we started dead heading, the blooms were less and less until almost all green. Just a couple of days ago we were working in our butterfly garden and noticed the MFV was all droopy. We have tried increasing water, fertilizing and still no improvement. Any suggestions??? Hi Manny, it has always bloomed prolifically in our northern climate, and we always deadhead. I hope your blooms return soon!

Tony, what a wonderful page. We are working very hard to fill our backyard with various attractions and nutrients for the bees and butterflies. We planted a trumpet vine 8 years ago and it became so invasive that we have struggled to rid ourselves of it for about five years now, with very little success. I love the Mexican Flame Vine and I read that it can be invasive but the roots are easily pulled.


How would you compare this vine to the Trumpet Vine in terms of containment? By the way, I like the idea of using a container which would also minimize the invasiveness. We do live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon which is zone 8, fairly moderate and like you I could winter the vine indoors as I do my Mandevilla. How large a pot do you recommend to winter one in when pruned back? The plant still grows very vigorously in a container and ours has already covered our windmill trellis with beautiful orange blooms.

We have had the same plant for a few years now, but you can easily start new plants with cuttings. Hi Tony, I am wanting to plant plants that will attract bees, humming birds and butterflies. Do you think it will work as a trellis. They were blooming then. The vine continues to grow in full sun and appears to be thriving. What could be wrong? The plants are still in pots, if this info helps.

If your plant is root-bound, that could be an issue…I always check ours at the end of the season and trim down the root system if necessary…good luck! Hi I am trying to get some Mexican flame vine seeds sent to Perth Australia and ideas as I am not having much luck.

Mascagnia macroptera

If you can find a plant, I would opt for that. Does the plant vine loop itself around the trellis, or does it have gripping tendrils that entwine around the trellis like some melons do? Does it have air roots that will lock into a concrete block wall? I want to use this to hide a block wall. I need to know if I need trellises, or if I can just run some wires horizontally along the wall a few inches apart and let it grab onto that.

I can let you know for sure in a couple weeks. Your plan should work if you guide the vine a bit and tie it to the wire to get it started. I have mine on a fence and have screws in the wood every 4ft….. The trelis is solid orange blooms, which I just realized are scented! Six Queen butterflies on it as I type. All this on March 3rd. Thank you for sharing your success and I hope you have a great season…. I cut half a dozen vine tendrils from my MFV in December, and rooted them in water. There seem to be plenty of long thin roots already.

How long can I keep the cuttings in water? And do you have advice on type of potting soil or whatever, for the interim planting, before their final destination in a planter pot? Hi Susie, I planted ours in an all-purpose potting mix- pro mix brand. In our northern region, the plant grew very slow its first season. You could try starting it out in a smaller container.

This has worked well in a cold climate and overwintering indoors. Hi Susie, the longer they are submerged in water, the more you have to worry about rotting, but you should probably be ok.

5 Climbing Plants for Vertical Butterfly Gardens

I live north of Tampa Florida and yesterday I had to prune my Mexican flame just above the root system because we had a frost of 25 degrees recently and the plant was frost bitten look terrible not sure if it will be back in warm weather any advice or knowledge on that subject would appreciate.

Good luck! I will let you know how it does down the road. Yesterday I put into azalea plants there are two different colors on the same stock pink and white should be pretty also put in to Allamanda plant yellow is my favorite color chat later. How severely can I prune my MFV without killing it or negatively impacting its blooming behavior.