Guide This Business of Songwriting: Revised 2nd Edition

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book makes use of plenty of current examples of good songwriting and
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A comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the music industry and includes: greater coverage of digital technology and new marketing and distribution channels; new business models including the independent musician, the evolving role of producers, and satellite and internet radio; expanded coverage or the international scene; and additional and updated information on careers, especially in context of a changing business environment. Music sales; 6th edition. Songwriting, Composing, Recording and Music Publishing is a business.

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This book tells you how the business works, what you must know to succeed, and how much money you can make. A comprehendible guide to music publishing, from a history of the business to starting your own company. Includes copyright law, contract negotiating, and royalty accounting. Artistpro; 6th edition An excellent guide for people starting or operating their own music publishing company.

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Learn how music publishers work, and what it takes to set up your business. Includes chapters on performing right societies, songwriting contracts, and administrating a publishing company.

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Selling Songs Successfully Henry Boye. Lifetime Books, Inc. The author provides many useful tips, including the basics and "Do's and Don'ts" of selling songs successfully, how to avoid "song sharks," and how to negotiate the best deals possible. NMD Books This book shows how to make money selling one's own music on the Internet, with advice on recording and selling music from home, designing a music sales Web site, becoming a guerilla music publicist, forming an online record label, and getting free publicity from TV, radio, print, and Internet media.

Also gives instructions for setting up a home-based digital music studio.

How Songwriters and Music Publishers Make Money in the Digital/Online World

Appendixes list merchant account sources, music publications, online music sites, and indie music organizations, and explain Usenet, search engine placement, writing press releases, and Internet radio. Sheila Davis. This handbook contains brainstorming techniques and exercises to foster the lyric writer's creativity, and banish writer's block.

An annual compendium of music industry services and contacts. Writer's Digest Books; 1st ed edition Davis, a successful lyricist, composer and teacher, targets tips from her renowned songwriting seminars to create this intensive home study course. From setting up an indie label to shopping songs and gaining airplay and getting signed or not , these invaluable insights are vividly documented in a detailed, informative guide to creating a career in music.

Hal Leonard Everyone comes from somewhere: How They Made It is a savvy insider's tale that traces the career trajectories of a cross section of top selling recording artists, puncturing the mythologies of the music business to reveal the truths within. Hard work and persistence are the common themes, dispelling the notion of "overnight success. Artistpro; 2nd edition If the philosophy 'Who you know, what you know, and who knows you' can ever be considered true, it's in the music business.

Every deal that goes down in the music business is almost always a direct result of a personal contact. From the well-known author of the very successful Networking in the Music Business, this book acts as a guide to making your personal strengths and relationships with others work for you in this unique industry.

You'll learn the importance of connecting to others who share your aspirations, energies, and enthusiasm. You'll understand how to strategize your way to a successful career through personal relationships. Whether you're a professional or an aspirant in the music business — a songwriter, recording artist, musician, composer, music editor, music educator, music publisher, DJ, publicist, PR expert, entertainment lawyer — or if you plan on working with any of the above, this book is your key to developing the people skills necessary to achieve success in this billion dollar global industry.

Select Another Company. Earnings Statements Tax Forms. Profile Payment Preferences Designated Users. Log In. Music Users Login Help Center. Repertory About ACE. News and Events Archive Calendar Awards. Help Center. This page requires Javascript to be enabled. Please enable javascript in your browser preferences. Billboard Books This revised and expanded edition is a must-have reference not only for aspiring songwriters, record producers, and performing artists but also for record company executives, personal and business managers, agents, and attorneys.

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Free Press, 7th edition In this completely revised and updated seventh edition Passman offers executives and artists, experts and novices alike the essential information they need not only to survive in these volatile and exciting times, but also to thrive. Presuming the verdict is that you have indeed nailed a terrific song, pat yourself on the back. Simply making downloads of your song available on your website or putting it on YouTube is unlikely to be effective, unless you already have a significant fan base.

This article will address the steps to take if your hope is to have your song recorded by an artist other than yourself. Few songwriters have the professional relationships and credibility required to get their songs heard by successful recording artists, and the time and energy expended pitching material is time taken away from writing. That person will likely be a music publisher. With global hits earning millions of dollars, why would anyone want to give away half of their money? Ideally, in addition to pitching songs, publishers develop their writers by critiquing their material and setting up collaborations that can lead to recordings.

Publishers acquire songs two primary ways: one-at-a-time—by signing single song agreements , and by signing writers to exclusive publishing agreements , typically referred to as staff writing deals. In many instances, when writers sign exclusive publishing agreements they are advanced enough money to quit their day jobs—and focus exclusively on writing songs. The money paid to staff writers is not a salary—but an advance that the publisher will recoup when royalties are generated.

In the event royalties do not offset the money advanced, the writer is not required to pay back the money. So … how do you find a publisher? Just as there are no rules in writing songs—there are no rules or guaranteed formulas to get them published. But buying a book that lists music publishers, and sending unsolicited copies of your song will rarely be effective. One of the best routes is to write an exceptional song with someone who has a deal—or at least a working relationship—with one or more publishers.

The functions of music publishers, record labels, performing rights organizations, and the Harry Fox Agency are clarified, as are mechanical, performance, and print licensing; statutory mechanical royalty rates; estimates of the amounts earned for synchronization and master use licenses; and performance royalties for radio, television, and Internet broadcasts.

He also includes a section on digital licensing and royalties. Samples of virtually every contract a songwriter might likely encounter are included, and with top music industry attorneys as consultants, Blume translates these contracts from legaleze to plain English--one paragraph at a time. A chapter about writing and marketing music for television and films explains the process of "clearing" music, and the functions of music supervisors and production music libraries, as well as offering resources for reaching these decision-makers.

Additional chapters explain self-publishing, and address the business considerations unique to performing songwriters, as well as those who are targeting special markets, such as Christian music, children's music, video games, and musical theater. This comprehensive text also includes sample lyric sheets and cover letters, as well as advice about how many songs to include--and how to attract attention--when approaching music industry professionals.

It also includes a detailed explanation of how the singles and album charts work, and throughout, provides valuable information about how to make money writing songs. This Business of Songwriting is a one-volume resource that teaches the skills and knowledge every songwriter and music publisher needs to succeed. All the way from getting a writing deal to understanding it once you get one.

This Business of Songwriting: Revised 2nd Edition

This is a must read! The writing is clear, concise and comprehensive, covering everything from how to dress for a pitch meeting to how to decipher sub clauses in a sync license.

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Highly recommended. He also produced and narrates a 4-part instructional audio CD series.

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When he is not writing hit songs he teaches others how to do so.