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Pure Metal Sound! Those possessed by their demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album. DVD design by Thurios and V. Grechko - Limited to copies. Grim, disgusting, dirty. TRUE attitude. After a couple of demos and several splits, finally the full-post-apocalypse-length attack!!

This debut album of uncompromising Black Metal has been reborn on CD featuring a bonus live video.

Also included is a cover of Mayhem's classic song 'Deathcrush'. Black metal. Walk through the gates of darkness and then die: cold, misanthropic, doom negative black metal, a totally uncompromised, monotonous and grim journey through the gates of darkness.. Authentic, Primitive Oldschool Style Black metal! Long awaited new album finally available. Sanety decided to make a band in order to satisfy their darkest musical feelings.

No doubt that ""The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair"" is to be considered as the higher peak of the band with his amplification of the grey and depressive shadings but still remaining into the cold and sinister Black Metal feeling of the early days. Graveyards, nothing but Graveyards Essential for those into Shining, early Forgotten Tomb, Beatrik. Their first full length in CD version, released on 8th May Unpolished and bleak Black Metal.

Limited to copies with 8 pages booklet. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem.


This release comes with ""Internal"" album from and ""Demo "" as bonus. Limited to copies. Re-release of their debut.

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Deluxe digipack CD. The myth of the Homselvareg, an atavist creature dwelling the Alps of the Northern Italian Folklore, is summoned by the merging of elegant and evocative acoustic passages and the raging fury of Black Metal, all transcended in the unstoppable forces of nature. The concept of this album has been shaped by visions occurred to its writer. Those who are into early Ulver , Windir and Enslaved will fit into this anti modern perspective.

One Man Band! Killer riffs with good atmosphere and melody!

German States Recolonize the World! - Europa Universalis [EU4]

Already a classic!! This is a natural progression from ""Deeper The Fall"" and also retains the bands trademark style. Features Niklas Kvarforth of Shining as guest. This release is over 35 minutes. Limited to silvered handnumbered copies! Limited to copies! This release is dedicated to the true Lycanthropy's Spell fans and Black Metallers alike. Profesionally printed booklet.

Over 60 minutes of Morboso Metal attack!!! Some resemblances with Malveillance's punk BM era or Akitsa in a little bit faster approach Limited to True underground feeling! Experience black metal hatred and savagery! Hatred, disgust of humanity and its institutions are reinforced by Daemous voice on this album more than 40 minutes of vomit on weak humans.

With Amorth I. On transparent jewelcase CD 8 tracks with 8 pages booklet. Strong, melancholic black metal, dedicated to death. Musically you can hear some references from Satanic Warmaster ""Strength and Honour"" , Graveland ""Thousand Swords"" and sometimes Silencer and even Nargaroth, but of course OS has developed a sound of their own and doesn't sound like a copy at all!

Very well done artwork, the artists were really dedicated to details as the designed it. Limited to handnumbered copies. The album contains two Chapters with a total length of over 45 minutes and will mark the end of Obskure Torture. After their ""hard to find"" demos, the first CD, limited o copies. Includes Celtic Frost cover.

Pure music from the mountains covered in fog. Featuring Smaug of Primigenium and Asath of Beelzeb! American Line Records re-release in , with 3 bonus: a total of 17 rare tracks from demo tapes, eps and kive shows. Started in by Lukter CD Ltd to Copies. Coloured Layout. Skon SVK " If you are a hard fan of these albums, you can't loose this SKON's debut.

Evil Heavy Black Metal from Germany which captures the early 90s feeling in a primitive and natural way that few can perform today. Occult atmosphere combined with raw production in 40 min.

(PDF) Mass-Transfer Operations, Third Edition | Xuân Hoàng -

Unique sound with slight influences of old Root and old Darkthrone. This is Old-school Black metal without nowadays pop influences. If you expect a new and modern sound don't waste your time here Meaning of "Saturnalien" in the German dictionary. Feast of the god Saturn exuberant celebration.

Sinclair Lewis

Feast of the god SaturnImages celebrating Saturnalia, having passed at the Saturnalia all class distinctions were suspended. Fest des Gottes Saturn ausgelassenes Fest. Fest des Gottes SaturnBeispieledie Saturnalien feiern, begehenan den Saturnalien waren alle Standesunterschiede aufgehoben. Synonyms and antonyms of Saturnalien in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Saturnalien.

Ulrike Auhagen, Markus Symmank, Justus Lipsius, Andrea Steenbeek, Der Anfang der Saturnalien fiel in Rom auf den siebenzehnten Deeember.

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  • Synonyms and antonyms of Saturnalien in the German dictionary of synonyms.
  • Der Kreis der Rabenvögel: Roman;

Christoph Meiners, Dio I. Quintus Horatius Flaccus,