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It has kept me on my toes as to what the H will do next. Tessa: Untouchable by Sam Mariano. This book! THIS is why the best of is waiting until the end. He reminds me of Mateo in all the bad and good ways. Anna: Dare Series by Shantel Tessier. The h hides behind a tree and watches a group of boys murder someone.

She tries to be sneaky but they catch her! The first two books are with the same h and H. Tessa: GAH! The bullying and the story and then that ending. Grey: Dirty Filthy Rich Men! Yep, I had an ARC of this one and the prologue earlier this month and really enjoyed them. Tessa: Do I need to say I adore the bully set up? Wanna know something crazy?

Perfectly Flawed Book List – Wendy Sparrow

You know the guess on my ask? The Filthy Boys? I finished it and I just finished book 2 now. What the hell right? I was supposed to be working. Maryse: Wow they must have been awesome for you to tear through them so fast!!! Tessa and a few others are crazy for it too. Mharis: It is. It was! Gotta warn you though, both books end in a cliffy!!! Bully romance with dark tones, the characters are still in school. Just bully book with great characters. Jackie: I looooved Broken Wings. But here it is. It has similar features four protective guys, elite in a school, bullying etc.

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The level of angst was beyond scale. I adored everything about this book. Riley was hilarious and Beck is definitely my new book crush. Tessa: OMG. But if it comes out also FC like? I have to wait for spring for the next book, but OMG. Bullies, great secondary characters, and the familial feelings. Tasha J: Tessa, reading Brayshaw now, eeek!!! Thank you for the rec! Such a cliffy can wait for the next one!!! I want it now!!! My catnip…bully and arranged marriage. Not too far in yet but that Wolfe is a big ole meanie! Mona: I totally agree with D. Sooo good!! That Wolfe is a big bad alpha. And everyone has secrets.

Another 5 star read!

50 Must-Read Erotic Fiction Novels, Anthologies, And More

Could not put it down. So, just pure catnip written really well with an awesome plotline. Robyn: I also finished Cruel Prince. I have to say that this book is absolutely one of my best of reads. It was so well written. It took me there on every page. Ash: Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Book 2 just released and it will be a trilogy. Awesome writing and unique story!! Please, please, please tell Grey how awesome that book is. Tessa: OH and please, tell her how much you just wanted to punch Nixon at first.

Like, break his nose punch. I kinda went into recluse mode but am back. There are some great and fun twists in that book!!! I can totally see you re-reading it! Like, pure snobby elitest type of bully which makes it my favorite type. A Tucker anything written by her is an instant one click. It is so good. Def 5 stars for me. Just discovered this site and your lists! Love it!!! Thank you! Cindy: The latest one i read was A Pound of Flesh. Such a great book but Wes Carter definitely starts out as a bully!! Another great super angry prison book that I thought was very very good..

Will definitely read sequel. I love my jerk face bullies. How someone could hate someone else so much, dread seeing them, and a twist of fate makes it so that they become SO close. It has an even greater effect though, if the bullying is realistic and lasts nice and long in the story. Grey: OMG Jean!!! Read it!!! I loved Until You even more than Bully! Bully actually only got a 4.

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Oh hell, now I am going to have to go and read it again! Oh you simply have to read it!!! I loved loved this book so much. The Royal guys are immediately not a fan of Ella. She comes from a different world and upbringing, barely able to make ends meet and seeming less savory than what their prestigious staus grants them. They plan to make sure Ella is reminded of this at all times. Reed, the leader of the Royal pack, has the influence to make her life miserable.

So freaking addicting! It was a good bully book with some angst…reminds me a little of Elite by Rachel Van Dyken.

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I moved immediately to the sequel, Broken Prince because it leaves you with a doozie of a CH. Loved it! Just pure twisted jerks. Thank you Grey for recommending it! A good roller coaster ride through hot obsession, with some angst, some heart wrench and a buffet of good characters to love and loathe. Lisa: Tangled by Em Wolf.

Dr. Perfect

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Shots Fired! Boy Child Declares Love At First Sight(Part 2)

Lust And Love: Is it more than Chemistry? Prices and offers may vary in store. Why do people fall in love and what is love anyway? What makes people attractive? How do these emotions tie in with our physiology and how we have evolved? Lust and Love: Is it more than Chemistry? It takes a light hearted and entertaining approach in explaining the current scientific knowledge of why people are attracted to each other, from the first moments of meeting to how emotions change in a long lasting partnership.

Covering chemistry, biochemistry, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, physics and medicine while using the love story of a fictional couple to take the reader on a journey explaining the science.