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  1. Urban planning professor Leo Estrada – ‘a giant on many fronts’ – retires after 40 years
  2. Clooney’s married, Gosling’s a dad: Leo’s the last lady killer standing
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  4. Urban planning professor Leo Estrada – ‘a giant on many fronts’ – retires after 40 years | UCLA
  5. Kyle Smith

On the political side, Hindery has been funneling money to centrist Democrats for years, but earned a place on many activists' permanent shitlist by being a key funder of the Osama Bin Ladin ads placed on behalf of Dick Gephart that helped sink Howard Dean in Iowa in Besides his deep pockets, Hindery's other campaign role has been to assuage the corporate community that John Edwards, despite his rhetoric, isn't really so hostile to them. But considering his track record, is Leo Hindery's economic advice any more useful than his standard operating procedure of "buy low, pump it full of 'stardust,' and then dump it?

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Urban planning professor Leo Estrada – ‘a giant on many fronts’ – retires after 40 years

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Clooney’s married, Gosling’s a dad: Leo’s the last lady killer standing

Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member. Canada U. The memory of the argument, and the concept that he was an unwanted burden, drove Leo to introversion, and he would spend much of the rest of his time on Antilia friendless and alone. The trend of being unwanted continued in his school and social lives.

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His lack of motivation and interest in school subjects, crowned by a lack of any real academic potential, led every teacher he had to give up on him and allow him to coast through school a C student. When he was 13, he finally fell in with a group of friends from school. Much to his chagrin, however, they only kept him around to bully and tease him. There was one exception, however; a girl named Celvice, the first person to show Leo genuine kindness, and they formed an awkward, tentative friendship. After witnessing all of his friends except Celvice being crushed under a falling Phantoma LEV, Leo fled into a nearby warehouse, pursued by an unmanned Raptor Orbital Frame.

Urban planning professor Leo Estrada – ‘a giant on many fronts’ – retires after 40 years | UCLA

Along the way, he managed to save an impressive number of Antilian residents, including Celvice, despite being massively outnumbered. Despite being thoroughly beaten without so much as scratching the paint on Anubis, Leo managed to escape thanks to fire support from the Atlantis, and the Frame and ship escaped the pursuing BAHRAM forces and began their journey back to Earth, where they would arrive in early July, NCA Or, rather, he would, if Ralla were actually dead; it was revealed to him recently that she is in fact alive and well, and, more distressingly, flying for Katharon.

Or at least she was. Now she's dead, because apparently brainwashing her wasn't enough, and they had to kill her, too. Fuck you, Katharon.

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  8. These are in IC chronological order. The legend.

    Giant George in "Babysitting"

    The legacy. Feelgood - After having flattened most of a battlefield - friendlies included - with Wing Zero, Leo Stenbuck receives a visit from a 'doctor'.

    Kyle Smith

    Ralla Traln Triald does whatever she's told. Whilst these sessions are fun for the kids, they actually help in many more ways, such as with the administering of procedures and physiotherapy plus vital development and educational milestones too. And we also work on movement, often with a physiotherapist so they can do it in a fun way. Donate to the Moments of Magic Christmas appeal here.

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