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No purchase necessary. Get started. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention life on earth cambrian knoll paleontology background biology clearly cyanobacteria oxygen animal fascinating geology molecular. Showing of 16 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

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I was fascinated. I am fairly familiar with the Cambrian fauna and probably know more than most about Pre-Cambrian biology.

ALMA Discover Exciting Structures in a Young Protoplanetary Disk That Support Planet Formation

But this book was just over the top. Never appreciated how much paleontology could be done on bacteria. If you have any interest in paleontology of the Pre-Cambrian and don't know a lot of bacteriology, this is a great place to start. Obviously I loved it. Bacteriologist friend borrowed it to possibly use it in his intro course. He knows a lot more than I do. The book covers a lot of the "nothing happened" period that we have no fossils for and life in any case was primitive, such as cyanobacteria.

Several sections read clearly and have good illustrations. Occasionally he gets bogged down with some idea laid out in "if this then that" sequences described only in text. When those meanderings include Latin names of phyla, families etc. The book carries along methodically from period to period, molecular clocks and other evidence based on fossils and similar geological data.

Occasionally the steps and mechanism to develop from one stage to another are not clearly outlined. Martian life etc is covered in the end chapters. Biochemistry is not really explained and chemical formulas are not used either. This is typical of books describing photosynthesis and "the great oxygenation event. Slightly better explained, as far as the cyanobacteria go, are the books on Oxygen by Nick Lane and Dan Canfield. Also, if you are not a biologist I am a chemist i recommend this book on animals, which do get quite a lot of coverage through the Cambrian, as it describes all the living phyla in detail with pictures, as a sort of crutch to help you through the current book.

You can carry it in your pocket even, while reading the main text. One person found this helpful. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Long before T rex the world was home to living creatures, creatures that would evolve into the diverse forms living today.

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This book does a good job of describing what is known about those early organisms. It also does a good job of introducing the casual reader to the work of the early earth paleontologist. It's worth the read.

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And he can write. Everything you could possibly want to know about the history of the planet and life on it, beautifully, clearly and succinctly explained. No padding. Great writing. I will probably reread this book just to absorb nuances I lost in the first reading. The author explains different opinions on all the divisive topics like snowball earth in a fair way and with a kind of organized thinking that's impressive too.

And yet he manages to be completely entertaining. See our privacy notice for more details This website uses cookies and similar identifiers to give you the best online experience.

ALMA Pinpoints the Formation Site of Planet Around Nearest Young Star : Space : Nature World News

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Classroom videos. Biome tour of our Frozen Worlds Illustrative biome tour for classrooms. Biome tour of our jungles Illustrative biome tour for classrooms. With the team assembled, its co-leads talked constantly: text messages, Instagram, email, and video conferences. They brokered deals with their principals to check their phones during lunch, and they enlisted their parents to help manage the stream of texts and emails pinging their phones.

With each passing day, the project branched and morphed with dizzying speed. A collaborator built them a website. Kids started volunteering to organize strikes in their hometowns, in almost every single U. Organizations including the Sierra Club and Most of all, they organized. It was hard, but it was also filled with an almost giddy fizz. Alexandria and Haven, some of whose friends hadn't joined them in protest, found community amongst those who did. Isra, meanwhile, was reaching out to her network of young activists, including year old Maddy Fernands, now the Youth Climate Strike's press director.

Suddenly finding themselves surrounded by a group of capable, forceful young people who cared just as much about the climate crisis as they did—that was a balm. That was motivation. The growing team soon hammered out a set of demands , asking for a range of different things relating to climate change. They wanted action on a Green New Deal, government policy that would address climate change and climate justice; they wanted mandatory, scientifically precise climate change predictions in government decision making; and more.

So they also demanded that educational curricula from kindergarten through eighth-grade must include discussion of climate change and its impacts. Grown-ups could have fixed this problem, say the organizers. It was insult piled on planetary injury, the young activists felt. More and more volunteers joined the team, offering to take charge of strikes from coast to coast and beyond. At the same time, attention to the march grew. Alexandria went on television to talk about the strike, and the floodgates opened up.

Two weeks before the planned March 15 strikes, over people joined a planning call, chiming in with typed-out questions and linking together as teams. We will not be ignored! At this point, the signs are made; the states are organized; the speakers are scheduled. The marches themselves. On Friday, the co-leads hope that thousands of students will do whatever they can to bring attention to the demands of the Youth Climate Strike. But for the co-leads—and for kids across the world—this one day of strikes is only the beginning.

On Friday, a cadre of teens and a pre-teen are leading a nation-wide strike to get climate change into the national conversation. Read Caption. Alexandria Villasenor, 13, skips school on Fridays to strike in the name of climate change. Every week, rain or shine, she sits on a bench in front of the United Nations, in New York City with her signs, bringing attention to the issue of climate change. Villasenor and other young activists from across the country are organizing a global school strike for climate on March By Alejandra Borunda.

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