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This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. January See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France. Retrieved 25 April Paul Getty Museum. Retrieved Retrieved on September 7, Retrieved on 23 January Le Nouvel Observateur.

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January 27, Retrieved October 7, Archant Community Media Ltd. Archived from the original on 5 July London Review of Books. Communes in the Paris metropolitan area. Communes of the Hauts-de-Seine department. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They are not progressive like Genesis or Yes or even King Crimson but more like the psychedelic bands of the late sixties who added parts to songs that allowed for a galloping rhythm section to provide a backdrop for fast fingers on the guitar fretboard.

A perfect compilation of all of the nuances of the emerging prog sound at the turn of the decade, "Boomland" ranges from the heavy blues rock of "No More White Horses" to the hazy psychedelia of "In Circles" to the lightly orchestrated balladry of "J. Impressively enough, though, it sounds neither dated nor derivative.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep - HNIC Pt. 2 Interview

Instead, T2 presents a very interesting, and powerful, patchwork of all of the different musical ideas being tossed around in UK at the time. I would rate this a masterpiece if it wasn't for the slight limitations in terms of sound that are posed by the three-man lineup; aside from "J. As it stands, this is a solid 4 star album; an excellent addition to not just any prog collection, but any classic rock collection, too.

Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Peter Dunton,Bernard Jinks and Keith Cross formed T2 in with an aim to play ground- breaking rock music with lots of energy and enthusiasm. T2 were signed by Decca Records and released the album with the imaginative title ''It'll all work out in boomland'' in The album contains four tracks,one of the being the long epic ''Morning'',taking the whole B- side of the LP. The starter ''In circles'' is where the band seems to have given all their energy and lust for good and powerful rock.

Heavy Prog • United Kingdom

A guitar-driven track,where Keith Cross shines with his unbelievable performance,characterized by the abstract chords and powerful grooves,with a tight rhythm section covering him as well. Side A closes with ''No more white horses'' ,which continues from where ''J. Unfortunately T2 were short-lived and it is really a question what this band could have created a couple of years later,when progressive rock was on the rise. Overall,a very good and powerful heavy Proto-Prog release from a band with talent and skills.

Strongly recommended! If you like the idea of the darker sides of the Hendrix Exprerience and Cream, paired with the scope and expanse of the early days of prog rock, then this release is well worth checking out. Also, If you're famliliar with the fuzzed out, underground-feel of early Vertigo label releases and that appeals, then this release should be a priority.

I'd like to know whatever happened to guitarist Keith Cross after the demise of T2? Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. So impressive. The drumming is outstanding as the guitarist rips it up. What an opener! Reserved vocals before a minute. That was the first time I had heard of T2, when it said it was a cover of a T2 song. The sound builds until the guitar is screaming. It settles 2 minutes in with strummed guitar, bass and light drums and starts to build again.

These contrasts continue.


Check out the guitar solo 5 minutes in and then the blistering attack 7 minutes in as riffs follow. Pure Prog right here as themes are repeated and the tempo and mood shifts throughout. Just an amazing ride that has it all. We don't see ZowieZiggie offer up too many 5 stars but he did with this one including an opening "Gosh! Now that I think of it, I don't want to be objective at all in my reviews. I won't indulge in technical matters, because I'm not competent enough, but instead I'll try to convey the overall feel of the album, with a longer paragraph for the most significant cut of the album I'm reviewing.

So, this was released in , so it means that the band had bluesy and rock influences, but in this they tried to move a step forward towards.. General atmosphere of the album Once you start to listen to this album, you immediately become aware of the incredible potential of the young guitarist, Keith Cross, who was 17 when the album was released.

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In fact, the first song, In Circles, features some stingy and aggressive guitar play, but you notice that Peter Dunton's voice wants you to relax and think, despite all the guitar madness going on. Relaxed energy. The vocals are unusually calm for this kind of music. The other kind of ambience that this album brings is lonely introspection. The two halves of the T2 sound unite for the conclusive Morning. We mentioned morning speaking of JLT, right? Well, the start of the long Morning song is very very similar But, later, the electric power of the band comes out and this piece evolves in a improvised freakout, but don't think of a mess It's fantasy, not noise making.

Sudden riffs, cleverly interrupted by folk passages and mellow vocals, and then, to keep your attention high, another stunning guitar solo! That's a monster track.

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This, apparently, as stated in a interview with Peter Dunton, wants to recreate the feeling of dispair and hopelessness felt by the population during the Polish invasion by the german troops. Now that you know it, try to find the references in the song! This builds to a climax where the trumpets joins the guitar a trumpet of war? But, the vocals convey a sense of despair and terror, as experienced by the population you got nowhere to hide, there's no white horse to run away.

The rest of the song is conducted by the guitar solos, which gradually overwhelm the piano the violence of war which overwhelms the piano, do you remember that film about the polish pianist during WW2, eh? The song climaxes in multi tracked noises of triumphant feedbacked guitar, after the echoes of the defeated instruments, which fade away Review by ZowieZiggy Prog Reviewer. Although the sound might not be exceptional, it is quite decent when one bears in mind its genesis.

Since the line-up is the same as the one who recorded the excellent debut Boomland, what we'll get here is pretty much in-line: at least during some tracks. A heavy and bluesy rock which has its roots in the Jimi Hendrix Experience Highway is the closest and best one of the whole. What makes them special though are very sweet vocals which contrast with their heavy music Careful Sam.

Psychedelia is not forgotten either and is softly rendered during the smooth Timothy Monday. During longer pieces, their proclivity to jam CD is very well underlined. This album also holds some very smooth musical passages. Almost pastoral and early Genesis oriented. The fine Minstrel is such a melancholic track with mellotron and flute. After such a nice parenthesis, we are brought back in their heavy blues jamming mood.

As such, Fantasy is not very well achieved and the guitar solo is too much Jimi oriented. Too much is too much. The closing song is another good number, with some symphonic aspects as well. It sounds as if T2 was willing to explore new musical territories.

It would have been a nice adventure, had they decided to go on a little longer. But they decided to split: too bad! It is called T2. Such a name maybe because they hadn't another title in mind while they wrote it, who knows? This is an enjoying album, but I was much more impressed with their debut one.

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  • Three stars. As soon as you have heard the first notes from "In Circles" the gorgeous opening number of this album, there is no doubt that the "experience" will be quite interesting. This long track is a truly a wild stuff, but at the same time it has rounded edge, mostly thanks to fine vocals.

    In terms of "experience", no need to add that the magical shadow of the master Hendrix is floating during this incredible song. It is a highlight of this album and an amazing kick off. To be honest, "T2" is also effective while they decide to record sweet and psychedelic rock ballads.