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Made a cute little yoda key chain. Do you have any suggestions of how to make child friendly eyes e. I have glued on small round circles cut from felt before. If you use fabric glue, it makes it really super hard to get off. But, it is still doable. Saftey eyes. You can buy them at any craft store and they come in any size. Sized in mm. Thank you my friend love his Yoda I had promised to make I want to make a R for myself and make a pattern so I looked forward to more from you. Thank you for this wonderful pattern, you are very talented. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to this pattern in my most recent blog entry and that I also linked to your blog and gave you credit and am hoping that it brings you some traffic from my readers.

If you would like to read the post, here is the link. Great blog! I made him!! So is my boyfriend, he actually loves the wookiefodder. Thank you SO much for the tut, you made me happy! I LOVE your yoda. What spaces? Can someone help??? Please help with the robe??? Thank you! I wrote this in because people were thinking the row 1 with 9 sc should be equal to the previous 10 because it was continuing. So if you had just done number 10, you have 7 stitches from that round dec 6 times into the 13 previous st leaves you with 7 left because the left st is left open , but then I say sc 9 times around.

That means you are going past the end of the previous round. Like starting over instead of continuing. She just used spaces and stitches interchangeably. The sp is meaning st. The stitch is what they call each time your crochet on the rows after the first one. It would be beneficial for you to research the crochet terms. How cute! I have several Star Wars people in my life, and I can crochet, so this will be a Christmas prezzie or 2 for sure! If you ever come up with a pattern for Mr.

Spock from Star Trek, I will make him too. Thanks for sharing, Love your stuff! Thank you so much for this pattern. Love this so much! Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I made Yoda on my own. It was fun to do. Thanks for great tutorial. Hugs from my own Yoda;P.

Thanks for posting this! Thank you so very much!!! I apologize for being behind on responding! Woooooawwww you are very creative!!!! I made it. I went squee. I stuck a key ring in his head, and now he rides around on my schoolbag.

Translate Fiber Flux Here!

Thanks so much! Do you know which size it is in numbers?

I hope the translation goes well for you too! As for the crochet hook sizes in metric, the G is a 4. For the H, it will be 6. If you want him smaller, try making your stitches tighter or use smaller needles. If your yarn was thicker, that might add in size as well. Thank you so much for the pattern. Thanks again! Thanx for sharing! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am still a bit of a beginner so I am going to try to make him before I tell my children and husband. If all goes well I will have to make one for each of them, me too of course.

Yoda is our favorite. I am so excited to try it, thank you again. The next one will be smaller! I am having a bit of trouble with just the hood part but I will play with it and see what happens! It ended up being quite a cute little fellow. Can these be made to sell at craft shows or does that violate the copyright laws? I absolutely love this pattern and am trying to find something simple to make and sell. Is the 5 sc into ring the same as sc in the middle of the ring?

And is the 2 sc still in the middle of the ring? Is it sc 1 then sc into next chain? Or is it sc in next ch around for a total of 10 times? Thanks for any help you give, please email me at ShadowWitch15 gmail. Then you connect them with a slip stitch into the very first chain you did. This makes a ring. Then you will make the 5 sc so they go into the ring. They will spread around it, starting to make it into the rounded arm shape. Then you will do 2 sc in each of the 5 sc you did, making a total of 10 stitches all together.

At this point you will begin to decrease it a bit. The number 8 comes from sc, sc, decrease, sc, sc, decrease, sc sc.

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So it brings the count down to 8 technically. I hope this helps you! Someone else did that part, but from reading it, I would say to do 4 separate slip stitches. It looks like it should be a sc in each of the next 12 stitches for the next part. Just finished this today. I think is a great pattern as he turned out great. After attaching the ears I ran needle through outer edge of bottom of ear and out through pointy part of ear, then continued through top back towards bad of ear and tugged until ear developed a cup like appearance then hid tail.

Made it look a little more yoda-ish. I also left a little loop on hands so he could wield a lightsaber or in this case a green crayon cause one should never take weapons to school. For this pattern, I thank you. I would LOVE to have some of your free patterns, but can you give them in pdf format, please??????????????????????? Is there one pattern you tried that you could let me know about? I can investigate it further from there and fix it. Same thing in the end, just an option.

I can see that you already have a ton of comments, but I had to leave one anyway. I just finished making Yoda! He took me about 4 hours or so to make, with breaks. Happy crocheting! I love your pattern!! I was hoping to get your permission to sell these for my fundraiser. Please let me know. Much success to you and I hope you reach above your goal!

Ch 2, skip 2 st, dc in next 8 sp. Ch 2, sk 2 st, Dc in 4 remaining st. To do this you would need 20 stitches, but we only have 18 to work with. This is what I did to change it: Chain 3. DC in next 2 spaces. Ch 2, skip 2 st, DC in next 8 stitches, chain 2, skip 2 stitches. DC in remaining 3. Row 8: Sl st in first 3 st. Super cute pattern. My Yoda came out adorable! Thank you. I love this pattern. Thank you so much for a wonderful pattern and sharing with us. Will there be more Star Wars to come? Either way Thank you for being so generous.

Thanks for the amazing pattern. So easy and so adorable. This is a really, really fiddly pattern, but if you love a Star Wars fan, any effort is worth it. The instructions are clearly written, but could do with many more photos, especially when it comes to creating Yoda himself. The designer includes her own as well as a fellow crafters versions of Yodas robeIm not sure which Ill use. This is probably the simplest part of the project.

A scrap buster, too, as it doesnt call for much materials. Yub Nub Scoodie Wicket The Ewok Princess Leia in Action Little Yoda Yoda Baby Hat Plush Baby Light Sabers Han Solo Princess Leia Slave Princess […]. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Row 7: Ch 3. Knight in Shining Armor Hat. Simple Mini Basket.

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Neela Pani Granny Square. Earring Embellishment. Lariat Necklace. Lace Collar Necklace. Pixie Puff Baby Bonnet. Desert Shell Granny Square. Crochet Cat Amigurumi. The G. Knee-High Socks. Real Wheel Granny Square. Mini Square Infant Hat. Mini Square Baby Shoes. Mini Square Baby Dress. Mini Square Bunny Lovey. Fine Dining Bow-tie Bib. Infant Pullover Hoodie. Basket Weave Baby Hat. Little Gentleman Baby Booties. Baby Boy Knickers with Suspenders.

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Vintage Jeweled and Fancy Crochet Collar Patterns – Perfect Crocheted Gifts

Tutti Frutti Crochet Slippers. Harlequin Leg Warmers. Warm Waffles Hooded Cowl. Warm Waffles Handwarmers. Sharp Dressed Man Vest. Woven Dreams Baby Blanket. Steampunk and Stars Cowl. Two Peas in a Pod. Volcano Bag. Leaf Applique. Mouse and Cheese Amigurumi. Mushroom Amigurumi.

Avocado Amigurumi. Corn Amigurumi. Tomato Amigurumi.

Bumble Bee Amigurumi. String of Hearts Cup Cozy. Fish Amigurumi. Scientist Amigurumi. Gnome Amigurumi. Lemons to Lemonade Pillow. All Year Round Poncho. Patchwork Medley Baby Blanket. Share your work on Facebook! Shop Here. Follow me on Instagram. Enjoy this video and subscribe to my channel on YouTube for more tutorials on how to crochet! Leave a comment, and share with your friends!

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