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Oh, I beg your pardon Pongo: Whew.

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It's quite all right, but you did give me quite a turn. Tulip Storks : You see, I was following Pongo: Rather good, what? Tulip Storks : Please, sir. Pongo: Swell, huh? One good turn deserves another. What can I do for you? Tulip Storks : Well, I'm looking for a white rabbit, so, um, if you don't mind.. Pongo: Eh? Tulip Storks : There he is!

I simply must get through! Pongo: Sorry. You're much too big. Simple impassable. Tulip Storks : You mean impossible Pongo: No, impassable. Nothing's impossible. Why don't you try the bottle on the table? Table and bottle appears : Table? Read the directions Tulip Storks Clip : And directly you'll be directed in the right direction. Drink me holding : "Drink me. Better look first, for if one drinks much Pongo: Beg your pardon?

Tulip Storks : I was just giving myself some good advice. Tastes like, uh, cherry tart. Custard, pineapple, roast turkey. What did I do? Pongo: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Tulip in Wonderland Part 4

You almost went out like a candle. Tulip Storks : But look! In the s, the French government leased the home to the Duke and Duchess, who renovated the rooms alongside Maison Jansen. Personalization and originality was central to each of her possessions be they objects subject to the public eye monogrammed handbags, custom Dior tartan kilts, couture dresses featuring her signature leaf pattern or personal belongings engraved notes inside makeup compacts or cigarette boxes, custom linens speaking to her courtship with the Duke.

All my friends know I would rather shop than eat.

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Although the Duchess was ostracized by the British royal family, her legacy to the worlds of fashion and interiors continues to captivate. In many ways, the concept of style was a channel through which she could articulate and elevate her image as a sophisticated tastemaker.

Jannie Emma & Wendy Pretend Play HALLOWEEN Costume Dress Up Runway Show

Scanneti, Paris. Thank you, Elizabeth, for this intriguing tour!

Wendy in Wonderland | The Parody Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The story of King Edward Vlll and his abdication from the British throne to marry the twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson is one of the most fascinating and famous love stories of all time. I have the three volume set, and it is a feast for the eyes! For those who are too young to remember the Windsor auction, your article will be a good historical reference to a controversial woman of style.

The niche with shelving then a small closet is so clever. I wonder what she stored in those closets. Wonderful article…. I, too have the auction catalog. There was always a great sense of curiosity about their private lives. However, in the end, there is an atmosphere of loneliness and waste in viewing their private spaces. What emptiness compels a couple to surround themselves with their own personal portraits in almost every room???? Virginia McMillan. One is fascinated and repulsed by them at the same time, right? Henri Samuel Maison Jansen certainly did a lovely job with that house.

Mainbocher did her wardrobe, and he knew exactly how to dress her. I remember all the buzz about the sale, and went to have a look for myself. I was surprised that Al Fayed sold off their things. I guess he got tired of living in a museum. This is wonderful!! Just bought the catalogs on ebay. Thanks so much for sharing your fascinating knowledge!!