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With the northern vernal equinox less than a day away, this is the time of year when such cracks tend to form. In this article, I refer to the Lunar Eclipse of 31st January, — and in broader — to all eclipses during this year yet with less emphasis to the actual horoscope but to historically interpreting the events in a time line of consciousness and interaction in connection to the Sabian Symbols.

The first section is an introduction into the Saros Series of the eclipse from 31st January, followed by a list of historical events in these years. Applying the Sabian Symbols for the first event — and then for the current event 31st January, leads then to conclusions in the last section. Sources of the research are also included at the end of the article. In this article I list the historic events — of the Saros Cycles from It is my intention, to look at them as a kind of cyclic unfolding line of events and consciousness, therefore i suggest you also read this listed events.

A Saros serie is a connection of eclipses, that occur each 18 years 11 days. They have different starting points in time, yet in each year 2 different lunar cycles and 2 different solar cycles meet, giving way and energy to 4 eclipses each year. All Series of eclipses of the year , namely: Lunar , lunar , Solar and Solar will therefore show the same years historically to be related with in this 18 year cycle , yet as each one of them started in a different year, and of course have different horoscopes when they occur, they have each a focus, and therefore interpretation , of their own.

I will refer to this list in later articles, linking to it. Today, 26 th January in dreamspell is the beginning of the Star Wavespell, which is the last wavespell of each round of the Tzolkin. This means, we have 13 days to complete the current spin of the day cycle of becoming the next better version of the best version one can be. The current spin ends on 7 th February, beginning a new one on February 8 th. The star is the energy, that communicates between Venus and the Sun.

Star is the first kin on the first tone, Sun the last kin on the 13 th tone of this wavespell. It is aligned with the energy of the struggle for beauty and harmony. Venus as a star and as a little sister of Sirius was so important that in past times it was placed on the tarot cards, that were meant to pass on knowledge and wisdom of the male initiatory path even during the times of persecution. Energetically for Earth the coming 13 days may mean something different than in the years before. Februar und ein neuer beginnt am 8. Kopf eines Hathors auf Sistrum Museum Seattle.

Eure Welt ist inmitten einer immensen Metamorphose. Aus unserer Sicht entfaltet sich das 6. As Isreal, Palestine and the peace process is again at stake, maybe you would like to know a bit more on what this region means to Earth, on Earth. Marko Pogacnik: Das Herz so weit. In the cosmic energy of the 13th tone it is about to be aware of the celestial As we reached the base of the spine, so to speak, from tomorrow on we approach the next 10 portal days in a row, On june 30, we reach the cosmic night, the ability to dream cosmic dreams and to weave the dreamtime in the cosmic vision of earth remember, in love and wisdom throught the sun, not in the energy the cosmic energies may like it, but in the way this solar system is vibrating.

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Wie man aus den EMSC Seiten ersehen kann, wenn man auf die Liste an Erdbeben auf Einzelbebenlinks klickt, finden die meisten Erdbeben an den farblich gekennzeichneten Erdplattenlinien oder Verwerfungen auf. So wie der Mensch eine Aura hat, hat die Erde eine Aura. Der Originalartikel von www. Photocredit Energiefeld: wikipedia commons. Shortly thereafter, her brother had to leave for the countryside. A few months later, her mother fled with her to Hong Kong. They swam until their strength gave out. Three members of their little group drowned. She and her mother were saved by chance.

Or fate, the stars. Their time was not up yet, her mother claimed later on. Christine heard them praying in the water. Who dared to call her little sister? She turned the page over. His name was on the reverse side: Da Long Wu. Great Dragon. Christine has decided to visit her brother near Shanghai, and Paul is going to accompany her. Es hat seine eigenen. Leider, dachte Christine. Das Herz war ihr kein kluger Ratgeber. Sie hatte schlechte Erfahrungen damit gemacht. Nur bei Paul hatte es sich nicht geirrt. Das Herz wusste es besser und hatte Recht behalten. Er riss sie aus ihren Gedanken.

Ich werde dich sogar begleiten. Paul schwieg und atmete schwer. Er nahm die Taschenlampe und leuchtete sich ins Gesicht. Sein Ton sollte heiter klingen, gelassen, so gut kannte sie ihn. Und wir sind weder Tiger noch Hund. Sie nahm die Taschenlampe und leuchtete sein Gesicht aus. Sie musterte ihn. Seine Augen wirkten noch blauer als sonst. Sie zuckten im Schein der Lampe. Sein Blick ging an ihr vorbei in die Dunkelheit. Zitterten seine Lippen, oder bildete sie sich das ein?

Und zu meiner. Den Gedanken, dich neun Monate nicht zu sehen, habe ich nicht ertragen. Sie misstraute ihm, ohne zu wissen, warum. Dass meine Eltern nicht mehr leben. Dass ich einen Sohn hatte. Die lange Nase wirkte noch spitzer als sonst. Sie hatte keine Wahl, als ihm zu glauben, sie wusste es. Glauben schenken und hoffen, dass man nicht missbraucht wird. Es gab keine Alternative. Jade hilft mir. Die 3 bedroht mich.

Reich werde ich im Jahr des Schweins nicht. In situations like this, she was not sure if he was serious or not. Certainly goes fast. How could you think that? Did I forget something on the plus side? Should we recalculate? Unfortunately, Christine thought. Her heart was not a wise counselor. It was fickle and unreliable, easily swayed.

Led her astray too often, let her ignore the plus-and-minus sides. Was only unerring when it came to Paul. From the very first, she had been certain there would be a harmonious give-and-take. It had not misled her, not even during those first months when her mind told her that this strange loner would disappoint her, no longer be able to love her. Her heart knew better and had been right all along. Paul was silent and sighed heavily.

She saw the contours of his body in the darkness. His ribcage rose and fell as if he were out of breath. She felt that unsaid thoughts were piling up between them as well. I also have something to tell you.

The eternal female: Austrian edition

She knew full well that his tone was meant to sound cheerful, serene, but the tension and strain in it were unmistakable. And the owl will fall out of the tree. And we are neither a tiger nor a dog. She took the flashlight and shined it on his face. She scrutinized him. His eyes looked more blue than usual. They twitched in the beam of the flashlight. His gaze went past her into the darkness. Were his lips trembling, or was it her imagination?

And myself. She had hoped to find an answer in his eyes, in the features around his mouth. She doubted him without knowing why. I would like to hear exactly what he said. Since when do you interrogate me? He said unequivocally that I am in no danger, regardless of who I spend time with in the coming months. That my parents are no longer alive.

That I had a son. His voice sounded husky and weary. He swallowed several times and cleared his throat. His long nose looked more pointed than usual. Who came up with that idea? She had no choice but to believe him, and she knew it. To believe he was telling the truth and hope that her trust was not misplaced. There was no other choice. Nevertheless, something in her resisted. Always wear something red. Jade helps me. Red protects me. The number 3 is dangerous for me. More is my lucky number. How: much. Not enough. Never enough. He made her laugh more often than all of the men before him put together.

And she loved him for that as well. His leg swung vigorously back and forth, as though he were transmitting a message in Morse code. They saw the last ferry from Hong Kong turn around the tip of the island. She listened to the whispering of the sea. The China Trilogy seeks to describe a number of underlying causes and emerging problems that are the inevitable result of rapid change in modern-day China.

Sternkissen nähen | QUILTING & PATCHWORK | Christmas sewing, Easy diy crafts, Sewing for kids

The books can be experienced on two levels. But Hong Kong has been his home for the past thirty-plus years. Paul speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, the result of his extensive travels as a journalist and business consultant. In short, Paul knows China like the back of his hand. After the tragic loss of their nine-year-old son to cancer, he and his wife separate, and Paul withdraws completely from life. He begins a new existence on Lamma, a remote island off the coast of Hong Kong. Is there a force stronger than sadness and pain that can pull him out of his self-imposed isolation?

He slowly opens up and falls in love with her. Part Two, Dragon Games, is about their struggle to build a relationship. Book two closes with the birth of their son. Christine moves in with Paul, accompanied by her son from a previous marriage, her mother and their newborn child in Part Three. He now has to build a family in the Chinese tradition. Life has new meaning for him. The second level of the Trilogy is based on various aspects of modern Chinese life. Each book features a separate plot that deals with a different topic.

In Whispering Shadows, for example, Paul gets involved in an unresolved murder case. An American investor is killed in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Who killed him and why? Dragon Games shows how individuals and society as a whole are paying for the rapid growth of the past thirty years. The search for meaning and the spiritual emptiness of present-day China are issues that will not go away easily. What are the core values upon which to build the foundation of a new China? They talk about why Paul hardly ever leaves the island. There are reasons why Paul moved to a remote island and why he has established a daily routine that is quite invariable.

And they relate to the death of his son, Justin:. Getting the right feeling for the way he thinks means capturing just the right tone from the source language:. Einmal hatte er versucht, sie David Zhang zu beschreiben, und selbst der, sein engster Vertrauter, der einzige Freund, den er je besessen hatte, konnte ihm nicht folgen. In addition, Paul feared that if Justin came back, he might find him in a drunken state. This fear was difficult to explain, and he knew that.

He once tried to describe it to David Zhang. Paul sighed. The flow of the prose is very different from conversational sections, the shorter sentence structures that convey a more stilted, disjointed flow of thought:. Aber jetzt? Vergessen ist ein Verwandter des Todes. Lamma war ruhig. Es gab keine Autos, weniger Menschen als sonstwo in Hongkong und kaum jemanden, den er kannte.

Er hatte sich einen festen Tagesablauf verordnet. Vor ihnen war er sicher.

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Der war, abgesehen von manchen Wochenenden im Sommer, fast immer menschenleer. Paul schwamm exakt zwanzig Minuten. Oder er schloss die Augen und meditierte. At the time, he believed he would never forget. Yet, just a couple of years later, he was in doubt. He could only bear the old losses because new memories of Justin had come along every day to replace them. Nowadays, he had nothing but past memories to rely on. In order to prevent them from dying out, Paul wanted to shield himself from everything new to the extent possible.

To forget would mean betrayal. Forgetting and death were kindred spirits. Lamma was peaceful. Hans Erich Nossack liest aus seinen Werken. Aus der Dichterwerkstatt von Hans Erich Nossack. Luise Rinser: Die rote Katze. Friedrich von Schiller: Kabale und Liebe. Friedrich von Schiller: Wallensteins Tod.

Friedrich von Schiller: Wallensteins Lager. Friedrich von Schiller: Die Piccolomini. Friedrich von Schiller: Don Carlos. Friedrich von Schiller: Wilhelm Tell. Friedrich von Schiller: Gedichte. German folk songs sung by Erika and Elsa Vopel with zither accompaniment. German Drinking Songs. Minnesang und Spruchdichtung, Bettina Wegner: Traurig bin ich Sowieso. Reinhard Mey: Starportrait.

Hannes Wader: Der Liedermacher. Marlene Dietrich: Lili Marlene. Erich Kunz: German University Songs. Musical Scrapbook of Germany, vol I. Germany Today. Modern German Popular Songs. German Favorite Songs sung by Ernst Wolff. Eric Bentley: Songs of Hans Eisler.

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German Beer Drinking Songs. Alabama Song. Das Echo vom Konigssee. Melodie einer Nacht. Rund ums Metropol Potpourri. Hilmar Thate singt Brecht. Selected Popular Songs. Hildegard Knef: Portrait in Musik. Connie Francis sings German Favorites. Popular music in German. Biermann: Kabaret contents unavailable. Comedian Harmonists. Liedermacher in der BRD. Marlene Dietrich: Marlene. German Pop Music contents unavailable. Faust: Rockball contents unavailable. Christmas in the Old World - Austria.

Stille Nacht. Ernst Wolff: Deutsche Weinachslieder. Moore, piano. Strauss: Vier letzte Lieder four last songs.

High Renaissance Lieder contents unavailable. Op Bach - Cantata and suite.

Geocaches found by mirabilos

Oswald von Wolkenstein - 11 Lieder. Haydn - Quartet for strings No. Haydn; Beethoven - Sinfonie. Act 1, Overture.