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The hotdog man continues crying, then Clarence turns into a superhero, and flies down the manhole. When he reaches the bottom, he stuffs his mouth with dozens of hotdogs and shoots them back up the manhole. The hotdogs cheer as they go into their hotdog buns, and one goes into a dog's mouth. Clarence continues sending hotdogs up the manhole, then Sumo calls him on his can phone.

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Sumo tells Clarence that he's waiting for lunch, then Clarence offers hotdogs, and sends him through telephone wires to Sumo's house. Sumo and his brother celebrate, and Clarence flies out the manhole and fixes the knocked over hotdog cart.

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The hotdog man is so happy that he gives Clarence a hotdog, and offers some additional condiments, then Clarence goes to get his fish, but to his surprise, a woman is drinking water from the glass his fish is in. The goldfish soon goes into the woman's mouth, and Clarence panics, then the woman is shown eating pasta.

Clarence paces for a bit as he tries to figure out what to do, and when a copy of himself appears, he comes up with an idea, and the two Clarences combine into one.

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Clarence runs up to the table, and pulls the long noodle out of the woman's mouth, rescuing the fish, and pulling the woman's teeth out. The goldfish flies into the air and bounces off of things in a parade. The goldfish lands on a seal's nose, and Clarence chases after it.

little girl buries goldfish

When Clarence body slams the seal, it falls off it's beach ball, and the goldfish goes flying into some tubas that some men are playing, and the goldfish flies from one tuba to another. Clarence kicks one of the tuba players, and the goldfish goes flying up in the air, hitting a balloon, and landing on the ground.

At that moment, a bear and some kids are shown jumping on pogo sticks, Clarence worries that they're going to smash the goldfish, but they jump over it. Suddenly, two guys with loud shoes show up, and Clarence worries that his goldfish is going to get stomped on, but the guys go around it, then Clarence sees a steamroller approching and screams. A young girl pushes her baby brother into a pond and watches while he thrashes around in deep water.

A man throws a bucket of water on a cat and tries to kick it.

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A boy grabs a girl's wrist and takes her picture with his cell phone. Matthew accidentally burns himself by washing his hands with bleach but can't stop himself until his mom gets him some latex gloves. Parents need to know that The Goldfish Boy is about year-old Matthew, who suffers from OCD obsessive compulsive disorder and almost never leaves his room. There's some mild scariness when a toddler disappears, and Matthew frequently revisits his feelings of guilt over the death of a baby brother a few years before.

He'll also help kids understand a bit about OCD and inspire empathy for those who suffer with it. A disliked adult character sneaks out of his house to smoke at night. Add your rating See all 1 parent review. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. His obsessive compulsive disorder makes him afraid that he'll bring in germs from the outside world that will make his loved ones sick and possibly die.

From his upstairs windows he watches all the comings and goings on his little cul de sac and takes careful notes of what he sees. Because of this, he was the last person to see his neighbor's grandson Teddy a month-old toddler before the child mysteriously disappeared. There are a lot of possible suspects in the neighborhood, and as Matthew tries to crack the case, he learns that very few people, including himself, are what they seem.

Author Lisa Thompson's first novel is an absorbing, intriguing mystery with a compelling hero who's easy to relate to and root for and a plot with lots of surprising twists and turns. All the characters in The Goldfish Boy are well developed, and big kids and tweens will feel a lot of empathy for year-old Matthew as they learn a bit about OCD and what it's like to live with it.

The story provides good examples of learning to cope, and there's a safe resolution to the mystery. Did you know anything about it before you read the book?

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What did you learn about it? Have you ever had to do something you were afraid to do? What happened? Were you able to find the courage to do it? Did you understand what Old Nina meant when she said, "Don't ever wait for a storm to pass. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.

Singing to the Goldfish English Edition - Video Dailymotion

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Learn how we rate. Google Tag Manager. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Soon, Clarence finally arrives at the pet shoppe, and he flies in to get his free goldfish, but not before wiping his feet. Clarence asks the storeowner for the fish, and storeowner agrees to give it to him, but he has something else to say first, which he has a hard time saying because Clarence keeps interrupting with his happy dance.

The storeowner tells him to listen, then he tells Clarence that he doesn't have the accessories he needs for the fish, so he shows Clarence all the things he needs, but Clarence tells him he doesn't need any of it because he has his own fish tank filling up at home, which is shown overflowing. Clarence takes the fish and exits the store, leaving all of the necessary accessories behind, which makes the storeowner angry and he complains to his dog employee about the idea of giving away free fish.

Outside the pet shoppe, Clarence plays with the goldfish, making the bag it's inside slide around on his arms, then Clarence accidently sends the goldfish flying.

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Clarence notices pointy nails on the ground, and he quickly puts corks on the nails so that the fish's bag doesn't pop, which works just as planned. Clarence runs off and takes the goldfish with him, having to avoid other sharp things along the way. Clarence puts the goldfish's bag on a pillow, which pops it, leaving the goldfish out of water. Clarence panics, but quickly comes up with the idea to put the goldfish in his mouth, then he slides under a watering can and makes the water go into his mouth for the fish.

The goldfish is very pleased, so much so that it kisses the inside of Clarence's mouth. Clarence continues walking around town, then he sees the man who was giving out hotdogs crying because the hotdogs are falling into a manhole. The goldfish tells Clarence to save the hotdogs, so the goldfish uses Clarence's mouth as a cannon, and jumps into a glass of water. The hotdog man continues crying, then Clarence turns into a superhero, and flies down the manhole.

When he reaches the bottom, he stuffs his mouth with dozens of hotdogs and shoots them back up the manhole. The hotdogs cheer as they go into their hotdog buns, and one goes into a dog's mouth. Clarence continues sending hotdogs up the manhole, then Sumo calls him on his can phone.