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It is overtly political, and it is an overt attempt to re-stage the American Revolution on the Moon. A few months ago, at the invitation of a colleague, I agreed to participate in a conference on utopia and crisis, which allows for a discussion of science fiction. I picked up the theme of Robert A. I was happily wrong. I think it is the third time, perhaps the fourth, I have read the book, and the first time I read it in English and not in the Italian translation. It was one of the first novels I read, at age 10 or so, outside the reading diet forced upon us at school.

Then I read the book again when I came across libertarianism as a political philosophy, and Heinlein as one of its unlikely prophets. Reading it now again, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Joe Cocker - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (1974)

Well, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is a classic for me, both for how it was unforgettable, and perhaps for the seeds it planted in my own individual unconscious. Science fiction indeed, in the s. This is in a sense the main theme of the book, and Heinlein plays it well. A plus, to me, is that there is no rhetoric in juxtaposing it with a revolution, i.

For a few years now, it seems to me that libertarianism of the anarchist blend is at its strongest when it points to the double standard between government agency and the rest of us, and perhaps at its weakest when it tries to come up with more distinctive speculation over a political order fully compatible with liberty competing protection agencies et cetera.

It reminds me of John Le Carre ok, not that good , whom I consider phenomenal in that respect. That the Moon ends up having no longer a colonial rule, but more government than it had before, may be delusional for 10 year-old me, but makes the novel more compelling for 37 year-old me.

One of my favorites, obviously. Manuel is multi-racial. And the lunar colonies are portrayed as rapidly mixing despite diverse origins for instance, Wyoming is from Hong Kong Luna.

The colonists are welcoming of immigration and do not appear to be racial prejudiced. Manuel is also disabled, which he turns to his advantage by using a number of different mechanical arms for different specialized jobs. Further, you can read a lot of the narrative as rather left-wing, when you consider that the main motivation for the lunar revolution is the gradual loss of water to earth via the grain shipments. Kurt Vonnegut. Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

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2 thoughts on “Heinlein Ruins ‘The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress’ By Cheating”

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Full text of "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress"

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Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. In depth articulation of a colony going independent.

Inspiring and at the same time breath taking especially in the details of a Wild West society governed by an Artifical Intelligence engine. See the review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This is my favorite Heinlein work. Must have been scanned and published without proofreading as it has many typos that would confuse a reader unfamiliar with this great book.

Five stars for the paperback or hard cover.

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Just two for the Kindle version. The very best Robert Heinlein book ever. I've been waiting for this to come out in ebook format for a long long time and now I can take it with me and introduce friends to a classic. The penal colony on Luna revolts and the resulting war between Terra and Luna is horrendous. Heinlein illustrates the first use of kinetic strike weapons and the propaganda use of food for a starving Earth.

He details how personal integrity and personal freedom must interrelate. Read and enjoy and think. The book has been one of my favorites for most of my life. Unfortunately, it contains quite a few typos typical of an OCR scan. While this might be expected in amateur publications, I get tired of it from major publishing houses. Is it that hard to proof an e-book when the conversion is done?

I just try sit down read Heinlein Moon Harsh Mistress book. Thought I got defective copy. Hate his chopped English like I'm using right now.

Reading The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress again

Could not finish first chapter. Maybe chopped English end after first chapter. Check random pages in rest.