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Ich glaube immer noch, dass unserer 'Erfolg', d. Auf jeden Fall sind wir immer noch dankbar, dass wir zu?

I found the thought rather scary that they would encourage people to stay within their cocoon. Same as in English. Let them sing it! Somehow that poem seems familiar - we had a number of books of poems when I was little, so it may have been in one of those, I suppose. I love museums. The abovementioned visit to Ditchling included buying a jigsaw puzzle of the Wonderground Map, which Son2 and I are now working on he has always loved jigsaw puzzling.

Even with reading glasses I find it hard work and may have to bring a magnifying glass to the next puzzling session! As for the cats, however, they are quite dull, really. Cute and fluffy and entertaining in the flesh, but not really the kind of cats that one could use in a bestseller of the 'my cats and I' kind.

That's how I know that RD is the car registration code. But we never lived there, and only occasionally visited friends, never looking at the town itself, so I'm afraid I can't tell you whether it is worth visiting. Norbert , those sound like eminently sensible new regulations to me. Here in GB, quite apart from the obnoxious Brexit, all I hear is sugar tax, maybe meat tax, and should children take exams before they're born, or maybe only after? Ok, that last one is an exaggeration, but not by much.

I haven't read the book by Deborah Feldman, but a friend recommended it just the other day, so I'm intending to - when I've made some inroads into all the other books - oh, and I've got new bookcases in my study! Our local bookshop is closing down, and I asked if they were selling off their furniture as well. And I got two excellent and sturdy bookcases with adjustable feet :- for a very reasonable price. And as they are deeper as well as higher than the previous bookcases, I can put some folders and other standaroundees in there as well. They have metal rails at the top into which you can slide cards with the subject matter - at the moment, these say 'picture books', but when I think of something stunningly witty and original, I may well replace them Another writer I can thoroughly recommend is Eshkol Nevo and in particular his novel Homesick.

Curious question: Is there anywhere else but Germany such an exaggerated discussion about Feinstaub? I am reading the old Newspapers of the recent days and they are all full with the dispute about fireworks and such. Is it a topic in any other country? Fireworks add fun to festivities, but they are a source of air pollution and respiratory complications. A lot of attention has focused on the impact of fireworks and this year, as in previous years, India's Supreme Court has attempted to restrict their use.

But both discussions don't keep people from having gigantic fireworks on New Year's Eve. The Feinstaub-discussion regularly returns a short time later, this time connected to the "Streusplit" they sprinkle??? I looked up Streusplit, but Leo doesn't seem to know the word. Probably an expression that is limited to countries with very "wintery" weather conditions? Dictionary: Splitt. I guess I should have come up with the idea of simply leaving out the "Streu" when looking up that word myself not to mention the aditional t.

Well, after-festive sluggishness of mind, I suppose ;. Die Karten mit Guhgelsuchen sind erhellend. Aber in dressing-Hochburgen wie Mississippi, Alabama und Georgia dagegen, sagt man eher nicht stuffing. In TX ist hm wohl dressing-Verzehrer. BTW, re. I have to add though that turkey or chicken with stuffing prepared either the US or the UK way is not something frequently encountered in German kitchens. But let me just say this: No danger of being lynched, because we are a notoriously peaceful mountain people. As to your final remark, I choose to ignore it, knowing that in fact everything is always a little better in Austria than in Germany - just think of the coffee!

Goldammer, you maintained one of the subjects I want to chose for my studies for teaching certification Thanks for your opinion on the trip to Chicago, hm -- us. However, I think, Amy might have a point.. I will check if I really had the opportunity to visit my host family alike if this is really what I want to do and then I will contact my guest family and ask them about a reunion in late summer Amy, thank you for the corrections and your advice, a very helpful angle of view and thought to me. I read the same statistics as Lucy about New Year in Germany probably most Germans have heard it and it made me stop taking part in the fireworks which I did since I was very young.

Since there is so much more space for associations when you have some background information about the people in the CC and much time passed by, I would really appreciate it if you would introduce yourselves again for me and the other new snails Or maybe someone undertakes the task for the others, some of the well-established snails? I feel like I also missed this chance of lerning more about you in the past, because there is not much information left, unfortunately Last but not least, I remember that most of our American snails are teachers. I wonder if teachers are affected by the government shutdown?

What an amount of contributions already in the beginning of this very young year. Racing snails! So, the new year is already running in big steps. Only 3 weeks until my son will get his Halbjahreszeugnis?! Then he will attend skiing camp, followed by another week of sports holidays and then it's only another month until he leaves us for a year to go out into the world. His school will be in Tokyo quite close to the centre but we don't know about his guest family so far. Getting the visum will be an issue as well.

I never startet firework myself, but I like to watch it. I've found myself the one or other place beside the well known hotspots, quiet itself but offering a wide outlook. Provincia Chimaerensis, I suppose. After every earthquake in Xinjiang, worried relatives would call us from Germany. In fact, the epicentre was closer to them than to us! We have had several such houses in our neighborhood over the past few years. One was just a couple houses down the street from ours. This is really the only way that people with low-paying jobs are able to afford living in San Jose.

Just like in your case, I could never figure out how many people actually lived there, I would guess about a dozen in a sq ft house. My neighbors were mostly complaining about all the street parking being taken up by their junk cars. I explained to them that as long as cars weren't parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours, there wasn't anything that could be done about it under San Jose's municipal code. And while the people in that house kept their front yard littered with kid's toys, chairs, etc. Curiously, there seemed to be even more cars than people! I suspected at the time that one of the inhabitants was running some sort of car repair business using the street for storage.

Most weeks I had trouble finding a spot at the curb to put out our garbage and recycling bins. I got into conversation with several of the people in the house, and all the ones I talked to turned out to be construction workers of one kind or other. At one point, I had a longer chat with one of them, a house painter from Guatemala who was out of work for two days.

He stated that he lived in the house with his Mexican wife and their small son, and that he had another teenage kid back in Guatemala, but didn't want to reveal how many people lived in the house. His English not being great, and my Spanish pretty much non-existent, it wasn't the most fluid conversation. But I casually mentioned my bin placement problem along the way, and from that time on I always had an open space at the curb in front of my house on garbage pickup day!

As for fireworks: the City of San Jose provides free lawn signs that point out that sale, possession, and use of fireworks is illegal. Various people in the neighborhood got such a sign, as did we. I put that out about two weeks ahead of Lunar New Year and July 4th. Best I can tell, the use of illegal fireworks in my neighborhood has been drastically reduced compared to five years ago.

I don't know what to say. Near Xanten of all places??? Which has a population more than ten times smaller? Is there something about Xanten that makes it well-known to Americans? I'm glad someone found it and lived to tell the tale though. I just submitted my paper! I've never been to the U. Re: fireworks: My daughter was so unsettled by her grandfather's remarks on the polluting effects of fireworks that I had to spend an hour and a half on the sofa, explaining and discussing the ecological condition of the earth.

I didn't get to see much of the fireworks or drink any champagne In the preceding section, the linked article discusses the fate of a Syrian refugee woman residing in Xanten whose husband absconded with their child back to Idlib. I just spent two nights in Buxtehude near Hamburg. At the festive dinner before Christmas at my compound in Al Khobar I had met an American who talked so excitedly and lovingly about his visit to the world's largest model railway the Miniatur-Wunderland in Hamburg that I decided to visit it for the third time, with a backstage guided tour added for the first time.

People of all ages, and most of them were as happy as the swarms of kindergarten kids who were visiting in groups. Not bad for such a short time! On my last visit to Hamburg a few years ago, Mr Goldammer and I also visited the Miniatur-Wunderland and sat on the Feuerschiff a few times it was in summer and we sat there watching the sunset over the harbour - very nice places, both, I agree. The Elbphilharmonie is replicated on the model railway.

Reader’s Digest Auswahlbücher

The building opens up every now and then so that visitors who most probably have not yet been able to get tickets for a concert at the original due to extreme demand can have a look at a concert en miniature Des Gutes would refer to a Gut in the sense of landed estate. There was a "Reisen spezial" issue in my Sunday newspaper. There they had an advertisement about this hotel located inside the Elbphilharmonie building.

That is not true, Edith says. Just had a look at their website - depending on the date the rates can be much lower. Do you still enjoy the German Story Tellers or do you curse me for the recommendation? We needed a break after Vol. We switched to something easier instead, two books I got last year. Then I somehow lost his trace until we read an article last year about his new book.

I know what you mean about the difficulty to read those long verschwurbelte sentences out. We started with Friedrich Hebbel: Aus meiner Jugend. It is a bit of a difficult switch from a simply written but adventurous story about Francis Drake, and Mr Goldammer isn't sure yet if he can like it. We'll see. If it doesn't work, we'll find something else. If the tax officers are true to their image, they will take your money even if you write a B.

Here we heard a chanson concert - very nice atmosphere but the singer had no idea in heaven or hell what she was singing! In Brussels!! I just finished The Harder They Come, and just found it bleak and sad. I've got When the Killing's Done flying around somewhere, but right now don't feel much like reading it. I also once read an interview with him in which he came across as a weird, misogynic person, and it made me like his novels less, unfortunately.

In my youth, I developed the theory that one should abstract the artist from their art because people are so often dislikeable or flawed even if they make beautiful things, and one should be allowed to enjoy the beauty nonetheless. I find it hard to stick to that sometimes, though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that cheque!

I'm the figurehead for the Abofalle is there an English word for that? A rather boring plot, imho. Thank you for the corrections, hm — us. I was surprised: Are cheque still in use in the States? Payments by check were stopped in or so. I studied in Hamburg in the olden days, but have only been back for brief visits - to the Miniatur-Wunderland on one occasion. And although I still think of Miniatur-Wunderland as a new attraction, this is also a while ago, as Son1 was noticeably smaller then than he is now. RenaRd , you can't go wrong with Gernhard. The man was a genius - every time I pick up a book I must have more of his - need to look in the attic at some point; maybe I can squeeze some into my abovementioned spacious bookcases I'm amused and delighted.

And thank you for reminding me of Der Geisterseher; I read that a long time ago but have no recollection And summse , how annoying to have to pay for a Bahncard you're not really going to use. Not sure if there is a term like Abofalle in English although subscription trap sounds understandable.

I sometimes wonder about keeping the artist and his or her work separate. It can be very difficult. Son2 used to read a lot of Roald Dahl, but when he found out what an unpleasant character Dahl really was, he decided to stop reading the books. At his last clearout, they ended up on the 'out' pile, but Mr J is attached to them many of them were his when he was little and insisted on keeping them all the same. I don't know if I would give away books I was fond of if I found out that I disapproved of the author's character, views or personal life. I haven't got anything by Dickens, and would probably read something if I had to, but I'm really repelled by the way he treated his first wife, for instance - so I'm unlikely to buy his books and enjoy them, because they would leave a bad aftertaste, somehow.

On the third hand as it were there are lots of books I read without knowing anything much about the author at all. Beautiful language. OK: the leftpondian snails might be catatonic because of the shutdown. And the Brits, long time no see, are struggling with the exit of the Brexit. But where are the Austrian, German, and Swiss snails in alphabetic order? Are they all gone for skiing? If so: Come on in and share your adventures. At least one Austrian isn't skiing, just sitting at the desk and correcting the last test papers for this semester.

No adventures to share,though, I'm sorry. I'm just writing so that poor RenaRd doesn't feel too lonely. Right now, I am sitting on the sofa, my husband beside me watching football, rams versus saints, and I have no clue. Either a couple of men are standing around on the field useless, waiting for something to happen, who knows what. Or they jump upon the poor guy that happens to have the bad luck to be in possession of this orange egg.

Every two minutes commercial break. And also three guys talking about what is going on to people that understand everything. I don't. In any case, I woke up shortly before 6 a. So I went to the loo instead and back to bed again. Today we breakfasted with the lights turned off, as the then current phase of the eclipse could be seen from our kitchen window.

When I woke up this morning I did remember about the blood moon, but couldn't see anything from the window so thought maybe it's overcast. After a while, more awake, I realised it wasn't overcast so I went outside and did see the last smidgen of blood red, but the moon was already very low in the sky. Turning slightly I could se Venus with another bright star pretty much exactly beneath it - having looked it up I'm assuming it was Jupiter. Apparently they will have a conjuction tomorrow morning but the forecast is pouring rain, so I'm unlikely to see them then.

I've had a very pleasant weekend, although not really any adventures. It did, however, include a museum visit: this time to see the 'new', or rather redesigned, Islamic galleries at the British Museum. They are beautiful and thoughtfully laid out, I thought - and they are less crowded than pretty much everywhere else in the Museum, it seems. Afterwards we met fellow Leonid Chaja and wandered around many more London streets, all of them surprisingly crowded, I thought, for a distinctly chilly January Saturday, and finally had dinner in Chinatown.

All in all I clocked up more than 23, steps that day - no wonder my feet were rather sore as we walked home from the station. Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party - a 'new friend' turned 60, so it was very nice of her to invite us! Lots of lovely food and drink, many interesting people to chat to, and charming grandchildren to look at RenaRd , don't get me started on Brexit I've worried and fretted so much, and every day the news say something else, and the Government still has no clue what they actually want, let alone how to accomplish it I don't know how I would react if I found that the author of one of my favourite books was in fact in some way a truly terrible person.

As in, not merely a hypocrite especially where women are concerned, as in the case of Dickens or, to some extent, Conan Doyle. But in the case of authors it does depend on the kind of book they write. I shall try and give some thought to visual artists and composers. I really don't like Julius Caesar as a person, but I have no qualms about reading his writings She's one of the great people I met through Leo, and it is unforgettable how she hosted me and my two teenage sons during the Deutsche Evangelische Kirchentag in - without even having seen me ever before!

She was away for the days when the Kirchentag took place, and she let us use her flat. She came back very late on Saturday night, we "met" at breakfast on Sunday, and she cooked us a lovely lunch later on before our train trip back home. Oh, I didn't realise it was you in the Kirchentag-story! Chaja told me about it at our first meeting some years ago - she had offered to go shopping in Cologne before coming to London.

Of course that was an offer I couldn't refuse :- and I've come to rely on her as a tireless importer of continental chocolates, vitamins, toothpaste and other essentials.

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So when she comes to London she always hands over a large bagful of goodies, and then we go wandering and looking at whatever comes our way. Nice to read that you also saw Venus and - as we also assumed - together with Jupiter, Jabonah. I woke up sometimes early in the morning and realised clouds - but they were very thin so the moon could shine through.

It had a little shadow on its left side. At least, a little bit of eclipse. Falls jemand die Finsternis weiter besprechen will, kann ich ein neues Zimmer empfehlen: related discussion: Crossover Chat You can search the forum without needing to register. You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. Registration and use of the trainer are free of charge. Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Seite auf Deutsch. Dear user, We put a lot of love and effort into our project. Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services.

Donate via PayPal. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Topic Crossover Chat Comment This is not just another chat room.

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Have fun for the next two months! Thanks a lot, Goldammer. I now make way for others to take a bow. Comment If I weren't a snail I would clap my hands. Wie geht's denn weiter, RenaRd.. Comment Vielen Dank auch von mir. Minute war niemals nie ein Elfmeter. Oh well. Die erste Halbzeit war nicht schlecht, oder? Comment I only saw the last 15 minutes - coming back from choir rehearsal. Comment hm-us No. Since years I have been taking offence that our nemesis Griezmann is entitled to play for France.

He is of German origin from his father's side, of Portuguese from his mother's, and he was born in Burgundy which historically is neither France nor Germany but should make him eligible to play for Belgium as legal successor to the middle empire of Charlemagne's grandson Lothair. Comment Hut ab, Goldammer. Ich kann nur wenig beitragen. Ich lese manchmal still mit, aber ich habe wenig Zeit zum Schreiben. But in this context, it is a bit unusual.

Schnickschnack - you're right, it is a very nice word. Comment Thanks for the new room! Comment walther: I didn't take mbshu's comment serious. I think it was meant to be satirical. Aber wie soll das eigentlich funktionieren? Comment seriously Comment Thanks a lot for the new home!

Comment Bericht aus Amerika. Comment virus, I knew that lactose intolerance is common in most Asian coutries. Comment Danke mbshu Comment eclectus , thank you very much for your "USA bulletin" - although it is very gloomy indeed. A few correcturitos This word order somehow feels better for me, but others might see it differently Comment Thank you, He-le-na.

Comment Just a quick greeting with a photo that's in tagesschau. Comment When I read how desperately virus tried to find a suited recipe for her son, I was reminded of a great experience I had had in the last century. Mongolien ist wohl ein wichtiges Land, wenn auch kein reiches. Than either one , meine ich. Goldammer, diese grosse gelbe erkletterbare Schnecke ist sehr niedlich, wenn man das von so was Riesigem sagen kann.

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Jetzt spuckt jemand Blut?! Aber Houston gewinnt gerade, gegen Zlatan und den? LA Galaxy. Wer es selbst nicht in die K. Comment Correctoritos: Die Mongolei. Ich schaue MSL.

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Es geht blutig zu. Gegen LA Galaxy ohne Artikel. Comment Bolsonaro soll nicht nur gewonnen haben, er hat gewonnen, und Trump hat ihm auch schon gratuliert. Comment Danke, mbshu. Da hat wohl jemand anders eine spannendere Lebenserfahrung bzw. Comment Hm. Thanks indeed for the interesting link and for your understanding! Comment The commentary you linked in, hm--us , unfortunately can't be read in the EU - there seems to be some data protection issue. Haven't seen him around for a while Goldammer, thanks indeed for the lovely snail in no. Comment Greetings from one who has just well, 3 days ago come back from a two-week's holiday in Mallorca.

Sometimes it's a bit of a pity we can't post pictures on LEO. Comment Reisegeyer and Jesse's last sentence reminded me of something I obviously had forgotten. Comment Thank you, Goldammer , for calling me. Comment Beautiful picture, RenaRd! Comment harambee Comment harambee Ich stimme dir hundertprozentig zu. Comment Phew - the Japanese branch of the exchange organisation is quite - erh - Japanese. This is what the organisation answered: "We are a bit concerned about son's tendency to be lazy or demotivated when stu has to do something stu find it boring. I hope they are going to accept our re-written letters So you see, the Swiss recipes are our least concern at the moment.

Comment When culture shock strikes before you have left your native soil Comment Determined to undermine Japanese work ethics, eh? Comment I started a discussion regarding "jemanden knapphalten": related discussion: to keep so. Comment A Japanese university professor once told me that they have big problems with lazy students. Comment As some of you may know, I'm working for an organization who - among other programs - organize overseas highschool programs for teenagers, too - not in Japan, though. Comment Hello dear snails! And also for posting the picture in 21 - really very nice, although I have to say that the color doesn't really flatter my complexion ;- I would like to do some advertising on my own behalf - I will go to Berlin tomorrow, and there will be a concert which will be broadcasted via livestream on the internet on Friday at 8 pm on Arte and later on in some TV programs - This concert is televised by Rondo Media and cameras like to see people's faces rather than heads buried in copies.

The concert will be broadcast as follows: S4C For the interested: You can easily recognize me by a white blouse and black trousers - not that this is the general choral clothing ;- And now I have to pack my suitcase. Have a nice evening on the right and a nice day on the left of the pond! Hier hat es schon viel geregnet und soll auch den ganzen Abend noch regnen. Comment Hm, yummy. A little early for chili on my side of the pond, though What are saltines?

Comment Das ist eine Art Cracker. Comment Oh, I don't want to have that on my conscience! Aber danke. Hach, daran hatte ich seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr gedacht.

Jetzt kann ich ruhig schlafen gehen. Neben Schreier erinnere ich mich definitiv an Ileana Cotrubas, und ich glaube auch Edita Gruberova usw. Comment Thank you for your caring thoughts and the sweets, hm — us. Comment Keine Ursache, RenaRd. Oder bin ich nur gar nicht aufmerksam? All Saints' bzw. Ileana Cotrubas. Edith Gruberova. Sag ich halt. Comment Oh, shame on me, hm -- us. Comment Allerheiligen for us Germans is a Catholic thing, for us German Lutherans it is a day just as any other. Comment Just for the record: mbhsu's " Totensonntag has been renamed Ewigkeitssonntag to make it sound less scary" is not how I see it.

Comment Ewigkeitssonntag?? Thank you, mshu, for reminding me. Wishing you all the best from the Emerald Isle, Wik. Comment I also don't feel that there's anything scary about " Totensonntag ". So, my feeling was right that it doesn't have to do anything with "making it less scary". Comment WIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that's a lovely surprise!!!!!!! After all these years! Comment Well, Goldammer, it certainly doesn't feel that long.

Comment Thanks for the update, Wik! Maybe I should know that you were back to Ireland after all Comment Leo knows! Comment I have to admit, my spoken and written language outside of work is Hiberno-English. Comment Hi, Wik. Auch wenn ich die Niederlande-Etappe entweder verpasst oder vergessen hatte, also gut, dass Goldammer und Wik uns davon erinnert haben.

Amy, hoffentlich geht es euch auch gut. Und hoffentlich haben alle Linksteichler die Uhren jetzt umgestellt. Comment In practical terms, consider moving to Arizona. Comment Interessant, Norbert, danke. Haben denn die kalifornischen Bauer dazu eine? Stellung genommen? Ich schaue wieder mal MLS an. Nur, damit ihre Mitspieler sie leichter sehen? Comment California farmers don't seem to care one way or the other see below. Farm Bureau sets positions on California ballot measures [ Comment hm-us: Danke, aber es ist noch ein bisschen schwierig. Comment Hoffentlich bringt eine konsequent liebevolle Vorgehensweise schon was.

Hola, CAB59, bist du denn hier neu oder umbenannt? Mir ist so bange, was diese Wahl betrifft. We may think de facto media censorship is only happening in places like Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela. But in the US, it's already right here in our midst. Since so many people seem to be having trouble accessing US-based links following the EU data privacy decision, I have tried to include enough quotes to give the gist of the story while remaining well within 'fair use' criteria, citing only short excerpts from a very long article.

You might also try turning off JavaScript before clicking through to US sites. Some of the most egregious violations of data privacy seem to be caused by advertising cookies rather than first-party content. It reaches thirty-nine per cent of American viewers. Smith, is a conservative whose views combine a suspicion of government, an aversion to political correctness, and strong libertarian leanings. Sinclair employees say that the company orders them to air biased political segments produced by the corporate news division, including editorials by the conservative commentator Mkark Hyman, and that it feeds interviewers questions intended to favor Republicans.

In some cases, anchors have been compelled to read from scripts prepared by Sinclair. Volume 52 , Issue 1 January Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot your password?

Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? Direction, Accommodation, Visa. Basecamp of Inspiration. Winners Archive Sport Goes on the "Outdoor Mission" in More news.

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