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We have looked for it on the internet and cannot find anything! Best regards, Anna.

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Holeduli duliduli Hole duli duli duli duli Holeduli duli duli Holeduli duliduli o. Si het mr eis ghaue, Das tuet mr so weh. Jetzt gan i i ds Stedtli U chouf mr e Geiss, kei wyssi, e bruuni, Die hout mir e keis. This is precious!! Thank you very much — this is a flood of memories for my husband! And we will pass this onto our children now thanks to you!! With warmest regards, Anna. It has been too long and I just want to say : Vi gratulera, vi gratulera… bla, bla….

Bernard Bär - Neues Jahr, neues Leben - 45 Minuten - Cartoons für Kinder

Wie wilsch du es aesse? This is how I remember the song from when I attended my Swiss kindergarten in Basel many, many years ago..

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  7. As to the spelling…I am not sure and this is my best guess! She was Swiss German. Thank you for the translation!!! My grandmother sang the bear song and we sing it to our kids too! My version comes from either Bern or Luzern. Merry Christmas! I asked my German friend and art teacher Christina , she sent me the song in standard German and a translation into French. Below are the lyrics in German and an English translation. Ich wollte sie melken Da haute sie mir eins.

    HOTEL WEISSER BAER - Prices & Reviews (Germany/Mulheim an der Mosel) - TripAdvisor

    Sie hat mich gehauen, Das tut mir so weh. Darum melk ich meiner Lebtag Keine weisse Ziege mehr.

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    Over there, on the little mountain There is a white goat. I wanted to milk her When she hit me. She hit me, It hurt me so. Therefore will l, for my whole life, Milk no white goat. My father and my mother Are sparing people, They patch my pants With potato peel. Lisa, my grandmother sang that song to all of us. It was nina, buschali shlauf, oft a mata Whita jove, in a sheera lambeli, bir to Godt mi sangeli. She was born in Alsace Lorraine,but was Swiss and grew up in Basel.

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    You can hear the first verse sung here. Yes I remember the bear one!!.. All I remembered was something about a bear from Konstanz wanting to come to my house!! I soon got to big for him to keep doing it!!

    Hotel Weisser Bär (Hotel), Mülheim an der Mosel (Germany) Deals

    I was not taught Swiss-German as a child unfortunately and am only just trying to learn it now at 45…. So I have not heard them for about 40 years and today my Dad died so I thought I would look these up and mention them at his funeral- so pleased that I found this page- it has helped me out!!!

    Dr Tag isch vergange itz gang i is Bett. Dr lieb Gott im Himmel wird ou bi mir si! De Tag isch vergange, es tunklet ja scho, Du lieb Gott im Himmel, ich bi ja so froh. Great site Hope somebody can help this quietly aging American Basler extraction guy! Want to be able to sing this to my own, soon to arrive, grandchild. Any help or hints are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for this thread!

    He loves to sing can even carry a tune , and many of the songs he sings, not surprisingly, are in Swiss German. My son and daughter in law whose primary language is English have tracked down some videos and websites with lyrics, but a whole string like this is quite helpful. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English.

    Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Your purchase will help us keep our site online!

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    Visit our store. Es klingt wie amputiert. In short, "Wissen" is for knowing information, skills, etc. A longer, more complete answer is available from Your Daily German Das wurde genau so gehen, die meisten wurde es auch so sagen.

    The White and the Black Bear

    Verdammte Sackgesichter. What's the difference between den and der?? If you mix up "den" and "der", you will still be understood, but it would sound a little funny to a native German-speaker. So the equivalent would be like saying: "Me know she. Some German masculine nouns just get an "n" or "en" added in every case except nominative.

    Look up "n declension" and you'll find lot of sites explaining it. I think because of the meaning. In German "Kennen" is right to translate "to Know" to say knowing someone or something. Get started. Topic: German. March 22, Konstantin July 18, July 23, February 21, Danke :. April 17, January 15, The verb "kennst" has to be in second position, so no. March 23, Thomas Plus. September 25, June 28, July 20, Soccer August 7, June 11, June 25, Yes, "you" is the subject nominative , "the bear" is the object thus accusative.

    June 12, October 14, November 28, Steve Plus. January 18, February 15, May 27, March 11, November 10, VivianaSan1 Plus. No because there's the definite article "den". November 27, Madhukar January 20, Akhnati 2. March 14, February 9, February 13, April 9, AttiDrehto March 8, March 27, April 4, April 5, You don't know the bear. It tears down its victim in seconds. Maybe that explains the mystery :.