Guide Dramaville is not a place; it’s a state of mind

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He also chose the fonts. As this is the first in a series of books that blend the two genres, we wanted the first cover to focus a bit more on the fantasy elements and have immediate eye-appeal and beauty, and we really think Derek captured that with the blue tones and the starburst across the front. Beautiful and distinctive.

Renata F.

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JF: Very artful blending of illustration and lettering, this cover stands out. Kelly submitted Oil Slave designed by Kit Foster. Thanks for this great resource, Joel. Thanks for this competition, also your tweets which keep me thinking and learning. My friends Alex Nitz and Hilary Hornberger posed. A photographer friend Kristi Linton snapped the shot. My sister Jacqueline Fowers did the graphic design.


It was an attempt to make it match my first two books of the same genre that were published by a traditional publisher. My next self-published books will definitely have a smaller font for my name. Have a good look at some of the other covers in these posts and see what they are doing differently.

Ana submitted Pulchritude designed by Clarissa Filice. Stephanie Sun submitted Rootless designed by Stephanie Sun. JF: Stephanie, if you darken the background color this will work much better. Kathryn C. I look forward to hearing from you. JF: Cute, very nice. Needs a border. I am the designer for both from and back cover for this book. Damonza submitted Soach designed by Damonza. This one stopped me to figure out what was happening in the illustration, and drew me in.

Damonza submitted Song of the Fairy Queen designed by Damonza. Brynna submitted Starkissed designed by Brynna Gabrielson. The strong symmetry of this cover gives it a stillness, and the designer has used the intersection of receding lines of the boardwalk and the horizon to focus our attention right where he wants it. Janvier del Valle submitted Sword from the Sky designed by Myself. Everything else was done in GIMP. So I decided to illustrate the cover by mimicking the papercut technique. This cover was really fun to design.

While I liked the original, I felt it had a self-published look to it, where this one seems more professional, and it captures the steampunk feel without having to plaster gears all over it. I used sumo. JF: Beautiful, love the colors in this cover. JF: It looks good, but is it really telling me anything about the book? Gray submitted The Flight of the Griffin designed by C.

Dramaville is not a place; it's a state of mind

Each cover is symbolic of the city title. JF: A lovely concept somewhat undone by the title disappearing into the background design. Perhaps just changing the color of the title might help. JF: Great job with the illustration, Katie, but your title typography needs help. The rendition was completed by createspace. We strived for an elegant design that would follow the standards of the genre but stand out. And it works for large files and small thumbnails.

JF: Very clean and appropriate design, but the title is disappearing at this size. We worked together to get this into the appropriate layout, with online clarity and story insight, as well. The original SBTN logo file was created by an earlier designer but was lost due to a hard drive crash, so Holly Walden Ross had the challenge of recreating that logo to coordinate with previous book designs in the series.

I asked Andrew to do a redesign from scratch and this is what he came up with. I really think it captures the fun and humor of the book—or at least, I hope it does! This is my second ebook. The design guidelines were simplicity, readability and power, with a special emphasis on the eyes. The cover art illustrations were done by Javier Secano, and the typography and layout were done by myself.

JF: Very cool, very distinctive. Frey submitted Freelance Hacks: How to create systems to organize your freelance life designed by Foxtail Studio. But a good cover nonetheless. Love the illustration. JF: An interesting attempt to combine elements that in the ends leaves the cover without one dominant focus.

Justin Nozuka - No Place In Mind

JF: Interesting to compare this cover with Backpacked , above. I like the simplicity and directness of the cover even though the small photos are getting a bit lost. JF: And a very professional, confident cover with an adept use of color. I wanted an old-fashioned feel that would complement the poetry, much of which is in traditional, classical formats. The title, which could have saved it, has also fallen victim to the split.

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JF: I just love the colors and outstanding readability of this ebook cover. Donna M. JF: What a great photo, and nicely handled on this cover. Damonza submitted When the Sky is Falling designed by Damonza. JF: Once again Damonza shows atmosphere, texture, sensitive typography and a command of the sight path. Keenan Wilde submitted Wild Times Ahead! I definitely wouldn't recommend this one. Apr 09, Patricia J rated it it was amazing. State of Mind Andrea's journey out of Dramaville is definitely worth reading. I've come through a similar journey of having a dysfunctional family thankfully without incest and find her journey to be inspirational, thought provoking, and "real" as far as her feelings and discoveries.

Sep 08, Patricia Andrade rated it liked it. Dramaville is not a place you want to go before bedtime. It will keep you awake. Not necessarily because its a page turner but its disturbing. Feb 08, Joanne Interno rated it liked it. It was really just like reading somebody's journal. I'm not sure I like it.

Mar 09, Donna rated it liked it. Nonstop drama, and lots of dysfunctional relationships throughout this book.

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  • Dramaville Is Not A Place; Its A State Of Mind.

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