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The others were the degree to which particular names suggested to strangers that someone would be: a ethical and caring, b popular and fun; or c masculine or feminine. We'll examine the other dimensions in future articles--but first, the "successful" names, and what parents can take away from the research. It's apparently out of print now, but the specific names that his research revealed survive in a few corners of the internet.

While there is a bit more nuance involved, ideally, than saying that parents should just look to this short list when naming their kids, let's not hide the list from you. Here are the 20 specific names that Mehrabian found made people more likely to be perceived as successful. From perception flows reality, so the theory goes. Mehrabian pointed me to his monograph on his research, entitled Characteristics Attributed to Individuals on the Basis of Their First Names.

It's interesting reading, but it's also impossible to ignore the idea that the specific names that connote success might change over time. Thus, the real utility might be to identify what components or characteristics made people who had these names seem most successful--versus simply parroting them when naming kids. A few names on the list pop out as having had more resonance, in the late s and early s, perhaps: Ross and Madison, for example. Meantime, there are three variations of Catherine among the 20 Catherine, Katherine, and Kate ; one might wonder what was going on in say, , that might have triggered that reaction.

Also, it's clear that all 20 of the names on the list are Western, even Eurocentric. You won't find a Satya or a Sheryl , or an Elon , or a Sundar on it. But, it's fair to summarize that Mehrabian found that names that are more easily recognizable, that, have conventional spelling, and that are less often shortened into a nickname, were more advantageous. Additionally, it's smart to consider how historic connotations affect people's perceptions of various names, Mehrabian told one interviewer :.

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That said, Mehrabian writes that many parents handicap their kids by giving them less desirable names--even when they have the best of intentions. Female Bara. Female Baraka. Female Barbara. Female Barbie. Female Barbo. Female Barbro. Female Barcelona. Female Bardot. Female Bardou. Female Bariah. Female Barrett. Female Barrie. Female Barry. Female Basha. Female Basilia. Female Batel. Female Bathilda. Female Bathsheba. Female Bathshira. Female Batya. Female Bay. Female Baya. Female Bayleah. Female Baylee.

Female Bayleigh. Female Bayley. Female Baylor. Female Bayo. Female Bayou. Female Bea. Female Beach. Female Beacon. Female Beah. Female Bean. Female Beata. Female Beatha. Female Beathag. Female Beatrice. Female Beatrix.

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  6. Female Beatriz. Female Bebe. Female Bebop. Female Becca. Female Bechet. Female Bechette. Female Beck. Female Becky. Female Bedelia. Female Bee. Female Beeja. Female Begonia. Female Behati. Female Beibhinn. Female Beige. Female Bela. Female Belen. Female Belia. Female Belig. Female Belinda. Female Beline. Female Bell. Female Bella. Female Belladonna. Female Bellamy.

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    Female Bellatrix. Female Belle.

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    Female Bellerose. Female Bellezza.

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    Female Bellona. Female Beloved. Female Belphoebe. Female Belva. Female Benazir.

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    Female Benedetta. Female Benedicta. Female Benedita. Female Beneste. Female Benicia. Female Benilde. Female Benita. Female Benjamina. Female Bennington. Female Bente. Female Bentley.

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    Female Berangere. Female Berengaria. Female Berenice. Female Beretta. Female Berezi. Female Bergen. Female Berit. Female Berjouhi. Female Berlin. Female Bermuda. Female Bernadette. Female Bernadine. Female Bernarda. Female Bernice. Female Berry. Female Bert. Female Bertha. Female Bertille. Female Bertrice. Female Beruriah. Female Beryl. Female Bess. Female Bessie. Female Beta.

    Female Beth. Female Bethan. Female Bethany. Female Bethea.

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    Female Bethel. Female Bethenny. Female Bethesda. Female Bethia. Female Bethoc. Female Betony. Female Betsan. Female Betsy. Female Betta. Female Bettany. Female Bette. Female Bettina. Female Betty. Female Beulah. Female Beverly. Female Bevin. Female Bex. Female Bexley. Female Bey. Female Beyonce. Female Bia. Female Bianca. Female Bibi. Female Bibiana.

    Female Bice. Female Bichette. Female Biddy. Female Bidelia. Female Bidu. Female Bienvenida. Female Bijou. Female Bilhah. Female Billie. Female Bina. Female Bindi. Female Binnie. Female Bionda. Female Birch. Female Bird. Female Birdie. Female Birgit. Female Bitsy. Female Bixby. Female Bizzy. Female Blaine. Female Blair. Female Blaise. Female Blake. Female Blakeley. Female Blakely. Female Blakesleigh. Female Blakesley. Female Blanca.