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But when he runs into the man who is his "potential" forever, Erik isn't sure they can ever be a couple. He has a lot to learn! Mainly about the fact that Sax is very much his own man and will not stand for Erick making decisions for him. And as good as Erick is at communicating with other members of his pack, he has a lot to learn about communication in a relationship. Sax has been abused by his father for many years, and thinks he is stupid and not worth anything. When he is suddenly free of that joke, saved from a robber's threats by a man who can change into a wolf, which only he has seen, Sax is enthralled.

He loves to believe in magic, and will do anything to keep Erick's attention and possibly gain his love and respect. He is an amazing man to have survived all that emotional and physical abuse, and to have educated himself against the odds. He will not accept Erick trying to b "nice" and kisses him at the first opportunity. Of course, that sets into motion the transformation, and Sax needs to fight for his life. The passion between Sax and Erick is strong from the beginning, and only grows as they get to know each other. The "kiss issue" doesn't stand in their way for long, but they have a few other things to deal with as well — like Sax's entire future now that he is free.

If you like shifter stories with a twist, if you enjoy a strong man learning how to hold back so the one with issues can catch u and become independent, and if you're looking for a hot read with passionate partners, then you will probably enjoy this novella. Had he not known the kid in black leather, chrome chains, and a dog collar was an innocent bystander, Erick Bliss would have pegged him for one of the bank robbers.

The kid certainly had the bad-boy appearance down. However, since he was on the other side of the dipstick with the gun, Erick reassessed and realized he was only a Goth kid caught up in a robbery gone bad. One of the hostages was facedown in a pool of blood. The sharpshooter, yet unnamed, would probably have nightmares, and he would carry the fallout of that shot forever.

No one below knew he had an eagle-eyed view of the situation. Well, no one but Xenos. He was their liaison at the LAPD. Using his canine senses, Erick evaluated the situation. The bank foyer was just like any other. The floors were highly polished brown marble with thick, black runners to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. There were velvet ropes attached to golden poles, but they were tucked to the side.

A lone gunman stood across from a lone teller. While she stuffed money into a backpack, he jabbed his gun at her.

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The poor woman was beyond distraught and the criminal knew it. That was why he was sticking the gun in her face. When the woman darted her terrified gaze around at the windows, Erick got it. With a terror level already screamingly high, it became more so when the people thought there was a long-distance robber targeting them all. Erick continued to evaluate the situation. Perhaps that was what caused the first commanding officer to order a shot without having a full assessment.

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From the way they were lying so perfectly still, they did appear dead. It left marks, especially since the gunman had an AK If he had opened up on the crowd, there would be plenty of evidence. Something strange struck Erick then. Why was the Goth kid the only one standing? Was he involved somehow? Another Way to Hide.

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Kiss of Danger

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Kiss of Danger by Anitra Lynn McLeod

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