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Feb 22, Allison rated it it was ok Shelves: reading-for This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt

To view it, click here. As I have been reading piles of plays for a grad school project, I have known that I wouldn't be thrilled with all of them. The satire that seems to have kept this play in conversation wasn't even all that good. Apparently, a As I have been reading piles of plays for a grad school project, I have known that I wouldn't be thrilled with all of them. Apparently, a lot of rich people are shallow and commit crimes. What a shock! If you love plays where there are only two characters who have any honesty whatsoever, especially if one of them is a racist old man with a penchant for beating people in the street, and the other gets derided first as a whore for being alone in a room with a man and second as devious and underhanded for trying to expose a crime though that's okay, because that's just how we ladies are , and like it even better if the aforementioned old man is the woman's secret grandpa after he had her hidden away in Europe after his daughter was apparently the main character in Charlotte Temple , you will love this play.

Personally, I felt like finding a way to throw an eText out of a window after reading it, but that may just be me. Sep 30, Humphrey rated it it was ok.

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - People - Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt

Everything is pretty contrived, but there are some entertaining moments and it's certainly brisk. Also, of course, an interesting snapshot of American opinions on themselves and Europe in the midth. May 14, Annathelle26 rated it liked it Shelves: classics. Very amusing.

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It made me laugh many times, and I liked Trueman's sense of humor a lot. The story became somewhat boring in the end though, but at least there were these sudden splashes of humor, that kept me wanting to finish it. View 1 comment. Jul 18, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: theatre.

  1. Category: Biography.
  2. Author:Anna Cora Mowatt.
  3. Mowatt, Anna Cora (1819–1870);
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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Anna Cora Mowatt. After a short break she resumed her acting career. In December , her book Autobiography of an Actress was published. Anna Cora Mowatt's last appearance on the public stage was June 3, She was also involved in the preservation of George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. She wrote the novel Mute Singer , published in She wrote Fairy Fingers , published in Mowatt died in Twickenham, England , on July 21, Her sketches and tales may be said to be cleverly written.

They are lively, easy, conventional, scintillating with a species of sarcastic wit, which might be termed good were it in any respect original. In point of style — that is to say, of mere English, they are very respectable. The subject, however, is an exceedingly hackneyed one. In looking carefully over her poems, I find no one entitled to commendation as a whole; in very few of them do I observe even noticeable passages, and I confess that I am surprised and disappointed at this result of my inquiry; nor can I make up my mind that there is not much latent poetical power in Mrs.

From some lines addressed to Isabel M——, I copy the opening stanza as the most favourable specimen which I have seen of her verse. In this there is much force, and the idea in the concluding quatrain is so well put as to have the air of originality. Indeed, I am not sure that the thought of the last two lines is not original; — at all events it is exceedingly natural and impressive. I say "natural," because, in any imagined ascent from the orb we inhabit, when heaven should "burst on the sight" — in other words, when the attraction of the planet should be superseded by that of another sphere, then instantly would the "earth" have the appearance of "fleeting by.


In general she is rough, through excess of harsh consonants. The whole poem is of higher merit than any which I can find with her name attached; but there is little of the spirit of poesy in anything she writes. She evinces more feeling than ideality.

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  • Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat. After a respiratory illness prohibited her from continuing to read, Mowatt returned to writing [2]. Buoyed by the success of her play, Mowatt would go on to transition into a career in acting and eventually toured through out America and Europe for years [3].

    Anna Cora Mowatt

    Mowatt would continue to write in various styles, including another play and an autobiography. Two years after the death of her first husband, Mowatt would marry William Ritchie in an extravagant fashion, with noted guests including president Franklin Pierce and members of his Cabinet. After seven years, she would leave Ritchie and live on her own first in the North, and then abroad in England, always continuing to write and publish [4]. Anna Cora Mowatt died on July 29th, at the age of fifty-one [5].

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