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Mary de Crypt is underway, tourists can come to this church and learn more about our heritage which had a massive global impact. The incredible story and journey of Gloucester man George Whitefield, born in the Bell Hotel in Southgate Street who played such an important role in the evangelical revival of the 18th century holds a central place and we can learn from it now".

The pulpit will be returned to its original place with a specialist interactive multi-media heritage trail celebrating the lives of George Whitefield, Robert Raikes and Joan Cook, benefactor of the Crypt School. Whilst I have one more Plan to make for the start of my successor's ministry, the Revd John Hellyer, whom I commend to you! Needless to say, my time as Superintendent of the Circuit has flown! Most of us will be familiar with some lines from Sebastian Temple's adaption of the Prayer of St Francis: "It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, in giving unto all that we receive, and in dying that we're born to eternal life" STF It was not carried out for a year, spent in missionary preaching, chiefly in the west of England and London.

For two months he was in charge of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire his farewell sermon, 10 May , was edited, , by J.

George Whitefield

Dimock, from a manuscript discovered in that year. The popularity of his preaching was extraordinary; his first printed sermon ran through three editions in He was in constant request for charity sermons.

Satan's Schemes! - George Whitefield Sermon

On 30 Dec. John Wesley, who reached Deal the day before, would have stopped him, but did not use the opportunity of meeting him see Wesley, John , and Whitefield's Works , , iv.

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Hutton deprecated the publication as surreptitious; it is more close to the original than Hutton's own issue, which ran through four editions in the same year. Whitefield's journals were too egotistic for publication, and they prejudiced the methodist cause. Their issue set an example followed, with more judgment, by John Wesley, who began to publish his journals in Whitefield struck out a line of his own by establishing schools and projecting an orphan house.

To collect money for this scheme, and to obtain priest's orders, he left for England on 28 Aug. He was ordained at Christ Church, Oxford, on 14 Jan. Lady Huntingdon interested herself in his ordination, and brought aristocratic hearers to his preaching, among them the famous Sarah, duchess of Marlborough.

Margaret's, Westminster, in the afternoon of Sunday, 4 Feb. Morgan, the Friendly Society's lecturer, being out of town, had engaged John James Majendie to supply his place. Not knowing this, the stewards had sent for Whitefield. William Webster [q. This service converted Thomas Maxfield, afterwards John Wesley's assistant.

The pulpits of Bristol churches were now opened to him, but on 20 Feb. Bishop Butler, to whom he applied, wrote him a favourable letter, promising a benefaction towards the orphanage; he gave five guineas on 30 May Tyerman , i. Hence he threw himself into the work of outdoor preaching, always wearing his clerical robes. At St. In London George Stonehouse, vicar of St. At morning service the same day he heard a violent sermon against his movement by Joseph Trapp [q. It has been said that in Whitefield's sermon Gen. On 1 Aug. On 14 Aug. They landed in America on 30 Oct. He left Pennsylvania on 29 Nov.

A Timeline of Whitefield

He reached Savannah on 11 Jan. He at once hired a house, and on 25 March began a building, to be called Bethesda. For the remainder of his life the maintenance of this institution was an important factor in his work, compelling him to travel, and inspiring him to preach Tyerman , i. During thirty years of its management he expended on it, from his private resources, 3, l. Philip's, who preached against him, Whitefield retorting from a dissenting pulpit, and carrying the quarrel into print.

Revisiting Philadelphia in April, he pleaded as usual for the orphan house. Franklin, whom he employed as printer, had advised him on economic grounds to build the house at Philadelphia, and refused to contribute to the Georgia scheme. Seward went to England to collect funds, but the plan ended with his untimely death. Nominally the Anglican incumbent of Savannah, Whitefield was acting in effect as a minister at large, leaving James Habersham, the schoolmaster a layman , to read prayers and sermons in his place. He himself discarded the surplice; always prayed, as well as preached, extempore; constantly officiated in dissenting meeting-houses, and several times put Tilly, a baptist minister, into his pulpit.

Whitefield's two pulpits come together

Garden and four other clergymen constituted the commissary's court. Five days on each of which Whitefield preached twice to large audiences were spent in arguing questions of jurisdiction; Whitefield appealed to chancery, and on 19 July was bound under oath to lodge his appeal within a twelvemonth, depositing 10 l.

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The appeal was duly made; but as it did not come to a hearing within a year and a day, Garden again summoned Whitefield, and, in his absence, pronounced a decree of suspension. This is said to have been the first trial in any Anglican ecclesiastical court in a British colony. He preached against the liberalism which was making its way into Harvard College; there is no doubt that his influence did much to stem the tide of doctrinal indifference among the congregationalists of New England.

He gave new vitality to the Calvinistic position, and this reacted on his own teaching. The followers of Wesley and Whitefield henceforth formed rival parties. Whitefield left Charleston on 16 Jan. This was opened about the middle of April , and became the headquarters of Whitefield's London work. It was replaced by a brick building on the same site, opened on 10 June The Moorfields tabernacle suggested the Norwich tabernacle, erected for James Wheatley in Whitefield's Bristol tabernacle was opened on 25 Nov.

Finding that he was resolved to be strictly neutral on ecclesiastical politics, the associate presbyters disavowed him.

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Adam Gib [q. His popularity was very great: in thirteen weeks he visited some thirty towns and had huge open-air audiences. Leaving Edinburgh on 29 Oct. Whitefield married her on 14 Nov. Martin's, Caerphilly, parish of Eglwsilan, Glamorganshire. He had made up his mind to marry 19 Oct.

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James is known. Unhappiness in his married life has been inferred from the language of John Berridge [q. She died on 9 Aug. Mary de Crypt. Within a week after his marriage Whitefield started on a missionary tour in the west. At Gloucester and Painswick he preached in parish churches, after long exclusion. His second visit to Scotland stimulated the famous revival at Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, just begun by William m'Culloch — , the parish clergyman.

The penitents were seized with hysteria and convulsion Robe , Faithful Narrative , ; reprinted , phenomena denounced by seceders as renewing the excesses of the Camisards Fisher , Review , Correspondence with Wesley was resumed in October, and the personal relations of the two leaders were henceforth cordial. Whitefield was back in London on 6 Nov.

Harris , , p. It consisted of four clergymen, including Daniel Rowlands [q. Five years afterwards Whitefield admits in a letter to Wesley 1 Sept. After his rupture with Rowlands May , Harris seceded to form an association of his own Hughes , p. In September Doddridge preached at the tabernacle, and was taken to task 20 Sept. Next month Doddridge opened his pulpit at Northampton to Whitefield, and was warmly censured by Nathaniel, son of Daniel Neal [q.

They considered that any alliance with methodism would prejudice their relations with the established church. Others maintained that field-preaching was not protected by the Toleration Act. Richard Smalbroke [q. Taking his wife with him, Whitefield embarked for America at Plymouth on 10 Aug. His stay in America lasted till 2 June His success was achieved in the face of opposition from New England ministers, many of whom wrote strongly respecting his irregular methods. Testimonies against him were issued by the faculties of Harvard 28 Dec.

Shortly after his return, Lady Huntingdon made him August one of her domestic chaplains, following the course by which, before toleration, nonconforming clergy had been protected. During a visit of six weeks to Scotland September-October the synods of Glasgow, Lothian, and Perth passed resolutions intended to exclude him from churches. In November he visited Watts on his deathbed. The attacks on methodism by George Lavington [q. The impression he made in Ireland seems to have been very transitory.

His fourth visit to America October —May was curtailed by his wish to gain from the Georgia trustees, before their charter expired, certain privileges for his orphan house. His hymn-book , which in had passed through thirty-six editions, was compiled for the new-built tabernacle. During a visit to Scotland July-August a playhouse at Glasgow against which he had declaimed was pulled down Scots Magazine, , p. Detained a month at Lisbon, on his way to America, he wrote and published graphic accounts of the religious observances there.