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  1. Jeff Wincott

It made for an interesting childhood.

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She resides in Texas, where she puts that knowledge to use writing novels, short stories, and novellas in the sci-fi, mystery, and western genres. Space frontiersman Jonathan Love is newly married, in desperate need of a new crew, and he's on the run from the hit men hired by his former best friend, Malco Trent Marshal Michael Fallon rates as the toughest lawman in Fringe Space Joss Whedon's Firefly meets Flash Gordon as con-artist and adventurer Amanda Love travels the star systems of the frontier A daring experiment catapults Alice Lydell into the distant future of a postapocalyptic Earth Have you ever just wanted to retire into your dreams?

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Jeff Wincott

This short story from Devlin Church is about a bookstore that can do just that A woman's heart grows cold toward her husband and uses circumstance to justify the means Space frontiersmen Jonathan Love and Malco Trent forge a strange friendship that, over five years, takes them to the stars and makes them both insanely rich A short story about an old lighthouse and the secrets that it protects Welcome to Fringe Space, partner.

Keep your blaster handy, 'cause you might need it Devlin Church.

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You're getting a free audiobook. Bean plays John Marlott, a river cop who discovers the body of a small child on the beach.

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  • But before you go running for the hills or you sick, sick horror fans start salivating over all the blood and guts , this story is far from torture porn. The images are rather tame, even if the premise is outlandish.

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    OK, the latter might not be true, but because the body on the beach was held together with surgical thread, Peel thinks the culprit is someone trying to discredit his fellow surgeons. As Marlott delves into the messy politics of 19th century health care, he discovers a war raging between the wealthy and the destitute, the religious and the scientific, and the young and the old. All is not what it seems of course , and Marlott is forced to push himself beyond the call of duty to decipher what the heck is going on with these dead kids!

    Jamko Vital Scenes 9x19 Part 3

    The overarching mystery of Season 1 is probably a bit too big for its britches.