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Positioning Your Tree
  1. Upside down Christmas tree |
  2. Turn Christmas Upside Down
  3. Upside-Down Christmas Trees Started as a Religious Symbol

Just ask social media. People hate the idea. Some love it. Some are very confused. Others are indifferent. And many, like me, are just waiting for Netflix to deliver a punchline. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the video below.

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You can get an idea of what they look like and how much people are spending on these unique decorations. Right-side-up or upside-down, the ornaments and lights are still beautiful.

Upside down Christmas tree |

No matter which direction you turn it, you can find space to stockpile all the gifts that you want without much fuss. There are different theories about the resurrection of this design choice.

  • Upside-Down Christmas Trees Are Apparently All the Rage This Year.
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  • Upside Down Christmas Trees Are a Thing This Year and Some People Are *Freaking* Out.

There are the Stranger Things conspiracy theorists who think the show has inspired the design craze. But, it likely has a lot more to do with the needs of commerce. Retailers began using trees oriented in reverse in the early s because the limbs better hold ornaments without heavy bottom branches to swallow them up, which means more can be displayed.

Plus, they leave increased floor space for extra stock and freedom of customer movement. And, the fashion and design world are smitten with them, so the newfangled tree displays are popping up among influencers and style stars.

And glorious examples of the trend can be viewed in top stores and hotels across the country. For people who want to replicate the look in their home, it can be spendy af. But, check my dope tree. Based on recent tweets, probably not. I have a lot of questions.

Turn Christmas Upside Down

Why is Target selling an upside down Christmas tree? Someone help. They like this country's traditions. Seriously, if you partake in this upside down Christmas tree trend I don't think we can be friends. All you will need is some floral wire and some strong hooks to turn any ordinary store-bought tree into an upside-down tree. Just discard the legs from your tree stand, wrap the trunk in ribbon and floral wire, and hang the tree from disposable hooks placed on the ceiling. For more instructions on how to create your own upside-down tree, visit KristenAnneGlover.

Upside-Down Christmas Trees Started as a Religious Symbol

Whether you buy one, make one, or just appreciate the ones you see in shop windows, it looks like these upside-down Christmas trees are definitely here to stay for the holidays. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Royal Family at Wimbledon The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings. What Is the Official Drink of Summer View this post on Instagram.