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Henke is presumed dead by the Manticorans, as it is believed she did not make it off Ajax before she was destroyed. In reality, however, she got aboard the last evacuating shuttle with two of her officers, and was heavily injured as her ship exploded around them. They are then picked up by the Havenite fleet and become prisoners of war. Thomas Theisman has mandated that all prisoners of war in the renewed conflict between Manticore and Haven are to be treated as fairly and humanely as possible.

Henke recovers in a comfortable military hospital, during which time she is visited in turn by Theisman and President Eloise Pritchart. After she recovers, Henke takes command as the senior Manticoran Prisoner of War on an island on Haven.

God Came 'Round - Starring Deep Roy (Professor T & the EastSide Shredders)

One day she is summoned once again to the company of Theisman and Pritchart, and is informed that she will be paroled. There is one more stipulation: Henke must give her legally binding oath that she will not command a force against the Havenite military, or otherwise act against the interests of Haven. This she does, and is sent back to Manticoran territory.

Henke convinces a reluctant Queen Elizabeth to personally meet with Pritchart in the neutral Kingdom of Torch.


In the meantime, Henke and Manticore are put in a dilemma: she cannot go back to war against Haven, or else violate her parole. Yet, she is one of the RMN's finest tacticians, and the Bureau of Personnel recognizes that her talents should not be wasted.

Thus, she is assigned to become second in command to Vice Admiral Augustus Khumalo in the distant Talbott Quadrant , which has petitioned via plebiscite to become annexed by the Star Kingdom. Despite the disastrous Battle of Monica that resulted in Monica becoming a vassal of Manticore, and the public embarrassment of all involved in the plot, including Manpower Incorporated and the Solarian League 's Office of Frontier Security , Manpower almost immediately launches another plan to force Manticore from the Quadrant, and cause a conflict between the Star Kingdom and the League to serve its own ends.

Taking advantage of widespread arrogance in the OFS and the Solarian League Navy towards "lesser" nations like Manticore, Manpower manipulates the only star nation of the Talbott Cluster that declined to participate in the annexation, the New Tuscan Republic , to engineer a false conflict between itself and Manticore. Manpower operative Aldona Anisimovna persuades them to support a new plot that she tricks them into believing will help preserve New Tuscan sovereignty. After a series of deliberately provoked incidents between New Tuscan merchant ships and Manticoran forces charged with inspecting them as they enter Manticoran territory, a fleet of ships under the command of Admiral Josef Byng , a viciously anti-Manticoran and incompetent SLN officer, is dispatched to Talbott.

Byng himself is completely oblivious to the plot, and honestly believes that his true purpose for being sent to Talbott is to check Manticoran aggression against New Tuscany.

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  • Henke encounters Byng and through a Naval Intelligence dossier on him discovers Byng's nature and arrogant attitude towards all things Manticoran. However, she is powerless to do anything about the Solarian presence in the area. In the wake of this crisis, the overall leader of Manpower Inc. The Mesan Alignment , the true power behind the seemingly unpolitical Mesans, plans to finally come out of the shadows and launch a direct attack on the Manticore System with a secret weapon: stealth ships that travel without impeller drives and are thus completely undetectable by conventional means.

    Manpower is actually just a front for the Alignment, which is run by Detweiler and a cadre of other genetically engineered oligarchs set on domination of all life in the galaxy. The Mesan plot comes to a head: New Tuscany scuttles one of their own merchant ships as a Manticoran vessel is approaching for an inspection, in an attempt to frame Manticore for its destruction. Even though it is blatantly obvious that the detonations which destroyed the freighter were caused internally, Admiral Byng wastes no time upon hearing of the incident to protect them against further Manticoran "aggression".

    Admirals Khumalo and Henke, unaware of Byng's presence in the system, send a small fleet of three destroyers to New Tuscany to officially complain about their actions. As soon as the destroyers arrive, Anisimovna, using a remote controlled nuclear device, destroys the largest New Tuscan space station in orbit around the planet, killing tens of thousands of New Tuscans.

    Admiral Byng automatically assumes that the Manticoran destroyers are responsible, and orders his forces to open fire upon them in retaliation, destroying them all. Manticore is propelled into a state of armed conflict with the Solarian League. For Manticore, the events could not have come at a worse time: Lester Tourville 's massive attack on the Manticore System itself takes place, prompting the Battle of Manticore and the near-complete elimination of the offensive capabilities of Manticore and Haven.

    Recognizing his huge opportunity, Albrecht Detweiler orders the deployment of his secret weapon on Manticore far earlier than he had originally intended. Commanded by one of his son-clones, the new Mesan Alignment Navy embarks on the stealth ships for Manticore. Admiral Henke learns of the massacre at New Tuscany, and immediately assembles all her ships and embarks for the system. Upon her arrival, she orders Byng to stand down, warning him that Manticoran naval capabilities far exceed that of the Solarians on a qualitative basis.

    Byng, who considers this warning a desperate bluff, refuses. After reiterating her warning several times, and being ignored each time, Henke launches a full salvo of missiles at Byng's flagship from far outside the engagement range of the SLN forces, completely destroying it. Recognizing their complete tactical deficit, Byng's second in command complies with Henke's demands: the Solarian League Navy, the most powerful military force in the known universe, is dealt its first defeat in centuries.

    During this meeting, Honor Harrington remarks that she believes conflict with the Solarian League had been inevitable, and the only way Manticore is going to survive is going to be to destroy the League as it is and break it up into several successor star nations which Manticore can deal with individually. Elizabeth initially rejects this new approach, believing that Haven, in the wake of that nation's devastating assault on Manticore, must be dealt with to prevent further assaults of that nature. However, Honor through her status as an empath, reveals that she has discovered via an extensive investigation that the renewed conflict between Haven and Manticore was engineered by Mesa to keep the two sides, both enemies to Mesa, distracted.

    Why is a festival of Israeli film fighting for censorship in London?

    Using the evidence she has uncovered, Harrington convinces Elizabeth to see things her way and attempt to reconcile with Haven. Meanwhile, the OFS administrator responsible for his organization's involvement with the Mesans meets with Fleet Admiral Sandra Crandall , CO of Task Force , a powerful fleet of capital ships stationed relatively close to the Cluster. Taking advantage of Crandall's prejudices towards "neo-barbarians" like Manticore, and her rage over the destruction of Byng's flagship, he surreptitiously convinces her to prepare to attack Manticore in the Talbott Cluster.

    Simultaneously, the Mesan Alignment Navy's stealth ships arrive in the Manticore System, and deploy many missile pods before turning to leave. The commander of this force remarks that in a period of weeks, Manticore will be dealt a devastating blow. Owens Steadholder's Guard. His most famous victory was the capture of Jericho, and he also conquered Canaan circa B. Themistocles: Themistocles, an architect of the Athenian Empire, ended the Persian threat with his triumph at the naval Battle of Salamis B. Miltiades: Miltiades was an Athenian general whose innovative tactical deployment allowed his outnumbered force to destroy the Persians at Marathon B.

    Julius Caesar: Through tactical skills and personal magnetism, Caesar B.

    Realm of History

    He then captured Rome, Naples and Milan Khalid ibn al-Walid: A Muslim commander for Muhammad and his successors, Khalid was undefeated in over battles against various tribes, the Byzantines and the Persian Empire The Peace of Ramala left Jerusalem in Muslim hands. He excelled at siege warfare and at adapting tactics to battlefield conditions.

    Tamerlane: Born in what became Uzbekistan, Tamerlane amassed a huge army of nomads, Muslims and Christians that conquered vast regions of western and central Asia Ieyasu Tokugawa: After winning the battle of Sekigahara , Tokugawa was proclaimed shogun and Japan was unified under his rule. His castle at Edo grew into Tokyo. Duke of Marlborough: John Churchill, victor at the Battle of Blenheim , was the most impressive English commander of his time.

    He dominated European battlefields during the War of Spanish Succession. Maurice de Saxe: De Saxe, a marshal general of France, achieved his most important victory at the Battle of Fontenoy Vincent , ended the invasion threat posed by revolutionary France.

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    Francisco Pizarro: Spanish conquistador Pizarro led a small force that defeated 30, Inca warriors , conquered Peru and helped Spain gain control of most of South America. Shaka Zulu: The conquests of Shaka Zulu, founder of the Zulu Empire, were due to his military innovations in organization, training, weapons and tactics that led to the creation of a nearly invincible army by Geronimo: Geronimo, the famous Chiricahua Apache war leader, used guerrilla tactics to outfox the U.

    Army for nearly 25 years in Arizona, New Mexico and northern Mexico, until his final capture Louis Botha: Botha was a Boer general who achieved stunning victories over much larger British forces at Colenso and Spion Kop His devastating guerrilla campaign lasted until the end of the Second Boer War. David Farragut: Farragut, the U. Nathan Bedford Forrest: Perhaps the greatest natural military genius of all the Civil War commanders, Forrest combined daring leadership with an uncanny ability to match winning tactics to any military situation.

    Ulysses S. His tenacious Virginia Campaign led to the final defeat of Robert E. Thomas J. Robert E. Lee: Lee is an American military icon. Until his defeat at Gettysburg , his operational brilliance gave the Confederacy its greatest chance for Civil War victory. William T.

    It has often been cited as a precursor to the blitzkrieg warfare of a generation later. Ferdinand Foch: Although Foch earned his pre-World War I reputation as a tactician, his greatest contribution to Allied victory was as supreme commander of French, British and American forces His influential books on irregular warfare are still read today by those seeking insight on insurgencies.

    Henri Petain: Petain was a master of defensive tactics. John J. Pershing: As American Expeditionary Force commander 19 , Pershing insisted that his 3 million-man army fight under U. Later, the Soviet commander was instrumental in the tactical fight that captured Berlin Dwight D. He rolled over France but was stopped at Moscow He achieved remarkable success in the Pacific Theater despite his inadequate supplies and limited numbers of troops and ships.

    Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim: Mannerheim commanded the vastly outnumbered Finnish defense forces that defeated the initial Soviet invasion during the Winter War , and he fought the Continuation War against the U. He defeated Rommel at the turning-point Battle of El Alamein , commanded Allied ground forces at Normandy and then drove into the heart of Germany. George S. Patton Jr. Konstantin Rokossovsky: Rokossovsky was instrumental in the decisive Eastern Front victories at Moscow , Stalingrad and Kursk Some believe the Soviet marshal was better than Zhukov. His notable campaigns included France , North Africa and Normandy His leadership overcame monumental challenges — terrible terrain, miserable weather, supply shortages and an implacable enemy — to beat the Japanese in Burma Holland M.

    Georgi Zhukov: Zhukov was the U. Moshe Dayan: Israeli commander Dayan served as chief of defense staff and as minister of defense. Harold G. Lewis B. Matthew B. There, he revitalized U. Mao Zedong: A successful leader against Nationalist Chinese and Japanese opponents , Mao Zedong was both a practitioner and a theorist of unconventional warfare.

    Winfield Scott, the longest-serving general in U. So too Gen. Omar Bradley, U.

    Nilesh Manani (Author of Emil Augustus and The Fight for Freedom)

    The Japanese had ships, he had He is considered by many historians as being on par with Admiral Nelson. Missed Korean Admiral Yi-Sun Sin, the odds he faced were probably among the greatest in naval history. You can make your own list. See below. His slicing and dicing of the Iraqi army during Desert Storm was worthy of mention.

    Joshua is a mythical figure that it is absurd to feature here. Google it. Why should other people do YOUR research to back up your claim? A myth, indeed.