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  1. Calde notti mediterranee: In crociera con il playboy / Un ballo con il greco / Risveglio spagnolo
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SIDE 1: 1. Nameless - Life 3. The Moods - 'Cause Of You 4. Toreros - Come 7. Thor's Hammer - My Life 8. The Marksmen - Moonshine 3. Thor's Hammer - Better Days 6. The Blue Birds - Sweet Polly 4. The Daimlers - Come On Closer 5. The Upsetters - Daddy Rolling Stones 6. Mod East - Angelita 7. The A-Cads - Roadrunner 8. The Interpreters - Any Time 2. Het - She'll Stay 3. The Acts - I Guess So 4. Midnatt Fyran - Always And Ever 6. Like 'Pebbles' did for the boys, 'Girls In The Garage' captures the raw essence of those juvenile dreams played out through guitars, drums, mics, and amplifiers.

Prevailing gender roles would be tested as rock'n'roll became someone else's domain Comes on gram yellow vinyl. The Girls - Chico's Girl 3. The Termites - Tell Me 6. The Whyte Boots - Nightmare 2. The Chymes - Quite A Reputation 4. The Mama Cats - Miss You 7. Comes on gram flesh pink vinyl. Laurie - Everyone Will Know 2. Luv'd Ones - I'm Leaving You 3. Heartbeats - Cryin' Inside 5.

The Liverbirds - Diddley Daddy 7. Jacqueline Taieb - AM 7. Included are renditions of a. Background notes and images are included. Thats the way they describe themselves and they call their music road rage rock. Formed in in London, they come from all over the world: Portugal, Brazil being their countries of origin. They have had a rapid rise on the London scene, becoming one of the most watched bands of In the '70s and early '80s Fred and Toody Cole played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late s, they formed Dead Moon with Andrew Loomis.

This band went on to become mythic and legendary. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands, a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of.

The book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland music scene. The book tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, song lyrics, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff.

Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes 2 LPs of the "best of" Dead Moon - lovingly remastered from the original tapes. First edition is ultra deluxe, using great faux leather and cloth. Very sturdy construction. The cover has die cuts embedded and holds the 2 LPs. The flip features guest vocalist Rob Aston of The Transplants. This eight-song EP is pressed oni transparent inch vinyl.

Along with bands like Excel, Cryptic Slaugther and Hirax, Attitude Adjustment helped bridge the gap between blazing fast hardcore and speed metal, a sound that was duplicated many times over, but rarely with the ferocity found here. Including a mini-documentary on DVD as a bonus. This "early days" retrospective includes hits and rarities spanning from their hardcore days to their more crossover style stuff, including all time classics such as 'Couch Clouch', 'I Don't Need Society' or 'Commuter Man'.

Who Am I? Commuter Man 3. The Explorer 4. Argument Then War 5. Mad Man 6. Couch Slouch 7. Nursing Home Blues 8. A Coffin 2. Hooked 3.

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Probation 4. Five Year Plan 5. No Religion 6. Violent Pacification 7. Well, this is not the same Discharge that you all know and love. Technically it's the same band, but it sounds completely different. As the title states, this LP is their early demo recordings from March-June, The whole record screams of the early days of young, snotty, pissed off punks filled with teen angst.

If you're a huge Discharge completist, you should pick this up, or if your really into the raw, primal 77 punk sound. Limited edition of hand-numbered copies. Coming on the back of several well recieved EPs and singles, with this album Discharge laid down the blueprint for a new sound in punk rock. The songs are short, played at a constant high speed, abrasive and minimalist. Riffs were a near constant wall of ferocious strumming, aided by a constant, monotonous percussion that would become quickly known as D-beat.

Lyrically Discharge were leftist in nature, dealing with anarchist and pacifist morals that, when coupled with Cold War era fear, created nihilistic and alienating themes. Discharge were true originals on the punk scene who are now credited with helping to the shape the sound of everything from thrash metal to crust punk and grindcore.

Another '80s UK punk classic reissued on Radiation! Rediscover the closing of this chapter of one of the most influential bands in extreme music. Comes on GREY vinyl. Originally released on Oi! The original 7" pressing is long out of print and hard to find. Limited to copies on RED vinyl. Released in , it followed up their debut 'Back On The Map' perfectly, a volatile mixture of fast, maniacal hardcore with angry street punk fronted by the notorious Choke.

Stars And Stripes is the Oi! It features the two tracks from the 'Drop The Bomb' 7" that were not included on the original release of the album. Consisting of previously unreleased studio recordings 'So Alonesome' is an essential sibling to 'So Alone'. The first copies of this vinyl edition include a free CD-version plus a download. Though Total Chaos' first record came out in , their sound is pure '80s classic hardcore and Southern California thrash. Collected here are their earliest original recordings before some of them were re-recorded for Epitaph. Tracks 1 to 5 were recorded in September 93, tracks 6 to 7 in March 93, taken from the debut LP 'We Are The Future', tracks 8 and 9 in July 92, taken from the live 7" 'Nightmares' and tracks 10 to 15 were recorded in June 91, taken from the band's first demo.

Limited to hand-numbered copies. Records on cassette only in the '80s as the label was coming to prominence in the Boston underground scene. This has never been on vinyl and is a historical documentation of a label and scene. Moving Targets - Faith 3. Lemonheads - Second Chance 4. Gang Green - Sold Out Alabama 5. The Oysters - Mine Caroline 6. The Outlets - Eddy 7. Bullet Lavolta - Baggage 4. Slapshot - Back On The Map 5. Jerry's Kids - I Don't Belong 6. Kilslug - Answer The Call 7. Elvis Cortez delivers six enjoyable songs that blend punk, folk and alternative rock.

With eerie but exhilarating echoes Reagans '80s and the bilious, hyper-aggressive hardcore punk scene that erupted in response, the world of is more than ready for the blistering return of Septic Tank. This band of weather-beaten underground veterans have existed since the early '90s, more as a whispered enigma than a full-time band, but the decisive moment of deafening reality has arrived with the unveiling of 'Rotting Civilisation', the first full-length Septic Tank record and the ugly, rampaging rebirth of the subversive hardcore spirit.

Septic Tank are no longer a shadowy side-project that existed more in the minds of its participants than in the ears of the masses. CD version! This edition is limited to CDs. Of course you may also count on the usual columns, news items, action-packed photos and reviews. The flip contains the track 'I Can't Control It'. Limited edition of copies. This full-length contains 11 tracks of extreme death metal packed with heavy riffs, exceptional composition, and monster vocals.

This violent cut of Texas death metal will leave you utterly paralyzed, gasping for air, and begging for more!!! With wide and beautiful soundscapes 'Arbor' revisits the beginnings of the band's sound evolution. Also includes a pages booklet with lyrics, credits and liner notes. All albums are mastered for vinyl.

Tenth full length by N. Reissue of this 5 track E. Reissue of the 'Stadia Rods' E. Limited to copies on solid vinyl. Darius delivers orchestral songs without pompousness.

Calde notti mediterranee: In crociera con il playboy / Un ballo con il greco / Risveglio spagnolo

Raw riffs. Simple and repetitive chords you wanna play with much excitation. Riffs that hurt your wrist and cover your guitar with blood. Riffs that once layered form an atypical, choral and fairly violent post-rock. Limited to copies on white vinyl. Third full length by Swedish melodic hardrock outfit Grand Design.

On 'Viva La Paradise' they present their chararistic hardrock style and sound, but elevated and with a few new surprises. Hemelbestormer is a Dutch word which can be literally translated as "stormer of heaven", but is given to those with revolutionary minds and idealists. Since , Hemelbestormer opens the doors to a new universe and shout out a mix of various genres, whether it is post-rock, sludge, ambient, doom or even black metal, combined to an instrumental light-dark balanced whole.

It's heathen, organic and personal; deeply dedicated to the roots and the old expressions of the dark art. The alpine spirit and the folklore inherited from French past legacies are the main influences on this album. For fans of Pantera, Machine Head and Entombed. Deliciously haunting female vocals, rhodes piano and '70s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a sound that is totally unique.

Blackened 2. Welcome Home Sanitarium 3.

1970s thriller films

Leper Messiah 4. For Whom The Bell Tolls 2. Eye Of The Beholder 3. Master Of Puppets 4. One SIDE 3: 1. Seek And Destroy 2. And Justice For All 3. Fade To Black 2. Battery 3. Medley 4. Last Caress 5. Am I Evil. Necrodeath go back to their roots releasing one of the fastest, most violent and brutal chapters in their deadly musical path. Comes on solid black vinyl and in a gatefold sleeve. Here is the official repress on coloured vinyl of the fourth full length by legendary Norwegian black metal band, which was founded by Galder from Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child.

Easily among the most consuming records of their more than twenty-year career, 'Aegean Sorrow' fuses seemingly clashing concepts of catchy melodies and an incessantly mournful ambiance throughout. A more technical musical approach takes hold as the band builds upon the madness created by 'Inri' and 'Rotting'. Limited to copies and comes in a glossy laminated jacket with silver ink. Spawned from the same scene that delivered classic bands such as Sarcofago, Mutilator, Chakal, and Sepultura, Sextrash adds speed and debauchery to an already extreme musical environment.

Strapping Young Lad's debut album reissued on vinyl. Devin Townsend has always been open about being diagnosed with bipolar, and it's abundantly clear on S. L's "out of this world" debut LP. Chakal - Cursed Cross 2. Chakal - Mr. Jesus Christ 3. Mutilator - Believers Of Hell 4. Mutilator - Nuclear Holocaust side 2: 1. Sarcofago - Satanas 3. Holocausto - Destruicao Nuclear 4. Holocausto - Escarro Napalm. Nevertheless, this music leads you to paths you have never walked before.

Eschewing any frills, the band goes straight for the throat. No experimental bullshit, just the sound of rotten flesh and slow decay. Wolvhammer features members of Nachtmystium, Skeletonwitch and Abigail Williams. A page booklet with info and rare photos is included. The album is built on a desire for continuity, yet at the same time a will to break with what has been done.

With a more elaborate sound and assumed maturity, the band once again write about local, regional and occitan legends and tales, but also the stories of famous smugglers or belligerent figures from French history. A continuation of Bong's metaphysical sounds, 'Thought and Existence' will take the listener on a spacious voyage that resonates with the works of the band's past, yet this offering is especially striking and stunning.

A resplendent and imposing craft, comprised of two tracks spanning just under 40 minutes, 'Thought and Existence' is remarkable in it's ability to move the listener and transcend them to imaginative planes anew. Coilguns have been pushing their boundaries to find a unique and most certainly odd sound, and by simplifying their songwriting, they've intensified and emphasized their heaviness.

Also included are two interesting tracks from a side project in which frontman Jon Nodtveidt played in, entitled Satanized, an insane mix of black and death metal, with no melody at all. A must have vinyl for all Dissection fans! It is a side project by the man we love to love when it comes to heavy metal made in the UK - Steve Grimmet, the unmistakable voice of legendary heavy metal band Grim Reaper.

Grimmstine's debut is a solid and well-crafted display of classic melodic heavy metal. They take their influence from the torchbearers of metal music to develop a signature sound and create catchy metal songs that keep you coming back for more. The blending of every metal genre in a total personal way makes this record a release you don't want to miss, as it turns the old style into something new and innovative. Soom, who have previously combined heavy weirdness, hypnotic rhythms, otherworldly chanting and "recorded in a cavern" sound with an ancient mysticism grounded in Ukrainian folk, are ready to go further and project the spirit of their native city through unearthly soundscapes.

Preserving the traditions of the first album, Soom creates a conceptual story, more uncanny in Dzspoken wordsdz, more chaotic and deeper in music, combining doom metal with dark side of rave and Slobozhansky folk. The result is a low-tuned, dark, vicious, filthy, shake-the-fucking-ground metal record!

Playing a style true to the old Norwegian black metal roots, cold and grim yet with a melodic twist, they took their inspiration from the early days of bands such as Ulver, Emperor, Burzum, Darkthrone, Kampfar and Taake. Later joined by other members, they became a very respected band in their short few years of grimness. This is the rehearsal demo the band recorded in in its pure form - no other version of it survived and no other songs or releases exist.

In League With Satan 2. Bloodlust 4. In Nomine Satanas 5. Die Hard 6. Acid Queen 7. Warhead 8. Lady Lust 9. Manitou Wolvhammer races to the forefront of the "U. The sleeve has reproduced artwork. Presented on green vinyl. The LP is presented with reproduced artwork and labels. Matt Brooke and Ben Bridwell have abandoned the melancholic slow-core of their previous band Carissa's Weird for a brighter, more straightforward indie rock sound with obvious roots in Neil Young's ragged folk and progressive indie bands like Built to Spill.

As an added bonus, all formats include a download of a previously unissued interview with Alex Chilton and Andy Hummel from the summer of with Jon Scott on FM This Mortal Coil and Bauhaus. Just see it as an expantion of the predecessor. And it has a fantastic version of a Lana Del Ray song. Deluxe edition, limited to 1. Beverley's lost album from , here available on vinyl.

Back in the day this Leeds-based band gained quite some popularity with its appealing combination of post-punk and goth rock influences. With sovereign ease, it combines complex yet muscular rock and jazz rhythms with bold harmonies. Here's a vinyl reissue of a somewhat experimental wave album, featuring Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon, originally released in Radhakrishna Ravi Shankar are joining in for special sounds and atmospheres.

Ambient instrumental passages weave in and out of more traditional-sounding songs in various styles: feathery '60s pop, peach-fuzz indie rock, gentle bossa nova and melancholy drone with psychedelic shading. Lola My Love Chat Monday Morning I Don't Want To Know Never Going Back Again Instrumental Races Are Run Rhiannon Long Distance Winner You Won't Forget Me Blue Letter Heartbreaker Circles In Time Don't Let Me Down Again Frozen Love Crystal Django Includes 5 previously unreleased tracks.

This set comes with remastered sound, liner notes and rare photos. His dream was to share the music, the melodies and the ideas he had in his mind with other people, for that goal he worked with Manos Fatsis, one of the best Greek voices, and the legendary Paul Laine ex-Danger, Danger. CD re-release of Swedish hard rockers Universe's classic self-titled and only album from In , all the members met up together for the first time in 14 years.

They immediately knew they wanted to play again, and became convinced that the old material still had potential. Everyone agreed that a new album had to be released, but also that they were being pulled in different directions. For several years they kept continuous contact, waiting for the time when recording an album became inevitable. At first, Universe Infinity lacked a singer, but suddenly one day he was just there. Andreas Eklund ex-House Of Shakira became the new front man, his narrative lyrics and tasteful melodies opening the door to another dimension, so the band could take a bigger step into the galaxy.

Including two bonus tracks. Organised by the Town Council of Castelfranco Emilia, the competition aims to spread awareness about the culture of creative re-cycling and more. The theme of the first edition is Il Giocattolo Futuribile, toys for the future. Proceeds will obviously go to the charity and things are definitely looking good; Campbell managed to raise a million dollars in Ricchi di sali minerali, vitamina A sotto forma di betacarotene e vitamina.

Symbol of the Mediterranean area, the opuntia ficus indica, better known as the Indian fig or prickly pear is without doubt one of the tastiest and healthiest of our local fruits. It is said that it was first imported to Calabria by the Saracens in where the climatic conditions for its planting and growth were considered excellent.

English-language French films

The three main varieties of Indian fig are yellow, white and red also known as sanguigna and their beneficial effects for health were well known to the Aztecs. Rich in mineral salts,. The Indian Fig is present as part of the symbol on the Mexican flag. Here, in ancient times, the Indian fig was a valuable food consumed by peasants at the beginning of their working day, especially at harvest time. It was tradition to eat them at breakfast based on an antique custom whereby vineyard owners would distribute the sweet fruit to their workers in generous portions to stop them eating too many grapes during the harvest.

Questi doni della natura rappresentano un vero e proprio toccasana. Viene infatti utilizzato per la produzione di saponi, shampoo, lozioni astringenti per il corpo, creme idratanti, ad azione elasticizzante e anti invecchiamento per il viso. Particolare importanza merita il liquore che, per le sue caratteristiche, viene impiegato nella preparazione di cocktail, per insaporire la panna cotta, per la bagna delle torte alla frutta, per esaltare i gelati o semplicemente ghiacciato con i dolci.

The fruit is particularly noted both as a cell-regenerator due to the presence of potassium and magnesium sources of oligominerals essential for the proper functioning of the body and as a tried-and-tested natural remedy against tiredness and stress; a positive boost for both the immune system and your mood. Thanks to the presence in its juice of mucilage and natural polysccharides the fruit is considered a by the cosmetic industry as a real fountain of youth.

It is used in the production of soap, shampoo, astringent body lotions and face creams that moisturise, increase elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing. In gastronomy, the fruit and stem of the opuntia ficus indica are used to make jams, mustard and cream for risotto. Its liqueur is particularly important as due to its particular characteristics it is employed in the preparation of cocktails, to add flavour to panna cotta and the juice of fruit tarts, as a finishing touch to ice-creams or simply served ice-cold as an accompaniment to desserts.

Il suo laboratorio, spazio profumato tra sentori di Toscana e. Imagine an ancient fortress hidden in the mountains of the ancient Orient. In the Houte Couture world of smell, Villoresi lets flow his love for the philosophy and renaissance tradition of his home city. His laboratory, a fragrant journey containing hints of Tuscany.

Una volta individuata - sulla base del carattere o di un ricordo - la classe di odori che meglio vi rappresenta, inizia la degustazione, con tanto di bicchiere dove viene vaporizzato il profumo. Tra i suoi clienti Madonna, Sting e Blair. Non mi stanco mai di creare. He counts Madonna, Sting and Blair amongst his clients. Perfume is able to conjure up memories of a journey, child-.

A very unusual bar where you smell, rather than drink. Close your eyes to taste a memory or feeling. There are hundreds of fragrances; the idea is simple to offer a sweet-smelling promenade to those attracted by the world of perfume without the obligation to buy. The bar in Rome is the latest from the olfactory created by Renata De Rossi and her husband Giovanni Gaidano whose first shop is in Turin. A guide demonstrates the main olfactive families. There are many surprises along the way: you can start with marine notes and find yourself amongst spicy, chypre or woody ones.

The journey is tantalising and your nose can take all the time it needs. I never get tired of creating. Personally I see femininity with its mix of elegance and seduction in notes of chypre, such as talc. One thing which most definitely affects the choice of one fragrance over another is climate: in the hot season I use elements with a marine or Mediterranean. Si spinge oltre, e da mezzo But perfume is not just an invisible layer espressivo in grado di raccontare mondi of clothing.

Una to recall worlds and emotions it has been sintesi originale e ben riuscita. In this laboratorio a Gradiscutta di Varmo, nel case, the master is Lorenzo Dante Ferro, cuore del Friuli, crea fragranze personali perfumer and Venetian Nose who creates e per ambienti molto particolari. Cinque fragranze the heart of Friuli. Five fragrances rizzato durante Ninnafor five different songs. The idea of bottling the essence of Pantelleria came about over ten years ago to a group of friends and lovers of the island.

AVERE NASO Il naso, termine per definire il profumiere in grado di combinare essenze per le fragranze alcoliche, segue la maturazione nel flacone e lo sviluppo delle essenze sulla pelle, dalle note di testa a quelle centrali fino a quelle terminali. A GOOD NOSE A Nose is the term used to define a perfumer who is able to mix essences for alcoholbased fragrances, watch them mature in the phial and develop on the skin right through from the top notes to the middle and the base ones.

After years of study, the most expert Noses are able to smell, recognise and manipulate aromatic substances. Ammirazione per i linguaggi del modernismo del XX secolo per questa casa a Reggio Calabria dai tratti stilistici di eccellenza. Un luogo schermato dalle strade cittadine da una recinzione a cortina e da un lungo percorso interno.

Admiratio n fo r 20 th-centu r y modernism transpires in the exquisite style of this house in Reggio Calabria, hidden away from the city streets by a curtain fence and by its extensive internal development. Inspired by the architecture and spaces of Le Corbusier, the three-storey house reflects the discreet nature its of owners who wanted these private apartments to be spaces in which to express not just their personal style, but also their secret passions. The large windows, which characterise the whole house, allow a view of the ground-floor garden, created through a play of different levels.

Il tutto coniugato in uno stile metropolitano contaminato da interpretazioni romantiche legate alla tradizione dei giardini di campagna. La zona pranzo, composta da poltroncine dai toni scuri di Fendi e da un lungo tavolo in cristallo, ha sullo sfondo una grande vetrata affacciata su un giardino interno. All achieved in a metropolitan style influenced by romantic interpretations of the country-garden tradition.

In the living area, bright open spaces favour a natural propensity for socialising and architectural details are highlighted within a context of simple, rational lines. A large, pale lilac column seems to be the element of the development and articulation of the suspended ceilings which define ideally the various functional areas. In the lounge, the white sofas were designed and made by the owner himself, and. Il primo piano si apre su un ampio atelier-studio di sofisticata eleganza dove lunghe vetrate a nastro, come quinte luminose, creano un originale effetto di luce.

In the dining area a large window overlooking an internal garden acts as a backdrop to the dark Fendy chairs and long crystal table. A white leather chaise longue, also bespoke, stands in front of a large fireplace, and two long, thick, teak shelves extending from it hold ornaments, books and small sculptures. The spaciousness. The first floor opens out onto a roomy and sophisticated atelier-study where long ribbon windows, like illuminated theatre wings, create an original lighting effect.

In the study corner, an old drawing table has been used in an original way to display books and work instruments. A central partition in brick screens the atelier, the bedrooms and bathrooms from the staircase leading to the upper floor where a dark red wall, which extends from the entrance to the top floor, contrasts with the neutral tones of the furnishings and the palecoloured walls. Here, fine pieces of furniture are arranged in areas to relax and socialise, such as the rather original music corner.

Like a stage effect, all day natural light illuminates the house, filtering through the windows and the pyramid-shaped skylight surmounting the light-well around which the building is developed. A bright and airy atmosphere which envelopes and gives a fascinating insight into the passing of time. Every garden is a fascinating place: somewhere you can escape to and enjoy the coolness on hot summer evenings and find out if you too are endowed with those coveted green fingers. The term garden derives from the Germanic Garten, which literally means enclosed space, and is traditionally associated with the idea of closure and intimacy.

While it might be easy enough to protect it from the gaze of others, it is impossible to prevent access to the many plant species that take hold inside it and which make any kind of fence a waste of time. Teoria che oggi sta applicando anche in Italia. He then left the various species to sow and take root on their own. Inaccessible to park visitors and left to itself, it is monitored twice a year to check which new species have established themselves. The park has 14 entrances, pedestrian and bicycle pathways, panoramic roundabouts and suspended walkways to cross the already-existing canyon.

The latter, renamed Breccia, is embellished with a sea of poppies and is to house a suspended theatre. Eccolo divenuto giardiniere. It is a garden … this observation reminds each man, on Earth for a short time, of his responsibilities …. And so he has become a gardener. Hidden within the rock will be the museum of underground Cagliari. What is interesting is that the area will be run on an entirely self-sufficient basis, thanks to a solar-power pergola and the re-cycling of rainwater and waste water from the surrounding residential areas.

Cosa ha fatto finora? Cosa aspira a diventare? Despite being so different, they both have a project in common: to study the planetary garden. What has it done so far? What does it aspire to become? La Cina del XXI secolo raggiunge il primato di grande potenza economica mondiale. After remaining isolated from the rest of the world for decades, in the s Den Xiao Ping launched the so-called open door policy which, through considerable financial funding from the West, has led to unprecedented economic development.

In the light of this, China is ready to amaze the world by applying the highest technological standards and eco-sustainability in its extensive urban reconstruction plans. The most significant symbolic project of these Olympic games is the brainchild of Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron: the new Olympic stadium inspired by the Roman Colosseum.

It is an elegant futuris-. Oltre milioni di euro il costo di realizzazione. La struttura occupa uno spazio di Its name derives from the EFTE ethylene of tetra-fluor-ethylene membrane covering the exterior of the structure; it is made up of enormous irregular-shaped panels which make it look like a huge drop of water.

Built according to the canons of the most modern eco-sustainable architecture, it covers 80,s. Non-sports projects include the new Beijing airport, a masterpiece designed by Sir Norman Foster, which will be the largest in the world. The huge structure is a harmonious blend of traditional Chinese architecture and technologically advanced solutions. The design was developed with constant reference to Feng Shui, the ancient Taoist geomantic art which has always played a fundamental role in the orientation of architectural so-.

The former is an avant-garde structure in glass and titanium almost x metres; built in Tienanmen Square next to monuments to the heroes and fathers of the homeland, it has caused an uproar among traditionalists. While the latter represents a new concept, even for the West, of completely ecosustainable skyscrapers focussing on the mental and physical well-being of those who work there. The former project was. A clear reference to the seal used in China since the most ancient imperial dynasties to confirm the official status of a document.

I nuovi progetti sono sintesi di innovazione tecnica e gusto. Today, boatyard projects have become a synthesis of technological innovation and good taste. In fact, new models for boats combine experimentation with light materials, advanced propulsion systems and renewable energy sources with an increasing emphasis on elegant interiors which can interpret the personality and mood of the buyer.

The former curved cabins with ribs and portholes have evolved into huge open spaces where, together with the outdoor areas, most of the available square metres are concentrated. Technological evolution has allowed the application of digital. The old marine style which influenced interior boiserie in legni esotici, sedie e tavoli di famosi designer. Come il. Una preziosa rivisitazione della tipica imbarcazione dei pescatori, realizzata per chi ama vivere il mare in modo libero e solitario, senza il supporto di un equipaggio, ma circondato da piccoli lussi che non tralasciano comunque la sicurezza.

Ma non solo. Il corso, della durata di un anno, prevede un periodo di ore di formazione on the job direttamente in azienda. So, no longer the ribs of the boat, but geometric forms decorated in a range of rare materials, such as palladium used for the internal surfaces, capable of capturing external light and the colours of the sea.

Refined and elegant details are also used on boats of much smaller dimensions. The Goccia, designed by Culti and built by the craftsmen of the historic Sciallino boatyard, is the most striking example. Instruments redesigned on a console, greater engine power, bigger water tanks make cruising both safe and comfortable. Do you want to work in this field? For just over twenty years now, the oceanographic ship Copernaut Franca has accompanied its crew to plumb the silent depths of the Mediterranean. Al timone di questa nuova esploratrice dei mari un moderno e riservato Capitano Nemo.

Active and extraordinarily innovative in the field of services for oceanography and the management of environmental resources, Nautilus has lead Archeomar, one of its most important projects with great success during the last few years. Nautilus has a new perspective with regard to the sea: it is no longer seen as a barrier that separates and obstructs but as a horizon to search and explore in all its depth to create development. Oltre a questo, ecco altre due prossime rotte della Nautilus.

Il progetto HI. Il progetto C. Nautilus has plans for a series of new projects including aquaculture and mariculture with marine investigations for the correct implementation of systems for the biological production of various species of fish, certified by AIAB Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica and ICEA Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale. The HI. Lastly, there is the C.

The scientific director of Nautilus, Giovanni Torchia, tells us how the numerous experts participating in the project sail off on board three well-equipped ships the Copernaut Franca, the Minibex and the Janus following various indications from fishermen and underwater divers as well as from legendary stories told by inhabitants of the coastal areas.

There is still so much to discover, explore and protect in this sea and the land which surrounds it. Complessivamente sono state elaborate schede documentali, e sono stati posizionati e documentati siti archeologici sommersi distribuiti lungo le coste delle regioni interessate. These are just some of the figures taken from the Archeomar project which in the two years of its wide-ranging, multidisciplinary activities has drawn on the collaboration of experts including underwater archaeologists, IT professionals, divers, engineers, seamen, graphic designers, photographers and technicians.

In total, underwater archaeological sites along the coasts of Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Basilicata have been documented. The Archeomar project has also produced a GIS Geographic Information System containing documentary and descriptive files, more than photographs, films, 67 geographically referenced sidescan sonar images and SD cards; memory cards containing information on underwater sites. Che sia mega stereo a spalla come si portava una volta, o mini FM nelle orecchie, la forza interattiva della radio e gli eventi che imperversano per lo stivale, ne fanno il mezzo preferito della stagione.

Every summer has its own soundtrack and it will reach us any- and everywhere, thanks to the pervasive power of the radio. To put a face to one of the best-known voices on Italian radio today, we meet up with. Reggina, trentotto anni, conMary Cacciola. Reggio Calabria. How did you learn to do the job of working on the radio?

You also have to read a lot and then use all these things in your own personal way. In radio mandi musica di vario genere, ma tu personalmente quale ascolti? Ma ho acquistato anche dischi per piangere Di base sono abbastanza rockettara che termine antico! You play various musical genres on the air, but what do you listen to?

It depends on the moment, for a while I only bought house music. Come fai a instaurare un rapporto empatico con gli ascoltatori? I work with a great team Andrea Lucatelli, Umberto Mattia and Isabella Marini , the atmosphere is very student-like, a lot of pissing about. When you are having fun regardless of the show, it comes over on the air. How do you establish empathy with your listeners? Listeners choose you for that reason, they like what you say and how you say it. Come li immagini, in quali circostanze ti ascoltano?

How do you imagine them, when and where do they listen Vado in onda in un orario particolare. Li immagino in ascolto to you? I imagine them listening stupidaggini che diciamo. Oppure in attesa che i figli escano dalon their way home from work, la palestra, o mentre iniziano a preparare la cena. Anyway, I like to think mi sono assegnata! E chi seDo you like Italian radio at the moment? And who do you condo te ha rotto gli schemi? Ma ogni cosa in radio Yes, I do like it because it offers a wide variety.

Hai mai pensato di coinvolgere Reggio Calabria in un progetto radiofonico? Have you ever thought about involving Reggio Calabria Cito spesso Reggio nel mio programma. A parte questo non simo Lo Presti and Raffaello for free, despite what ho ricevuto ancora altre proposte, forse the press wrote. Homo faber Luce, colore, trasparenza.

Light, colour, transparency: these parameters borrowed from painting restore a singular spirit and constructive avant-garde style to sculpture. And so the MACA was founded with a selection of works which illustrate the personal and artistic journey of one of the most important international exponents of glass-fusion. From his early experiments to works which reveal his search for an expression of his own and his latest artistic creations, now part of the permanent collection, his production is enveloped by a dream-like, fairy-tale atmosphere.

The works are in perfect harmony with the beauty of their new home, and the homo-faber as he likes to call himself , has skilfully combined the historic charm of the 18th-century palazzo which houses the collection with the play element typical of his installations. Besides the works by the maestro, the Palazzo Sanseverino Falcone museum dedicates ample space to temporary exhibitions and to an artistic laboratory to encourage workshops and didactic initiatives where the public, artists and critics can meet and exchange views.

I have merely given back to my birthplace a little of what it gave me. Giovanissimo, approda in una bottega artigiana di vetreria, apprendendo segreti e tecniche della lavorazione del vetro. Le prime sculture in vetro-fusione nascono nel Silvio Vigliaturo was born in Acri Cosenza on 3rd February and at the age of 13 moved to Chieri Turin , where he still lives and works. He started at a glassworks at a very young age, learning the secrets and techniques of the craft. When he was 16, he met a pupil of Giacomo Grosso, Liugi Bertagna, who taught him the basics of design through the study of the figure.

The first glass-fusion sculptures were created in , and in the autumn of the same year, the Galleria MontMartre in Parma put on his first personal show called Giocoluci in vetro. For the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, the Provincia of Torino chose Vigliaturo as the only testimonial artist, entrusting him with the creation of the work Segni di luce. Al primo piano, la mostra Mimmo Rotella. Il curatore Alberto Fiz, per la prima volta presenta in uno spazio pubblico italiano le grandi opere su lamiera, realizzate tra il e il Gli artisti sono invitati in questa occasione a collegare il linguaggio contemporaneo al territorio e alla sua storia attraverso opere site-specific: scatti inediti di Catanzaro e dintorni, installazioni e sculture in gesso, bronzo e resina.

The Mimmo Rotella exhibition is on the first floor. Lamiere will be open until 28th Septmber The MARCA will also dedicate a permanent space to Rotella where a programme of exhibitions and cultural events will be held to further study the Calabrian artist. Artists are invited to link contemporary expression to the territory and its history through site-specific sites: original shots of Catanzaro and its surroundings, installations and sculptures in plaster, bronze and resin.

The basement will also be used for temporary exhibitions and other kinds of cultural events in collaboration with local institutions. Per quanto riguarda le mostre estive, develop all our projects. It is the realisation of the efforts of so many scholars who, over the last two centuries, have brought order and unity to the great number of important Italian works of art donated to the city for a permanent exhibition.

Depositaria di straordinarie memorie storiche e artistiche, offre un viaggio attraverso i confini del tempo, alla ricerca del bello. It is part of a rich cultural context with classical roots projected onto the European circuit of great cultural production. It contains a wealth of historic and artistic memory, offering a journey through time in the search for beauty in every aspect of universal human experience. Visitors finally come face to face with immortal and vibrant testimonies of artists such as Antonello da Messina, Giuseppe Benassai, Vincenzo Jerace, Renato Guttuso; they can admire the splendour of their cultural heritage and take pride in the treasures on display.

The collections are arranged in an anthological exhibition of the history of Italian art which will also be an invaluable didactic instrument for new generations. The Pinacoteca has a mission: to become a dynamic centre of cultural excellence, able to create synergy and relationships, to discuss the values of art and the ethics of beauty beyond the confines of time and space in order to re-discover what it means to be Italian and European, proud and conscious of being part of a great past and ready to embrace a bright future.

However, with the opening of the Museo Nazionale in , the Museo Civico was closed and in a convention between the Ministry of Culture and the City established that the Museo Civico collections were to be temporarily housed in the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia. As the latter was an archaeological museum, it was deemed unsuitable given the historic and artistic value of these works.

Finally, 60 years later, they are returning to their natural home. This link between reading, development and the growth of GDP is Il legame tra lettura, sviluppo e crescita del Pil trova pieno riconoacknowledged and reflected in the various initiatives for book proscimento nelle iniziative che ogni anno si susseguono nel nostro motion which take place every year in paese per promuovere i libri. Le tapItaly. The now habitual stages of this pe ormai consuete di questo viaggio La bellezza non ha causa: esiste.

Galassia Gutenberg ha sperimentato questo approccio attraverso il tema guida della natura e la metafora del viaggio.

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  • Marguerite Duras : Ecriture et politique (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)?
  • Piano Quartet No. 2 in A Major, Op. 26 (Cello part).
  • Italian comedians.

Lo spirito innovativo travolge anche la mostra collettiva dei Moleskine su Napoli, taccuini. Hence the need to diversify the supply and create opportunities for people to come into contact with books. Bookcruising is a new form of the already established Bookcrossing experimented on dry land. Ogni scienza umana possiede un potenziale di bellezza che non deve restare celato o inespresso. Beauty will save us or ugliness will be our damnation, wrote Fyodor Dostoevskij when describing the dilemma of human life suspended, but also stretching out in its neverending search for elevation.

The theme of the Turin International Book Fair is beauty, seen not as a means to an end but as an instrument to enlighten all areas of our existence, each fold of the human soul and of history. And it is through conceptual and artistic workings that, over time, beauty has acquired its substance, thanks to the contribution of philosophers, musicians, writers, architects, town planners, scientists, artists and theologians. Potential beauty is inherent in every human science and it must not remain veiled or unexpressed. Each era has contributed towards achieving beauty which, nevertheless, has experienced both in the past and the present long periods of darkness under the domination of ugliness, considered as a break with what is ethical, a moving away from justice, a degeneration of what is human.

The fact that multi-medial means of communication can attract young readers was also confirmed in Bologna where the greatest space was dedicated to the diversification of language. The creation of a personal alphabet is foreseen for younger children using basic elements. La leggenda narra che il cavaliere abbia colto la rosa nata dal sangue del drago sconfitto, per farne dono alla principessa appena salvata. This legend has become interwoven with the original usage, which has been widespread for many years on the streets of Catalonia where, on St.

A colourful metaphor of how the power of a book can defeat the dragon of ignorance. But, in the meantime, we Italians at least, would be quite happy just to be a nation that reads more. Lieve e straziante al contempo, con un finale a sorpresa. Un incanto speciale spezzato dalla richiesta di matrimonio di lui. Un romanzo sul talento dei fuggitivi e sui pericoli della vita coniugale.

Non avevo capito niente by Diego De Silva Einaudi All those who love hopeless, hypochondriac anti-heroes will adore Vincenzo Malinonico. With unstoppable irony, he bears the existential insecurities of a generation which enjoys sentimental immunity. Suspended between the abyss of surrender and the conformity of resistance, his candour will be rewarded with the little gifts life gives to the pure at heart. Lo spazio bianco by Valeria Parrella Einaudi A late maternity, a premature birth, two lives hanging in the balance. With her crisp prose, the author describes a drama, in the classic sense of action, in which both the main characters and the minor ones move in a universe precarious and irresolute, but very real.

Hydrotherapy on the mainland cures her aches and pains and her thirst for passion with her encounter with the Veteran. Love, perhaps only dreamed of, becomes the prop for the story of a whole family. Light and heart-breaking at the same time, with a surprise ending. A man and a woman of different cultures and nationalities give each other joy and lessons in their reciprocal languages. The spell is broken when he asks her to marry him. A novel about the talent of fugitives and the dangers of married life.

Il deserto dei tartari by Dino Buzzati Mondadori The Fortress, outpost on the edge of the desert, stands in eternal wait for a hypothetical attack by the Tartars. Those who live there, like Giovanni Drogo, are suspended in a paradoxical dimension where time passes in an immobile present. Superb representation of the crisis of modern man and his inadequacy in the face of history. Dedicated to all those who have faced the shadow-line and have been brushed by fear.

Far more than a Bildungsroman. A visionary and meta-literary masterpiece about the power of culture, the brutality of dictatorship, the strength of love, the ambiguity of religious faith. Tempo di uccidere by Ennio Flaiano Rizzoli In the Ethopia colonised by the Italian army, after accidentally killing a native woman, a lieutenant escapes from his feelings of guilt and an inner emptiness setting out on a journey both physical and spiritual, alienating yet salvific against a backdrop of this mysterious and disturbing country.

Frontiera tra le remote coste del vecchio continente e un immenso mare di audaci navigatori. Il nostro viaggio inizia proprio da est, dove il corso del Rio Guadiana traccia per un breve tratto il confine con la Spagna. The Algarve, known to the Arabs who governed the area until the XIII century as the garden of the west, is a border area, the last frontier between the remote coasts of the old continent and an enormous sea of fearless navigators.

A land stretching for km at the far south of Portugal, drifting out towards the Atlantic with a perfume that combines the smell of the ocean with the scent of strawberry trees, eucalyptus and almonds. Our journey begins in the east, where the course of the Rio Guadiana briefly follows the border with Spain.

Free Moebius proibito. Artigli d'angelo PDF Download - AlbertusVaska

From here down to the city of Faro, the Portuguese coast is sandy and velvety and the tide swallows up the sea bed at regular intervals to then spit it back out full of shells and sand, the. Oltre Faro, verso ovest, da Almancil a Silves la linea costiera si fa frastagliata, scandita da falesie che orlano spiaggette rosate. Albufeira, Villamoura, Luz, Lagos, un tempo quieti borghi marinari, offrono oggi eleganti resort, campi da golf, centri benessere, porticcioli attrezzati.

Sono veri e propri villaggi dove si vende birra irlandese, capi di. We are in the Sotavento region meaning above the wind which spans the area between Tavira and Faro. These small towns of Roman origin are populated with small white houses decorated with stucco and azulejos typical Portuguese and Spanish architectural decoration and surround the Ria Formosa: a lagoon of silent and windswept islands, an oasis of flora and fauna home to stork, mills and salt mines.

Daytime here is sleepy but the summer nights are lit up with music and theatrical shows, finishing in small but crowded bars. Past Faro, towards the west from Alman-. Dal paese. Qui il vento ha dato forma alle rocce acuminate, agli alberi piegati, al lavoro dei pescatori. La brezza atlantica ha ceduto a un vento inesorabile che sembra raccontare insieme il. The coastline of the Barlavento region is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, a paradise for the Anglo Saxon population who began to invest in and move to the area in the s.

The once quiet fishing towns of Albufeira, Villamoura, Luz and Lagos are now villages offering elegant resorts, golf courses, beauty centres and small tourist ports, where Irish beer and English clothes are sold and the smell of hot dogs fills the air. Despite the excessive tourism that has altered the spirit of these centres, the coasts are nearly all unspoilt and offer breathtaking landscapes at every step. Here, the wind gives the rocks their barbed shape, bends the trees and dictates the working day of the fishermen.

The breeze of the Atlantic has given over to an inexorable wind which seems to tell the past and future of the world together. Sunset leads into a. Da visitare: Praia do Barril. Ci si arriva da Faro con un vaporetto. Acqua chiarissima. Piccola, comoda da raggiungere e romantica. Spiaggia lunga m circa abbracciata da grandi scogliere. A inizio estate, su una palafitta nasce dal nulla un piccolo bar.

Alla sua destra sorge un pittoresco porticciolo. Maestosa e surreale, la foce di un fiume forma una laguna. Chioschi gestiti da italiani. Un piacevole bar californiano che dispensa succhi di frutta e ortaggi freschi. Vista spettacolare. Thats a good start.

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