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He was making small talk in the car. Get a look at these rarely seen photos of Jackie Kennedy. The President was still alive when he was admitted to the hospital less than 10 minutes later, and Jackie did not leave his side or take off the suit which was now blood-soaked and splattered with brain tissue.

John F. Kennedy never spoke another word after that fateful day, but many things he said during his lifetime endure and are and incredibly inspiring. We'll leave you with these John F. Kennedy quotes that can inspire us all to be better people.

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Martin: This is one of the most sick cases I have read. I am tired of affluenza. I have no problem with people working hard and becoming millionaires or billionaires in this country but they all need to abide by the same laws. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Lauren Cahn. Reader's Digest February 7, What to Read Next.

Family Shares Story Of How Jack Became Jackie

Yahoo Lifestyle. Women's Health. Calls mount for Labor Sec. Acosta to resign over plea deal for alleged pedophile Epstein.

Transgender Kid: Jack to Jackie, Age 10

Cooking Light. Cosmopolitan Videos. Harper's Bazaar. Good Housekeeping. Meredith Videos. After that Shellie reunited with her former boyfriend, Dwight McCarthy.

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  • A drunken Rafferty is paying a visit to his old girlfriend Shellie while she just had a night with Dwight. She wants nothing to do with him, but when he threatens to break down the door to her apartment, she lets him in out of fear, along with his pack of equally drunk friends. He wants her to call some stripper and waitress friends of hers and hit the town with him and his 'troops'. After she refuses, Rafferty strikes Shellie in the face after claiming he had never hit a woman in his life.

    While relieving himself in the bathroom, he is accosted by Dwight, who had been hiding behind the shower curtain the whole time. Dwight threatens that if he does "ever so much as think [Shellie's] name I'll cut you in ways that [would] make you useless to a woman. Humiliated, Rafferty and his friends run off to Old Town , pursued by Dwight.

    Jack Jack Jackie!

    After evading a police squad car by entering Old Town, Rafferty tries to pick up Becky , who rebuffs him. He finally loses what patience he has and pulls his gun on her.

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    This cues Miho , to cut off his hand with a Swastika-shaped shuriken. She then jumps on his car and slices up his gang, then comes for him. While the wounded Rafferty is distracted by Dwight, Miho throws a metal rod into his gun's barrel. When he tries to shoot Dwight, the gun backfires causing the barrel to lodge itself in his skull.

    Finishing the job, Miho purposely botches the decapitation, causing blood to spew from his neck, similar to "a Pez dispenser". Dwight and the Old Town girls then discover that Rafferty is actually a 'hero cop', and his death would shatter the Truce between Old Town and BCPD, leaving them open to a hostile takeover by the mob. Realising this, Dwight offers to get rid of the bodies. Unfortunately, since there isn't enough room in the trunk of the scrapheap car they supply him with, Jack's body sits in the front with Dwight. As his frustration rises and the instinctive bottling of his rage and fear that is his weakness begins afresh, Dwight begins to hallucinate and imagines that Rafferty is talking to him, mocking him at every turn.

    This interferes with Dwight's driving and he attracts the attention of a motorcycle cop. At the mocking suggestion of Jack, Dwight slams on the brakes, driving the gun barrel further into Rafferty's head as he slams against the dashboard.


    The cop, believing Jack is merely stone drunk, tells Dwight that he's simply driving with a busted tail-light, and lets him go with a warning. As Dwight is about to dispose of the bodies at the Santa Yolanda Tar Pits , Irish mercenaries attack and cut off Jack's head to give to the mob. Miho pulls Dwight out of the tarpits and then pursue and kill the mercenaries, retrieving the head.