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Clarissa Orberg is the educational content partnership manager at YouTube Brazil. Clarissa has joined Google in , and worked in sales, handling large advertisers" accounts before migrating to YouTube in She is a senior manager in IBM's Cognitive Based Descision Support specialized in the management of projects of analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bessa has been a partner of Raccord Artistic Productions since ; she is responsible for all the company"s artistic projects. She has been an advisor for Bravi since its foundation in Always focused on areas of customer relationship, digital experience, has the purpose of facilitating the relationship of the Brazilian people with money. Production and management agency for concerts and artists.

Editions: " " " " " Musical content producer DJs at the , and Carnivals. Senior Manager of Mercado Livre e-commerce online marketplace, Carneiro is experienced in working for major companies and law firms. Creative by nature, designer by trade, creative director by sheer force of experience, business manager by ambition. I have seen brands built up in many segments. From design to communication to digital in all its forms, I take charge of managing the most ambitious of projects. A businessman by choice, I have developed new activities, managed multidisciplinary teams within the various companies and many positions I have held in the last twenty years.

Commitment, ambition, daring, and the need to think big, to keep up with the system and build a rich, intense career, in the service of brand strategy. Daniel Campello is a copyright lawyer who has been in the music business for over 10 years. He holds a Master"s degree in Contracts, Copyright and Development from the same school.

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From onwards, he shifted his focus to Copyright Management with CQ Rights, a copyrights management company for several Brazilian and foreign artists " re-branded ORB Music in Daniel Campelo is also a speaker and Guest Professor. Today he coordinates this department that works to facilitate film shootings, with the mission of attracting and giving assistance to the realization of audiovisual productions in the city.

Daniel E. Daniel Ganjaman was born in and began his activities as a professional musician in the mid"s. In he founded the "El Rocha" Studio, in the Pinheiros borough, along with his father and brothers, thus beginning his activities as a producer and engineer. He acted as product designer and project manager of the National Institute of Technology and as General Director of the Rio Design Center, being responsible for the coordination of several projects related to innovation management and the insertion of design as a competitive differential for micro and small enterprises of the Rio de January.

He is experienced in the Management sector, focusing on strategy, business structuring, finance and systems. He has over 13 years" experience with venture capital, private equity e investment banking, and over 10 years" experience in management consulting and technology. He has taken part in the sound finalization of many film projects, and for the last four years has been doing research and projects related to immersive audio. His mission is to help great companies and brands, both in Brazil and abroad, to establish deep connections to their consumer and users.

After working for 3 years as manager and analyst for the Development Lines for Audiovisual Sector Funding FSA , he now is the adviser for the agency"s managing director. In , she created the Marketing department at Objetiva publishers, consolidating the labels Alfaguara, Suma de Letras, Fontanar, and Ponto de Leitura. She has worked as executive producer for bands such as Medulla, Litiowave, and as production assistant for Matanza, in addition to being part of the production of social projects such as Batalha do Passinho.

She is currently independent producer in events such as Encuca"a cultural project for universities"and other independent cultural projects. She currently teaches classes as a guest teacher in postgraduate courses, focusing on media and entertainment. She is a mentor to enterprising women and startups by the B2Mamy Accelerator. She recently coordinated the elaboration of the Taxation Map of the Creative Economy. Responsible for the area of tax law of the office focused on structuring and planning of operations of companies producing and distributing films.

Danielle Mello is a professional with over 15 years" experience at Tilibra, a company from the ACCO Brands Group " the go-to company in the stationary segment for over 90 years, and a market leading brand. She currently works as Advertising and Digital Marketing Manager, leading Tilibra"s main marketing campaigns, constantly seeking the best possible link of the brand with their consumers.

She is responsible for disclosing the vast portfolio of the company"s brands and products, as well as for managing social media, corporate websites, institutional projects and the development of a number of product categories. Danilo has worked in many consulting projects with the private sector? Rabin specializes in developing novel, non-invasive therapies for treatment-resistant physical and mental illnesses.

His research focuses on chronic stress from the cellular and molecular level to the body as a whole. Rabin works to identify new healthcare markets, to evaluate Apollo"s real-world efficacy through clinical trials, and to guide development of the Apollo technology. A graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State"UFF, he has been in the market for more than eighteen years, developing campaigns and a few success cases. It was awarded in November , with the Zumbi dos Palmares Trophy, the Municipal Council for Participation and Development of the Black Community of Santos, for the cultural projects carried out in the city.

Her career as a producer includes over 50 works for film and television. She is also an activist of the female agenda, fighting for the inclusion of women in leadership positions of the audiovisual sector. An Uruguayan-Brazilian yielding ten years of experience in engineering project management to multinationals, and five years in projects coordination in Europe Spain, Portugal, England, Russia, Holland, and Germany.

With a mother's eye and concerns about children's content, Debora related to UP! A professional with ample experience in research, planning and creation, Denise Gallo has been the Creative Director for Natura for 9 years. In , she founded Uma a Uma, a research and strategic planning company specializing in studying the female gender, a pioneering position on the Brazilian market.

She has been researching, for over a decade, the representation of women in media and culture. She is also the author of the Denise Gallo blog, writing about women, media and consumption. She has participated in the implementation team of Filmcommission and still keeps up with its activities.

In September , Diana Rodriguez became the first female to be appointed to the top post of a major U. She revitalized Capitol Latin with her dynamic management style, which became evident from: a the label"s improved market share year-over-year; b the return of legacy acts who had left the label due to disputes with past EMI management A. Quintanilla, Grupo Bryndis ; c the label"s commitment to creating synergies with major brands and media partners for the execution of multi-platform marketing campaigns that coincide with major artist releases e.

Rodriguez began her career in at the age of 23 as a radio promoter for ToCo Records, a dance music label in her native Bogota, Colombia that was distributed by Phillips. She later moved on to Polygram, which was thereafter acquired by Universal Music. At Universal Colombia, Rodriguez ascended to the role of Sr. In this capacity, she created and executed the marketing campaigns for acts such as Metallica, Bon Jovi, Kiss and Def Leopard, and was the label manager for Juanes" first album before moving on to her next post as marketing director for EMI Colombia.

She remained there until , when she was relocated to Miami to take on the dual role as head of marketing strategy for EMI"s Latin region, as well as the head of international exploitation of Latin music for the world outside of the U. In this role, Rodriguez supervised the international marketing strategy for RBD, EMI Mexico"s multi-territory phenom that sold over 10 million records worldwide.

While in Mexico, Rodriguez created and executed the marketing campaigns that supported Depeche Mode"s release of "Sounds of the Universe," as well as the Platinum-certified release by Mexican rock favorites, Zoe. She is also a partner in Charco Colombia, a booking agency created to cater to artists in Central and South America. Diego Pila has been working in the Communication department at Petrobras for the last fifteen years, occupying several leadership positions.

Diogo Dahl has producer more than fifteen films, and his most recent documentary, Cinema Novo, was awarded a L""il d"or Best documentary at the Cannes Festival. Diogo went to school in the U. After founding two startup companies, he found his passion in investing and helping companies grow and expand " usually focusing on themes such as SaaS, "Future of Work" and "Marketplaces". He is married and the father of three children. He has also discovered several of the music style? Songwriter and author, cited in the works of great writers, Marlboro has a solid international career.

Meme started out at age eleven, putting on his own little parties, watching the professionals in night clubs until he managed to go to the other side of the DJ console. He went on to DJ at fancy discos on the city"s rich neighborhoods and, at the same time, to perform at sound team dances on the poor side of the city. All this experience eventually led to him being noticed by recording labels and artists who ended up inviting him to come to the recording studio to create the first remixes "officially" made in Brazil. After a while, Meme ended up producing some albums that have made history in Brazil.

All in all, there were more than seven million records sold, among compilations and full albums produced by him. It was in , however, that he went internationally big, with his remix for newcomer Shakira being so successful abroad that she became an international household name, thanks"according to Billboard Magazine"to Meme. After that, he kept on going! Meme is currently fully dedicated to his weekly sets in Brazil through the REMIX agency, and to the production of dance floor singles like Chanson du Soleil, with Rogerio Flausino on vocals and that has become a veritable fever on local dance floors.

All of this has put Meme"s name on the spotlight abroad, getting the attention of several magazines such as the British M8 Magazine, with a full page story with an interview"and pictures"on its th issue special edition, as well as a mention in Paul Farris" column as "a name to watch, for his talent as a DJ and as a re-mixer". After so much hoopla around the world, Meme saw himself "forced" to expand his schedule internationally, to sate the House public"s curiosity by touring throughout Europe and Asia, performing regularly in Indonesia"where he is king", England"the current headquarters of House", Switzerland, France, Korea, Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain Ibiza , Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary" In his stellar career as a remixer, Meme has recreated songs especially ordered by the greatest House recording labels in the world, like the British Defected and Soulfuric, from the US, names that quite literally dictate what is fashionable on the House dance floors throughout the world.

Copywriter specializing in innovation and digital, with ample experience in technology, Chief Creative Officer Domenico Massareto joined Publicis in November He has earned awards from the most prestigious creativity festivals, having won 15 Cannes Lions. In , he took part as the Brazilian juror for the Mobile Lions category at Canes. At Publicis, he leads a team of creative, technology projects and production professionals. Born in Recife, birthplace of Manguebeat and home of other important musical traditions, Duda Beat launched her first album, Sinto Muito, in April With plenty of regional Northeastern Brazilian influences, and plenty of pop too, Sinto Muito has already been played more than 12 million times on Spotify alone.

The song Bixinho, the album"s biggest hit, has been streamed more than five million times, listed among the top five of Spotify"s 50 most viral in Brazil. Duda Leite is a moviemaker, journalist and curator. He has been working in the audiovisual market for more than a quarter century. As a journalist, he has been a collaborator for magazines such as Playboy, Vogue and Bravo. He has directed Europop and Eurodrops, for which he has covered the main film festivals in the world, like Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

Since , he has curated the Music Video Festival, the largest festival dedicated to the video clip universe in Brazil, focusing on new formats that combine music and audiovisual communication. His exuberant style is easily recognized in the parades, editorials and catalogs that he signs for the various brands that he works. One of the most notorious artists of the rap and hip-hop scene.

He"s been headlining a new saga of talents of black Brazilian music. Always the wrangler, Dughettu is restless and vibrant. His deep voice is a striking feature of his persona. He is very mindful of his surroundings and has a knack for spotting new trends. He uses music as a tool to promote urban culture to its fullest, as both and artist and label executive for DUTO, an urban-music venue in the borough of Madureira, Rio de Janeiro.

His concerts fuse original music matrixes: Rap, Rock, Reggae and Soul, shredding the thresholds of low-income neighbourhoods of large cities. Ed Waller is a media journalist working out of London, England. CEO of Fab Lab Recife, Edgar Andrade is one of the main proponents of the Maker Movement in Brazil, believing that promoting innovation and fostering development of new business solutions and models is a life"s mission. To Edgar, there are four fundamental elements in building a new world: Entertainment, Schools, Cities and Businesses.

To that end, his company has been promoting experiences that help in prototyping city of the future and the school of the future, with full understanding that business can"t wait and that they need to learn to make mistakes do truly innovate. Yet all has to be done today.

That"s why he also works as a startup mentor. Edgar Andrade is also one of the panelists at Batalha Makers Brazil, a reality show that will premier soon on Discovery Channel. He is a talented people and amazing ideas enthusiast. He is a former partner of Cicerone Capital and Vice President of Lucent Tecnologies; he also worked for many years at his family-run retail business. In , on the day he turned 14, Eduardo Leite entered a radio station MEC RJ for the first time to intern as an sound operator and hasn"t looked back since.

Four years later, Eduardo began his career in comercial radio Tupi RJ , still as a sound operator. From there he became Music Programmer and then Artistic Coordinator at the station. He is an enthusiast of the playful, enjoying several genres: boardgames, card games, role-playing games and video games. With experience in design, business management and administration, he managed to bring his passion together with his professional and in , he co-founded Pandora Game Studio to create intelligent, catchy and breathtaking games.

Prota is the General Manager of N26 in Brazil, an innovative digital bank that revolutionizes the way in which people deal with money daily " and thus, becoming the one bank everyone loves to use. Schaeffer is a mechanical engineer with a graduate degree in strategic management. In he became partner of Webra company, in charge of the commercial department. Eduardo Vaisman is a director and audiovisual auteur. He graduated in Filmmaking from the Fluminense Federal University in Journalist, Mr.

Pimenta runs G. Lab, the branded content studio for Grupo Globo publications. Elbert Perez has used his passion for both the technical and creative sides of video gaming as a driving force in his career. To top it off, Elbert is an independent game developer with more than 20 titles across the Steam, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS markets " generating more than three million downloads.

An entrepreneur and business leader, Eldes has founded, launched and developed 3 successful technology and finance companies over the last 6 years. Mattiuzzo is an experienced professional in leading startup companies, focused on deploying aggressive growth strategies so as to take them to a category-leading position.

He has come a long way " 17 years" experience as an executive in companies such as Fininvest, Unicard, Unibanco and Banco Nacional. Eleanor Coleman is an American award winning children"s television and film producer and distributor based in Paris France. Since leaving TF1, Eleanor works independently in animated feature film acquisitions, development and production with Indie Sales Voted Best European Distributor at Cartoon Movie in , where she is also developing and acquiring ground breaking transmedia projects.

Her cartoon television work concentrates on international development and pre-sales for the award winning studio, Blue Spirit in France and Canada. Has conceived and manages Projeto Impulso. A professional with nearly two decades of experience in the music industry, dealing with licensing, royalties, international management and marketing, Elisa is currently responsible for the Communications department within the Brazilian Composers Union, for the UBC Magazine, and is the vice-chair of the Communications Experts Group, at the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.

Biologist, researcher and professor of Neuroscience. Elisa H. She is a researcher and professor in the Neuroscience and Behavior unit at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, developing Research and Innovation projects. Graduated in video at Oi Kabum! Actor with training at Escola de Arte Drama? In , he moves to Rio to play Juliano in Mauro Rasi? He went on to interpret Mauro Rasi?

Forli and Pe? Hamlet, inspired by William Shakespeare? The Seagull? He then goes on to perform in K2? After establishing himself as an actor, he began his career as theater director, staging Yasmina Reza? Balada De Um Palhac? APTR ? Best Actor for In on It. Emily is responsible for the Education commissioning at Channel 4, which includes programming aimed at year olds and year olds.

But also commissions new formats and specialist factual content. Recently Emily? Born Famous? Class of Mum and Dad? Postcode Playdates? For the older age group she has been responsible for the? Extraordinary Teens? Taxi of Mum and Dad? Is Love Racist?? House of Teen Mums? Rich Kids of Instagram?. With an academic background in marketing and administration at ESPM and FGV, he has sound and profound experience in training, developing and managing successful teams. An executive producer for the audiovisual market with over 30 years" experience.

She has worked in major production companies such as 5. Her specialty is audio post-production for series and feature films, especially animation. For the past 5 years she has been working at Ultrassom Music Ideas, a pioneering studio in recording original voices in Brazil, currently using the same format as those from the finest LA studios. Marques has already produced over 15 series and 2 feature-length animated films. She"s a journalist, writer and consultant with 30 years" experience in the market.

Palomino worked for 17 years at newspaper Folha de S. Paulo as a columnist and editor. Her weekly column, called "Illustrated Night" helped shed some light over new behaviors of youth culture to a then-rising scene of Brazilian fashion. Restless and keen on learning about different medias, she has already worked for TV, radio and pioneering online news. In she launched her website " with the physical server in a small warehouse at Vila Madelena burrough " also HQ for content production and hub "House of Palomino".

She"s been a brand consultant for Melissa shoes in fashion and trend research; she also works as creative director for fashion shows, exhibits, campaigns, films, books and special projects. As a speaker she has addressed audiences from Caxias do Sul do Caruaru on fashion and behavior with an informal, public-friendly approach. Her two books, "Babado Forte and "A Moda" have become staples for fashion colleges around the country.

She will talk about how the brain builds the body reference and incorporates new tools and devices. International and entrepreneurial experience in top management positions. Launched and managed consumer and enterprise services.

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Managed marketing campaigns and sales acceleration programs across emerging countries. Led the development of a multi-platform live streaming and video-on-demand service. Nowadays, LAB is the largest and most respected independent musicrecorder in Brazil, besides acting as digital distributor and producer. Fioti also acts as anentrepreneur, ahead of the careers of Emicida, recognized as one of the greatest rappers in thecountry, and Rael, who emerges as one of the greatest revelations of the new Brazilian music.

With a wide curriculum, the agency has already accomplished several events and projects dedicated to Brazilian new musical productions, aside from countless international band tours in the country. Fabiano Gullane is a managing partner of Gullane, a production company with 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry. In recent years, he has produced and co-produced numerous feature films, including recently Daniel Rezende?

The King of the Mornings? Just Like our Parents? At the same time, Gullane has been producing television projects such as the fictional series "Jailers? Universal Channel , "Fora de Controle" Record and the documentaries? ESPN and? TV Brasil. He has been listed by Chambers Global Guide in "for the 9th consecutive year"as a specialist in media and entertainment, although he also specializes in culture, and co-chairs the Brazil"California Chamber of Commerce"s BCCC Media and Entertainment Committee.

Fabio Hofnik is an audiovisual and event producer, working with immersive storytelling entertainment since Curator and director of the Hyper Festival, an international festival, now in its third edition, dealing with the market and production of immersive content, virtual- and augmented reality. He is the founder of TheXRDb. He holds an undergraduate degree in Radio and TV and a technical degree in Industrial Computing; he has been working since with digital technologies for the audio-visual sector. IT executive with 22 years experience obtained while working with systems and infrastructure projects, and also with IT operations and portfolio management, for national and multinational companies in several business areas such as telecommunications, manufacturing, education, retail and health businesses.

He is a partner-founder, screenwriter and actor at Porta dos Fundos, the world"s biggest Youtube comedy channel. He started performing in stand-up routines all over Rio de Janeiro before heading on a national tour with his comedy show "Fora do Normal" Unnatural. Since at Volkswagen, he was the person in charge of the Digital Marketing and CRM department until October , when he took his current position within the company.

He has worked in digital projects and innovation for over 18 years, eleven of which were at the Publicis Group, leaving the group as Account Director and New Digital Businesses Director. Pamplona is a Brazilian scientist and entrepreneur, PhD in Psychopharmacology of the endocannabinoid system " and benchmark for the medicinal use of Cannabis by-products. Startup founder on the creative economy area education technology and professor at the Perestroika school of creativity. In recent years, he has spoken at Harvard, TedX and Exosphere.

He believes in innovation as a tool to transform a scientist"s curiosity into something of real value to society. Graduated from Loughborough University, Mr. Percival Fang has more than 10 years" experience in content Marketing, integrated marketing and new media. Fang led MGTV advertising team, which made many breakthrough development and growth in recent 3 years, enabled MGTV become one of the most successful content marketing platforms in China.

Felipe Oliva is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Squid, the first influence marketing platform in Brazil, specializing in micro-influencers, whose main goal is to help brands humanize their communication by working with digital influencers. Has has worked in other technology companies and has experience in the development of on-line and off-line marketing strategies. Originally a lawyer, in he founded the group EletroSamba, that was signed on by Sony Music and nominated as Newcomer Band of the Year at the Multishow Awards in From onwards, he begins the collaboration between Toca do Bandido studio and the label Toca Discos.

In he gathered a few new rock bands and created acenavive, helping to reestablish Rio"s rock scene, with a project that spread throughout the country. Felipe brought in a collaborative and entrepreneurial vision, helping the bands to develop artistically. His artists are responsible for the return of MPB or Pop "Emepebista", as he"d rather call it to the charts, breaking the hegemony of sertanejo and funk. Partner of Cyberlabs since its foundation, is responsible for delivering artificial intelligence products that improve human performance. Currently coordinates research assistance in the area of health in partnership with laboratories specialized in brain cancer.

He is also launching computer vision products for various sectors of the economy. Between and , she worked as commercial and service manager of JLeiva Cultura e Esporte, agency responsible for developing culture and research investment policies, which maps the different cultural areas in Brazil.

For two years, she worked in the programming department at the Apollo Theater Foundation, known as one of the city's major public assets, as well as the most important organization in the history of black culture in the United States. As a collaborator, she was part of the team of readers of fellowship programs of the The Playwrights Realm in NY organization, whose mission is to support the development of new playwrights. In May , she accepted the invitation to return to Brazil to take over the executive direction of Anima Mundi. Fernanda Estrella has specialized in creating value to brands through her experience.

With a degree in advertising from PUC-RJ, and with specialization in Marketing from Berkeley College, NY, she began her career researching and writing about retail consumer experience trends. Fernanda has worked for many of the main Live Marketing agencies in Brazil, such as Dream Factory " managing and developing content and projects for major local and global brands. There, she managed the sponsorship department for the Antarctica brand.

Her main delivery was the Carnaval de Rua do Rio de Janeiro case. She managed the World Cup project, with the brands Brahma and Budweiser. A major challenge, no doubt, with all of the company"s brands involved. And agencies. And partners. And organizers. In Brazil and globally. Fernanda managed the bid for Rio Olympic Games for the Skol brand, and initiated the planning for brand activation and experience. Fernanda moved back to Rio with an invitation to become the Business Strategy Marketing Director for SRCOM"a brand experience agency"where she has had the opportunity to witness first-hand the most exciting part of the Olympic Games.

She is currently Marketing Director for Rock In Rio, where she handles the communications management and planning for the biggest music, entertainment and experience festival in the world. For 14 years, has been working with initiatives that investigate and articulate the use of technologies and new languages in pedagogical strategies that favor participatory, critical and creative learning for young people and children of our time. Her works seek the understanding of formation, establishment and modulation of brain circuits in normal and pathological situations.

For such, she performs basic research in animal models and clinical studies on neurologic, psychiatric and development diseases. Her team uses in vivo imaging techniques to map and understand the brain plasticity phenomenon. During his career, he produced short films and television series that aired on national channels, like Canal Futura. In , he founded Marahu Filmes to create content about people living in the Amazon.

Now, he's producing his first feature film, a documentary called The Echo of the Lake. Fernando Acquarone is the managing partner at Pindorama Filmes, the production company in Rio where he creates and directs fiction and documentary series. N , Acquarone will premiere a miniseries on HBO about Santos Dumont, in which he directs, writes the screenplay, edits and collaborates in the story.

He has written and directed nine short films. He also worked as Project Manager in advertising agencies, with clients such as Heineken, Mars and Volvo; previously, he worked as a video editor for TV broadcasters, wrote audiovisual screenplays for the Ministry of Education and performed research the field of Transmedia and Storytelling.

Member of the Executive Planning and Programming Committee of the network, Pelegio is responsible for all the channel"s original content, including global and historic event news coverage. He supervises the hiring of actors, show directors and writers, and also manages the artistic and technical quality of the sets, Promos and network IDs. Pelegio manages a team of about one thousand people, and is also the executive producer for several telenovela hits. A member of CAPEX, he supervises all company purchases, including hardware, software and network equipment.

Is a manager at BNDES, in charge of the BNDES Garagem program, an initiative designed to foster entrepreneurship, create investment and business opportunities, help medium and large companies to innovate and contribute to a change in corporate culture. His higher education basis is in tourism and economics, and he has had more than a decade of experience working on those areas in Brazil and Europe.

A specialist in Tourism and Geographic Information Systems, he also has ample experience in process-management consulting, project financing and in modeling private-public partnerships. He has worked as a Data Scientist in technology, financial and retail companies. He currently works as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer for solving issues by means of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing; Dornelas is a partner at a startup company based in Rio de Janeiro which deals with these innovations.

This executive, who is married and has a lovely son, Theo, has as one of her priorities to give support and help in the development of other women in the communication market. She is the chair of the Diversity Committee at Artplan, and has contributed heavily to and been closely involved in the current "Blind Hiring" selective process that the agency now adopts. Flavia is also a poet, having a project in which she turns the life stories she gets from her readers into poems. Working for more than a decade in the audiovisual market, Flavio is dedicated to bridging the gap between those new technologies and the contemporary market.

In , he won the Webby Awards, one of the most prestigious digital communication awards in the world. Francisco Almendra is the co-founder of and CEO at Studio KwO, an XR studio headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, and specializing in the creation of interactive and cinematic experiences for clients and partners throughout the world, as well as creating projects for greater audiences. Its clients range from companies in fashion to mining, from hospitality to education. The studio mixes techniques such as 3D scanning, motion capture and photogrammetry to bring about the richness of detail found in the real world into the virtual world, greatly valuing aesthetics and user comfort.

Works by Studio KwO has been published twice by the Washington Post, and can be seen in major international VR content distribution platforms. Learn about the Rio2C speakers. Heitor TP Electric and acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger. Heitor TP Electric and acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger Heitor Pereira discovered composing film music in a unique way. Kondzilla Founder of Kondzilla. Louis Black SXSW co-founder and Director and The Austin Chronicle Co-founder Louis Black is a co-founder of SXSW , founding editor of The Austin Chronicle , founding co-director of the Austin Music Awards, and an independent film producer, director, restorer, archivist, author, political pundit, comic book and film flatstock collector and music impresario and promoter.

Adriana Cechetti Production Director, Discovery Channel Cechetti is responsible for the production and development of local and original formats of factual and lifestyle channels for Discovery Inc. Adrien Muselet Content Acquisition, Netflix. Ahnis Fraga Service design thinker, changemaker, open data analyst for social impact. Alcione Singer. Alcione Singer Boasting an unmistakable voice, an exuberant personality and unrivaled groove, Alcione is one of the most acclaimed Brazilian artists of all time, both in Brazil and abroad.

Alessandra Debs Specialist. Alessandra Debs Specialist Curator, producer, press agent, Alessandra Debs has worked in music sinde she was just fifteen years old, producing shows for indie bands in Rio de Janeiro. Alexandra Muniz. Alexandre de Almeida Commercial Director, Steno Mobi A commercial agent who works at the sales department of Steno Group since the year , catering to the market of TV, production companies, advertising agencies and companies which offer accessibility for the audiovisual market.

Alexandre Potascheff Producer and Editor. Alexandre Potascheff Producer and Editor An advertising professional by profession and a journalist by trade, I've been telling stories for 15 years and creating audio and video content. Alexandre Romano Designer, Globo. Alexandre Rossi. Alexandre Rossi Alexandre Rossi has been one of the people in charge of stage programming for Circo Voador www.

Alice Gomes Writer, screenwriter and director. Aline Brufato. Aline Brufato Aline Brufato has been an entrepreneur in the culture segment since , when she started to work as theater and music producer. Aline Lata Director, Landia e Volt. Aline Midlej. Aline Souza Neuroscience Manager, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience 13 years of experience in Market Research, overseeing large clients in on-going Trackings, Branding and Communication studies, from planning to final deliverables, presentations, and client training.

Amaro Freitas Artist. Amora Mautner Director. Amora Mautner Director On set, she gives the highest importance to the actor"s emotion. Ana Clara. Ana Cortat Founding partner in Hybrid Colab. Ana Cortat Founding partner in Hybrid Colab Founding partner in Hybrid Colab, a consultancy"specializing on innovation in behavior studies and strategy, focusing on business transformation"that develops projects in the communication, sustainability and people areas for Natura, Vivo, Fiat and Jeep.

Ana Hissa Journalist. Ana Hissa Journalist Ana Hissa has 16 years of experience in covering national and international sporting events. TV Globo. Ana Paula Bialer Partner at Bialer Falsetti Associados Ana Paula Bialer is a lawyer known for her experience with the Technology, Internet, Telecommunications and Audiovisual sectors as a legal, regulation and public policy consultant for those sectors. Ana Paula Brasil. Ana Paula Rodrigues.

Ana Paula Xongani Influencer. Ana Rieper. Ana Rieper Ana Rieper is a documentary filmmaker and geographer and has dedicated herself to films about popular culture, music and the environment since , when she released "Saara", her first short film. Ana Vilela. Anderson Nery. Andre Liess Director, Roadcard. Andre Martins Co-founder, Superjobs. Andre Martins Co-founder, Superjobs Andre Martins the cofounder of Superjbos Ventures and has worked as a startup company investor since Andre Monteiro.

Andrea Barata Ribeiro. Andrea Barata Ribeiro Andrea Barata Ribeiro, elected by Variety magazine as one of the 5 women with more impact in the entertainment industry of the world, she is a partner of O2 Filmes, besides Fernando Meirelles and Paulo Morelli. Andrea Giusti Producer. Andrea Xavier. Aniela Jordan Partner, Aventura Entretenimento. Antonio Carmona VP Business Development, Masabi Antonio has spent over 15 years working with cities across the globe to improve how people get around.

Antonio Tabet Founding member, Porta dos Fundos. Baco Exu do Blues. Bernardo Segal Consultant for Technology Business, Pellesus Bernardo Segal holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and Management, and has professional experience in Brazilian and multinational companies, such as Siemens, Philips and VR Benefits, He has worked in the commercial, technology and services areas, currently acts as a technology consultant and is Pellesus" representative in Brazil.

Bettina Calmon Composer for Games and Audiovisual. Bruno Aguiar. Bruno Cremona. Bruno Oliveira Founder, Playhard. Ebooks and Manuals

Bruno Pedroza Founder Partner and Creative Director, Broders Founding partner and creative director at Broders productions, with more than six years experience in the audiovisual industry. Bruno Pongelupe Rio Philharmonic. Caito Mainier Editor, Screenwriter and Director. Camila Pires Founder, Rede Indigo. Camila Pires Founder, Rede Indigo With a multidisciplinary training that passes through communication, knowledge management, business management, innovation, participatory methodologies and pedagogical neuropsychology.

Carina Fragozo. Carla Albuquerque Managing Partner, Medialand. Carla Camurati Curator, International Children? FICI Following her stellar career as a film and television actress in the s, Carla Camurati switched to the other side of the camera to great acclaim. Carla Uller. Carlos Souza Managing Director, Udacity. Carlos Souza Managing Director, Udacity Carlos Souza is the Managing Director of Udacity in Latin America, a new type of online university "built by Silicon Valley" that i teaches the skills that industry employers need today, ii delivers credentials endorsed by employers, and iii educates at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools.

Carolina Hoffmann. Cassio Bobsin CEO and Founder, Zenvia Cassio Bobsin is the CEO and founder of Zenvia, the number one communications platform in Brazil, with 6 thousand accredited companies which make a world of difference to some million people roughly Brazil"s population. Catalina Ceballos Cultural Manager and Anthropologist.

Cesar Coelho Director, Anima Mundi. Chico Ribeiro. Christian Aranha Founder, Entropia. Christian Burnel Executive Producer. Christian de Castro Managing Director, Ancine. Christian de Castro Managing Director, Ancine Castro is an entrepreneur, audiovisual producer, consultant and creative market executive, especially for the audiovisual sector. Christiane Torloni Actress and director. Christiane Torloni Actress and director Appeared in 14 plays, 27 novels and 16 films.

Claire Bottero Open Innovation Analyst. Clarissa Nanchery. Cleber Paradela Head of Brand Experience, Damien Melich. Damien Melich Creative by nature, designer by trade, creative director by sheer force of experience, business manager by ambition. Daniel Furlan.

Ascolti TV Access Prime Time

Daniel Ganjaman. Daniel Ganjaman Daniel Ganjaman was born in and began his activities as a professional musician in the mid"s. Daniel Leipnitz President, Acate. Daniel Tonacci Blockchain Expert, Ancine. Danielle Mello Digital Marketing Manager, Tilibra Danielle Mello is a professional with over 15 years" experience at Tilibra, a company from the ACCO Brands Group " the go-to company in the stationary segment for over 90 years, and a market leading brand. Dayane Rodrigues Filmmaker, producer and writer. Delacruz Rapper and Composer.

Diego Pila. Diego Pila Diego Pila has been working in the Communication department at Petrobras for the last fifteen years, occupying several leadership positions. Diogo Myrrha Director, Peak Ventures. DJ Malboro DJ. DJ Meme DJ. Duda Beat Artist. Duda Leite Moviemaker, Journalist, and Curator. Dudu Bertholini Stylist and Brazilian fashion consultant. Dughettu Rapper, Producer and Founder, Duto. Dughettu Rapper, Producer and Founder, Duto One of the most notorious artists of the rap and hip-hop scene. Ed Waller Journalist - C Edson Rigonatti Partner, Astella Investimentos.

Eduardo Cabra. Eduardo Prota General Manager Brasil, N26 Prota is the General Manager of N26 in Brazil, an innovative digital bank that revolutionizes the way in which people deal with money daily " and thus, becoming the one bank everyone loves to use. Most of the other families left homeless could this week be seen trekking their way to new accommodation with their horses and carts on the EN main road. Portimao Social Services have been appointed to accom- pany the progress of families who remain in the city, as they have children.

She had been tested with a result of 1. Two hours later she was pulled over again at another stop operation with an alcohol level of 0. She was arrested for diso- bedience in Vilamoura. Arrests in Portugal are a tech- nical formality, offenders do not spend time in a cell, and are noti- fied to appear at court on a stipu- lated date. Area Desportiva, boasts a beach-foot- ball pitch, four beach- volleyball courts, a fitness stage and excit- ing innovative sports such as speedminton variation of bad- minton with heavier shuttlecock to withstand stronger winds , flingo beach ball butwithno rack- ets , archery and beach tennis.

The inauguration was an enor- mous success, the sun was shin- ing, waves were breaking, and spirits were high as DJ Deelight played music for everybody to enjoy. Only on this day did they have numerous extra activities, with the marina side of the beach har- bouring watersports such as ca- noeing, sailing and rowing, spon- sored by Clube Naval de Portimao. Alternative Tour sponsored an adventure sports section which provided rock climbing, paintball and a zip line slide.

With the waves perfect for learning, dozens of students made their way to sea and had surfing and bodyboard lessons with Future Surf School and PlaySurfSchool. V arious inflatable games were available with the bucking bronco, a surf simulator, giant table football, and paintball with inflatable obstacles. There was a beach football competition, with two players from the National Beach F ootball team appearing, Hemani and Madjer. Fitness classes were held on the fitness stage by Beto Fitness Club and Village Wellness Centre later in the after- noon.

With the intention of sup- porting the school community, over one thousand students at- tended on their afternoon dedi- cated to sport, Desporto Escolar. Council President Manuel da Luz officially inaugurated the complex at around The facilities will be avail- able all summer, fitness ses- sions and surf and bodyboard lessons will continue on week- ends.

Renowned regional artist David Haines is the driving force behind this unique project, along with acclaimed Canadian photographer, Joao Paulo Carrondo. Joao Carrondo has enjoyed a career of international acclaim and will be showing his enig- matic scenes captured through a lens, including shots that dis- play the essence of city life in Lisbon, the Algarve, and Por- tuguese traditions in general. This atypical partnership first occurred last year, when a special report by The Portugal News built a bridge between David Haines, Joao Carrondo and the inmates.

Up and coming painter Nuno F emandes will be j oining David and Joao in his first exhibition as an artist in his own right. Nuno first showed his works of art as one of the various Faro inmates participating in the con- joint exhibitions with David and Joao. His artwork was so popu- lar that, after his release, he was invited to participate again in this upcoming exhibition. Now, as well as enjoying success as an artist in his own right, he is also enjoying a successful career as a museum and art gallery em- ployee.

NECI director Dra. Maria Eduarda Santos will be present at the official launch party, which will take place on Fri- day 2 1 St March. The new building is hoped to become residential accommodation for scholars who may have to travel long distances, as well as as a holi- day home for organised groups and school trips of chil- dren from all over the world with identical difficulties. Not a minor task, but every little helps and this exhibition is another step towards helping NECI reach their final goal. Portimao could soon be a main port of call for large trans-global cruise liners.

Now nearing completion, the dredging will increase the port to eight metres in depth, along both the access channel and the ma- noeuvre bays, and will measure metres in diameter. This will allow any vessel measuring over metres in length to safely dock in the port, as opposed to, off the coast, a more secure and comfortable option for both crew and passen- gers. Until now, larger liners docked off the coast, with pas- sengers being transferred into the city aboard smaller vessels. Inaugurated in , Portimao cruise port has succes- sively beaten its own passenger records, which should continue after opening to the larger ves- sels, as ships measuring metres or more can carry at least 1 , passengers and crew.

Carried out by the Port and Maritime Institution, the dredg- ing commenced in October and is expected to be complete by the end of this month, in to- tal removing thousand cubic metres of sand and mud. Following strict environ- mental requisites, the dredged substances are then discharged out at sea, at 6. Keeping a close eyes on the works is the National Institute of Biological Resources, which monitors the quality of seawater in both the area being dredged and the dump spots. For the future, the local City Hall aims to extend the current metre dock to metres, connecting the cruise ship bay to the Marine and Navy port.

If all the beaches contending for the European quality sym- bol are approved a total of forty eight bathing areas will hoist the renowned flag in the Algarve. Portimao City Hall guaran- tees it is a temporary problem and in the future expects to re- gain the flag. Before this summer, Portimao hopes to carry out construction to avoid drainage water from pools and rainwater making its way onto the beach. In Lagos, Porto de M6s beach lost the chance to apply due to results from one examination which did not meet the stand- ards stipulated last year.

Lagos Mayor Julio Barroso said it was an isolated case, and that all tests done since have revealed the water to be of good quality. Tavira and Vila Real Santo Antonio have also applied for an additional flag each. Vale Fuzeiros is renowned for its historical richness and patrimony, having recently made headlines when local resi- dents took on the national en- ergy distributors REN over a se- ries of unsightly high tension lines that were to be erected through the very heart of the tiny village. At 09h00 sharp anyone who would like to j oin this walk must be at the riverside taxi rank, in Silves, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended, as well as a bottle of water.

Stretching 7. Amongst these historically important sites are the Pedreirinha, Carrasqueria and F omeca necropolises, as well as the Vilarinha alignment. Respecting private property, flora and fauna, fol- lowing designated signs, not walking alone or starting fires are just a few of the rules to obtain maximum safety and pleasure from the trail. Eight year costa bianca, now here in the Aigarve!

No deposit - pay on completion All products are fully guaranteed for 1 2 months e-mail: mosquitoblindsrus yahoo. Open Monday to Friday Telephone; 1 0am to 7pm E-mail; lagos thomasgreen. We are on the right opposite the Tourist Office. All at competitive prices. The editor reserves the right to edit letters or refuse publication. Send your letters, which must include your name and full postal address even ifyou wish to remain anony- mous on the page , and be of no more than 3 00 words to: ThePortu- galNews, Apartado 13, Lagoa. Fax: E-mail address: letters the-news.

This is a legal requirement. I had the greatpleasure ofmeet- ing him several times in the 1 s and his reminiscences were both extremely sad and at times funny andjoyful. He was certainly not making any of it up. His wife and small son were both gassed. How- ever, Paul Joseph is right.

Figures I have quote a Jewish population of about half a million in By it was down to 23, but nearly a quarter of a million had been allowed to emi- grate, as well as large numbers from many other European coun- tries who foresaw what lay ahead. Again, not surprisingly, no writ- ten order has survived but other than by Hitler apologists, it is accepted that absolutely no one would have dared to issue such an order without his knowledge. The Holocaust is an established fact and arguments about just how many millions were mur- dered are pointless.

After the re- pressive Salazar years, free speech is still closely guarded here. Unlike in England, where it is being whittled away almost daily by the burgeoning ranks of the Thought Police, or in the so called Land of the Free, where it barely exists any more because the American government treats its critics like enemies of the State. Those who reject the Holo- caust are free to believe what they like but are we who are condon- ing what is happening in places like Darfur and Zimbabwe by doing nothing any better?

And now let us think on the issues raised. These matters seem absolutely overwhelming chiefly because they have all been reported in the media within a short space of time. However such matters are reported, not when they occur, but when they can no longer be concealed from public scrutiny. Finally, something to cheer you all up. ALAN D. The main focus is the Sport Relief Mile, where people of all ages and level of fitness are en- couraged to participate in a fun run around a mile long course to raise money for countries poorer than our own.

This year. Study this example situation: Pedro: Eu nao estou nervoso. You want to tell someone else what Pedro said, so you use reported speech in the negative form: O Pedro disse-me que ele nao estava nervoso. Ontem de manha, quando a Teresa entrou no escritorio para iniciar mais um dia de trabalho, estavam la dois agentes da policia para investigar o desaparecimento de alguns importantes documentos do Departamento de Contabilidade. A Teresa foi interrogada, tendo respond! Eu nao trabalho no escritorio desde o seu principio.

Eu nao entro no escritorio antes das nove da manha e nao saio depots das cinco e meia da tarde. Eu nao falo com todos os empregados porque nao os conheqo muito bem. Eu penso que os empregados nao tern um mau relacionamento entre si. Eunao sei quern pode ter tanto interesse nos documentos. Eu nao tenho acesso ao cofre onde estao os documentos da Contabilidade.

Nao estou familiarizada com o que se passa no Departamento de Contabilidade. Eu nao pretendo acusar ninguem como suspeito. Ha j a algum tempo que eu nao vej o o chefe do Departamento de Contabilidade, o senhor Silva. Acho que ele nao vem trabalhar porque esta doente. Eu nao sei se o senhor Silva e ou nao e uma pessoa honesta. Eu nao tenho nenhumas provas contra ele. Depois deste longo interrogatorio, a Teresa contou aos sens colegas o que tinha declarado aos agentes da autoridade: Exemplo: 1.

Eu disse-lhes que eu nao trabalhava no escritorio desde o seu principio. The Portugal News - Apartado 13, Lagoa. Tel: 34 11 On Saturday 15th March, from Ham for a prompt The event will be multicultural as many lo- cal Spanish and Portuguese will also be taking part alongside the foreign community providing a great opportunity to forge new friendships along the way.

No matter what your level of fitness is, the Sport Relief mile is aimed at everyone. If you feel you cannot mn that far, then you can walk it. All we want you to do is take part and help people less fortunate than our- selves. This includes an official Sport Relief Spain T-Shirt and the money goes towards the accumulated total. Runners are of course encouraged to get sponsorship and forms can be obtained by e-mailing: sportrelief theoraclecosta delaluz. Registration can be done on the day of the mn itself, but remember to give yourself sufficient time to register.

And for those more beer minded people Using a similar cir- cuit to the normal mile, partici- pants have to do the route by call- ing into the ten bars that are dot- ted along the Marina. The same entry fee applies, but they have to get their entry card stamped in each place when they buy their drink not necessarily alcoholic. When all cards are in, the bars will donate a percentage of each drink bought to the Sport Relief total.

This is a novel way for the less motivated to participate. To enter, please register at sportrelief theoraclecosta delaluz. The most obvious has been for banks to be more selective when lending money to clients. In a related development, it emerged this week that European stock markets have lost twice as much as their counterparts on Wall Street since the beginning of the year, despite the fact the real estate crisis initiated in the United States.

The effect the sub-prime cri- sis is having on the market be- comes clearer when confirming that PSI heavyweights BCP and BPI have seen their shares devalue by 3 7 percent in little over a month. Add to this over stands with everything for the home, garden and lifestyle, several international restaurants and you have a recipe for a very happy crowd. If you have not yet booked a stand, call the Exhibition Hotline on or go to algarvefair. Stands will be offering advice on travel, home improvements and lifestyle, there will be lots to buy including fashions, books, art, decor, specialist foods, pets products and you can enjoy beauty treatments and health advice.

Puff Park Children will love this adventure area with several giant inflatables. There will also be clowns, face painting and a real fire engine to explore. This year Puff Park will be located in the Arena, so parents can be close to their little ones while they eat and enjoy the entertainment.

All Day Entertainment The lineup already includes Harp John in the garden area, the Peruvian ensemble on the grassy banks among the stands plus Boop-l- do. Country Singer J. Made especially simple for the purpose, spots can be rented for only 53 euros The Algarve Property Show This section will be situated in the Pavilion for visitors who are thinking of selling, buying, trading up, or moving to something smaller.

They are invited to meet the leading agents and talk to finance companies. Motor Show Where visitors can see the latest models and talk to motoring experts. You can avoid the trauma of having your personai space invaded, not to mention ioss of vaiuabies, by protecting your home with Security Soiutions. Based inBurgau, Security Solu- tions was established in the Al- garve just last year, by Marieanne and Murray Lechley , who moved to the Algarve from the UK with their three children in Murray can fit any home with the most appropriate security system for that property, includ- ing basic alarm systems, electric gates.

Excelling in after-sales service. Most systems can be combined with a personal alert, meaning that if your alarm were activated, you or another designated person would receive a warning, either by phone or message, and would be ableto verify the situation and take an appropriate form of action i. For those who own second or holiday homes, or are frequenttrav- ellers.

Security Solutions will re- spond to the alerts for you. A spe- cial maintenance contract is now available, which is fixed for two years and offers the first year free of charge upon payment of the fixed price ofthe subsequent year. The company fits alarms right across the Algarve, and provides free estimates, on-site assess- ments, and, most importantly, free advice. And it is not only the home that Murray can secure - he is cur- rently working on aratherunusual project, fitting alarms to solarpan- els following a series of thefts in one particular region.

Panic buttons can also be supplied or fitted to stand- ard equipment next to doors or otherplaces of entry. Technology is kept as simple as possible, for easy operation. Autoheat central heating and air-conditioning systems Selling mostly air conditioning units, Autoheat aiso stock a vast variety of products that inciudes soiar paneis, ventiiation systems, poois, spas, water treatment units, and centrai heating. Having moved to Portugal in and purchased the company in , merely as aplumbing serv- ice, RichardHemming andhis wife Maureen soon expanded the busi- ness into several other areas.

Richard invested in the plumb- ing trade because he previously worked as a deep-sea diver in the North Sea, undertaking pipe work at more than feet under water; so any pipe work at surface level is a doddle for him! Richard considers sustaining abusiness in the Algarve tobe a very hard task.

As it is a small market, word spreads fast so it is very important to keep all custom- ers satisfied. Selling mostly air-condition- ing units, followed by central heating, pool heating and water softeners, Richard has main- tained a strong relationship with many of his original clients, who depend upon his exceptional service, provided from day one. Addressing the service Autoheat pro- vide; if a product is installed and is faulty, techni- cians will replace it immediately, opposed to some other companies policy of sending a technician to only fix the prob- lem.

Theteamcompriseseighttech- nicians in five vans, in addition to fourpeople working in the offices. All technicians have full training and are qualified in their specific areas. Autoheat now stocks new Fairland pool heat pumps; im- ported directly from China they of- fer outstanding reli- ability in conjunc- tion with very com- petitive prices.

Af- ter bringing in a con- tainer full of them in January almost all have sold. The future for Autoheat is to ex- pand slightly, add- ingjustafewmore -d staffbecause Rich- ard wants to maintain a personal- ised service, treating clients as names and not numbers. Office hours are weekdays from 9. Autoheat is located on the E. For more information please visit web site www. They can be there from the be- ginning, designing or updating your logo. Designing and printing your stationery, i. Creating and producing your signs and banners or vehicle and window graphics; developing, updating or maintaining your website.

Creativity and imagination un- derline all projects undertaken, enhanced with professionalism, capability and experience. Furthermore they will ensure that your identity remains consistent across all forms of media pro- duced. But unfortunateiy, in this day and age, doormats and piant pots are not aiways the wisest soiution. Villa rental agencies and those who frequently accommodate guests will know how difficult it can be to coordinate key drop- offs.

It is a sturdy, metal storage box in which keys are placed, and pro- tected by a mechanical code-entry method via push-numbers. The box is made of tough die-cast zinc with rust-resistant buttons and an all-weather protective rubber cover. It is then fixed to the exterior of properties, is virtually indestruct- ible and irremovable from the sur- face on which it is placed.

Only those who know the code can gain access to the keys, and, in turn, to the property. Due to a noticeable demand. Eater this year they will incorporate the rental of beds, cots, highchairs, child gates and other products of- ten required during the busy holi- day period in the Algarve. Comprising the Yorkshire Finen range is a huge, every- changing stock of all things textile; from curtains to cushion covers.

Bed linen sheets, covers, throws, pillow slips, etc T owels are also available in two qualities of cotton, in many differ- ent colours. Delivery is possible. Through the main door we en- ter a large hallway, to the left of whieh is a grand stairease elimb- ing up the rounded wall to the first floor. Right is passage to the kitehen and guest WC, and straight ahead are a set of elegant dark wood and glass doors that open into the living area.

Open and spaeious the living area is divided into a lounge, a dining area and an offiee spaee. Stepped down from the din- ing area is an offset lounge, set around a large brick fire and a full wall of inbuilt alcove shelving that is up-lit. Also built into the wall is a semi-circular bench that offers extra seating. To the left of the living area is space for a home office. From here an exte- rior staircase sweeps down to the pool and outdoor living area. On the ground floor, besides the pool, is a pergola-covered dining area, catered for with a large barbeque, with its own basement area and bathroom that could be used for sheltered din- ing, storage, as a games room, etc.

There is added potential for it to be easily converted into a self- contained, one-bedroom annex. Making up the 1, square metre plot are landscaped gar- dens comprising pretty flowerbeds and Mediterranean rockeries, which are floodlit at night with changing colours. However, the majority of the pool area in front of the villa is terraced. To the front of the villa there is private parking for two vehi- cles. Upstairs there are another two connecting bedrooms, one of which, the circular master bedroom, has its own en-suite bathroom.

Wooden beams deco- rate and add character to the ceil- ings, and both bedrooms share a large terrace from where pano- ramic views of Vilamoura can be enjoyed. This property is fully equipped with air conditioning, double-glazing, an alarm system, and satellite TV. V Three bedroom villa. Easily transformed into a four bedroom villa. Excellent investment. A Top floor two bedroom apartment! Prime location inside the golf course. Complex with pool.

Fitted kitchen. Private parking for two cars and storage. Three large balconies. Sun terrace with lovely panoramic views. South facing. A Unique 4 bedroom apartment. Beside Falesia beach. Near all amenities. Top finishes. Parking for 2 cars. Brand new. A Investment opportunity!! Two bedroom apartment. Between the Pinhal and the Old Course. Furnished and equipped; Refurbished. Balcony with access to the garden and pool area. Easy letting. Communal pool. Desirable location close to Centianes beach.

Two bedroom apartment, one bathroom. Open plan kitchen. Very neat and very clean. Close to beach i and shops. Lounge leading to big veranda. Pool, tennis court, covered parking. Large covered patio. Nice garden. Space for pool, own borehole Ref. Good Investment Project!! Excellent opportunity Fantastic price!! Near the beach and the Casino Excellent opportunity!! Great views!!! Excellent Price!! Unique opportunity for a superb location!! AMI - Val. Spacious living room, large I fully fitted and equipped kitchen, roof terrace. Good road access. L-shaped I lounge 35m2, office, double I garage, plot m2, Constr.

Built in Moncarapacho Exceptional, cared for, 4 bedroom Quinta style property on a sheltered plot with lots of different fruit trees. Comprising of 4 spacious bedrooms all with en- suite bathroom, top of the range kitchen and lot of extra's, cov. It is set on the mountain of Sintra, with sea views. It must be seen. Recent house. Incredible plot with archaeological stones, fruit trees and beautiful vegetation only for you. Unique property! Luxury 5 bedroom villa set in a sqm plot. Annex and BBQ. High quality materials. Inserted on a hole golf course condominium.

Excellent materials. Traditional Portuguese house with 3 bedrooms in a unique and charming location. Sea and Mountain View. Excellent opportunity! Uma porta sempre aberta. Communal swimming pool and garden area, j Exterior parking space. Furnished I and equipped. Construction area - 97 sq. Exterior parking area, communal swimming pool and agrden area. Const, area - sq. Swimming pool and garden. Plot area - 5. Construction area - sq. Sea view. Plot area - 2. Construc- tion area sqm. All I renewed, equipped and furnished I with high quality.

Parking space in I garage. Portimao T2 2 bedroom apartment placed in a luxury condominium. The condominium has a high interior swimming pool as well as an exterior swimming pool. It also has a Jacuzzi and playground. Portimao New villa composed of three bedrooms, one en suite with hydromassage. Living room with fireplace on the ground floor. Air conditioning and central vacuum cleaner. Spacious garage. Good reference to the decor designer of these apartments.

Swimming pool and BBQ area. Cen-I tral heating. Furnished and! I Laundry. Barbecue and swim- ming pool. Represents high business potential. Safe investment! Fully equipped kitchen. Central heated. Air conditioned.

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Swim- ming pool. The best location for your investment. Swimming pool. Garden with auto irrigation system. Central heating system. High quality finishing materials. Probably best location in area. New kitchen dining room, lounge with panoramic views, massive lower ground floor with wine cellar, bar, kitchen and private terrace. The party and entertaining floor without equal anywhere. Three floors, all served by lift, complete wheelchair accessibility throughout. The property has under-floor heating and air conditioning, comprising square metres of living space, very private landscaped gardens of half an acre, swim- ming pool, totally fenced with electric gates and impressive entry drive.

South facing, looks on to the golfcourse. Great opportunity. Recently renovated. Lovely sw. Private parking space for 1 car. Great rental potencial. Total constr. High standard finishes. Alarm sys. Private parking in basement.

the stage dolls love cries

Communal sw. Construction area approx. Situated in a new residencial area, close to all amenities. Great value. Exclusive resort, 3 bedrooms. Quiet, huge house, ideal for home with income, sea views. Very quiet area, 2 bedrooms and mezzanine for extra space. Front line position.

Prices are ex. Membership is free, call 50 78 78 to join. At long last World Telecom can help you slash the costs of your mobile phone bills, and the savings are not just for you. When friends, family, clients and business associates call on your OneFone, they only pay a fixed line rate - not an expensive mobile rate. Together they have a combined experi- ence of over 40 years in the Hot Tub industry. These dealers have always been proud to represent such a quality product and consider themselves really lucky, hav- ing been in the industry for so long that they have the pick of the crop.

Over the years they have had many Hot Tub com- panies knocking on their doors asking them to sell spa prod- ucts, but none can match the quality, comfort and innova- tive design of a Master Spa. As Graham Carroll ex- plained, in our experience most manufacturers spend a vast portion of their revenue on marketing and very little on the product. Master Spas have been manufacturing spas for over 25 years and were the first to in- troduce a TV into their spas, the first to install magnetic therapy in their spas and also the first to install a steel struc- ture in their spas, giving un- equalled strength.

Master Spas most recent de- velopments have been the amazing H2X Swimspa which lets you swim and exercise in warm water all year round, we have also just introduced the worlds first spa with a built in sun bathing deck, with or with- out our 19 inch motorised Spa Theatre System with 7 speak- ers and full Dolby surround sound. The flagship shop at Quatro Estradas will have all of these models installed and will have private test drive areas so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

Situated in a pretty, landscaped cul-de- sac, the apartment has a light and spacious lounge overlooking the countryside, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and two balconies. Being only 5 minutes drive to the beach and various golf courses makes it an ideal holiday home and a great investment. At our store you can select all your bed linen, towels, kitchenware, lighting, furniture and decorative accessories. We carry out all installations of curtain poles, bathroom accessories and lights.

We also supply and fit air conditioning. Why not call in for some friendly help and advice with regard to making your new house a home. Big potential, all with separate entrances. Price - Lovely rustic property comprising of 2 for improvement. Pool, Gym, 2x parking spaces. F itted kitchen, pre- install. Our local credibility, international visibility and global reach combine to deliver the high-calibre buyers you need, when you need them.

Does your agent have access to the best buyers locally AND globally? Miguel with spectacular view over Silves and the mountain range. The fireplace gives also heat to the bedrooms. Equipped with central vacuum, it has also pre-installation for air con- ditioning. Composed of two buildings: mixed building and rustic building. Sell joint of the buil- dings.

Sales of vegetable seeds con- tinue to outstrip those of flow- ers. This year looks like having a similar outcome, according to some of the big seed companies. The popular varieties are fairly con- ventional vegetables, indicating that the Jamie Oliver effect is continuing and people are grow- ing their own food for both the improved taste and health ben- efits.

New varieties are coming on to the market every year - but are they any better than tried and tested types? Samples of more than 30 new vegetable varieties were trialled last year before they were avail- able to buy. Both had tougher skins than supermar- ket cherry tomatoes, but made up for this with intense sweet and sharp flavour. The red leaves turned deep purple, almost black when mature, but they bolted rapidly last summer.

The taste was good, with just a hint of bitterness and kept well in the fridge and consid- ered worth growing as cut-and- come-again or baby leaf salad. Choose the right plant 1. Pick a variety which will not ultimately outgrow its space. Fill the gap with bed- ding plants to cover up spare earth while it is still growing. When buying from a gar- den centre or nursery, avoid sickly or spindly plants and those with weeds and moss sprouting from the top of the pot, which is a sign of poor maintenance.

Whenbuyingplants online or by mail-order, find out if the company produces its own stock or is just a business buy- ing from elsewhere, which could be more unreliable. Professionalism and craftsmanship guaranteed. Phone 00 44 0 : : Gardening Which? Bulbs should be planted in late autumn in a sunny, well- drained spot such as a rockery or raised bed, or in a pot where they can produce a burst of dazzling colour.

For lovers of blue flowers, they are a must. Another good dwarf for spring is I. Like patios but more contem- porary, decks extend your living space out into the garden, provid- ing the ideal place for parties, barbecues and alfresco dining. Most decks adjoin the house, but you can build a free-standing one elsewhere in the garden if that suits your needs better. If you want to cover up something un- sightly like slab concrete or crazy paving without removing it, decking is a good solution.

Just remember to plan well, double check your measurements throughout the planning and con- struction stages and get someone to help you if you can. If you want to make the deck look more interesting, add hand- rails, posts and spindles, etc. You also need to treat with wood preservative any pieces of deeking that you eut. When planning your deek, the main thing to eonsider is where you want to put it. A south or west-faeing position is ideal for sun, but not all gardens offer this. Even if yours does, you may pre- fer to loeate it somewhere that gets sun and shade, espeeially if you have ehildren.

Ifyou have these where you plan to build the deek, you ean get round them relatively easily. Simply leave a hole in the deeking for the tree, with room for it to sway and grow, and ere- ate a trap door for the drain eover so you ean access it if neeessary. To keep the area permanently clear of weeds, eover it with black building membrane and put around 5cm of gravel on top.

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This al- lows you to make alterations if neeessary. All decked out Before you start, though, you need to aeelimatise the decking boards. Like any wood, deek- ing expands and contracts, so the best way to avoid problems is to buy it a week before you plan to lay the deck and store it in the garden. You should also use an RCD deviee when operating power tools outside. Reversible deeking boards have two usable sides - ridged and smooth - and you can alter- nate them to add interest to your deek, though ridged ones are less slippery when wet and so are safer if your household in- cludes children or the elderly.

Deeking boards ean be laid out in a number of ways, namely diagonally, horizontally and in chevrons, and these require slight differenees in the joists underneath, so you must plan the layout of the boards before you begin and adapt the joists aecordingly. A ehevron pattern, for exam- ple, requires double joists, so eonsult a garden DIY book or website for advice first. Ensure the ledger is fixed seeurely beeause it will be load bearing. The next step is fixing joists either side of the ledger. To do this, use galvanised joist hang- ers or angle braekets and ensure that the joists are square onee in plaee.

Allow the mortar to set while fixing more supporting slabs to more joists at 1. Now serew or nail in joist hangers at 40em intervals along the length of the ledger and fix a joist parallel to the ledger to ere- ate a supporting beam. Next, nail noggins at 40em intervals be- tween the joists to strengthen the frame, before fixing another joist onto the end one with eoaeh bolts for extra strength. Use as many eontinuous lengths of deeking as possible because the more eut ends, the greater the risk of splitting, and if you do have to join boards, do so above a joist.

Leave a 3mm gap between eaeh board to allow for drainage. F ix the boards using two gal- vanised nails, deek clips or screws at eaeh joist. When laying the boards, ex- tend them over the sides and only cut to fit exactly when all are fixed in plaee. F inish off by eovering the ends with a faseia board. European standarts. Rise in value. Call for an appointment or 91 7 Email belshaw sapo. Rua de Faro, n. OOh - Tailor made to suit your property and your purse Inc furniture curtains lighting crockery linen and in-house design service at no extra cost Patricia Finch Showroom: Lote 38, Vila das Acacias, Praia da Luz - 1 24 Lagos Tel.

E-mail: maison-dun-reve sapo. B Portugals leading speciolist in Furniture packages for all tastes and budgets. Single item purchases welcome. We are Independent English Mortgage Brokers who have an expert knowledge of the mortgage possibilities throughout Portugal. We deal with all Portuguese banks and have 27 years experience in the finance industry. Portugal E-mail: info lemos-juridico.

No other can offer such a package! Call for a quote. The sort that features a persecuted character that struggies on through their probiems, overcoming various prejudices and other obstacies, to be rewarded with a happy ever after ending. Interior space is vastly im- proved, both for the passengers and in the load area in the boot, while anew seating system called Easy Vario enables owners to configure the seats in various options, including the removal of the front passenger seat alto- gether.

Owners of the car will also benefit from Mereedes mobilo- life serviee which provides 30 year anti-eorrosion eover and breakdown warranty. Although the cost of the A- Class is quite steep, owners will be investing in a classy hatchbaek Once upon a time, a luxury German brand deeided to make a hatehback. Not having previous experience in making eompact front engine, front-wheel drive cars, it was a disastrous attempt.

Only available in a five-door body style, with a elumsy box- like appearance, it was also quite ugly. People laughed and made digs at the hatchbaek. Mercedes re- called the units it had sold. But rather than disappearing into the wilderness, never to be seen again, the German marque stuck at it and resolved the prob- lem by adding electronic stabil- ity control and modifying the suspension.

The effort was worth it be- eause seven years after the A- Class was first launched, 1. This time the A-Class is bigger, wider and is, for the first time, available in a three-door body style. Aeeompanying its graduation into fully-fledged hatchback sta- tus are various features eom- pletely new to the A-Class and designed to enhance driving safety and ride eomfort: a multi- function steering wheel, ISOFIX ehild seat fixings in the rear, a double-load floor, a new para- bolie-spring rear axle, head- tho- rax airbags at the front and param- eter steering as used in the larger Mereedes-Benz ears.

New diesel powertrains throughout the range have also led to more low-down torque and the Also CDI whieh replaces the A 1 70 CDI model, offers an extra 6hp and more pulling power. Mated to the automatie CVT, this results in a smooth and jerk- free acceleration capable of a 0- lOOkmh time of However, like its sprint time, it can be rather slow and hesitant to respond to sudden driver de- mand on the accelerator pedal.

The old A-Class was often eriticised for having a too firm ride, however this has been rem- edied with an adaptive damping suspension which adjusts auto- matically according to the way in which the A Class is being driven. T ake a comer hard and fast and the suspension stiffens to coun- terbody roll while when driving at amore leisurely pace, itrelaxes to provide a softer ride. The steer- ing is responsive and light yet not entirely without feel, although it that should provide them with a happy ever after ending, after all. The four packs shown on this page include line rental, internet, calls from fixed phones and from OneFone mobiles.

And the best news is that you receive just one phone bill every month and customer service is provided by our own operators here in Portugal. Call or go to worldtelecom. Just call or go to worldtelecom. Sundays Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. If s all very well promising to wean yourself off ready-meals, takeaways or those routine reei- pes that you ehum out week af- ter week, but all too often that resolve erumbles when you get home at the end of a long day.

Three lethal ingredients - TCH tired, cold and hungry - combine to deal killer blows to good intentions, especially when you and the family want food, and want it NOW! Identify the sta- ples that you need, add some fa- vourites, and invest in things like onion marmalade, tapenade, quince paste and aioli which are readily available and, believe me, ean turn a simple meal into some- thing quite special.

So, go on, give that take-away or miero- wave meal the heave-ho and whip up a feast! Gabrielle Fagan Ingredients Serves 4 Itsp ground einnamon 2 heaped tbsp brown sugar 80ml dry sherry 80ml olive oil 4 ehieken breast fillets with skin and wing bone attached, op- tional 20ml balsamic vinegar Itsp Dijon mustard g thin green beans 2x g cans three-bean mix, rinsed and drained 2 heaped tbsp ehopped flat- oil.

Season, toss with the ehieken and marinate for 15 minutes Meanwhile, eombine the balsamie vinegar, mustard and remaining oil in a large bowl, then season. Blanehthe green beans in boil- ing water for two minutes, then drain and refresh in eold water. Toss with the dressing, parsley and eanned beans. Heat an oven-proof frying pan over a medium heat. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat, add the onion and eook for two to three minutes to soften.

Add the sausage meat and mush- rooms and eook for five minutes, breaking up the meat. Add the tomato paste and wine and eook for two to three minutes, until most of the wine has evaporated. Add all the toma- toes and eook, stirring, for five to six minutes until very little of the liquidremains.

Cut deep slashes in the top of the croissants. Fill with the mix- ture. Plaee on a baking tray, top with eheese and bake for five to six minutes, until the eroissants are hot and the eheese has melted. Mix the einna- mon, sugar, sherry and half the two minutes, or until golden. Turn and eook for one minute, then place in the oven for 12 minutes, or until eooked through. Serve the ehieken on the salad, topped with beetroot relish. New Business?

Valli's simple, achievable, but most of all, delicious recipes are perfect. Both are from The Cotswoid Company which has a section to appeai to aii those who are truiy serious about their vintages, from corkscrews to wine racks. Caii 00 44 0 or go oniine to: www. The cup can be frozen so the drink stays cool until lunchtime.

Currently two extra cups are free with each product. Parties are catered for and they have a membership scheme for surfers and golfers. Shanghai Chinese Res- taurant offers excellent qual- ity, and only fresh produce in all its delicious dishes from Shanghai. These regional dishes are not found in other Chinese restaurants. Your hosts Wen and Ying, along with their friendly staff give a fast and ef- ficient service, which includes take-away.

They will even pre- pare your favourite special Chinese dish! Just give them time to make it. They are easy to find, on the Almancil road go- ing to Vale do Lobo - look out for the fishpond in the front. Eat in air conditioned comfort ortake away. Snack packs and coffee to go. Parties catered for. We also offer a membership schemefor surfers and golfers. It contains only F airtrade sugar, dark chocolate and cocoa www. Or indulge with Divine chocolate products, made from F airtrade Chocolate cocoa.

Available from major supermarkets, or at: www. Original authentic dishes lovingly prepared by experienced Shanghai Chef. Wondering what to buy and where to shop for a style-paeked summer? The sight of red, white and blue along with sailor stripes has us all reaehing for our buekets and spades. The bolder the stripes, the better this season. Give the look an unexpeeted Ameriean flag twist by pairing stripes with elashing star prints. Global Traveller Itehy feet?

Take your fash- ion inspiration far and wide this season. Native-Ameriean em- broidery, Afriean tribal prints, Indian saris The high street has followed suit with a fabulous clash of bright colour, print, and embroidery. Floral Fever Poppies, daisies, peonies and roses I knew from day one that I wanted it to be strong, en- ergetic and striking.

Safari Chic Stock up on safari style gear by the jeep-load. This clas- sic look is made for fans of neutrals with a colour palette of muddy brown, khaki and beige. Expect ruffles, ribbons and corsage detailing on light gauzy fabrics. Protect your mod- esty and toughen up the uber feminine look by layering with a different coloured top or bodysuit. The cool collaboration with modem French graffiti artist, FAFI, in- cludes colourful, vibrant, and girly cosmetics with colours line of urban leisurewear in j er- sey and velour.

The new label is available in store now, or online at www. Check out kidswear at www. Last year, she gave on-off boy- friend Pete Doherty the ehop along with her hair. Gone are the bedhead loeks, Ms Moss is eur- rently modelling a head of shiny hair - with a mueh eopied eye- skimming fringe.

The duo have been firm friends ever sinee and gone on to ereate some of the hottest hair looks of the Nineties andNoughties. Want supermodel style hair? Now I ean appreeiate what a groundbreaking image this was. I simply ere- ated a ponytail and wrapped it round into a bun. It was made to look sliek, like seeond-day hair.

Geriatric Pet Care | Veterinary Surgeon | Willesden

This is an uber-smooth look for Kate and very different to what she tends to go for now. To style, apply some smoothing balm to the ends and tease to make it look slightly tousled. This is a mueh sleeker style than Kate goes for now, but she earries it off well with her demure outfit. As always though, she pulled it off fantastieally and eaused a flurry of pixie-eut hair- styles aeross the eountry.

Rather than try- ing to battle against natural kinks and eurls, work with them to give you a different style everyday. Injeet some movement into the hair by loosely tonging the ends for a natural wave. Se- eure the baek into a messy bun using kirby grips rather than elas- tie ties. The main differenee being the shorter length instantly makes hair look thieker.

A triek I use a lot on Kate is rubbing an inflated balloon along the top of her hair whieh gives her that just-got-out- of-bedlook. T o reereate this, blow dry hair upside down, blasting from all different direetions and using your fingers, not a brush. Baek- eomb the erown a little, massag- ing hairspray into the roots us- ing the palm of the hand and mov- ing hair round to ereate volume.

There was no planning behind this - we were just getting ready to go out one evening and deeided to go for it. Kate really suits a fringe - she has those amazing eat-like eyes whieh the fringe just draws even more attention too. I was eareful to not eut it too thiek or blunt as I wanted it to look playful and flirty, not too severe. AlsosellingatCarvoeiroTennisClubonSundaysl 1am tolpm.