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  1. Power Plant Efficiency: Generating savings with flue gas condensate
  2. Power Plant Efficiency: generating savings with flue gas condensate
  3. Improve Plant Efficiency with Waste Heat Recovery

And who does it?

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Periodic maintenance and calibration is required to ensure maximum performance from your pressure transmitters. Knowing how often to perform maintenance on your pressure transmitters can save both time […].

Is your combustion process as efficient as it could be?

Pilot plants demonstrate the feasibility of proposed process technologies for real-world operations. By Drew D. This is natural.

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How many, though, also think of it as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage? Some years back, researchers Robert H.

Power Plant Efficiency: Generating savings with flue gas condensate

Hayes and Steven C. One of the most important steps towards achieving process optimization is the identification of areas in the plant that represent significant heat sources or heat sinks. This procedure can be done for the overall process or for individual unit operations. The outcome of this exercise will identify those areas which are either heat sinks or sources and pinpoint opportunities for waste heat recovery.

Power Plant Efficiency: generating savings with flue gas condensate

Through process optimization, engineers are able to match heat sources with heat sinks for potential heat recovery. For instance, the waste heat from a boiler stack can be used to reheat crude oil feed to a fractionation tower. Once sources for recovery have been identified, the plant can be modified by the installation of suitable equipment to recover heat. As a result, coal plants are older than some other regions in the world. Plus, the presence of HELE plants is minimal.

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Most coal plants in the U. Moving from one stage to the next is capital-intensive, and developers have been reluctant to invest capital in supercritical and ultra-supercritical plants in an uncertain regulatory environment. Ironically, though, more advanced plants are far better at reducing emissions than older units. Fortunately, plant owners can increase plant efficiency without having to build new, more advanced plants. Retrofitting older equipment — from material handling to the boilers themselves — can have a substantial impact.

Improve Plant Efficiency with Waste Heat Recovery

Upgrading boilers in particular is one of the most cost-effective ways to yield as much efficiency as possible. Additionally, not every engineering solution designed to boost efficiency has to be costly and complex. Even relatively-simple improvements can result in noticeable improvement.