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Alberta Estonian Heritage Society shared a post. We are here! See more. Meet the Estonian expat and foreign choirs performing at the Song Celebration. ERR broadcast the performance live on Made in Estonia Eesti auto. Some pictures I shot today. It's song festival weekend in Estonia. Imagine the World Cup, the Olympics and the Oscars all took place on the same weekend. That's what's it's like for Estonia this weekend, where the country's massive song festival is taking place.

Haydn Watters spoke to Estonian-Canadians about what the festival means to them. Alberta Estonian Heritage Society shared a quote. There is plenty to do in Tallinn and we also had the Tallinn Card 72 hours package which was waiting for us at our hotel. With this card you can:. Taxis are very reasonable and local trains, buses and trams are easily available, clean and very safe. Estonian food is fantastic with lots of Russian and Finnish influences.

For more information about coach-bus travel to Vilnius, please contact: Lux Express. For more information about a luxury 5-star boutique hotel, please contact: The Hotel St. For more information about the Tallinn Card package, please contact: Visit Tallinn. Have you ever been to Estonia? Do you think Villnius is gorgeous or just medieval? Is Estonia in Eastern Europe or Nordic? And you are! From Berlin to Vilnius in Lithuania, we travelled with the Simple Express part of the company and it was just like any other coach-bus journey but with individual flat screens and WiFi, albeit not always working!

However, from Vilnius onwards, well, well! We met so many people who were doing the Baltic Route. In fact, we met a French fellow in Vilnius and met him again in Riga! Unsurprisingly, most people were travelling by coach-bus and we met only one 1 group of girls who were driving. And once we got to the smaller countries, we took the empty seats and were able to stretch out even further! They even had seatbelts and floor lights just like on an aeroplane. Again, this is the plan but as you know, plans change. Estonia has just , people but has lived in the region for over 10, years!

They are closer to their Nordic cousins in culture and language than to their Baltic neighbours and were ruled by the Danes, Poles, Swedes, Germans and Russians. They became independent in , lost it to half a century of occupation and only regained their independence in following the Singing Revolution. We will be using the Tallinn Card to explore Tallinn and travel through the city. Yes, marzipan!

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We will be staying for three 3 days at the oldest hotel in Estonia, the luxury 5-star boutique hotel — The Hotel St. Ah European saunas. On our return back from Finland, we will also be staying for only one 1 day more at the 4-star charming My City Hotel. And as previously stated, the most important point for a comfortable Spring Break with a teenager is a historical central location, spaciousness, free WiFi, a full buffet breakfast, and fluffy slippers!

So many people know of Finland, Lapland, reindeer, and Father Christmas, but how many people have really been there? Finland, also known as the Republic of Finland, is not really a Baltic country but a Nordic one. Finland is full of interesting contrast such as the Midnight Sun and days full of darkness in Winter. In fact, in the most Northern part of Finland, the sunlight can be present for a consecutive number of over 70 days! In land mass, Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe but with one of the lowest populations.

It has just 5. Finland was once part of Sweden and as a result of this, the official language in Finland is both Swedish and Finnish! It joined the UN in , became a neutral nation, joined the EU in , and has the Euro as its official currency. Helsinki as the capital of Finland, was founded in and has a little over half a million people living there. As a result, we will be checking out areas full of design shops, antique shops, museums and galleries.

We will be staying for two 2 nights at the very artistically designed GLO Hotel Art which is an exclusive, charming lifestyle hotel built around a century-old Art Nouveau castle. Our artdesign hotel is located in the heart of the Helsinki Design District and has rooms. We will be sailing with them from Estonia to Finland and back to Estonia. Many tourists as well as Estonian and Finnish, people regularly take day trips across the water, as the ships travel from city to city in just 2 hours. International Games Week Berlin is a leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business s, development and culture , and will be taking place between April , Eddie Izzard will be back in Germany and will be front-lining a killer international night of comedy at the Admirals Palast on Anybody can apply!

Would you take a long distance coach-bus journey around Europe? Can you imagine visiting Riga, and sailing away to Helsinki? If you like this post or if you have any questions send me a tweet, talk to me on Facebook, find me on Linkedin, make a comment below, or send me an Email: victoria thebritishberliner. Skip to content Estonia. Photo Hannah Elina. So last week was such an amazing week for me and my blog.

What It's Like To Be Estonian

Being a British person living in Berlin is just so wonderful. Yes, the Queen.

A new book is a snapshot of the present-day Estonians | Culture | ERR

Oh, but again, you know how I feel about European saunas. Double gulp! And screaming down the street! It was a really good choice and reservations are highly recommended LOL! Seafood is just my fave type of food. Horse radish-mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and grilled vegetables. Russian beer. Enough said! I have so much to share with you. Stay tuned! Will you?

June is going to be astounding!

Watch this space! Please Share it! Tweet it! Or like it! Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Tallinn Medieval Days. And some of them are already turning out to be my favourites. And others not so much! So where did I go? In Prague reading something and looking all serious, but not completely serious! Me on the beach at Lloret de Mar, Spain. In the Baltic Region. Outside the 15th century Epping Tower in Tallinn, Estonia.

Thank you so much. Did you know that: Only , people officially live in Tallinn with a considerable number of locals actually living elsewhere! Registered Tallinn citizens can travel the whole city using public transport, completely and utterly for free! You can travel to St. Petersburg from Tallinn by cruise, visa free for 72 hours! Tallinn is the 3rd most popular destination for cruise ships in the Baltic Sea Region. Estonia is considered to be the country with the highest percentage of start-ups per capita in the world. Much more even, than in my lovely Berlin and is one of the leading countries in the world in the development and promotion of e-business and the use of digital information!

There are 40 art galleries and exhibit halls. And folk culture groups! Pick your poison on the Lux Express! Relaxing on the Lux Express. And was it worth travelling by coach bus from Latvia to Estonia? Literally one man and his horse, at the Estonian Open Air Museum! Estonian Young Folk. Tallinn has something else. Fighting with gallant knights. Raise your sword sir! A rural hut at the Estonian Open Air Museum.

There are plenty of hostels to be had. The exquisite lobby at the Hotel St. Petersbourg in Tallinn, Estonia. Oh yes indeed! One of the public areas at the Hotel St. My grilled beef fillet mignon lunch at the Hotel St.

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So nice! A little luxury at the Hotel St. A welcome pot of tea at the Hotel St. European saunas and fear of the unknown always brings me out in a sweat! We wore our swimming things and took in the view. Very nice! An Estonian breakfast of cold cuts, Estonian sausages, pate and vegetables at the Hotel St. This hotel was just so amazing. We both loved it! At the Tallinn City Museum. We only went for four 4 days so this was a sloooooow cultural family trip.

Indulge your sweet-tooth at the Kalev Marzipan Museum Room usually free of charge but you get some home-made marzipan too! The basement is not for children as it has a more erotic element! Go to the Tallinn City Museum. Merely ramble along the cobbled historical streets.

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Explore and stroll freely through the backstreets and hidden alleys of history gone. Climb up the steep hills. Hang out in the parks, forests or beach. Make use of the city-wide free WiFi. Be accosted by knights and medieval wenches. Pay your respects in the Jewish Quarter. Check out the various cafes, bars and restaurants for a quick bite and a few rounds of Estonian beer and Russian vodka!

Go shopping. Go to the sauna, or get a massage, and relax! Tallinn is so tiny that everywhere is walkable. Just look at this spread at the Hotel St.