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Jeffrey Siger - The Mykonos Mob (San Francisco Store) | Book Passage

Jeffrey has created a series of mysteries that play against the Greek landscape, the first of which is the best-selling English language book in Greece. Join us for this evening of celebrating our first year in business in Redondo Beach. All attendees are sure to score some cake.

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In an isolated olive grove on the idyllic Aegean island of Tinos, revered by pilgrims around the world as the Lourdes of Greece, the remains of two bodies charred beyond recognition are discovered chained together amid bits and pieces of an incinerated Greek flag. An enraged press screams out for justice for the unknown victims, until the dead are identified as gypsies and the story simply falls off the face of the earth.

The Mykonos Mob (Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis #10) (Hardcover)

Is it a gypsy clan war, a hate crime, or something else? With no one seeming to care, the government has no interest in resurrecting unwanted media attention by a search for answers to such ethnically charged questions and orders the investigation closed. He presses on in his inimitable, impolitic style to unravel a mystery that yields more dead, a modern secret society rooted in two-hundred-year-old ways, and a nagging suspicion that his answers lay in the sudden influx of non-Greeks and gypsies to Tinos.

Target: Tinos: An Inspector Kaldis Mystery Audiobook by Jeffrey Siger

It is there, on Tinos, Andreas learns of priceless hoards of gold, silver, art, and precious gems quietly amassed over centuries out of the offerings of grateful pilgrims. He has found a motive for murder and an irresistible inspiration for robbery.

All that is left for Andreas to do is find the killers before more die, stop the robbery of the century, and get married in the process. Genre: Mystery. And yes, the wife came back. So, I guess you could say the Fates played a hand in keeping Panos faithful to the principles that guided every moment of his lifeā€¦and gave his buddy an unforgettable story in the process. They prepare everything fresh from their own gardens, animals, and winery. But not for conscious abuse.

My worst experience by far was in a self-described upscale restaurant where the bill for a single plate of fruit following the meal was 60 euros. Care to bet whether I paid that charge? Soon after my book first book was published in Greece by Aikaterini Lalaouni Editions first in Greek, then in English , I was surfing the Internet looking to see what mention there might be of Murder in Mykonos.

Jeffrey practiced law at a major Wall Street law firm and established his own New York City law firm before giving it all up to live and write on Mykonos.

Jeffrey Siger

In addition, each Saturday he blogs about Greece as one of seven renown mystery writers from around the world who post literate observations on the venues for their work to Murder is Everywhere murderiseverywhere. Your email address will not be published. GIB: When did you first fall in love with Greece? GIB: How did you start writing? GIB: Have you written any other books?

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I leave to your imagination where all those feathers and shells were applied.