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When Kristin, Breen, and Gina celebrate Mike's birthday with a picnic in Brokenwood Domain, they are witness to a fatal skydiving accident. To make matters worse, Kristin knows the victim — entrepreneur Andre Barringtonwan ex-boyfriend who moved onto another woman, Grace Turner, an adrenalin junkie and fellow skydiver. As the investigation unfolds, an unsettling truth is revealed.

Andre's parachute was never going to open as the cords were severed. Was it an elaborate suicide or was Grace having second thoughts about Andre? Then again, Andre's older brother Felix was tired of living in his shadow, and his mother Lorraine's maternal love verged on the side of sinister. Both of them were jumping with Andre too. And what about Andre's business partner Dean Young, who was less than impressed by Andre's work ethic?

Mike and his team are forced to confront the old adage: 'what goes up must come down'… but not always in the way you want. A stickler for all things Victorian, Charity lives in a time warp. Her sudden death by an arrow brings Mike and his team into the realm of New Zealand's colonial past as they deal with a blacksmith, a missionary and the local postmaster.

Not to be overlooked is Charity's sister who once represented the country at the Olympics, missing out on a bronze medal in archery. As the investigation brings up questions about Charity's lifestyle and the mysterious disappearance of her husband seven years earlier, the team are faced with the possibility that Brokenwood is dealing with its first serial killer.

Things are complicated further when Mike is forced out of the office due to a health scare and Kristin takes charge of the case. But can Mike truly hand over the reins? Philip Henderson stands next to an impressive scarecrow amidst a field of damaged vegetation. His whole crop has failed. The scarecrow may have kept the birds away but this catastrophe is something bigger.

Angered and distraught, he confronts his neighbour, the cantankerous Doug Randall, and accuses him of spray drift. Doug is having none of it and an ugly altercation ensues. The following day Philip is discovered dead in his field — the victim of an obscure poison. Suspicion falls on Doug and his new wife, the strident and doggedly loyal Trudy Neilson, whom it was well known had ongoing tensions with Philip over an unpaid bar tab at her pub, The Toad and Lion.

But as Mike and the team dig further into the mystery, more suspects come into play. Philip's other neighbour is the cagey Tamati Taylor, who is less than forthcoming, but as it transpires Philip had a twin brother. Why does he seem remarkably unmoved by the death of his sibling? Philip was one of her suppliers — but a supplier of what? Dring [etc. As it hath beene sundrie times lately plaid by the right honorable the Earle of Nottingham Lord high Admirall his seruants London: Imprinted for Henry Rocket [etc.

Dekker, Thomas [ ], The Shomakers Holiday. Or The Gentle Craft. As it was acted before the Queenes most excellent Maiestie on New-yeares day at night last, by the right honourable the Earle of Notingham, Lord high Admirall of England, his seruants London: Printed by Valentine Sims [etc. The first part. As it hath beene sundry times acted, by the children of Paules.

Written by I. Anonymous Elizabethan [ ], A pleasant comedie, Shewing the contention betweene Liberalitie and Prodigalitie. Chapman, George [ ], Al Fooles. Written by George Chapman. Dekker, Thomas [ ], Satiro-mastix. Or The vntrussing of the Humorous Poet. As it hath bin presented publikely, by the Right Honorable, the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants; and priuately, by the Children of Paules. Dunstan: a Comedy, by I. By Iohn Marston London: Imprinted Very delectable, and full of mirth London: Printed for Henry Rockit [etc.

Out of whose euents is euicted this Proposition. As it was plaied by the Queens Maiesties Seruants. Newly corrected, amended, and enlarged with new additions of the Painters part, and others, as it hath of late been diuers times acted London: Imprinted Pauier [etc. Marston, John [ ], Antonio's Reuenge. The second part.

London: Printed for Thomas Fisher [etc. John the Baptist in Oxford, A. By Margaret L. Chapman, George [ ], The Gentleman Usher. A Comaedye. By W P As it hath been very often Acted with great applause at the Private house in Black-Friers by his late Maiesties Servants. Daniel, Samuel [ ], The Vision Of the Goddesses, presented in a Maske the 8.

Tho: Dekker London: Printed by V. Tho Dekker London: Imprinted. Man the yonger. Or, A Girle worth gold. As it was lately acted before the King and Queen, with approved liking. By the Queens Majesties Comedians.

Lions, bees and sundry peculiarities

Written by T. London: Printed for Richard Royston [etc. Rowley, Samuel [ ], When you see me, You know me. As it was playd by the high and mightie Prince of Wales his seruants.

For Thomas Pauyer [etc. VVritten by that learned, vertuous, and truly noble Ladie, E. Chapman, George [ ], Monsieur D'Olive. A Comedie, as it was sundrie times acted by her Maiesties children at the Blacke-Friers. As it was often presented in the blacke and white Friers. Written by Geor. London: Printed for Iohn Browne [etc. Dekker, Thomas [ ], The second part of the honest whore, with the hvmors of the Patient Man, the Impatient Wife: the Honest Whore, perswaded by strong Arguments to turne Curtizan againe: her braue refuting those Arguments. Munday, Anthony [ ], The Trivmphes of re-vnited Britania.

Deuised and Written by A. Mundy London: Printed Anonymous Jacobean and Caroline [ ], No-body, and Some-body. Played by the Children of the Kings Maiesties Reuels. Barnes, Barnabe [ ], The Divils Charter. But more exactly renewed, corrected, and augmented since by the Author, for the pleasure and prays of the Reader London: Printed by G. Beaumont, Francis [ ], Fifty Comedies and Tragedies. Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher All in one Volume. As it hath beene sundry times Acted, by the Kings Maiesties Seruants. London: Printed by G. As it is now playd by his Maiesties Seruants To this by occasion other small Poemes are adioyned.

As it hath bene diuers times Acted by the Children of the Reuels. Dekker, Thomas [ ], The whore of Babylon. As it was acted by the Princes Seruants. A pleasant Comoedie. First Edition London: Printed by G. Eld, for Robert Wilson [etc. Acted lately in two playes, at the Black-Friers. Eld for Thomas Thorppe [etc. Day, John [ ], Humour out of breath. Heywood, Thomas [ ], The Rape of Lvcrece. A true Roman Tragedy. The Copy revised, and sundry Songs before omitted, now inserted in their right places.

The Fifth Impression. Written by Thomas Heywood. A Tragedie: Acted at White-Fryers. Mason, John, b. A Worthie Tragedie. As it hath bene diuers times acted by the Children of his Maiesties Reuels. With the true Relation of the whole Historie, aduentures, and fortunes of the said Prince: As also, The no lesse strange, and worthy accidents, in the Birth and Life, of his Daughter Mariana.

As it hath been diuers and sundry times acted by his Maiesties Seruants, at the Globe on the Banck-side. By William Shakespeare London: Imprinted Fletcher, John [ ], Fifty Comedies and Tragedies. A Tragi-Comedy. As it was Acted with great Applause by the Queens Servants. Written By Tho. Written by W. Never before Printed London: Printed by I. Okes, and are to be sold by Iohn Cowper [etc. As it was celebrated in the Parliament House, on Munday the fourth of Iunne last past.

Together with the Ceremonies of the Knights of the Bath, and other matters of speciall regard, incident to the same. Whereunto is annexed the Royall Maske, presented by the Queene and her Ladies, on Wednesday at night following. Field, Nathan [ ], A Woman is a Weather-cocke. Written by Nat: Field London: Printed A Tragedy. As it hath been often presented at the private Play-house in the White-Fryers.

Cooke London: Printed Or Moll Cut-Purse. As it hath lately beene Acted on the Fortune-stage by the Prince his Players. Middleton and T. Dekkar London: Printed Field, Nathan [ ], Amends for Ladies. A Comedie. By Nat. Field London: Printed by G. Walbancke [etc. Heywood, Thomas [ ], The Golden Age. A Comedy, By Tho. Middleton London: Printed for Humphrey Moseley [etc.

Munday, Anthony [ ], Chruso-thriambos. The Triumphes of Golde. London: Imprinted by William Iaggard [etc. As in diuers places it hath often beene Acted. As it hath beene publickly Acted. And are to be sold by Edward Marchant [etc. Dekker, Thomas [ ], Troia-Noua Triumphans. And The Rape of Proserpine. Concluding with the Arraignement of the Moone. Written by Thomas Campion.

At the Princely celebration of the most Royall Nuptialls of the Palsgraue, and his thrice gratious Princesse Elizabeth. With a description of their whole show; in the manner of their march on horse-backe to the Court from the Maister of the Rolls his house: with all their right Noble consorts, and most showfull attendants.

Inuented, and fashioned, with the ground, and speciall structure of the whole worke, By our Kingdomes most Artfull and Ingenious Architect Innigo Iones. Eld, for George Norton [etc. Cates, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke. As it hath beene often Presented; First, at the Bull in St. Alsop and T. Favvcet, for H.

Seile [etc. Written by Thomas Heyvvood London: Printed. A Pleasant conceited Comedy neuer before printed. Written by Tho. Middleton London: Printed for Henry Herringman [etc. Middleton, Thomas [ ], The Triumphs of Truth. Directed, Written, and redeem'd into Forme from the ignorance of some former times and their Common Writer. A Comedy. Divers times Publikely acted, by certaine London Prentices. Acted by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants. A Pleasant Conceited Comedy: sundry times Acted: never before printed.

Written by B. Now first collected and edited, with a memoir of the poet, and notes, by W.

The Brokenwood Mysteries: episode guide

Middleton, Thomas [ ], Two New Playes. More Dissemblers besides Women. Women beware Women.

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Performed in heartie affection to him, and at the bountifull charges of his worthy Brethren the truely Honourable Society of Drapers, the first that receiued such Dignitie in this Citie. Deuised, and written, by A. London: Printed As it hath beene sundry times Acted by the Prince of Wales his seruants. Written By S. Smith, Wentworth [ ], The Hector of Germany. Or The Palsgraue; Prime Elector. A New Play, an Honourable History. Made by W. Smith: with new Additions.

Tomkis, Thomas [ ], Albvmazar. A Comedy presented before the Kings Maiesty at Cambridge. By the Gentlemen of Trinity Colledge. Middleton, Thomas [ ], Civitatis Amor. The Cities Loue. An entertainment by water, at Chelsey, and White-hall. Written by Ben: Johnson. John Fletcher. Malone 12 by L. Applauding the aduancement of Mr. Taking his Oath in the same authority at Westminster, on Tuesday, being the Performed in hearty loue to him, and at the charges of his worthy Brethren, the ancient, and right Worshipfull Company of Fishmongers.

Deuised and written by A. Citizen and Draper of London London: Printed Brewer London: Printed for Rob. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and proceeding after his Returne from receiuing the Oath of Maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow next after Simon and Iudes day October With new Additions of Mr. Chaughs and Trimtrams Roaring, and the Bauds Song. Never before Printed. T [etc. Anonymous University Plays [ ], Inigo Jones. Payne Collier Goffe, Thomas [ ], The raging Tvrke, or Baiazet the second.

A Tragedie vvritten by Thomas Goffe By Phil. William Rowley. Acted before the King and Queene at Salisbury House, and at severall other places, with great Applause. Together with an exact and perfect Catalogue of all the Playes, with the Authors Names, and what are Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Pastoralls, Masks, Interludes, more exactly Printed then ever before. London: Printed for Edward Archer [etc. Munday, Anthony [ ], Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and Iron Triumphing. Taking his oath in the same authoritie at Westminster, on Thursday, being the Performed in hearty loue to him, and at the charges of his kinde Brethren, the right Worshipfull Company of Ironmongers.

London: Printed by Nicholas Okes [etc. Written by P. Alsop, and T. Or Masqve of Heroes. Middleton London: Printed for Iohn Brovvne. Taking beginning in the morning at his Lordships going, and perfecting itselfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Symon and Iudes Day, October By Tho. May, Thomas [ ], The Heire: an excellent comedie. As it was lately Acted by the Company of the Reuels. Writren by T. Gent London: Printed by B. Written by William Rowley.

Divers times Acted by the Lady Elizabeths Servants. Zouche, Richard [ ], The Sophister. A Comedy London: Printed by J. Acted by the Princes Servants, often at Court, with singular Applause. Never printed till now. Never printed till now London: Printed by J. Cottrel, for Edward Blackmore [etc. London: Printed for Humphrey Moseley [etc. Inuented by Thomas Middleton London: Imprinted.

Middleton, Thomas [ ], The Svnne in Aries. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of Maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Simon lvdes day, being the Middleton London: Printed by Ed. All-de, for H. As it hath been several times Acted with great Applause. Johnson for Francis Kirkman, and Henry Marsh [etc. Webster, John [ ], The Deuils Law-case. A new Tragecomaedy. A true and perfect Copie from the Originall. As it was approouedly well Acted by her Maiesties Seruants. Dekker, Thomas [ ], The Noble Sovldier. Written by S.

Rowley London: Printed for Nicholas Vavasour [etc. According to Iosephvs, the learned and famous Iewe. Eld, for Mathevv Rhodes [etc. Massinger, Philip [ ], The Maid of Honovr. As it hath beene often presented with good allowance at the Phoenix in Drvrie-Lane, by the Queenes Majesties Servants. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after His returne from receiuing the Oath of Maioralty at Westminster, on the Morrow after Simon and Iudes Day, being the Written by Thomas Midleton Never Printed before.

Never Printed before London: Printed by I. A Tragaedie. As it hath been often acted by his Maiesties seruants, at the blacke Friers. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after His Returne from receiuing the Oath of Maioralty at Westminster, on the Morrow after Simon and Judes Day, being the Middleton London: Printed by Nicholas Okes [etc. By Robert Davenport. Written by John Foard and Tho. Decker London: Printed for J. As it hath beene divers and sundry times acted, with good applause London: Imprinted by A.

As it hath beene often acted by the Queenes Maiesties seruants, at the priuate Play-house in Drurye-Lane. Webster, John [ ], Monuments of Honor. Expressing in a Magnificent Tryumph, all the Pageants, Chariots of Glory, Temples of Honor, besides a specious and goodly sea Tryumph, as well particularly to the Honor of the City, as generally to the Glory of this our Kingdome. The Author.

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Philip Massinger London: Printed by E. Massinger, Philip [ ], The Vnnatvrall Combat. The Scaene Marsellis. Written by Philip Massinger. Johnson, and are to be sold by Francis Kirkham [etc. Massinger, Philip [ ], The Roman Actor. As it hath diuers times beene, with good allowance Acted, at the private Play-house in the Black-Friers, by the Kings Majesties Servants. Middleton London: Imprinted Shirley, James [ ], The Maides Revenge. Shirley, James [ ], The Wedding. Heywood, Thomas [ ], The English Traveller. A Comicall Historie. As it hath beene often presented with good allowance by her Maties Servants at the Phoenix in Drurie Lane.

Fenricus [etc. By the Queenes Majesties servants. The Author H. Shirley London: Printed by I. Okes, and Inuented by Tho. Dekker London: Imprinted Ford, John [ ], The Lovers Melancholy. London: Printed by Ric. Hodgkinsonne for Thomas Walkly [etc. Carlell, Lodowick [ ], The Deseruing Fauorite. By his Maiesies Seruants.

Tate Bee and The Goman Mysteries

Edited, with Introductions and Notes, by Frederick W. Goffe, Thomas [ ], The Careles Shepherdess. Jonson, Ben [ ], The Nevv Inne. Or, The light Heart. A Comoedy. As it was neuer acted, but most negligently play'd by some, the Kings Seruants. And more squeamishly beheld, and censured by others, the Kings subiects.

Now, at last, set at liberty to the Readers, his Maties Seruants, and Subiects, to be iudg'd. By the Author, B. Shirley, James [ ], The Gratefvll Servant. The Author Arthur Wilson Collingwood, Printer [etc. Dekker, Thomas [ ], The wonder of A Kingdome. Heywood, Thomas [ ], Londons lus Honorarium. All the charge and expence of the laborious proiects, and obiects both by Water and Land, being the sole vndertaking of the Right Worshipfull, the Society of the Habburdashers London: Printed Knevet, Ralph [ ], Rhodon and Iris.

Marmion, Shakerley [ ], Hollands Leagver. An Excellent Comedy as it hath bin lately and often Acted with great applause, by the high and mighty Prince Charles his Servants; at the private house in Salisbury Court. Written by Shackerley Marmyon London: Printed Massinger, Philip [ ], The Emperovr of the East. A Tragae-Comoedie. The Scaene Constantinople. Shirley, James [ ], Loves Crveltie. Shirley, James [ ], The Hvmorovs Covrtier. A Comedy, As it hath been presented with good applause at the private house in Drury-Lane. Shirley, James [ ], The Traytor. A Tragedie: Written by Iames Shirley.

Sidnam, Jonathan [ ], Filli Di Sciro. Or Phillis of Scyros. An Excellent Pastorall. Written in Italian By C. Guidubaldo de' Bonarelli. And Translated into English. London: Printed by J. Townshend, Aurelian [ ], Tempe Restored. Written By Mr. Hausted, Peter [ ], The Rivall Friends. A Comoedie, As it was Acted before the King and Queens Maiesties, when out of their princely favour they were pleased to visite their Vniversitie of Cambridge, upon the Cryed downe by Boyes, Faction, Envie, and confident Ignorance, approv'd by the judicious, and now exposed to the publique censure, by The Authour, Pet.

Havsted Mr. Matthewes for Humphrey Robinson [etc. As it was acted at the private House in Black Friers with great applause. Randolph, Thomas [ ], The Jealous Lovers. London: Printed by E. Written by Iames Shirley. Shirley, James [ ], The Ball. Townshend, Aurelian [ ], Albions Trivmph. Personated In A Maske at Court. By the Kings Maiestie and his Lords. The Sunday after Twelfe Night. The Madd Couple well matcht. The Novella. The Court Begger.

The City Witt. The Damoiselle. Cowley, Abraham [ ], Loves Riddle. Ford, John [ ], Loues Sacrifice. A Tragedie receiued generally well. Ford, John [ ], The Broken Heart. Marmion, Shakerley [ ], A Fine Companion. Mathewes for Richard Meighen [etc. The Guardian, The Very Woman. Written By Philip Massenger.

By the Queenes Majesties Servants. Shirley, James [ ], The Bird in a Cage. As it hath beene Presented at the Phoenix in Drury-Lane. Fowcet, for William Cooke [etc. Shirley, James [ ], The Gamester. Shirley, James [ ], The Yovng Admirall. Written By Thom. Carew, Thomas [ ], Poems. A Strange Truth. As it was three times presented before both their Maiesties, within the space of eight dayes: In the presence of sundry forraigne Ambassadors.

The second Impression, corrected by the Author, Thomas Heyvvood. Nabbes, Thomas [ ], Totenham Covrt.

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A pleasant comedie. At the private House in Salisbury-Court. Shirley, James [ ], The Example. Cooke [etc. Shirley, James [ ], The Trivmph of Peace. Webster, John [ ], Appius and Virginia. A tragedy. Brome, Richard [ ], Five nevv Playes, Viz. Covent Garden Weeded. The Queen and Concubine. Brome [etc. A Tragaecomedy. A Masque. By Inigo Iones With sundry Emblems extracted from the most elegant Iacobus Catsius. Heywood London: Printed by R.

A Tragi-comedie. Nabbes, Thomas [ ], Hannibal and Scipio. An historicall tragedy. Acted in the yeare A Pastorall Tragi-comaedie. With an elegie on the death of the most noble Lady, the Lady Venetia Digby. Written by J. London: Printed by N. Okes, for Iohn Benson [etc. Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke [etc. Cartwright, William [ ], The Royall Slave. August Glapthorne, Henry [ ], The Hollander. A Comedy written The Author Henry Glapthorne. Okes, for A. Wilson [etc. Heywood, Thomas [ ], A Challenge for Beavtie. Killigrew London: Printed by T.

Cotes, for Andrew Crooke [etc. Marmion, Shakerley [ ], The Antiquary. May, Thomas [ ], The Old Couple. A comedy. Cottrel, for Samuel Speed [etc. Cotes for Daniel Frere [etc. Sampson, William [ ], The Vow Breaker. Or, The Faire Maide of Clifton. In Notinghamshire as it hath beene diuers times Acted by severall Companies with great applause.

The Aires and Songs set by Mr. Henry Lavves London: Printed by T. Place [etc. All the Charge and Expence of these laborious projects both by Water and Land, being the sole undertaking of the Right Worshipful Company of the Habberdashers. Heywood London: Imprinted. Okes [etc. Nabbes, Thomas [ ], Microcosmus. Cotes, and are to be sold by Iohn Crooke, and Richard Sarger [etc. Okes, for John Colby, [etc.

Okes, for Francis Constable [etc. The First and Second Parts. Ford, John [ ], The Ladies Triall. Glapthorne, Henry [ ], Argalus and Parthenia. By Hen. Glapthorne London: Printed by R. Bishop for Daniel Pakeman [etc. Glapthorne, Henry [ ], Wit in A Constable. Okes, for F. Heywood, Thomas [ ], Porta pietatis. Or, The Port or Harbour of Piety. All the charge and expence of the laborious Projects both by water and Land, being the sole undertaking of the Right Worshipfull Company of the Drapers. Written by Thomas Heywood London: Printed Acted at the Cocke-pit, and at the Red-Bull in St.

Johns Streete, with a generall liking. And never Printed till this Yeare Okes and are to be sold by James Becket [etc. Mayne, Jasper [ ], The citye match. A comoedye. Presented to the King and Qveene at White-hall. Acted in the yeere Nabbes, Thomas [ ], The Springs Glorie. Moralized in a Maske. Shirley, James [ ], Six new playes, Viz. The Brothers. The Sisters. The Doubtfull Heir. The Imposture. The Cardinall. The Court Secret. The last was never Acted. All Written by James Shirley. Never printed before London: Printed for Humphrey Robinson Brome, Alexander [ ], The Cunning Lovers.

Davenant, Sir William [ ], Salmacida Spolia. A Masqve. Written by Henry Glapthorne Paine, for George Hutton [etc. As it was Acted vvith great Applause by her Majesties Servants. Written by William Hemings Printed by the Original Copy London: Printed A Tragedy Rawlins, Thomas [ ], The Rebellion: A Tragedy: As it was acted nine dayes together, and divers times since with good applause, by his Majesties Company of Revells.

Okes, for Daniell Frere [etc. A tragedie. Burnell, Henry [ ], Landgartha. Being an Allegoricall description of the actions of good and bad men in these our daies. Glapthorne, Henry [ ], The Ladies Priviledge. By their Maiesties Servants. Gent London: Printed by E. Habington, William [ ], The Queene of Arragon. Cotes for William Cooke [etc. A Tragoedy. Okes, for Samuell Browne [etc. Sandys, George [ ], Christs Passion. Sharpe, Lewis [ ], The Noble Stranger.

The Author, L. Eglesfeild [etc. Shirley, James [ ], St. Patrick For Ireland. The first Part. Raworth, for R. Shirley, James [ ], The Constant Maid. Written by James Shirley : Printed by J. Being much corrected and amended by the Author before his death London: Printed by A. Denham, Sir John [ ], The Sophy. Glapthorne, Henry [ ], Revenge For Honour. Suckling, Sir John [ ], Fragmenta avrea. And published by a Friend to perpetuate his memory. A Trage-Comedy. An Excellent old Play.

Never before Published. Bedell, and T. Collins [etc. Rider, William [ ], The Twins. Written By W. Shirley, James [ ], The Trivmph of Beavtie. As it was personated by some young Gentlemen, for whom it was intended, at a private Recreation. Hardesty, T. Huntington, and T. Jackson [etc. And now Newly Translated out of the Originall. Mason, John, fl. Drawn forth into Arguments, General and Special.

Mayne, Jasper [ ], The Amorovs Warre. Annaeus Seneca: The Philosopher. Translated into English verse with Annotations.

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Smith and B. Walford [etc. A kind of Royall Pastorall written long since, by a Gentleman Hague: for Sam. Written in the Yeer, London: Printed by W.

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Selected from MSS. London: Printed for G. Prestwich, Edmund [ ], Hippolitus: Translated out of Seneca. By Edmund Prestwich. A Pastoral. White, for Henry Cripps, and Lodowick Lloyd [etc. Collins, and Gabriell Bedell [etc. With Annotations. Bedell [etc. A Comedy London: Printed by W. Shirley, James [ ], Cvpid and Death.