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When landfill operations doubled the size of the island in the early s, Secretary of War Elihu Root began a movement to preserve the forts and barracks as landmarks. In , the Army announced it was vacating the island, taking all of their toys along with them. In , the Coast Guard took over the island when the Army base was moved to Maryland, and almost demolished the castle fort, until deciding to make it a community center. In , the Coast Guard split, leaving the place rather empty, until when the National Parks Services listed the entire island as a national monument, and opened it up to the public as a park.

As uneventful as the trip back home was, the ride while I was there was kinda thrilling. I thought a fun way to spend some time would be to visit the oldest house in Manhattan. The Morris-Jumel Mansion was built in by a British colonel. The home was confiscated during the Revolutionary War, and George Washington used it as a crash pad.

In , he threw a dinner party, where he entertained Thomas Jefferson and others in the Octagon Room. The home was later sold to a French wine importer named Stephen Jumel. After strolling though the garden, where I made friends with the bees. The show is based around villainy, so I contributed a project using found bibles. I will have two pieces on display; one older , one very new and unseen by the public. Williams and Bain Wolfkind performing!

On the rooftop of a high rise, with the ominous name of Red Square and located on at E Houston Street in NYC's Lower East Side, is quite an odd sight, even for those accustomed to the political swing of this place. The monument is an 18' statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, also known to his comrades as Lenin. The artists was Yuri Gerasimov, who constructed eight statues in the s, but when Communism fell they sat around hidden in his yard. In the early s, the artist began to give them away, as well as sell them.

The developers of the property thought, since the building was red brick, and squared, they would call it: Red Square. They, also playing on fears in which many believe the area to be a breeding ground for Socialism, purchased the statue in , and added it to the building, as well as New York City's illustriously bizarre history. Went to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, last Sunday, and have been saving to post the photos of the cells until today. View the full series here.

The prison, which was built in a Gothic style to intimidate prisoners, was operational from to , and even housed some infamous criminals such as Al Capone. First up, here are the walls I kept trying to scale. The cover of my upcoming book is done! It will be limited to only copies, out this fall, and contain a forward by artist George Petros. After the hour drive from Manhattan, we arrived in Beacon, NY, and took a ferry to the island, which is basically six acres of mostly rock. The island was bought by Francis Bannerman VI in Bannerman kept all his black powder in NYC just off of Houston Street in Manhattan , and was asked to keep it out of the city limits, in case of ignition.

He built Bannerman Castle Armory to store it all. In , an explosion of tons of gun powder took out a few of the shacks, and one, upon landing, almost destroyed the small home Bannerman built for he and his wife, which is located on the highest point of the island. In , one week before the Woodstock concert, it was believed some hippies had a secret camp-out on the island. The floors of the castle were made from planks of old ships, which were soaked in kerosene.

Someone must have lit a campfire inside, because the place went up like a tinder box, and only the exterior of the castle remained. That is, until December of , when, for no explainable reason, over third of the castle collapsed, and currently left what is pictured above and below. After the ferry ride back. They never recorded, so that information is a little more obscure.

Here, for your listening unease, are two songs off that LP. Last Saturday, I took a subway ride to Roosevelt Island originally called Hog Island , which is between Manhattan and Queens on the East River, to see the old small pox clinic, and a few other landmarks, as well as to just get a sense of the very different feel of the island - compared to the rest of NYC. Built in , the Queensboro Bridge passes over the island, but has no access to it. A smallpox hospital, simply called The Smallpox Hospital, opened in by James Renwick, Jr , and closed a hundred years later.

After finding a few other interesting nooks. I floated off on the air-tram, probably never to return. Their scientific name is Higgs Boson Particles, and they are thought to give the Universe its mass, as well as keep us all from being simple scattered photons. Not long after the main experiment, a group of researchers, led by Dr.

Lily Asquith, used an instrument called a calorimeter to give them more insight into these particles. The calorimeter measures energy in seven layers, and each layer is represented by a musical note. Higgs Boson Particle emerging Kb Kbps. Higgs Boson Particle in natural state Kb Kbps. Higgs Boson Particle decaying Kb Kbps.

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Today, I learned that if you draw a line from the Washington Monument to a specific obelisk in London, the line cuts right through Central Park - almost corner to corner. Immediately after finding out about this, I had to visit - dragging along my camera. They were later moved to Alexandria in 18 BCE.

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These are the photos I took on my walk over. The obelisk is balanced on bronze crabs. This is the south side of the obelisk, and translated it tells us of Horus, the hawk-headed child of Isis and Osiris. So, try to get a lot of one, and not the other. Where Angels Fear to Tread. I will have on display a sketch work I made under a heavy dissociative, which is just a small piece of a larger work dealing with experiments on self-conditioning. Come take a closer look with me, as I will be in attendance, at the opening on August 1st or August 8th at the closing party.

Side B of the tape was left blank, so one could record their own rant. The cardboard was then to be folded inward and taped, as it had a space on the backside of the packaging for an address label. Afterwards, it could be mailed out to any friends, family, or enemies you wanted to cheer up, send birthday wishes to, or just mildly annoy. Here are some choice cuts from this wacky bunch of dead jokesters.

Dom DeLuise Kb 24Kbps. Jonathan Winters Kb 24Kbps. Phyllis Diller Kb 24Kbps. Shari Lewis and Lambchop Kb 24Kbps. Looking through Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art, by Sean Cliver, I saw how some were really pushing the boundaries of graphic design, with social and political issues, on, basically, something that was meant for kids. While other skateboards really just made me wonder what the artist thought when they designed it, and the skater who approved it.

The following pair are Tom Knox boards. First is by Nathan Carrico a full two years before Natural Born Killers would bring serial killer worship and media bloodlust titillation to light. Especially together, saying they are one. Shred on that, Illuminati! The third board in line is just sad. I had a lot of friends turn to cocaine in my days of skating there was no Red Bull around then , so this is just dirty to me. Ballsy is all I can say! About two weeks ago, I posted files showing artists shilling product. It got a cyberbuddy and I discussing whoredom, and I had to admit that even some of my favorite people sell themselves.

The commercials are from a German do-it-yourself hardware store called Hornbach. Watch a collection of the commercials here , where he reads from the Hornbach catalog. Rolling Stone 's naked Lennon. Vanity Fair 's naked and pregnant Moore. The New Yorker 's Obamas as terrorists. And last is one by H. Thursday, June 6th, is the opening party, 6 to 11pm.

The gallery will also have some of my photo work signed and framed available for purchase. The Backpatches of the Maryland Deathfest. I went to the Maryland Deathfest, in Baltimore, this weekend. Each one kindly obliged, while a handful where ecstatically proud.

Cheers to them all! Click here to see my favorite These are some of my favorites from that night. They like the product so much, both decide to become salesmen for the product in Africa. The hand-sized comic book was released in by Disney, and can be read, in full, by clicking here. This LP is from an era Disney would rather forget.

The links below are mp3s of both sides from this album. Side 1 8 Mb mp3 Kbps. Side 2 10 Mb mp3 Kbps. But do remember: Time donated has as much worth as money donated. Do whatever you can, when you can. Cleland still posts political rants. You see, I cyber-stalked Tom, and discovered he seems like a fun guy.

Before posting this, I researched T. Just like anyone else who strives for even minor celebrity status, his pictures are public. When mp3. The music is over-the-top synth-madness, as if Cabaret Voltaire let Wesley Willis program a few of the keyboards, and handle a bit of the lyrics. I should have sent the dude a friend request back then, as it would just be creepy now. It was scary, as well as thrilling, to cross a few of the iced-over bridges and traverse through crevasses, but we nearly killed ourselves, and had to backtrack most of the way, as the near-end of our path was impassable.

Still, got some great pics, so enjoy! See more photos here. Quite a few claimed comic books would make child readers tubby, hero-worshiping losers. In many respects, thanks to the proof provided by internet-trolling basement-dwellers everywhere, they were right. Here are some comic book covers, where the tale inside may have been trying to warn youngsters of their terribly dark future, underground.

The Last Jew of Nueva York. In , while driving big rigs, I had a subscription to Paranoia magazine, as I loved a good evening kook-read in the cab of my truck, before bed. Read view the whole tract here. First batch of are in, with 66 signed and numbered by Liorcifer! Feast of Hate and Fear is proud to release this wonderfully morbid graphic novel. Satan Panonski, whose real name was Ivica Culjak, was a controversial Yugoslavian punk vocalist, poet and artist from Vinkovci, Croatia. In , he visited family in Germany, found punk rock, and was changed forever, starting the band Pogreb X in Within a few years, he was charged with murder after a fistfight with a stranger ended poorly for the stranger , spending several years locked up.

Later, due his outspoken homosexuality, he was secreted away in mental institutions. A sort of GG Allin, but with political purpose. After the Yugoslav wars began, Panonski became rather nationalistic, but still producing a library of poetry aimed at the State. He later joined the Croatian armed forces, and was killed under mysterious circumstances. Here are two rare tracks from this Yugo-hero.

Hard Blood Shock. Kiss My Cock. David Rondinelli, over at the blog This Peculiar Life NYC , posted a pretty in depth, and rather intense, interview with me, about many of my projects, as well as the rituals I preform. You can download an mp3 of it, though with none of the images mentioned, here 22 Mb. A video, with a few images, has been posted here. Souto, with logo stenciled on chest. Limited to only one copy!

The standard version will soon be available on Out of Body as a minute, professionally pressed, cassette tape, limited to copies, with cover art see below by Rob Buttrum , and logo by tattoo artist Liorcifer. In a little over a month, lawyers representing the band Led Zeppelin threatened to sue the hell out of Mr. Clark, asking that all copies be destroyed. Young did not sue. Here is a music file of the song that started it all:.

Only 8 Steps In This Dance. Only eight made, signed and numbered. The standard version will soon be available on Goat-Eater Arts as a minute, professionally pressed, cassette tape, limited to 93 copies, with cover art see below by Richard Vergez. I made a short "visual poem". Last March, I ended a ritual, and began my new year journey, with a series of digital photos. The first series was with a broken camera, where I captured black and white shots of trees.

I am also printing up smaller pieces, then make similar, larger collages out of those. They can cover walls of any size, and produce even more fractal patterns. Opening party on the 19th, VIP party Friday the 22nd, and closing party on the 24th. Here are some images for your ride home. To replace ads, a certain someone has been posting these up in NYC subway trains for the past two years. Even fewer take the time to stop and thank. Just be glad you have a glass and clean drinking water.

As usual, with the wonderful work they do, Abraxas is released in, both, limited edition hardcover book copies , and standard magazine issue. Get them both! Joseph E. Aufricht is someone many an internet junkie might know of. He would hand out pamphlets for his group when he rode Cleveland area public transit, or just shoot the Satanic shit with anyone on the street who would listen.

Aufricht began to make cassette tapes. His collection of cassettes were nothing more than what we all did art around age eight, which was make a radio show with a hand held tape recorder. The only problem is that Joe was 30 years old when he created his wonderful slices of magnetic nuttiness. Below are mp3s of two sides of two releases by J. Here are a few more of the most controversial magazine covers of all time.

Time Magazine makes O. Rolling Stone had Kanye as Christ. Baby Talk showed all of us some titty. Texas Monthly gave Cheney another shot. Feast of Hate and Fear will be releasing a comic book this year, by tattoo artist Liorcifer! This is a project which originally began in , and only recently rediscovered. More info soon. My friend, and my director in Consumption of the Heart , Andrew Copp has passed away this weekend. He was a director of underground movies and short films, he acted in flicks, such as The Manson Family and My Sweet Satan , he painted and made music, he taught college courses in film, and practically ran public access tv in Dayton, OH.

Cheers, brother! Especially when someone as bad as Mr. Walker already did it in the 70s, and with just as poor of a fake singing voice. Arcesia is the idea of one man, Johnny Arcessi. In he hired a few musicians half his age and recorded under the band name Arcesia. Arcesia - Butterfly Mind Kb 24Kbps. They posted a long interview, as well as a few photos of my mailart project, A Catastrophe Upon Delivery , my piece for director John Waters, and some poetry.

Click here to read the interview. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a Tibetan monk who, in , wrote a book titled The Third Eye , which was a hit, spawning interest in the mysteries of the Far East. The fact that his cover was blown as early as , has hardly diminished sales of his 20 books, and people still buy them in stacks, including the one where he claims to have met our overlords from Venus My Visit to Venus , American tibetologist Donald S.

The Dalai Lama himself has admitted, although Rampa and his books were phony, T. Lob had created good publicity for Tibet. With that, I guess the recording linked below may help out someone, instead of hearing nothing but lies every time his mouth opens. You be the judge. Meditation - Side 1 40 Mb kbps. Meditation - Side 2 36 Mb kbps. This is one of the early practice pages. This page comes from Dec 13 and 23 of This page is from Dec 18, 19, 22 and 30th of This is my favorite entry, dated Dec 17th, Episodes will debut on the internet the Monday following original airing.

Sex and money, baby. What else is important? Barry made an audio version of the book, where he reads it aloud himself. His friend Ray, who he grew up with, has the best lines in the book, and when taken out of context Obama finally sounds like my kind of guy. Had I posted this before the election, he would have won by a landslide.

That guy! Ignorant 24 Kb mp3 Kbps. Fries 21 Kb mp3 Kbps. More of that steamy goodness. Slip of the Tongue Assignment Female Wall Street Walker Sex Rituals of the Occult He is usually depicted pooping near a Yule tree, or even the Christian nativity scene. Contrary to popular belief, he is not an elf, but a poorly dressed peasant, wearing a hat called a barretina. In , the city of Barcelona tried to omit the Caganer from the local manger scene, but there was so much outcry it was returned the following year.

The West African and Thai posters where a hoot, but these Polish ones are quiet surreal. He was an alcoholic, pill popping, meth-head, but an all around great country singer. And seriously, the only line he walked was the line between uppers and downers. Still, he is The Man in Black, and one hell of a Highwayman.

Cash was born in February 26 of in Arkansas, and was actually only named with the initials J. In J. In he was stationed in Landsberg, Germany where he worked as a radio airman, and soon started his first band, The Landsberg Barbarians, to cure some of the boredom between work rotations. In he lost the hearing in one ear when an incredibly stupid Kraut chick thought it would be funny to poke him in the ear with a pencil. In he was honorably discharged, married, moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he auditioned for Sun Records.

By the next year he already had two singles that were doing well in the country charts - the rest is pretty much musical history. Well, besides the fact he sung in several other languages. In John decided to put out a few tracks in the barbaric language that he learned while stationed overseas. Johnny Cash passed away in from respiratory complications from the disease only four months after his wife, June Cater Cash, died. Ever-Lasting Birthday Bash. The evening was a haze, but Blowfly killed it, as did the legendary Andre Williams, and soulful Barrence Whitfield.

I gotta keep this streak going! For the Love of the Undead. I got to play the male lead in Andy Copp's short film Consumption of the Heart , which was just released. These Sticks Kill Fascists. Handmade fasci - none left. Video Vixens! Kom till Casino! Looking for Mr. What's Happening!! James Caan , who played Sonny Corleone in The Godfather , has a cameo as a sailor in the riot scene. Parts one and two make Siskel and Ebert's lists of the best movies of the s. Eaten Alive! In "Nightmare" is a woman's head instead. Lester as influence. Dear Mr.

She too dies in the next scene. Jack Badofsky on Saturday Night News. Saturday Night Live: Mr. Bananarama: And That's Not All Cavanaugh's house, Fletch identifies himself as Don Corleone, that he wants to retire so his sons Sonny and Micheal can take over. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Kauniit ja rohkeat: Episode 1. An offer you can't understand. When Gribble's father sees this he remarks, "Oh my godfather. It's purely business.

TV: Episode 1. From Al Capone's Tomb! Gangrene does a Marlon Brando sketch. This is a reference to The Godfather, as oranges are used in the Godfather Trilogy to show that something bad will happen. This is followed by Johnny hurting his knee and many people being shot. At the Movies: V. Roseanne: Take My Bike, Please! Mystery Science Theater Gamera vs. Motormouth: Episode 4. The Simpsons: Mr. The Kids in the Hall: Episode 3. Like Vito Corleone, Quark scratches his ear, pets an animal and sits in front of a window with Venetian blinds while someone asks for his help.

Quark expresses his reservations regarding Nava's previous lack of loyalty in the same way as Don Corleone does regarding Bonasera. He jokingly mentions the movie. This is just like the Godfather. When they discuss casting her in the play, they walk down a hallway. Home and Away: Episode 1. Lights, Camera, Action! Pool he is going to make him an offer he can't refuse. Nothing personal - just business. Rocky also says: "Never turn against the family".

Russell mentions it. Katz is quoting a line from the movie; both imitate Vito Corleone. But until that day accept these glasses as a gift on my daughter's wedding day. Red Dwarf: Only the Good What are you going to do, leave a horse's head made out of marzipan in my bed? The male lead picks this one. Hey Arnold! He at the horse and gave it a bad review.

Monarch of the Glen: Episode 1. Jones does a Vito Corleone impersonation. In "The Godfather" the oranges appear before something tragic is about to happen. Lois asks if Peter has seen the film. Stella Street: Episode 3. I always wanted to say that! Stella Street: Episode 4. Dinner for Five: Episode 1.

Teachers: Episode 2. This is just business. Evil's mother is identical to death of Apollonia. Beane refers to the film. Chappelle's Show: Episode 1. Becker: Ms. Yeah, I've got a whole freezer full of horses' heads downstairs. Dinner for Five: Episode 2. Gilmore Girls: Chicken or Beef? Also mentioned in soup commercial.

Footballers' Wives: Episode 3. He later says that Joan "will be sleeping with the fishes" for contacting Will's half-brother Richard.

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Sonny Corleone is mentioned by a thug in the bar. Top Gear: Episode 4. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow: Episode 4. Grace later suggests putting a horse's head in Lars' bed. Krammerhead III Jr.

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Top Gear: Episode 5. But he goes nuts, and says that he wants a monkey. Reno ! Monarch of the Glen: Episode 7. Top Gear: Episode 7. Oranges are used as a precussor to violence throughout the Godfather movies. Strictly business. The Sopranos: Mr. Look, Up in the Sky! Friday Night with Jonathan Ross: Episode Nothing personal. Screenwipe: Episode 2. March Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Hyatt Dulles Airport, Herndon, Virginia. Archived from the original PDF on Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

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Journal of Andrology. Fertility and Sterility. International Journal of Fertility. He had a kilo of cocaine in his stomach.

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