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1 Timothy 2:12 in Context: Artemis of Ephesus and her Temple

It ignores the suffering of Filipino sex trafficking victims also, Filipino people are often excluded from representation and discourse around Asians , in general. It ignores the suffering of South Asian women who are subjected to labour trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. The entitlement of these workers to the bodies of their victims is largely informed by Western imperialism , and its manifestations feed directly into white supremacy.

In short, endless histories, issues and dialogues are ignored by those who fetishize a small fraction of Asian identities. Their current living conditions— if they can even be called that—in China are abhorrent, and I have never heard my friends talk about it. The visibility of these issues is lacking because of the absence of representation of non-East Asian histories, countries, and dialogues. Countries such as the Philippines, Nepal, India and Thailand have been systematically destabilized by colonial forces, and become feeding grounds for Western aid workers who target children and women for low-consequence rape, sexual assault, and cheap sex work.

Asian fetishization acts as a blinder to the oppression of those who do not fit its limited gaze. However, when WWII came, their census information was used against them to send them to internment camps. The model minority model, as applied to East Asians, emboldens white supremacists. Asians are often seen as a testament to the success of assimilation into the American way of life.

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By giving a false sense of inclusion, white supremacists give false power to the Asians they win over, and dispose of them when they are no longer useful. However, every time these white supremacists proceed to define whiteness, Asians are explicitly excluded. This is an assumption based on entitlement and a story of domination and control.

To begin with World War II, culture-shocked Japanese war brides who married American GIs were often subjected to abuse upon arriving in their new homes. Their identities were still vilified as threats by their in-laws, and even by their supposedly loving husbands. They were forced to change their names to generic American ones, and transform their identities so as to not pose a threat to American ideals.

They were belittled into domesticity. They were trapped in a new, painful life that they barely knew, with no presentable way out. These stories often feature the Hollywood version of the colonization and military presence in Japan and other Asian countries after World War II. As frustrating as this stereotype is, a lot of humor can come out of it, too. Wong draws on more whimsical notions of whiteness to simultaneously push back, and make us laugh as she does it.

Women being transported to meet Western desires is not new. Mail order bride services offer clients the opportunity to specifically select women based on body type, ethnicity, personality and appearance warning, this link is vomit-inducing. The history of interracial relationships between Asian women and Western men is tainted by domination, war, and surrender. This not a story of love, it is one of power and control.

It is not clear from the story whether Rachel was actually menstruating, or whether she was telling a lie. The point is, she used her wit to escape being found and executed as the thief , and in the process apparently defiled the gods. We do not know what Rachel believed about the power of the teraphim. Her thievery and cover-up may have primarily been her exclamation of her resolve to leave her father and homeland in solidarity with her husband.

39 Responses

According to levirate marriage laws, Judah had assigned his next son, Onan, to fulfill his duty to marry Tamar and give her children. After Onan died, Judah promised his remaining son, Shelah, to Tamar once the boy was old enough to marry. When Shelah came of age and the marriage did not happen, Tamar saw that Judah was failing to fulfill his responsibility for ensuring that she had children to carry on the family line. Judah propositioned her.


She bargained for his signet, cord, and staff signs of his wealth and authority as collateral for the payment he promised to deliver later. He lay with her, and she became pregnant. She found a way to make Judah provide her with children, to ensure the survival of her people. Remarkably, one of her twin sons, Perez, was an ancestor of David.

In ways apparently congruent with popular morality, Judah has spurned the claims of his daughter-in-law. By his indifference, he has violated her right to wellbeing and dignity in the community v. The narrative juxtaposes his prudent but self-serving withholding and her deceptive harlotry.


Each of these stories of deception by women fits into a larger context of family, culture, nation, and theology. While some commentators rush to add a moral lesson to each story, most of the scholars consulted for this study resist quick judgment and point to the moral complexities of the stories. Because the focus of this study is on the women in the narratives, their status, personality, and motives have been emphasized.

These stories provide a window into the lives of women in early Israel, and how they exercised their power as daughters, wives, and mothers. As tricksters, women showed their intelligence, their discernment, their courage, and the power of their sexuality. These stories from Genesis add to the rich tapestry of tales about the people of God—full of humor much of which may be lost in translation , pride, pathos, hope, and moral ambiguity.

These stories of deceptive women evoke compassion for marginalized and desperate people. They demonstrate feminine resourcefulness in the face of difficulty.

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These stories help us to look at the Bible and at ourselves with fresh perspective on the mysterious ways of God. Bellis, Alice Ogden. Borgman, Paul. Downers Grove, Illinois: Intervarsity Press, Brueggemann, Walter. The reliance, around , on covers featuring Ethel Kennedy and the Lennon Sisters — a group of singing sisters featured on The Lawrence Welk Show — highlights just how little America, as a celebrity-consuming whole, could agree on.

Of course, a new star can be made nearly overnight. But that only happens when their image, their way of being in the world, seems to reconcile the contradictory impulses of the moment. Her appeal — to men and women, to liberals and conservatives — was as close to universal as it gets in contemporary Hollywood. The white celebrity vacuum, then, suggests that ideals and expectations of womanhood, and white womanhood in particular, are in flux.

Of course, you could point to badly marketed movies or album cycles, which certainly contribute to the absence. White women in our everyday lives, white women as voters, white women on juries, and, by extension, white female celebrities, who have repeatedly fumbled or ignored the conversations of race, class, and gender that, in this hyperpoliticized moment, seem most vital and urgent. No celebrity emblematizes this general distrust in white celebrity — and the well-intentioned, yet inwardly focused white woman in particular — more than Taylor Swift.

Alifa Rifaat - Dangerous Women Project

I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life. But with the release of her album , questions about her relationship to feminism became impossible — or at the very least, deeply unfashionable — to dodge. Swift, however, remained conspicuously silent. It was a pragmatic decision: She understands the political breadth of her fan base and, having come up through the ranks of country music, witnessed what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they spoke out against President George W. Bush in Or, for some proof that she probably voted for Donald Trump.

Swift grew up upper-middle class in Wyomissing , Pennsylvania — a deeply white suburb of Reading, Pennsylvania, that, like many other white suburbs, swung from voting for Obama in to Trump in Of course, growing up in a place that largely voted for Trump does not mean that someone definitely voted for Trump.

A celebrity does not have to be explicitly political to become a massive celebrity. But her image must subtly suggest a solution — or, at the very least, provide a salve — to the tensions in a societal moment.