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Not trying to get political just pointing it out for the sake of having the regional history tie more closely into the design.

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New York was one of the first states to secede from the US in , and quickly became a communist state. Up next is New America. When the US dissolved, a group of states decided to unite and model themselves after the former United States going so far as to adopt the name the United States of America.

These six states are reflected on the national flag with six stars and six stripes. The background on this is very interesting. I really like New England. I think the crown and the colors work great. The only thing I don't like is the square flag pattern on the away hockey jersey. Keep up the good work! Up next is North Jersey. New Jersey seceded from the United States but was brutally divided among ethnic and religious lines.

The North Jersey Republic took inspiration from Italy in their branding. This is a really interesting series, both in the designs and in the backstory behind it! I'l definitely be following along with this. If North Jersey is supposed to be Italian, I almost feel like blue should be more prominent instead of the flag colors which makes it look Mexican instead.

Even changing the dark uniforms from black to blue would do wonders. Otherwise, great series so far. Your projects show a ton of creativity, and I'm excited to see what's coming next Thanks everybody for all of the great feedback! Up next is South Jersey. As previously mentioned, most of North Jersey was Italian and Catholic and felt strong nationalist ties. Most everybody else moved south and formed the South Jersey Republic. From Nes parish Hedmark. Seems they let Norway in and heard that they came to Winnebgo Co.

Don't have any further information Wheeler, TX; Katrinka J. George Thorson , Billings. Bluferd died on February 25, May worked at the Rainbow Motel in Big Timber My GG Grandfather had a brother by the name of Gabriel. I am unable to find a "family fa My name is Eloise Thorson. My Grandfather, Gustaf Thorson's father came to America in the late 's by ship. His name was Bengt Thorson. He was a farmer. If there is anyone out there who can give me any informati They later moved to Chula Vista, California.

My mother was Mary Swank Dyvig.. Just checking in to read the boards. Survivors are: Ten daughters, Mrs. Halverson, Mrs. Rigstad, Mrs. Thorson , Mrs. Frank Smith, Mrs. They have researched obits. Vogen, Kristina Thorson Mrs. Jacob J. Oline Thorson , wife of Tory Thorson , Esq. Thorson was the eldest living daughter of Mr. Thorson officiating. She was born in in the Spruce Valley area of Minnesota. All I know is t Johnson on the census for Benson, MN. Is Thomas a typical name in Norwegian? Any suggestions would be welcomed. On the census she is 11 years old.

In she Thone in Pope Co. Anybody recognize these Thones? I wonder if your Alm family would include a Rev. Jonas Alm. Kjersti was bo We all need to be aware of the impact our choice of clothing has on the environment and the workers involved in clothes production. We need to question the ethics of fashion and protest against unethical fashion practices. The only way to make a difference is to make a concious effort to be thoughtful about our choices and their impact.

This instalment is about uni life in Austin, Texas. Firstly, UT as we call it is THE major university in Texas and in describing the ins and outs it can never compare to the beauty, elegance and je ne sais quoi that is Flinders. The walk from the surrounding student-swelled residential districts is ten to fifteen minutes.

FUSA Capital Corporation Form KSB December 31,

The four, five and six-storey halls are packed in, and it has even got to the stage that they are building between the halls to join them together for more rooms. Well, there are 75, students and staff so we all need to fit somewhere. And, in between all this there must be room for the statues. So, smite me! More than that is an area of small statues so kids can close their eyes and run into one as well. The main building houses a foot tower with bells chiming every fifteen minutes to remind us to start, finish or just get a wriggle on. Lecturers are all addressed as Professor and held in high esteem.

The process of getting classes is quite different to Flinders and I found myself lobbying to get into. Fortunately, the Aussie charm is too much for them and I got all the classes I wanted. Subject choice is substantial, and while some may seem obscure, the variety is exciting.

North America

As for readings, which are at times overwhelming, there is likely to be a surprise quiz at any time which counts towards grades. All this said, students still take shortcuts and many a tutorial brings some undone. What it does allow for though is for students to move up a grade which is a good incentive. They have an Australian Literature class which I was invited to attend as a guest.

Took in some vegemite sangas, my Akubra, and just said a few words - went down a treat. The Aussie accent opens doors. For anyone wishing to experience Texas life this is a wonderful opportunity, and for Adelaideans, our Sister City makes transition effortless. The International Office here offers fabulous service and is always ready to oblige. One of their initiatives is to have us attend one of the churches in the Mica 6 group. This group of six churches in the area care for the homeless and those down on their luck providing services ranging from a food pantry, to clothing, finance, health and housing.

I attended a session at the Methodist pantry and my now fortnightly volunteering is a highlight of the trip. In fact, for the dentistry students this kind of community service is mandatory. Next instalment — life in a vegan, clothes optional Co-op house. Pictured: Above: The skyline of Austin, Texas at night. Below: A Texan welcome, Austin style. Top, opposite page: The University of Texas, Austin campus, the foot tower in the background. There are certain things that I always ensure are arranged in a particular way. As such, I like my ordered life, and I usually manage to order everything in it.

To me, order has great utilitarian value, from increasing the grasp I have on time, to the assurance of successful outcomes in all my affairs, as they are carried out with the requisite detailed planning. Most things in my life are well under my command. I take particular delight in the order I construct through my work at the Department of Weights and Measures. Any week day I can be found at work, creating and manipulating order in vast and complex spreadsheets. I love their lines, the little magical boxes in which I plan my formulae.

Each coordinate in a spreadsheet is like the minutiae of my life; nothing is left disordered or unkempt. For example, one square could represent my bedside table and drawer; its formula is set to maximise my bedtime comfort, and its contents interact to that end also. Inside the coordinate box of my bedside table is an alarm clock, one book on carpentry corners, a phone charger featuring a cable measuring exactly 6. Even when I travel, upon arrival the first thing I do is arrange my bedside table thus although due to baggage limits and customs rules, I leave my cat behind.

The woman I had in mind never did sleep in my bed however, and it is her loss, for I had furnished her bedside table using the utmost talent and insight. Women need different things to men on their bedside tables, and along with many. The first thing that came to mind was a need for tampons in the drawer, as well as the larger sanitary pads.

For I am certain that neither of us would ever have permitted the bed sheets to be tarred with mensus. Having dealt with that part of the body, I decided to work systematically from the feet, upward. I had seen a movie once, where the woman had painted her toenails whilst sitting on the bed, and although I determine the bathroom to be a more orderly place for this activity, it occurred to me that this ritual of self-care, if done on the bed, would assist the woman to relax. So, into the bedside drawer went bright red nail polish and a small zip-locked bag of cotton balls.

That is, the items were arranged in this order of their colour: red-orangeyellow-green-blue-indigo-violet. This occurred to me during a flash of brilliance, that women being emotional creatures, would appreciate seeing all these sundry and quaint items ordered successively in rows according to their shade of colour.

Whereas I order my own items in alphabetical order, for the woman, I decreed that order by colour was far more appropriate and certainly, well, most probably, likely to put the woman into a friendly mood at bedtime. Despite the fact that the woman never came to appreciate the convenience and aesthetic value of the items on the other side of my bed, to my mind, having the items there is almost as good as having any company. Before time began the universe was a flat sea of energy. Without function or form. Then, with a word from the creator, the sea tremored and quaked and in a crash of waves the particles of energy distorted into atoms and stars and black holes and galaxies, flung out into every direction.

I, the summation of my particles, was a small comet, streaking through the void, the rapidly expanding universe. I was a glimmer of energy, of momentum, of burning light. A simple clump of ice. My trajectory arced towards a clump of dirt, bathed in carbon dioxide and molten rock. I melted and lifted off the surface, but I held onto my form, one of many clouds of smoke and poison that choked the planet.

And slowly, the Earth beneath me began to cool. It transmogrified atom by atom into a planet that breathed. My own atoms began to swap electrons, break and form bonds. I felt myself lighten, reshape, until the water vapour within me condensed and I found myself falling in droplets towards the ground. I became a patch of water atop a great mountain, and trickled into a stream that weaved through the icy range and down into the plains.

And the stream expanded into a lake that buzzed with life. I became one with a fish through the process of osmosis, part of the cells that composed its form. The fish lived and then died and then washed up on the river bank and an insect laid her eggs in the rot. Out of the corpse of the fish I was reborn as a dragonfly, and for the first time was granted with the gift of sight. The world was a kaleidoscope, an image iterated many times in my complex eyes.

My long, filmlike wings carried my body on the wind and I spent my life buzzing about. When I first saw them I thought they were monsters, strange pink bipedal monsters who swatted me away with their appendages. Once there was a little one, who did not swat me away but edged close as I perched on a leaf.

And when she was close enough she clapped her hands around me and my body cried out. She opened her hands, studied me with her fingers, pulled me apart. I saw my tattered wings fall to the ground a thousand times in my kaleidoscope eyes.

United States of America: facts you've never heard of

My legs followed them. I had never seen them before. They were angular and pricked with minute hairs. She left me in the grass and a bird hopped along. It was dark in its gullet. And then I died. And then I was digested. Slowly, atom by atom, I became the mind of that bird. I could fly again. But my wings were different, and my eyes were different. I ate insects and lived a good life until I died, plummeted right out of a tree and fell to the forest floor. I was dead for a while. My corpse began to rot into the earth and gave nutrients to a sapling.

I became that young tree, growing and existing. I no longer had wings or eyes or a mind but I could feel my roots in the soil, pulling in nutrients. I was connected to the planet, interwoven with. And I kept growing, stretching, breathing. Until I was struck.

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My side had been pierced, sending electricity up and down my body. And I was struck again. And again. I broke and fell and was chopped and sanded. My roots were torn away and I was left as an object, inanimate. My body creaked with abuse, forced to hold the weight of people, of the pink monsters. I aged, and wore down. Everything around me was burning. I was burning. My form reduced to a pile of ashes.

I settled into the ground, was dampened by rain. As time passed, I grew into blades of grass. I was connected again to the earth, before being eaten by a great hoofed beast. I dissolved into its gut, became cells, became one of its organs, pulsating with energy, but heavy with the duty of keeping the beast alive.

Then the piercing came again. The beast was struck down, and its lifeblood spilled. I was cooked and eaten by a man. I lived within him as cells in his body for a time, before I found myself within a different being. Soon, I found I had a body all to myself. I had legs that could kick and a mind that dreamed. I was warm, and soothed by a constant deep beating.

I was terrified when I was forced back into the world. I cried. For the first time, I was a human. The changing went on and on. I grew and I reshaped and I formed and I died. Over and over again, I kept on dying. I had been every animal, every plant, every microbe harmful and symbiotic. I had been rocks and clouds of gas and had been a piece of plastic for a very long time, bobbing up and down in the ocean in a cluster of other hunks of garbage.

I had been a human of every belief, from every civilisation, throughout history famous and infamous. I had countless contradictory thoughts. I have had so many forgotten forms. But I always clung to my atoms, as they swapped electrons, formed and broke bonds. Each of them had been every element, had formed the simplest compounds and the most complex. I have felt every emotion, every extreme. Both great poverty and great wealth. Great luck and terrible misfortune. I have died and died time and again.

Eventually the sun expanded, grew into a red giant that devoured the planets nearest to it and consumed the Earth with the flames of the apocalypse. As the planet crumbled I was ejected from its atmosphere, just a rock floating in the void once more. I did not hurtle through the sky.

There was no momentum behind me. I perceived nothing. And in this purer state I reached out to the creator, ever-present to those who listen. They allowed themselves to appear before me. Their skin was the void, and their eyes each watchful star. And with that my atoms were torn apart across all of space, like a candle blowing out, and I was finally at peace.

I had reached enlightenment, such a pure state that I perceived nothing, not even the universe consuming itself until it ceased to exist altogether, until the sea was calm once more. And then with a word from the creator it started again. Student Council President Greetings Friends! There were over 50 students in attendance.

The meeting was held as per the constitution rules which state we are required to have an AGM once per year. We also held it to coincide with some changes we wanted to make to our constitution. Currently whenever a vacancy on student council occurs we are required to replace them in most cases via a by-election. While democracy is important to maintain, we have seen in recent years multiple byelections roll out. These by-elections can often be seen as tedious and annoying to the general student population. They absorb a lot of resources from FUSA including staff workload and student money to constantly run.

Money and time that could be better used to support students. What we would see is Student Council appointing someone to fill the role for the remainder of the term. The new rules also allow for student council-elect members to start their term early if a member resigns after the elections but before the new term on December 1.

Other changes include that if a multimember position becomes vacant it will be offered to the next candidate. If any of the positions of President, General Secretary and Education officer become vacant, they will still go ahead as a by-election due to their high importance and higher level of work. The other significant change comes with our clubs, which is to take a lot of the club stuff out of the constitution and refer it to the regulations.

All FUSA members were emailed the agenda and notice of the meeting. The minutes will soon be available online. For more information please contact me. Contact Ashley directly via email, socialactivities. Sign up to the Social Activities Collective at fusa. When I first came to university, I sat alone in a tutorial room, ate lunch alone, drank coffee alone, went home and cried with my dog, alone - you get the picture. These things happen best in a natural, unforced setting.

Once I had the pleasure of making some amazing friends both in class and at FUSA events, my entire university experience changed for the better. I strongly believe that university should be about more than obtaining your degree. What are you hoping to achieve this year as Social Activities officer?

It was awesome seeing everyone out on the dance floor enjoying themselves! Socialising is a basic human need — and it helps to relieve stress! We all know how stressful balancing study, work, and other commitments can be. I think that the role of Social Activities Officer is an important one because it assures that the ideas behind these events come directly from the voices of students. On this note, I would love to collaborate with more of you!

Of course, I am also known to enjoy the occasional beverage at The Tavern - so maybe we could organise a group discussion about potential events there. Empire Times Quiz 1. Who was the extreme-right candidate beaten by Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election? What year marked the launch of Google on the internet?

How many rugby world cups have the Australian Wallabies won? Which country had the highest support of equal marriage recorded when polled in ? How many female Prime Ministers has the United Kingdom had? Which former Labor politician joined the Liberal Democrats recently? What is the least populous borough of New York City? What is the date of the Day of the Dead? What world-changing event did the Zapruder film record? What is an akubra? How many American states have two-word names? Who are the protagonists of cartoon show Adventure Time? How tall is Q1, the tallest building in Australia?

When did Erik Pontoppidan first describe the Kraken? The toucan is native to what area of the world? Which two Australian Football League teams share the record for premiership victories? What is the primary psychoactive constituent of cannabis? Name the first feature film by Twin Peaks co-creator and acclaimed director David Lynch. Zeus, the King of the Gods in ancient Greek religion, ruled from which mountain? What is the name of the mythological hybrid creature comprising elements of the rabbit, squirrel, deer, and pheasant, said to inhabit alpine forests in Bavaria, Germany?

Gandalf, in the works of JRR Tolkien, is a member of what order? What payment did Judas Iscariot reportedly receive for the betrayal of Jesus? Marine Le Pen. David Suchet. Mark Latham. It is the oldest surviving photograph. Staten Island. The Royal Show. A type of broad-brimmed hat. Finn and Jake. The neotropics in South America between south Mexico and north Argentina.

Essendon and Carlton. THC Tetrahydrocannabinol. Mount Olympus. Thirty silver pieces. Win or lose, players are able to create something unique and personal. Worker placement games are some of the most well regarded games in the board gaming, and rightly so. This basically translates to players placing pawns on specific sections of the game board, then reaping the benefits related to that specific location. Placing workers will result in different outcomes depending on the game, and different goals will mean that workers are placed for different reasons.

Using and manipulating these foundational rules allows worker placement games to then vastly range in complexity. Lords of Waterdeep is a stellar low complexity worker placement game. The game simply requires players to place workers in different areas of the board in order to receive cubes, which are in turn used to fulfill quests and gain victory points. Apart from the intense thrill of scoring cubes, Lords of Waterdeep, offers delicious. This could be a potential strike against the game for some players, who prefer peace and love, but the conflict resulting from the intrigue cards can be amazingly fun.

As an example, by placing a worker in Waterdeep Harbor, a cheeky monkey can give another player a mandatory quest, effectively forcing them to fulfill this terrible quest instead of the tantalising main quests.