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7 keys to making your love last
  1. 1. Choose wisely
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1. Choose wisely

And if they do, what is their formula for success? After four decades of working with couples, I have to say, yes, they are different in some ways. Stay-in-love couples each have their own style, but they also have a lot in common. Every couple argues. If they are honest and authentic, they accept the fact that they will never see eye-to-eye on everything. They know that differences of opinion can add interest and intrigue to a relationship—if those disputes are worked through successfully.

In contrast, stay-in-love couples ache when their disagreements drive them apart. Rather than needing to win, they want to understand why they disagreed and how they could have done it better. Judgment is not an issue—inquiry and learning are. Many people will cave in when they feel badly about themselves, and counter-accusations sometimes successfully win the argument. There are always two sides to every story, and more than one way to see the truth.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Girlfriend

Every intimate partner aches to be heard and understood, even if there are conflicting realities. When intimate partners use blame to get their way, they are likely to push their partners into defensiveness, anger , or withdrawal, and risking their capacity to keep their love alive. They strive to understand them to find a truth that allows for both. An irritated partner may reply in with sarcasm or even withdraw. Even if they are distracted or preoccupied, they take the time to understand what their partner needs, and decide together how they should handle it.

If that cannot happen at the time, both partners make an agreement as to when they will resolve it. How they parent each other. It is impossible to be open and vulnerable to another human being without those interactions happening from time to time. People are never just the age they are in the current moment.

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If a partner had heartbreak in childhood and a situation causes it to re-emerge in the present, his or her partner can help ease, and even heal, that pain by acting as a nurturing symbolic parent. Those automatic responses are notable in the early stages of a love relationship. Intimate partners often refer to each other as if they were talking to young children.

It is a normal interaction. As relationships mature, many partners begin to feel less willing to give that kind of unconditional nurturing, and might not be as automatically available when the other slips into a younger place. They may feel they must behave more carefully, having lost the confidence that anything they say or do will be automatically supported.

The symbolic parent-child safety net that was available at the beginning of the relationship is no longer always extended. They know that it is natural for people to feel insecure and young at times, and they want to be there for each other when that happens. I love you.!

3 Man-Melting Phrases That Make A Guy Fall For You - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

I love you my desire!. Shine on baby! I love you my sunshine. Love you always sweetness. Please stay with me forever my queen. I love you wifey. You gave me some much joy that all over want to do is to show you same in return. Your touch will forever caress me with tenderness, and your kisses will keep the flame in my heart alive. I hope that one day soon you and I will be together forever. Dearest girlfriend. You are just too perfect for me.

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3 Keys to a Happy and Successful Marriage – SALT effect

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3 Phrases To Make Any Man Fall Crazy In Love With You

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The Einstein of Love.

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What Happy People Do Differently.