PDF Own Less & Live More: a sailing adventure that takes you from the cubicle to Key West

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Sailing the Keys, Bahamas, Caribbian and beyond.

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  3. Own Less & Live More: A sailing adventure that takes you from the cubical to Key West
  4. Own Less & Live More: A sailing adventure that takes you from the cubicle to Key West.

This time married no kids, we are downsizing the farm to raw land and building an RV from scratch with the layout and systems and quality that suits us. We love people so much, this is why full timing feels so compelling. I have started the documenting of the build, DIY of course but it is the on the road business that is the trick in loving the day to day OTR life.

I want to say thank you again for laying it out there. Thank you for your smiles and gritting your teeth when you need to. Not many people are as clear, honest, and believable as you are. Thank you for your efforts as I know full well how much time it takes to produce quality information that enables people to permanently improve their lives. You two are impressive, thank you. Just a little post to add a small little weight to the non-hater, non-troll side of the scale.

Thank you for taking the emotional risk of sharing. Hi Nikki and Jason. I am inspired by you. I am a nurse who gets to travel to different hospitals on contract assignments. I have a son who is a senior in high school. After his graduation I plan to travel all over the country in my RV and in my sailboat working to finance my adventures. I have been an amateur photographer all my life; started developing my own black and white photographs and I still have the equipment. I am just a single guy so doubt people would find mine as entertaining as yours. After reading your article and enjoying your YouTube videos for months I may try to share my adventures as you have…If only I had an attractive, smart and energetic woman beside me.

My girlfriend is also attractive, energetic and smart but having a hard time getting her to accept the idea. Happy travels and adventures. John Butler Collinsville, Ok. Thanks so much you two. Love your walk thru and top 3 units! Great info! I am a single lady getting ready to sell my house and go for an adventure!

About the Book :

Looking vet south Florida but ready for some cool and different vistas! Thank you for your info and adorable personalities! You four are absolutely inspiring. I enjoy the humor and how open and honest you are about your lifestyle and the lessons you learn along the way. Safe travels to your next destination. I look forward to your updates! About six months ago my boyfriend and I bought an old school bus and are in the process of converting it into a tiny home. We then plan to travel in the bus and share our adventures. During the process of getting this project started which feels like forever I stumbled up your YouTube channel and have been so inspired and excited for all the adventures you both go on.

I absolutely love them! Your writing is easy to read, straight forward, and most importantly honest. I have been reading a lot of blogs looking for just that, honesty. You create incredibly beautiful videos and write about real things and it has helped me understand the work I will need to put in in order to live the life I want. You have helped me get a jump start and a focus on what I need to do and I just wanted to thank you both.

So, Thank You. Hi Jason and Nikki, I stumbled across your utube channel recently and I super enjoy watching the episodes. I was the guitarist playing many of those corporate parties, usually at the 4 seasons, while Jason was the photographer. Jason, you and I would chat during my breaks, but I would be surprised if you remembered me. It is such a marvelous life you guys are living, and I am so envious. Anyone posting negative comments is missing the point, or must be deranged. Congratulations and I send you all my best wishes from Rockwall. Hey Chris! I do remember you for sure. I think back to those events with great fondness.

Thanks for the kind words. Hey guys, hope all is well. I am assuming this should work fine, let me know if that is not the case. Whatever you two have been doing, keep it up — it is working. Whenever I have a question about RV travel my first thought is to find out what you two think. Really enjoy your posts and admire your attitude.

Jason and Nikki, thank you for sharing your life experiences, what you 2 are doing is really awesome. I am retired and at this point in my life, I refuse to be tied down and so I have been racking my brain hard trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle I want. My wife Ann and I retired on June 16, At the moment we are heading to New England to see family and August 1st, we will head west to Glacier National Park, north thru the Canadian Rockies, over to Washington, then south thru Oregon and California.

The things to see across the country are endless. We will return to Florida across the southwest, Texas and the Florida Panhandle. We have spent the winters in Florida with my 95 year old mother-in-law. This winter as we had planned from the beginning, we are selling the RV and buying a sailboat as a live aboard. We will take it north in the summer and south to Florida and then on to the Caribbean. As you can see your story parallels ours. The difference is that we have been sailors most of our adult lives so our sailing adventure will come a little more naturally.

Just found your incredible website a few weeks ago. We have been RVing for years and love your stories. Your total positive attitudes are very inspirational We will be going back and looking at all your stories and all your future stories. I tripped across your videos while doing video tours of catamarans. Our dream retirement is to spend 4 mos sailing and we are only a couple of years away from retirement and full pension. Loving your videos and congratulations on starting this at such a young age.

Keep going and let nothing stop you. Maybe we will meet on the water some day. Can you explain this better? This was what State Farm Insurance told me. Hey JP. In the end, they used the sailing kitty toward the boat purchase. With any universal life policy whole life works differently there is a range of premium the owner can pay…minimum to cover the COI, or a max which is determined by the death benefit and will not violate TEFRA to technical to discuss here …. Love your videos. We are raising our two grandsons. I have just stumble across you via Patreon as my husband and I are about to launch our Patreon account as well.

We have two new businesses in the works…Blood and Bone Artisans a chance to share our art in various mediums, and to continue creating as we are inspired and Adventure Quest we make Quests for people! Anyway, I look forward to looking at your content more, and thank you for daring to do what you love; it is inspiring to people like us, and only serve to embolden our own ideas! Thank you! Good Morning! We have been following your videos just as you transitioned from the RV to the Cat and we really enjoy them! We down sized twice in the past two yrs to eventually leave St Pete Florida last May.

We put what little we had left in a POD storage, put a roof top tent on our truck and drove across the states stopping at the many of the national parks, we even went up through Canada. After miles and 3 months of travel we eventually settled in southern California.

own less live more a sailing adventure that takes you from the cubicle to key west Manual

You two have inspired us! I LOVE following you two!!! My husband and I are taking the plunge as well. I know you guys are young, but was wondering what you both do for health insurance?? That seems to be our final hurdle to overcome!!! Any ideas you can share would be helpful!! Nikk and Jason, I have been following you guys for a year now and love your fun spirits. We have done two summers out for four months at a time in our 5th wheel and love it! I love working on the road, interviewing people raising healthy, sustainible foods, artisan foods, great cooks and more!

You are an inspiration! You are honest and strive for the life you want, i see that you are not perfect but that is so much the better it feels real and says attainable. Hey guys, I am at the beginning of MY move to full timing. I am am a home appliance tech with experience in restaurant and bar equipment repair and spent 6 years in the Marines as an aircraft mechanic on the Harrier. My long term goal is to start my own business as a mobile RV tech and lose my need for an employer. My niece is thinking about getting a little trailer too! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for being such an inspirational couple! Unfortunately, our office jobs do not allow us to work remotely. We love what you are doing! Any guidance is greatly appreciated! You guys are awesome and thanks for giving your readers the knowledge and the path to make their dreams come true.

We always save your videos for last. Are you still doing branding projects and if so… How does one reach out to you for a proposal? Do you have a business website outside of GWTW? Thanks and keep smiling! Hello guys Im a disabled vet and they pay me va disability so i guess i have it a little better than most since i dont have to wwork to live on the road. And just a note i saw you guys on the travel channel i think it was that was too cool.

If you get this and want to take a look at what i do im on youtube david. My husband and I are selling our house next month and spending 6 months on the road in a small used Class C RV we just purchased. We will be hitting the road with two dogs, which we hope adjust to travel as well as your cats. We plan on eventually landing in NW Montana, but we wanted to make sure we had a good chunk of time on the road before settling down. Reading your stuff has inspired me to think even more outside the box and to expand our dreams as much as possible while we are on the road.

I have come across many different blogs in my research, and not one has been as informative, useful, and honest as yours. You two do such a terrific job helping the rest of us learn from your experience. Thank you so much for all the good info. Congratulations on so many levels and so happy to read about your sailing adventures. Hello Jason and Nikki, I viewed and appreciated the YouTube experiences with your searches and the final purchase of your Leopard 43 catamaran.

I am a retiree and have seriously contemplated cruising.

Own Less & Live More: A sailing adventure that takes you from the cubical to Key West

Carry on please and continue the motivation towards appreciation of natures beauties. I appreciate your candor and enthusiasm, and what I most appreciate is how you tend to offer both the pros and the cons on the topics you discuss. Jason, I too, am a photographer, and really got a lot out of your video post regarding your camera equipment and what works best for you and Nikki with your life on the road.

But why I wanted to write you is to specifically thank both of you in advance. One with a smaller RV without a car, and another with a larger RV to see what works best for me. And the reason I decided to do this is because of your great You Tube post on whether to own a car and tow it rather than just travel in an RV without one.

That is what gave me the idea to try both types of travel before I purchase my RV. That post in particular, has been the single most valuable piece of information regarding living full time out of an RV and on what type of RV I decide to purchase. And you quite possibly may have helped me make a decision before I even buy my RV! Saving me time, money and more importantly, providing me with confidence, knowledge and having the peace of mind on the decision I make when it time to pull the trigger on which RV to purchase.

I will let you know my thoughts regarding my experiment when I return from both trips if you like! With the kindest regards, Richard Protheroe. Nikki and Jason, the wife and I have been dreaming about buying a good sized cat and sailing away for years now so when I came across your videos on making the transition from RV to catamaran, I was hooked.

Been enjoying all of your adventures and have learned a lot from them. I have a few questions about the life of a nomad. How and where to? We still have dreams of sailing away in our retirement years so doing some research. Thanks for the info, videos and posts. You are exceptional people! We later sold the RV and settled into our permanent home here, but then started learning how to sail. We make frequent trips to Keys and Gulf Coast. On a completely random google search for something, who knows , I rediscovered GWTW and saw you guys had ditched the RV or stripped it and piled everything into the boat!

Your videos and stories are always top notch, and I finally read your article on how to generate income sharing your lives. It was actually refreshing to see such an honest report of the time and effort it takes. My question is a LOADED one: Many people live on boats with kids, many people run businesses from home with kids… but would you live on a boat and run a business from it with a kid?

Have you met other people with children doing what you do? Please keep up the fantastic work! Always enjoy watching your videos! Welcome back! Sailing life is awesome and I certainly would do it with kids. Check out sailingtotem. There are lots of families who are live aboard running businesses and raising kids. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and think outside the box. Hello Wynn Family!! My name is Becky, and I just recently found your site while searching for info about traveling in a van, full time.

Congratulations on meeting your goal of being informative, and fun!! Not to mention beautiful photography and video!! Your blog is so inspiring, and I love the way you seem to stay level headed, even when things seem to be going wrong. I just became a Patreon supporter a few weeks ago, and am loving your posts! Much love, and best wishes!! Hey Jason and Nikki. Just found your site and living my dream through your travels. Will be a long night, 1st time this year I have had the heaters on in the boat. Checking on it every couple hours.

Anyhow, a big Howdy from Texas, go Cowboys, and safe travels. You were our inspiration for a composting toilet; we ended up traveling to Alaska in the same year sadly never crossed paths. And now the sailing — — interesting, educational, entertaining. You two qualify in both respects. Thanks for the hard work, cheerful dispositions, and a great web site. You two were part of our inspiration to become full-time RVers. It is truly a dream come true. Keep it up! You have the most refreshing travel blog on the Internet. You are both my heroes….

Keep doing what your doing, hitting the high spots in the road… read waves guard channel 16 and sip the wine of every sunset with equal enthusiasm! Warmest and best adventures to you both. Jefferson Brooks Funnybrothers. Travel is something really special and growing in importance in my life.

My wiley partner has found a way to take a continental US road trip every year of his life since he was 17 he is now 36 , even when that meant selling stuff, getting rid of apartments or working like crazy for the month leading up to departure. It has become a necessity. The challenges and rewards of the nomadic lifestyle are fascinating! We hope to some day do as you two do, with grace and determination! Passion and playfulness and self power!

Thank you for that. We will make it happen. You will see us out there, we will share a fire some night at a camp ground. In the meantime, you always have friends in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Second to traveling first-hand, we love hosting travelers with lots of T L C.

We always have great beer in the house, and we know where the best food in town is at. Food babies!! Its twins! The stronger the talk, the greater their need! I feel trapped!! It just breaks my heart how we sometimes talk to ourselves and each other like that. Because of that, I feel that what you two are doing has even more value and relevance. It is inspiring conversation, highlighting beauty and nature and other awesome people, and leading you to fulfilling lives. And I can really feel the warmth, kindness and connected spirit behind your words. I used to live on a sailboat for yrs, i was a coastal sailor ,although i did sail down to key west on a 42 pearson with 2 friends in Hi there!

Your openness and candor on websites like YouTube where trolls and haters abound is actually quite uplifting. Good on you both and fair winds. Been watching for a long time. I am in Delray Beach. I see you might have found your hurricane hole if in fact you are there in Dainia right now.

I call myself an arm chair sailor, since I have done a good bit of sailing but I like watching it and reading about more than doing it. That said, I am not brave enough to drop everything and jump in the way you two have. My little Boston Whaler keeps me happy these days. In my early days I was a Hobie Sailer and became a lover of cats. I think you made a good choice with your boat. I especially liked your study of the West Palm Beach Boat show. I hate that they dont have sail boats.

There are not many at the Fort Lauderdale one either. That will vary based on the work you are doing, the state you are registered and other factors. My husband and I recently started a small business…wwwpremiersportsmansguide. Check it out, if you want, OR if you have the time…lol. We are hoping to take this business on the road within the next couple of years, if not sooner. We plan on traveling around the country, and as we want sportsman-related companies to advertise on our website, we, like the two of you, would love to stay at different guide and outfitters, try different brands of sportsmen items and then write or do a blog about them.

I think very similar to what you are doing. We are both 50 years of age and have been through A LOT, to say the least. They brought me back. However, to make a long story short, I had severe nerve damage, loss of memory, chronic pain and had to learn to walk again. My world came crashing down around me. I could no longer work outside of the home, was severely depressed and did not know what to do. My husband and I had just gotten married only two months beforehand.

In any event, I have been trying to pick up the pieces of my life, working part-time here and there. But that is when we decided to build this website and so far things are going well.

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  3. Osprey Summer: A Very American Experience.
  4. Save time, save money!.

When you get the chance, I would love it if you could reach out to me and maybe we could chat? Thanks and best of luck to you both! Hope to talk with you soon! My wife Sarah and I have been following you two since and have been very jealous of your adventures. We have mostly stayed at a home base near Georgetown Texas but have taken as many trips as we could just to get used to the life. Our sites are varied: RVFishingSites. We are still building our YouTube presence, but we have had a more shaky start there. As we sat here tonight reading this article, we realized that we are still deficient in our video and photography skills.

We really enjoyed the updates and wish we had re-read this a long time ago. While we are still waiting for our house sale to go through, and currently broke, eventually we would like to meet up. Oh and uh… I might know something about getting and keeping fish on the line too… haha! Hello guys…glad you cannot spell real well either Nikki….. I am usually trapped in my home while my wife is working , had liver transplant in , so far so good. I am 62, I mine for gold in winter as a hobby and live in my 5th wheel in the Desert, way out in the Desert…anyway trapped in the house thing…I am saving to buy a c class and that is where I discovered you guys….

Thanks for sharing your travels , but this sailing thing is off the hook. I cant wait to get on the road in my c class when I get it, I will come back to where I live in the winter so I can gold mine…not like I am a big miner guy…its drywashing for gold.. Any way safe travels and I will be with you when I can…not a real good tech head here so we shall see. As others have said, my husband and I have binged watched all your videos on sailing in the past 2 days. He has always dreamed of sailing after the kids have flown from the nest and I have just started to get on board.

Well, these fantastic videos have been quite convincing that such a life would be an additional blessing. Here are some comments we maid along the way of our viewing. Congrats on your first solo sail! Couple of questions. Do you make more money on youtube if I watch the whole ad preceding your video? Do you have some things in storage?

Own Less & Live More: A sailing adventure that takes you from the cubicle to Key West.

Thanks again for the adventure! Welcome aboard David! You are correct, if you watch the ad, we get a few more pennies and for that, we thank you!!! We really did get rid of almost everything. However, lots of people get a small storage unit when they first start off. So, do whatever makes you comfortable and then get out here! Jason and Nikki. I just love you guys! I started watching you after I found Technomadia because I was looking for information on how to equip my Chinook with internet, etc.

Then I stumbled on you two crazy kids! And I mean that with great love in my heart for what you are doing. I have been following your sailboat purchase, move in and training and boy was I scared for you guys at first…. My husband is retiring next month and we plan to hit the road and probably upgrade our rig sometime in the next year. So, your videos and blog will be in front of me daily. I look forward to your sailing progress!

Love you guys! Hey ya two! Just found you through patreon. Hopefully the viewers will give me a bit back over patreon. We will see. And else would i like to say? Oh yeay, very inspirational your articel! Especially for me as a growing filmmaker. I will go and watch your videos as I finished these lines… Done. Some warm greets from namibia! Your passion truly comes through in your videos! My wife and I are long distance motorcyclists, and although we work, we have jobs that have allowed us to travel around America for the last 16 years.

We just returned from another cross country tour and a friend told us about your Youtube channel. Since watching, we have been so entertained, we have watched nearly all of your tubes the last two nights. We have subscribed to your channel and are very excited about your newest sailing adventure. I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into a short vlog. You have managed to entertain us and keep us watching.

Links and Resources from this episode:

Thank you both! We are huge fans and are sharing your channel with others. This is great advice for any blogger in any state of the game. My wife and I love watching your adventures. That is a lot of time on Youtube! If you get a chance can you tell us which association you use for your press pass? Haters gonna hate guys. Ah OK. I thought I had heard you mention being at an attraction on a media pass, so I just assumed it was a press pass. My bad! As a blogger you can sometimes request a media pass for certain events, conventions and so on.

For example, when we wanted to attend the palm beach boat show there is a dedicated media contact who can provide a complimentary media pass if you are planning to blog about the show. Each event or venue has their own set of requirements to obtain a media pass so while one will approve your request another may deny. Some get so many requests and only provide a certain number of media passes so its always very different from one thing to the next. Hi Nikki and Jason, Thank you for the great article.

You should have seen the looks I got from another fisherman about working! It can be very hard to sit inside when just out your door is this amazingly beautiful world to explore. I have been on the road for nearly a year. I sold my house Sept. The list started a couple of years earlier after several tragedies in my life taught me a hard but valuable lesson about how short and unpredictable life is.

Those same tragedies convinced me I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk in my corporate — albeit well-paying — job. I wanted to see and experience the world. So I also quit my day job in to follow my passion to turn my part-time love into a full-time gig as a wildlife photographer and travel writer. That transition required a lot of travel, which I was more than happy to do. But having a house tied me down more than I wanted, and thus the plan to sell the house and travel in an RV.

I made that list based on photos I had seen, places and animals I read about, goals for photographing particular animals, and locations other photographers and wildlife enthusiasts mentioned. But I never really researched what life on the road would be like. I had not heard about your website until nearly a month into my travels. I even bought the first class C RV I test drove! Thankfully it was a fantastic model with everything I needed and at the right price. There were some mishaps along the way but overall I survived the initial plunge and now live happily on the road writing about my adventures, selling photographs of the animals I travel to see and giving lectures about being a wildlife photographer and writer.

Thanks for the info you have provided since I discovered your site last fall. It is a continuous source of motivation that this type of lifestyle can be done. Unbelievable photography! You must have the patience of a monk to capture that much beautiful imagery of wildlife…the lynx, the otter, the roaring ground hog thing! Thank you very much for the compliment about the photography. Means a lot coming from a fellow photographer.

Yes, photos of critters can take some time but I cannot complain about my office! And an interview sounds fabulous! Just let me know what works for you. YOU two are the reason we are selling our house, we bought a 5th wheel and we are going to hit the road. I grew up camping. Hi yep you always need to check carefully,when I post the links they are free but sometimes after a day or two they change the price.

Do you make money by recommending these books? African Ocean Blues: Tales of landscapes and winds, of islands and people. On a sailing boat, from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. I would just like to say thanks to hartcjhart and everyone else who puts books on this thread. I read lots of them and they are free! Sometimes the quality is not as good as it could be but on the other hand you get the life story of people who would never have got published in the old days.

Thanks again! Lowe Editor 4. Just want to say, The journeying moon What a great read. Enjoyed it so much I ordered the sequel, The wind off the shore from Amazon as a new paperback not on kindle Thanks for the heads up. Antarctic Tears: Determination, adversity, and the pursuit of a dream at the bottom of the world Kindle Edition by Aaron Linsdau Author 4. Some quirky spelling and punctuation but otherwise I found it most enjoyable. Good to read a book that gives a thoroughly realistic view of cruising, thanks to the author's day by day meticulous recording of absolutely everything.

Not much flowery description of breathtaking scenery, which is fine by me. Thanks for the heads-up. I finished this one this morning. Pretty weird but beautifully written. Cutting observations about the human condition! Anyway, I've just begun reading it and I'm enjoying it. Thanks for the tip. MMM — all true points and thanks for the reading list! WantNot January 29, , am. Great post, MMM. What you describe is the Childhood Endless Summertime Paradox!

Remember when you were a kid and when school let out, you saw this endless summertime stretching away ahead of you—-and summertime did seem endless. Because it was so full of new experiences. If you are driving biking or walking to a new place for the first time, as you are navigating one hopes, without GPS , you notice new surroundings, new landmarks.

And the road seems long. On the way back? The perception is that the road is shorter going home, because you have seen it before. With each subsequent travel, the road is shortened by routine. We notice less. Meditation and training in mindfulness is one way to increase the act of noticing. Noticing every detail even in the mundane and routine, so that rather than needing to find new things or new paths which is good advice , one can also find the new and notice.

Moment by moment by moment. Ericinvt January 29, , am. I used to read only fiction. Since joining the MMM cult it is now pretty much non fiction all the time. It started with physics books but now nueroscience is the top topic. Thanks so much for the recommendation on Eagleman, I will definitely add his books to the list.

I also found a good background of evolutionary psychology theory to be very helpful as a foundation for understanding why all the practical life advice found in MMMs blog works. Papa January 31, , am. Mark January 29, , am. In my early career, I changed jobs, moved, and did different roles. This led to a rich and varied life filled with different people, places and things to learn.

My last three jobs were each 4 or 5 year stretches of time. After the initial learning curve, I definitely felt like I was living the same day over and over again. Those years are big clumps of time where I worked for company X. Of course, there are good memories, but somehow they are always defined as being part of time at X. I realized that, not only was I not growing as person, but I was somehow losing time, and in extreme moments, that I was actually physically and mentally wasting away.

I was lucky enough to be able to retire from that career about 6 months ago. Jonathan January 29, , am. The slowest year of my life was the gap year mini Mustachian retirement? I took during the year between college and starting my career. In 12 short months I spent time living in a shared studio apartment in the French Riviera, couch-surfing in Italy before hopping back across the pond for a temp job as a traveling auditor where I got to experience a new city every night, then joining on the Presidential campaign in Miami, living free in shared housing and hustling meals from kind volunteers while doing some good in my community.

Trip ended by using the last of my money to spend 6 weeks couch surfing, camping and driving across North America and taking in more of this beautiful continent. It still blows my mind what I accomplished in those 12 months, compared to the last 6 years of my working career which have more or less flown by, and where I use auto-pilot and routine to disconnect from the world of Pointy-Haired Bosses and the Game of Thrones tier political drama of my corporation.

The Vigilante January 29, , am. Despite the generally optimistic tone, this is a hard-hitting post. I, like probably most something Americans, feel time passing by quickly with my over-full-time job, a 1-year-old, and various side hustles that sometimes feel like chores. Or our brief vacation to Mrs. A light I largely have you, MMM, to thank for: We are rapidly approaching our savings goals and debt payoffs, which combined will soon untether us forever and slow time down back to where it was before!

Time was slower. More memories were formed. Or, that is the real time I want to return to from the current dilation…. Caitlin January 29, , am. As a teacher, I get quite a bit of fulfillment from my job but it is still a job at the end of the day. Thankfully I have some nice holidays to test out new things and try to find something that I am passionate about still working on that.

Just recently I started a little blog to hold myself accountable for reaching FI — now I may add a section about trying new things and meeting new people :. Thanks again for the great article, they are always appreciated. We are a city that desperately needs some Mustachianism. Kathy Richardson January 29, , am. Where I work we have lots of people who work here their entire careers. While their dedication is appreciated, I can also see where the fact that they never experience working anywhere else as a huge negative. As part of my job here I attend nearly all the retirement gatherings for the retirees and interview them for a short article in the company newsletter.

Many of the retirees comment about how time has flown by and they feel like 30 or more years have gone by so quickly. I never understood where they were coming from but from this post it starts to make sense. Some have held a few different jobs at the company others in the same position. For me, high school especially and college somewhat felt like they lasted a long time. I would never had the opportunities on my own, they came as part of the job. Frugal Toque January 29, , am. This much is true: I can easily differentiate the years of my childhood because of the music I remember, the classrooms I learned in, and the sports I played.

University is differentiated, year to year, by the shitty apartments in which I lived, the friends with whom I kept company and the sparse things I learned. After University, I remember the better housing, the parties, the road trips. But the working part? The vacations camping and what not and the martial arts accomplishments? Those stand out. The snow forts, with their year-by-year varying designs? The Christmas morning treasure hunts that take the children an hour to finish?

So, yeah. Man, this past year passed by faster than any other year in my memory. Looking back, the time I remember that seemed slow was the 6 years I spent in the Navy. I traveled much of the world and much of the USA in those years as well, and every few months brought something new — new training, a new duty station, a new cruise, new personnel, etc.

Joey Graziano January 29, , am. Great post. This negative outlook caused me unnecessary stress as a child. Then everything changed. As a teenager, my father, who had a similar personality, started having numerous heart attacks in his early 40s. The Dr. My father has remained medicated to save his life. The side effects of the medication in my opinion are worse than death. Nonetheless, we are coping. This blog, an open mind to change and the idea that all untraveled territory is an experiment I could learn from, has helped me reduce my personal levels of stress.

As a consequence, embracing change and the unconventional path has helped me prosper too. All this in turn, adds to the compounding affect of not having medical bills due to the side effects of poor health. Thanks for sharing this story. Constant, unnecessary fight or flight is no way to live — but a great way to play with time. Makes short periods of time feel like forever, but huge chunks of time pass by quickly. I think this was explained by general relativity?

Jo January 29, , am. This is so true. I lived in one place for 12 years and remember maybe two weeks of it. I sold my place, moved across town. Felt completely awake for 2 or 3 months. Took everything in. Complacency settled in after a year. I moved to another, completely unfamiliar city. It was hellishly scary. Three months of it felt like 10 years! I moved back and now time is flying again.

The experience was so educational. You become paralyzed. Maureen January 29, , am. I thought this was going elsewhere—just the math of spending, say, 4 hours of quality time daily w a kid vs the half hour I was able to squeeze in when running a federal agency and Co-managing 3 kids under 4. My spouse had the tradition of reading every night to the guys, which was a great way to structure that though not a lot of listening time. Gwen January 29, , am. I worked for the same company for 5 years held 3 different jobs, switching about every 18 months.

Then I quit to be self employed and now I am back at work, in a completely new city. Variety really is the spice of life! Margot January 29, , pm. This is a great way to live life I think. Be bold and change things up once in a while. HenryDavid January 29, , am. Two of the most vivid, memorable, time-enriched years of my own life came from doing what some saw as crazy-ass, irresponsible things. Both years were packed with unforeseen new things, were sometimes scary, were financially precarious.

More than worth it for the memories alone. But even years later now, they continue to enrich life. Take that chance. Time will slow and expand, along with your brain. Windy January 29, , am. For years my friend always said that she made her cooking a Zen experience and I never quite knew what she meant… now I do…. Dylin Redling January 29, , pm.

I lived in Columbus, OH from the age of 11 to While it was a nice and comfortable place to live, I always felt like the time passed quickly especially those last few years. My wife grew up in NYC so she never quite understood what I was saying. Every year feels like several years! Nick Bryant January 29, , pm. I have realized the same thing. We went through yellowstone and of course passed boulder on our way back. Those two weeks were great, and i realized during that time that I want to be close to nature every day of my life.

ArmyDoc January 29, , pm. I think the reason I remember so much and my life is so full is that I was a military brat 8 moves in first 15 years of life then 3 years of high school, 4 of college, 4 of med school most compressed then 28 years so far of very fulfilling life with 9 moves. So always something new. Throw in the occasional deployment and TDY and each year has some sort of amazing or lifechanging event. Plus 3 kids, seeing them go through changes. Marcia January 29, , pm.

I will have to add these to the list! Interesting, what experiences do I really remember? I think — the current ones mostly. Only little bits and pieces. I have a few vivid memories in college, many vivid memories during my Navy days when I met many friends, moved to DC, went to grad school, met my husband and got married. I have some memories from the years post-Navy to pre-kid.

I might not remember all the details…but a lot of them. My big kid is almost My little kid is 6. I try to soak it all in as much as I can with my full time job.